Rioting in Canada

By Bill O'Reilly

The G-20 economic summit was held in Toronto over the weekend and, predictably, political criminals took to the streets.

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Canadian authorities say more than 900 people were arrested, perhaps millions of dollars in damage and about 20,000 police officers were on hand to confront the rioters, costing Canada close to a billion dollars.

This kind of display raises questions about what would happen worldwide if economies fail like they have in Greece and Hungary. It doesn't take a prophet to predict anarchy in the streets and massive death and destruction.

If the worldwide economy continues to decline, mindless violence will rise. Count on it.

And so the leaders of the strongest nations in the world met to discuss the enormous debts countries are running up, including the United States. The consensus in Europe is to cut spending drastically, but that is not President Obama's position. Urged on by the uber-liberal New York Times and other progressive media, the president wants to continue his stimulus spending to juice the economy.

But he is running into strong opposition from German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who see disaster ahead if countries continue to borrow and spend.


STEPHEN HARPER, CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER: Advanced countries must send a clear message that as our stimulus plans expire, we will focus on getting our fiscal houses in order.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: What we have to recognize is that the recovery is still fragile, that we still have more work to do to make this recovery durable.


The president is not wrong. The recovery is fragile, but one of the reasons for that is countries are going bankrupt. There is no confidence in progressive economics. Mr. Obama apparently has a blind spot here. Continued deficit spending will be far worse than cuts in entitlements.

I mean, come on, Mr. President. Can you not see what's happening in California, in Greece, all over the world? There's not enough money to pay people's personal bills. It's just not there.

Finally, getting back to the violent protests in Canada. There was actual sympathy for them in some far-left precincts, some people saying the police overreacted in certain situations.

I'm sure that's true. When you're in the middle of a violent riot, there may very well be some overreaction.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

I kind of like Prince Harry, the son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. He's a feisty guy, served in Afghanistan, and over the weekend played a little polo here in New York City. It didn't go real well, as Harry got dethroned. But he got back up on the horse and continued the match. Because Harry has pluck, he is a patriot.

And by the way, the polo match raised a lot of money for charities in Africa.

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On the pinhead front, MoveOn is moving on about Gen. Petraeus. As you may remember, this radical left organization called the general a traitor because he turned Iraq from defeat to victory.

Well now it's a different story. MoveOn has taken the page off its website because President Obama, who they like, has appointed the general to turn things around in Afghanistan.

Unbelievably hypocritical. The MoveOn people are definitely pinheads.