Revoking Elizabeth Warren's victim status

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Now, you remember Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat running against Senator Scott Brown. She came under fire for claiming minority status based on her Native American heritage when she is 1/32nd Cherokee. That's life half a big toe.

She insisted she never used it to get a job, although of nine years,

she listed herself as a minority in her directory of law professors in

Harvard Law School, usually to tout their diversity.

When asked about it, Warren's campaign accused Scott Brown of sexism

and then Warren herself claimed that she only touted her heritage to meet



ELIZABETH WARREN, MASSACHUSETTS SENATORIAL CANDIDATE: In the directly, I was listed in the directory because I listed it myself.

REPORTER: So, why did you stop being listed?

WARREN: You know, it was a long time ago, but mostly I was listed because I thought I might be invited to meetings where I might meet more people who had grown up like I had grown up. And it turned out there really wasn't any of that. So, that was that.


GUTFELD: No idea.

Now, according to Michael Patrick Leahy at, it turns out her great, great, great grandfather was actually a member of a militia that rounded up Cherokees from their homes as part of the trail of tears back in 1837. So, it turns out the oppressed may really be the oppressor.

Warren, your victim status has been revoked.

So, here's my question: where is the media in all of this? Imagine a politician who condemns gay marriage and then is outed as gay. The media would bury him under his own hypocrisy.

How is Warren any different? She's after all pretending to be something she is not. I can only hope that liberals on the afternoon chat shows -- Bob, who condemn America for its treatment of Native Americans will announce Warren's ancestors and demand she lead the race.

Lastly, what does Warren translate into Cherokee, you ask? Spreading Bull.


BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: That's good.

GUTFELD: Thank you.

BECKEL: Greg, first of all, if she's right and it helps her meet people, I want you to know I'm full 100 percent Apache.


BECKEL: I'm Chief Sitting Big Bull.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Chief Sitting Full of Bull.

GUILFOYLE: Whoa, you got him there.


BECKEL: She would be getting killed in the media in Massachusetts. I think in fairness t her, at least on that dimension, she's been dogged by this thing for three weeks now.

GUTFELD: I want to point that we contacted her camp to see if she had any --

GUILFOYLE: Her camp? Her tepee?


BOLLING: So racist.

GUTFELD: I mean her campaign.

BECKEL: And they shot you with a bow and arrow.

GUTFELD: Terrible. To refute the articles and they haven't responded. Dana --

BOLLING: Once they put down a peace pipe.

PERINO: Why are you going to me?

GUTFELD: Because I'm asking you a question. Why haven't they responded?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I am breathing.

GUTFELD: Why haven't they responded? They haven't responded --

PERINO: They hope it just goes away.

GUTFELD: I feel that way about you sometimes.

PERINO: Oh, brutal. I think they do, it's not -- checking box wasn't the crime. It was the cover up. The story changed five times.

And it's the little things get you in a race like this. Scott Brown is the incumbent, even though I can probably the underdog may be a couple of months ago. Now, I think he will win. This is just shady.

BOLLING: It's like Yahoo CEO who admitted I guess yesterday that he lied on his resume.

PERINO: I know.

BOLLING: OK. Whatever. You make my takes.

GUTFELD: That's like Greg lies on his driver's license about his weight --


BOLLING: But being 1/32nd Cherokee.

GUILFOYLE: But we don't know for sure --

GUTFELD: I'm being insulted by a Smurf. Go ahead.

GUILFOYLE: Well, I can't go there. It's too treacherous.

BECKEL: Can I just one more thing, I'm not 100 percent Apache but I have a little puppy beagle and I'll be in Central Park tonight.


PERINO: Just love dogs and be Native American.

BECKEL: That's right.

GUILFOYLE: This is no, Bob.

BECKEL: And by the way, I think you owe me an apology.

GUILFOYLE: Hold on, I should have say something. I do think ultimately in the long run, we were talking about this early, this is going to benefit, you know, Brown, because he's going to be able to say look at this. Our credible issue, is she or isn't she? But just for the record, we don't know that she's not 1/32nd Cherokee. She has picture on the mantle going way back in the family.

PERINO: But are all of us? I mean, really?

GUILFOYLE: I'm part Puerto Rican Indian.

PERINO: If you go back that far, we're all part that --

GUTFELD: I actually own a Cherokee. A Jeep.

PERINO: That's the mini one.

GUTFELD: Why are you doing this? Why am I --


BECKEL: OK. Greg, why don't you get out of here buddy before you're slammed some more?

GUTFELD: I know.

GUILFOYLE: On to your big wheel.

GUTFELD: Oh, now you're joining in, Kimberly. Well done. This is bullying.

PERINO: This is sisterhood.

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