Republican Senate candidates sound off ahead of the midterms

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity" on this busy, news breaking Friday night.

We're on the road. We will be in Houston, Texas, Beaumont, Texas, tomorrow. We'll have more on that in a minute.

As we speak tonight, a caravan of over 4,000 migrants from Central America, they are fast approaching America's southern border appeared all because the Democratic Party refuses to secure our borders, even after the president offered a great deal of what they wanted, a deal on Dreamers.

Now, this is what the Democratic Party wants: open borders, eliminate ICE, and you, the American people, end up paying for the health care cost, educational cost, and criminal justice cost. We already paid billions and billions every single year.

Now, just 18 short days, you, we, the people, you will have the power to once again shock the world. And at this hour, Nancy Pelosi, she is measuring the drapes, Chuck Schumer is dreaming of power, and the makeup of Congress, it weighs in the balance, and that includes the president's agenda.

And as per usual, Democrats, they are using identity politics to gin up emotions, distract you, the voters, come of the successes in the last two years. So, coming up tonight, we're going to show you all the latest examples of far left's radical incivility, including one prominent Trump hater calling for a military coup. Not making that up.

Plus, we have an important update on so many key races across America.

So, sit tight, buckle up, it's time for our Friday night, breaking news, midterm edition of our opening monologue.


HANNITY: All right. It is time to wake up, America. We start tonight with a crisis at our southern border.

Thousands of Central American migrants, as we speak, are marching, straight to our border. Now, tonight, according to reports, the U.S. and Mexico have reached an important agreement to intercept these migrants at Mexico's southern border with Central America. If any migrant evades this process, makes it into the United States, Mexico has allegedly agreed to allow those persons to be returned to Mexico.

Now, still tonight, the president has promised to use the military if necessary, and has told Mexico and Central America, and these countries, that they will be a price to pay if the caravan makes its way to our border.

And, of course, we are dealing with all of this tonight as a direct result of one thing. The Democratic Party, Democratic politicians, they have all been saying they want sanctuary cities. California, a singular state. They want open borders, politically, they think this benefits them.

They have steadfastly refused to fully fund the border wall, and Democratic politicians all across the country defy the will of you, we the people, and they refuse to enforce our laws. This is a big issue as it relates to our midterm elections in just 18 days.

Instead, what they have been doing is aiding and abetting criminal illegal immigrants, in some cases, with their sanctuary city policies, and sanctuary city states. And unless the laws are changed, which is Congress' job come on immigration, and we detain people and deport people, entering the country illegally, not respecting our laws or sovereignty, this will be a never ending problem for the country, which by the way, is what the Democrats want.

They made political calculations. They think that gets them more voters. And in many ways, we're welcoming people to the country, either illegally, or legally. They don't make any distinction. They refused to even negotiate.

The president offered a massive concession on what they say they care about the most, the so-called a Dreamers. But they could seem to care less about illegal immigration cost to every other American, we, the taxpayers, an estimated $134 billion last year in health care, criminal justice, educational system, and other costs.

Now, this is just anarchy, lawlessness, sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, eliminate ICE, open borders, and a refusal to even hand over criminal aliens to the federal government as the law requires.

So, tonight, 18 days before this important midterm election, now, you might want to ask yourself, which parties immigration policies do you support? Do you support the president's policies, the Republican policies, a big wall to secure our borders, also with a big door, that includes proper vetting of those that would be honored to get into this country? Or do you support the party of no due process, no presumption of innocence, the party of now anarchy, chaos, lawlessness, a party that is aiding and abetting illegal activity?

And as we count on the days to November 6th, house races all across the country tonight, nobody can predict with certainty what will happen on Election Day in 18 days. They are very, very tight. In moments, we will preview some of the races that will decide the balance of power in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

But let me be very clear, wherever you live, it doesn't matter. If you vote for a Democrat in any House district, you are really voting for Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Jerrold Nadler, and as speaker, she would control the gavel, the agenda. She will determine the fate of the Trump agenda. She will steer the Democrats' secret quest for impeachment of the president, but they're not telling anybody.

Nancy Pelosi doesn't seem to care for the forgotten men and women of this country who are far better off two years ago since Donald Trump has been elected. And if you're a victim of her quest for power, so be it.

Take a look.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., MINORITY LEADER: I think we owe the American people to be there for them -- for their financial security, respecting the dignity and words of every person in that country, and if there is some collateral damage, for some others who do not share our view, well, so be it.


HANNITY: You vote for a Democrat, you are voting for that. The same woman, remember, dumped Obamacare on us, it got past the bill before you know what is in it, we are all paying more.

So, without a doubt, she has a history of being radical and hyper-partisan. And we've got a tape to prove it. Take a look.


PELOSI: In terms of the bonus that corporate America receives versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic.

If you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine, or in any way interact with the court, this is a very bad decision.

So what? They are going to say, you give them bump stock, it's going to be a slippery slope? I certainly hope so.

I say to the candidates, do whatever you have to do, just win, baby.


HANNITY: Since Trump has been elected, we have 4 million new jobs, we have 8 million fewer people on food stamps and in poverty, 400,000 manufacturing jobs, jobs we were told were never coming back.

But Nancy Pelosi, Democrats, they don't seem to care about the jobs, the economy, home security, homeland security, securing our borders. They have no plan at the ever mention.

Instead, for them, it's about vanquishing their humiliating loss in 2016 and preserving their precious Obamacare. Not working for anybody. Abolishing ICE, open borders, they want the tax cuts back, they want the crumbs.

Blocking originalist justices from the Supreme Court, getting rid of Donald Trump anyway they can -- impeach 45, impeach 45. But of course, don't tell the American people, trying to hide what they are seedy, self-serving gender is about. Don't talk about immigration, never. Don't talk about that.

But as per usual, Democrats, they're not doing a very good job. Let's take a look -- these moments, well, the truth slips out. Take a look.


REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: There is a difference with how our leadership talks about how we should handle all of this. They say, Maxine, please don't say impeachment anymore. And when they say that, I say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment --



HANNITY: They say no, I say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. I guess that's the agenda that they are trying to hide it. That's manipulative. That's basically a way of lying to the American people, and it's so obvious.

And, by the way, all too predictable, they do this every two years, every four years, they can never win if they told you the truth about where they stand.

And, of course, the use of identity politics. You know, every Republican, and conservative, racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, dirty air, water, kill children, kill grandma.

I've you've heard me say it so many times, and it is happening before your very eyes. And now, the left is now taking it a step further, a dangerous step further and actually vilifying all political disagreements.

And anyone who supports the president, watch out. That includes those so beloved Rosie O'Donnell, going on NBC News last night, calling for a military coup. I guess she is best friends with Alec Baldwin. Take a look.


ROSIE O'DONNELL, ACTRESS & ACTIVIST: We're going to right this ship. We are going to right the ship. There's no way that he is going to prevail because he is evil. He is dark. It's the opposite of what America stands for.

When he was elected, what I wrote on Twitter was we should impose martial law until to make sure the restaurants were not involved in the final tallies of the vote.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And Bob Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for election meddling.

O'DONNELL: And people like martial law? What is wrong with you, you are a lunatic.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If he wants to send the military to the border. So - -

O'DONNELL: I want to send the military to the White House to get him.



HANNITY: Anybody really surprised by all the incivility we've seen in the last number of weeks? This week alone, we reported on two separate instances of violent assault, two Republicans in Minnesota, two Republican candidates being punched, one a woman, another with serious head injuries.

Then, Senator Susan Collins, her staff, repeatedly they have been threatened. In one scary situation, a package sent to Susan Collins' house purportedly containing the chemical ricin to reportedly poison her and her family.

We are also learning that a Democratic operative arrested in Nevada for battery against the GOP campaign manager named Kristin Davison. Earlier today, she detailed the assault on "Fox & Friends."

Let's take a look.


KRISTIN DAVISON, GOP CAMPAIGN MANAGER: He's very aggressive, shoving his phone in our face, faces, yelling, screaming, you know, chased us down the hallway, really bumping into, shoving staffers along the way. We entered a private room, shut the door. This gentleman pushed his way through the door. I got trapped, pinned the door on the wall, and this gentleman, kind of put my arm behind my back, and held onto it.


HANNITY: This is how bad they want power back. And what agenda are they offering the American people? This is all unacceptable behavior.

Republicans have been stalked. They have been harassed. They have been run out of restaurants with their spouses and their children, chased down in airports, and much, much more.

Senator Ted Cruz has been a frequent subject of his nonstop harassment, including just of this week, again. Remember, he was thrown out of a restaurant with his wife, Heidi. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you think putting a sexual assaulter on the court is a good thing for women?

SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: Thank you, sir. God bless you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, you believe in men assaulting women? That's what your vote cost today, Senator.

CRUZ: I believe in due process spirit

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You believe a due process? A lot of women were up there talking about their experience.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you believe in a man lying about his alcohol in front of the Senate in perjury? You believe in perjury?

CRUZ: Thank you for expressing her First Amendment rights.


HANNITY: And in Houston, Texas, where I will be tomorrow, a Ted Cruz supporter was the target of another particularly unhinged altercation. Take a look at this one.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have about a hundred of these, I am about to rip it more up. I will feel better about this.


HANNITY: I guess he is voting for the radical left-wingers so beloved by the media and Democratic elite, Beto.

And speaking of which, in 18 days, Texas Voters, they're going to have a clear choice between Senator Cruz, a constitutionalist, a proven conservative, and Beto O'Rourke, what, a longtime left-wing candidate who once actually got a DUI, fled the scene of a car crash, lied about after crashing into another car while being intoxicated and wasted? They are actually in pushing for Trumps impeachment here texas; I hope you're paying very close attention.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You said in July that you would come as a member of the House right now, vote to impeach. Have you changed your mind?

REP. BETO O'ROURKE, D-TEXAS, SENATORIAL CANDIDATE: I haven't. To answer your question, I do think there is enough there for impeachment. And if asked, I would vote on it.


HANNITY: And don't forget, who is he obliged to listen to? Yes, millions and millions of out-of-state dollars pouring into Texas to help Beto O'Rourke. Texas, do you really want someone with the same exact views as Maxine Waters, impeach 45, leading your state?

And meanwhile, a little farther west in Arizona, the race between war hero Martha McSally, was on with us earlier this week, and a bizarre, far left, radical activist named Kyrsten Sinema. Now, this week, we have shown you examples after examples of Sinema's disturbing past.

In Arizona, Martha McSally, war hero, well, she is taking on Kyrsten Sinema, a woman with a very bizarre, disturbing past. Back in 2010, Sinema actually called in the state of Arizona. She wants their votes, the meth lab of democracy.

She was also caught on tape multiple times calling Arizonans crazy. She wants her vote? Sinema even made fun of her state for being famous, but only enough, Lindsay Lohan kind of way.

It gets even worse. In 2003, she suggested it is just fine, it is okay for Americans to go fight for the Taliban. She also promoted events at Arizona State University featuring a far left, radical lawyer who represented the blind sheikh. And, by the way, Sinema also organized an antiwar rally while Martha McSally was fighting for her country, with self-described, she invited witches to the rally.

And this week, the RNC used Sinema's own words against her in this brand- new ad. Take a look.


REP. KYRSTEN SINEMA, D-ARIZ.: Democrats, greens, independents, anarchists, socialist, communist, whoever wants to come. You are welcome tomorrow. I know that in talking with groups that are coming, I said, think about how the police are going to react to what you wear and what you say. And whatever decision you make is your choice.


HANNITY: Well, thankfully, McSally is currently surging in the polls, and for good reason. Meanwhile, in the great state of Tennessee, we have a shocking new poll showing Republican friend of the show, Marsha Blackburn, is actually down one point against Democratic challenger, former governor, Phil Bredesen.

But remember, Bredesen was exposed this week as being a two-faced, lying, fraud phony liberal pretending to be a moderate. He was campaigning under the guise that he would support the Kavanaugh nomination, but his staff caught on camera by, saying the exact opposite, say one thing to get elected, but really represent your special interest friends -- the New York Chuck Schumer way of voting in the Senate.

Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He wasn't really, right?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Vote for Kavanaugh?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't think so.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was so confused, because I just can't believe that he would actually vote yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He wouldn't, but he said he would. I don't know if that makes it worse or better. No, it makes it better, but still --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But what's -- like I don't understand what's the game by saying yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Moderate Republicans.


HANNITY: A vote for Bredesen would be a vote against due process, a vote against truth and honesty, a vote against presumption of innocence.

Coming up, we're going to have a preview of three close Senate races with candidates from Michigan, Missouri, and Indiana tonight.

And let's not forget about where I am. Now, we are in the state of Florida, two very important races. Governor Rick Scott currently busy here leading recovery efforts in the panhandle after Hurricane Michael. Time and time again, Governor Rick Scott has successfully guided Florida through all of these natural disasters, all while molding his state into one of the most competitive business climates in the country.

He is running for Senate against a Chuck Schumer reliable vote by the name of Bill Nelson, who frankly, has been a in Washington wait too long. This is now the 76-year-old's 18th year on Capitol Hill. Time for Florida to send him home.

And in the Florida race for governor, the choice is simple, obvious, and clear. You can vote for a Republican, Ron DeSantis, who is going to keep Florida on the cutting edge of innovation and economic success, a former Navy JAG officer and congressmen, or a socialist mayor, who by the way, is under investigation named Andrew Gillum, who wants to raise business taxes by 40 percent.

Let me warn Florida, Gillum will be a disaster for the state of Florida. Forty percent, you will not have any business, and businesses will be fleeing Florida. So, let me be clear about your choices as it relates to this election.

If you care about due process, if you care about the rule of law, Constitution, if you care about a booming economy, your paycheck, your safety, your security, and securing our borders, you better get your ass to the polls, there's a lot at stake in 18 days.

And as Rush Limbaugh told us yesterday right here on this program, this is a fight for the foundations of our country and principles we hold near and dear. There is a lot at stake.

Joining us now, Michigan Senate candidate John James, Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley, Indiana Senate candidate Mike Braun.

Mike, we'll start with you and Indiana. You are facing the added burden of a libertarian that is drawing -- if they draw 2 percent of the vote, it is not against Joe Donnelly, it will be against you. So, I would say to the people of Indiana, any vote for this third party candidate is basically a vote for Donnelly.

MIKE BRAUN, R-SENATE CANDIDATE FOR INDIANA: I think the way that is going to work as we get closer to election time, a lot of people are going to see that vote might not count. And I think it's so clear between me and the Senator Donnelly, he has been in line with Chuck Schumer from day one, he's got a record that is easy to talk about, all the things that you described in other races, hold true here.

He takes his marching orders from Chuck, and really when you vote for someone like Donnelly, you are voting for Schumer. And the libertarian vote, I think, shares some of the principles of what we stand for, I think those will come home to roost because they want their vote to count.

HANNITY: John James, watching you, the first time I interviewed you, you were way behind. But you have been able to close the race as people get to know you. I don't say this often because when I first interviewed you on my radio show, I even said to you, wow, this is the future of the Republican Party. Your background, your business, a state like Michigan that finally is beginning to see some economic revitalization under the policies of the president.

And if you are there, how could you help him?

JOHN JAMES, R-SENATE CANDIDATE FOR MICHIGAN: That's right, we can't let that slip. Not at all, not for a second. When you're w talking about the mob over the past few weeks, the past few years, it is absolutely essential that we wake up and recognize exactly what the Marxist progressives are trying to get us to do.

Right now, conservative speech is considered violence. And liberal violence is considered speech. It is an attack on what we hold dear and fundamental. And that message is getting out.

Understand that we're not fighting for left or right, we are fighting for red, white, and blue. And taking that message forward is something that is really meaningful here. We just had a rally, we had RSVPs for 6,000 people, 4,000 folks showed up, Donald Trump, Jr., Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and 4,000 lovers of freedom in the state of Michigan right here who believe in taking our step forward, who believe in taking our nation forward.

And I'm excited to bring my combat experience and my business experience to bear on the floor of the U.S. Senate. If you want to learn more, please go to Debbie Stabenow is well-funded, and we close the polls from double digits to single digits. And just today, we reported that in one poll, we are tied, in another poll that I'm leading.

But we need your help and we your support to protect our constitutional republic.

HANNITY: Well, we can and think of what we could do to a once great city like Detroit and revitalize it with your background, your expertise and experience.

Josh, let me bring you in, in Missouri.

Your opponent, Claire McCaskill, she is one of the most reliable Schumer votes in Washington. She is caught on tape, and her staff, admitting they are purposefully lying to the people of Missouri. And now she somehow is mad that she is exposed. Oh, we need a special investigation.

No, if you talk on camera, you are caught on camera saying things that directly conflict with what you tell the people in your state, she got exposed. That's her problem. That's not anybody else's problem.

JOSH HAWLEY, R-SENATE CANDIDATE FOR MISSOURI: Yes, if I were here, I'd be concerned about the fact that she is caught saying one thing in public and another thing in private. I mean, she's caught talking about how she wants to take away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens that we already know.

And we just had a debate last night, Sean, she said that she is opposed to the wall, she has voting against border security. She is opposed to pro- Constitution judges, voted against Justice Kavanaugh, and as opposed to middle-class tax cuts.

So, there is the choice right there. Somebody who is a party line liberal, or somebody who will vote with Missouri.

HANNITY: Yes. Well, these are three important races. That is a very winnable seat. I wish you all the luck, all three of you.

HAWLEY: Thank you.

JAMES: Thanks.

HANNITY: These three states, Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, all winnable. Thank you all for being with us.

All right. When we come back, the media continues to normalize and make excuses for the liberal mob we keep showing you every night. Tammy Bruce, Joe Concha, they're next as we continue "Hannity" on the road.



HANNITY: All right. Instead of calling out the angry left-wing mob that continues to ambush Republican figures in public, well, some members of the left-wing destroyed Trump mainstream media, they continue to make excuses and normalize this behavior. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When he brought the mob word up again, I called them up. And, listen, like I don't want to be the word police, and that was not my intention. But I also believe calling out talking points.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These are one-off instances, everyone. One-off instances of yelling at the wives or whatnot, those are one-off instances.


HANNITY: "One-off instances". Instances, plural. Seriously?

Now, this is the bizarre behavior they know normalizing and defending. Take a look.


PROTESTERS: We believe survivors!

PROTESTERS: We call on you to end family separation. We call on you to end family separation. And abolish ICE! Abolish ICE!



HANNITY: All right. Joining us now with reaction. He's from "The Hill," Joe Concha, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce.

Tammy, first of all, one-off instances, that would be plural.


HANNITY: Just to help them out.

It's not a one-off instance. What we have had as many riots and a couple of American cities. We have had now two Minnesota Republican politicians punched, one injured severely, the other a woman. We see Pam Bondi, Sarah Sanders, Secretary Nielsen, Ted Cruz and his wife, Mitch McConnell.

And Maxine Waters -- create a crowd. They are not wanted, nowhere, no more. And follow them to gas stations, department stores.

This is not one-off. That sounds like marching orders, and we are seeing the results of it.

BRUCE: Yes, exactly. And this is now their problem. They in one hand want to deny what they created, like saying, don't believe your lying eyes, right? We see what this is.

We are past the days of the '70s and '80s where we relying on one network to tell us what's happening. We have other options. We have Fox News, the internet, we have our own neighborhoods. We can see that this is a mob. That word is chosen for a reason. It's not a talking point. It's a fact.

And this is what's separating the dynamic here. On one hand, they want to deny it. On the other hand, they want to excuse it and normalize it.

You also should note of course the Susan Collins' letter to her home. That was said to be threat, you know, laced with ricin. Her husband noted, Sean that they actually have protests in front of their Bangor Maine home as well.

So, this is not normal. There's a lot of young people who think that this is what happens with politics. It is not. This is not normal. It is, I believe, the ultimate meltdown of the left that where they cannot participate at all within a civil society and it is encouraged and endorsed by their very leadership.

HANNITY: You know, Joe, first of all, the idea that somebody says one-off instances, then you've got fake news CNN, they're lecturing the media saying don't call it a mob. You can't use the mob word. Well, I'll let people view it themselves. They can decide. We see what's happening.

JOE CONCHA, REPORTER, THE HILL: Yes, it's called nat sound up, Sean, or natural sound up. You show pictures like you did in that montage of people being attacked. You mention Ted Cruz or Kirstjen Nielsen in situations where they're in public places.

Let people at home decide whether that's a mob or not. You don't start banning words when you start screaming about the First Amendment is being trampled on. And Symone Sanders, you played in there in that particular sound bite at the end.

She should know better because we're only now, Sean, remember, 18 months removed from a Bernie Sanders supporter. And this has nothing good with Bernie Sanders, no blame on him whatsoever.

But a deranged person who decide to take matters into his own hands and go to a softball field in Virginia and start shooting up Republican lawmakers that nearly got Steve Scalise, number two in Congress, killed.

So that rhetoric certainly has consequences. And instead, we see not just Maxine Waters but Cory Booker or Eric Holder saying you have to get in people's faces or kick people. This is the type of rhetoric that if it was the tea party, for instance, or any conservative urging this sort of thing I have a feeling the media reaction would be decidedly different, Sean.

BRUCE: Could I add something, Sean, in that.


BRUCE: We spent the Kavanaugh hearing listening to the left say that all women matter and all women should be, you know, safe and we need to protect women. And yet this very tactic of theirs targets women.

So, it's the same dynamic, these same people who have lied to the American people, obviously for an extended period of time, but certainly during the Kavanaugh hearings, as they became the mob in the Senate. Their own tactics now are targeting the wives of politicians, the women who support Donald Trump, female supporters of Donald Trump. So, they're turning the wheel.


HANNITY: Hey, Tammy, it's even worse than that. Thank you both.

BRUCE: Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY: A lot more coming up this busy news-breaking Friday night. Nellie Ohr, a Fusion GPS contractor, wife of demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr, well, she met with lawmakers behind closed door today. We'll get a report. Congressman Mark Meadows was in that meeting, he joins us next along with John Solomon, Sara Carter. A lot to get to. We're glad you're with us.


HANNITY: All right. So earlier today, Congress grilled Nellie Ohr. She is the Fusion GPS contractor who is working on the phony dossier, also married to the twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

Remember, Bruce Ohr became the conduit for Christopher Steele. And they wanted to funnel phony information to the special counsel Robert Mueller. And Nelly helped put together the anti-Trump dossier filled with Russian lies, propaganda, misinformation used in the campaign, used to secure FISA warrants.

And Fox News has learned that Nellie Ohr, well, took the spousal privilege.

House freedom caucus chairman Mark Meadows he was in that meeting. He joins us now, along with Fox News contributors Sara Carter, investigative reporter. Also, investigative reporter from The Hill, John Solomon. Thank you all for being with us.

Well, spousal privilege. Well, at least she showed up because Glenn Simpson wouldn't showed up. Rod Rosenstein I hear he is now rescheduled for the 24th. Congressman, tell us what you can tell us as it relates to this.

REP. MARK MEADOWS, R-N.C.: Well, obviously the details of that particular interview are not something that we're sharing publicly, but your lead-in is exactly right. We were trying to get to the connection between Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson, the one who hired Christopher Steele and others to do the dossier.

And ultimately the go-between, which was in our opinion at times Nellie Ohr to Bruce Ohr at DOJ and then to the FBI. And so, a lot of the communication, she was actually a cooperative witness, but when it got down to the real details, she either didn't recall or they invoked a privilege that would say that the intimate conversations between a husband and wife could not be divulged and certainly claimed that privilege. So, I don't know that we've learned a whole lot.


HANNITY: OK, the dossier she worked on that Clinton paid for that was used to, well, propagandize the American people with lies before the election and then used later as a weapon to try to bring the president down. And of course, that was all part of the media leak strategy, the insurance policy to get the special counsel appointed.

Sara Carter, let me -- let me go to you. You look at they are being uncooperative, not allowing people like our friend Mark Meadows here to do his job, which is oversight. They keep refusing to turn over documents. They lie in the name of national security and they've been proven to lie.

But when you get to the bottom of it all, it really a lot is coming down to Bruce and Nellie Ohr. She creates the dossier. He's spreading the narrative of the dossier. And we even have information proving that Christopher Steele is telling Bruce Ohr to get it to his friends over to the special counsel but none of it is verified.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Absolutely, Sean. I mean, think about this. So, you have Nellie Ohr delivering information to her husband that he is holding onto. He is delivering that information to the FBI, apparently. And he's also being used as a backdoor to deliver information for Christopher Steele to the FBI after the FBI fires and basically dismisses Christopher Steele as a confidential informant when they were gathering information because he was leaking to the media.

So how can Congress get to the bottom of any of this if Nellie Ohr is refusing to talk about the conversations she had with her husband. These are not private conversations between a husband and a wife. These are conversations between an employee of Fusion GPS and an official from the Department of Justice.

And Congress should continue to demand answers from her just as they did from James Baker. And maybe the person to ask about a lot of these questions is going to be Rod Rosenstein next Wednesday. I mean, he ready has to answer these questions.

He gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal but then refused to talk to Congressman Meadows and other lawmakers.


HANNITY: That was amazing.

CARTER: Yes. It's incredible. It's like well, I can talk to the media, but I don't want to talk to you.


HANNITY: I'm going to go back to Mark on that.


HANNITY: And I'll let you weigh in on this, John Solomon, but also you had a big breaking story yesterday that there's -- you were able to discover all these junkets--


HANNITY: -- the DOJ FBI guys were taking from special interests. And it seems one of the biggest beneficiaries, even during his time working for Mueller, if my timeline is correct, would be Robert Mueller's pit bull Andrew Weissmann.


HANNITY: Of course, he was the guy that overturn nine, zero in the Supreme Court lost tens of thousands of jobs at Enron Accounting, he put four innocent people in jail for a year, overturned by the 5th circuit. Really, he's taken junkets paid for by?

SOLOMON: Yes, the ABA and many of these different interests that has cases pending before the Unite States government and the Justice Department. You had FBI agents that are going out to trip on Microsoft and Microsoft is fighting it out in the courts with the Justice Department.

It was a pretty stark picture of a Justice Department that seems to be on the take with special interests. And nobody really knew about it. These reports were hidden. And I think it's an important thing.

I was thinking as I was listening to Congressman Meadows and Sara talk about what we learned today and yesterday. If the Beatles were around today, I think they would have revamped their song and it would be, "We've got a ticket to hide." Everything the FBI and the DOJ is doing is hiding from the American public the truth of what went on this Russia investigation. And somewhere that buck has to stop, and I think it stops next week with Rod Rosenstein.

HANNITY: Well, let me go back to Mark Meadows and Rod Rosenstein. Why aren't you going to be in the room? And is he going to be under oath as per usual standard practice and that will it be recorded as per usual standard practice?

MEADOWS: Well, I think that's part--


HANNITY: And why aren't you there? I heard you might not be in the room.

MEADOWS: Well, right now the deal that's being negotiated right now would exclude a number of us that have been there. So, here's the problem I have with that. One, that's not what our leadership committed to. Jim Jordan and I that they would do.

But the bigger problem is why should Rod Rosenstein get a different standard than everybody else. He wants to go into a classified setting, he wants to go into a secret room so nobody can hear his testimony on a transcribed interview. I think that we need to continue to make sure that he comes. I think we ought to compel him to come. And if he won't come voluntarily, the way that every other witness has, you know, the time for a subpoena is now.

CARTER: I couldn't agree more.

HANNITY: We need to release the FISA, declassify those, unredacted. The gang of eight information, the 302's. I hope they're coming. The president said they will be. Do we all agree on that?

MEADOWS: I agree.

SOLOMON: I agree.

CARTER: I agree, yes.

HANNITY: John, all right.

SOLOMON: Yes, I'm here.

HANNITY: Thank you all. We're going to be watching that closely next week. All right. When we come back, Democrats continue to refuse to secure the border. We have 4,000 people, a caravan headed to our border. The president is having none of this.

Geraldo Rivera, Dan Bongino, they're coming up next, straight head.


TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Live from America's news headquarters, I'm Trace Gallagher.

Saudi Arabia now admitting that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. The kingdom claims he was killed in a fist fight in the consulate and says that 18 suspects were now in custody.

This is a major about face for the Saudi kingdom which had previously rejected accusations that the journalist had been killed.

President Trump says he finds the Saudi's explanation for Khashoggi's death to be credible and that he'll work with Congress to formulate an official U.S. response to the admission.

Meantime, President Trump in Mesa, Arizona this evening. This is a live look. Hosting a make America great again rally at Mesa, Phoenix International Airport.

Stay tuned to Fox News for highlights of the rally later tonight. And remember, when news breaks out, we'll break in. I'm Trace Gallagher. Now back to Sean Hannity.

HANNITY: So just this morning, Fox News Griff Jenkins he was embedded with border patrol agents and during Fox and Friends he captured dramatic footage of officers catching allege illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border.

Of course, we're watching very closely 4,000 migrants trying to make their way to our southern border. Take a look.


GRIFF JENKINS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Since I spoke to you last we've made more arrest. The infiltration across this border continues. We've gone deep into the brush, another group of individuals.

Now you're looking at three guys that came deep into this brush that they had located and found these three individuals. One -- they're all in their 20's. One man is from Honduras. Two are from -- I'm sorry, one is from Guatemala, two are from El Salvador, I believe.


HANNITY: All right. Here with reaction author of the bestseller "The Geraldo Show," Fox News correspondent-at-large, Geraldo Rivera, and NRA TV contributor, former Secret Service agent and also a bestseller of himself, selling author himself, Dan Bongino is with us.

Geraldo, the president has done everything he can do, I think. And you even agree. He said, we'll give you the DREAMers. Democrats never wanted a deal. We've got a caravan of 4,000 people.

Geraldo, we assume Mexico will do their job, but they don't, then the president is going to be forced to put our military on the border. The answer is the wall. You said you would support it. Why won't -- why do the Democrats refuse to negotiate, and why are they hearing from John Podesta in a report, don't talk about immigration, it's a losing issue, so act like it doesn't exist?

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE: I think Democrats are in a jam on immigration because Barack Obama's policy wasn't that different from Donald Trump's. Barack Obama was called the deporter-in-chief. He was just as harsh on those who are here without proper documentation as President Trump purportedly is.

I think there's several things here, Sean, that have to be pointed out that is good news. And I appreciate Griff Jenkins' reporting from the southern border.

But in Mexico's southern border, go 1100 miles to the south, because of Donald Trump's personal negotiations with Pena Nieto, the current president and Obrador, the incoming Mexican president, the Mexican government has now resolved to help us with this problem. They've moved two plane loads of federales to Mexico's southern border with Guatemala and the Mexicans now are stopping that caravan at their southern border.

That's what you need. You need creative approaches. And you need the compromise, Sean, that you and I have hammered out. Let's build the wall. Elections have consequences. Donald Trump has been supported by enough of the voters in the states with the Electoral College votes that counts that he deserves to get his wall. On the other hand, for Democratic support, we should cut the DREAMers slack and give them a green card and a path to citizenship.

HANNITY: He offered the deal.

GRIVERA: Wall plus DREAMers that's a compromise that you and I can live with.

HANNITY: All right. When you look at what the Democrats want, though, the Democratic calculation to me, Dan Bongino, is they think this is a generation or generations of votes for them. So, they won't even negotiate anything. Not good for our country, not good for the opioid crisis or human trafficking. But we literally have sanctuary cities, now sanctuary states, and zero cooperation. Why, why are they steadfastly against any protection of our borders?

DAN BONGINO, CONTRIBUTOR, NRATV: Sean, you will get no compromise from the Democrats who have been entirely unreasonable and ridiculous on immigration for the last 20 years now.

But you just summarized nicely the reason why. And I want everybody to hear this and understands this. This is not about compassion, it's not about immigrants, it's not taking care of immigrants for the Democrats.

This is about voters and what they believe is demographic destiny. They believe that. I don't believe that. I don't believe Hispanic voters or immigrants vote like robots, like the Democrats want you to believe they do. These are people just like anyone else who vote on issues.

To them it's about power and votes. And I can prove it to you, Sean. They have been offered deals in the past which delay paths to citizenship and voting rights and the Democrats don't even want to hear it. They have -- this has nothing to do with compassion. This is all about power to them.

HANNITY: Geraldo?

RIVERA: In terms of demographic reality, let me just say this. Ronald Reagan said of Latinos, they are Republicans even though they may not know it yet. They're very entrepreneurial.

Look where Dan Bongino our friend and colleague is in South Florida right now and where you are right now. Look at what the Cuban-Americans have done. Entrepreneurs is creating businesses being Republican in many ways.

You can -- George W. Bush, 44 percent of the Hispanic vote. It's bad for us to let the Democrats have their way. Let's reach out.


HANNITY: Lowest unemployment rate ever--

RIVERA: President Trump deserves a second look. And let me just say this.

HANNITY: -- in 14 states. African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian- Americans.

RIVERA: Governor Scott -- to Governor Scott, we give you thanks for your help in Puerto Rico during the hurricane.

BONGINO: Sean, we have to treat Hispanic voters and immigrants like people. They don't like chaos. They like security too. The Democrats have grossly misinterpreted their position on this they're going to lose.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you both for being with us. All right. When we come back, I am headed to Texas tomorrow. I'll be with Senator Ted Cruz, I'll be interviewing him in part of a town hall. And so, I'll tell you where I will be in the lone star state. Hint. Houston and Beaumont. We'll tell you as we continue.


HANNITY: All right. As we wrap things up tonight, tomorrow I will be in Texas to interview Senator Ted Cruz as he campaigns in Houston and Beaumont. I'm going to be in Houston in the morning, Beaumont in the afternoon. These are town halls. I'll be interviewing the senator. It will air Monday night right here on this show.

As always, thank you for being with us. We'll be fair and balanced. We are not the destroy-Trump media. And when we get back Monday only 15 days until election day.

Let not your heart be troubled. The news continues. Laura Ingraham takes it away from our nation's capital. Have a great weekend.
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