Reps. Scalise, Meadows and Nunes on Soleimani strike, impeachment and Mike Flynn's fate

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right. Welcome to "Hannity."

Several tracking big stories going on tonight. Moments ago, as you just saw in Toledo, in Ohio, the all-important swing state of Ohio, the president wrapped up a massive rally. We're going to have a lot and play a lot of his remarks, some of the best ones, straight ahead.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East tonight, U.S. intelligence now believes that the rogue regime in Iran was responsible for downing Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752, killing all 176 souls on board.

Pentagon officials telling Fox News, quote: an Iranian operated Russian- made A15 missile, which is part of the surface-to-air missile system, was the kind that brought down this aircraft. Officials also believe it was horrific accident.

But now, many Democrats, the media mob, they're doing what they predictably do. Let's blame Trump. The dog bites, the bee stings, you're feeling sad, blame Trump. We're going to have all the sick, disgusting details and their comments coming up tonight.

But we begin with the D.C. swamp where a very angry and very confused, bewildered Nancy Pelosi continues inexplicably to cling on to her B.S. 
articles of impeachment.

I have a message for Republican senators coming up.

First, let's watch Nancy.


REPORTER: Are you willing to hold on with the articles indefinitely?

REP. NANCY PELOSI, R-CALIF.: No, I'm not holding it indefinitely. I'll send them over when I'm ready, and that will probably be soon. I just -- you know, he said, if you don't pass them over, I'm going to pass the Mexico, U.S., Canada trade agreement. OK.

But -- no, we want to see what they're willing to do and the manner in which they will do it. But we will not let them say, oh, this is just like Clinton, fair is fair. It's not. Documents, documentation, witnesses, facts, truth -- that's what they are afraid of.


HANNITY: Bo-bop -- OK, anyway, Speaker-in-name-only Pelosi has now been sitting on the articles for over three weeks.

Now, these are the very same articles Democrats, they were claiming this is urgent. The nation is at risk, time sensitive, a matter of imminent national concern.

Pelosi rammed through the House in record time. Only one fact witness, the rest were just -- well, hearsay and opinion witnesses. Democrats, they didn't subpoena any of the key witnesses because according to them, the country couldn't afford to wait for a court decision.

Now, for weeks, they have been telling we, you the American people, nothing has been more urgent, ever. They took it right up to Christmas. They went on vacation. The future of our country was at stake.

Take a look.


REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: I do expect that the Judiciary Committee is prepared to move very quickly.

REP. JERRY NADLER, D-N.Y.: The president, based on his past performance, will do everything he can to make it not a fair election. And that is part of what gives us the urgency to proceed with this impeachment.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF, D-CALIF.: The timing is really driven by the urgency. And that is --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A national security issue?

SCHIFF: Yes, a national security issue, an issue of our election integrity.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's not a rush to judgment. It's a rush to justice.


HANNITY: Yes, but then we've got to go on vacation first, and we're going to take our time and then we're going to second-guess it.

OK. Pelosi has now paused this super important, super urgent process indefinitely. It is the kind of level of hypocrisy, outright dishonesty and lying that is unconscionable. But it is very fitting.

Democrats, with the help of, of course, their best friends in the media mob, state-run TV, the deep state -- they have been lying to you, to us, every step of the way.

First, we have the compromise, corrupt, congenital liar, the pencil neck I guess the president calls him, Adam Schiff, lying about the transcript of the call between the president and President Zelensky.

Next, Schiff lied about the fake, non-whistleblower, hearsay whistleblower. Remember, he said his office, they would like to have contact, they'd like to hear from them. They had no contact with the individual, when, in fact, his office was, in fact, communicating with the hearsay non-whistleblower whistleblower even before he filed the bogus complaint.

Up next, Democrats lied about witness testimony during the Schiff show, the first audition show, the secret closed-door witness rehearsal show. Democrats selectively were leaking only the misleading information in order to impugn the president and gain public favor. That's called propaganda.

Ultimately, they passed two bogus articles with only one fact witness. One, that's it, Ambassador Sondland, whose testimony was exculpatory for the president. He wanted nothing, no quid, no pro, no quo like Joe. I want nothing.

The proceeding was a dishonest train wreck from the very beginning, to deceive the American people and lied to get the support of the American people. There was never any evidence. It was nonexistent.

There is for quid pro quo Joe and zero experience Hunter. Well, you're not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my zero- experience son. Yes, the very thing they act so outraged about.

There was no due process, like Newt Gingrich afforded Bill Clinton and his attorneys in '98 and '99. No basic fairness, no high crimes, no misdemeanors, no bribery, no treason. One nebulous abuse of power charge, whatever that is.

One totally made up obstruction of Congress because this president dared to do what all the presidents before him have done and that is when they can't get along with the executive and legislative branch, you can seek remedy. 
You can go to the court system. They settle those disputes. After all, they were in a rush. This was urgent.

Now, Pelosi has all the time in the world apparently. Guess it's not as urgent as they said -- another lie.

She is demanding the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell follow her strict instructions for how the Senate trial should be run. She wants him to call all the witnesses they didn't call but, yet, they impeached him. 
They failed to get a subpoena.

She also wants to ensure a fair trial with total impartiality. Big problem there is her best friend, her BFF in the Senate, Chucky Schumer, totally agrees. But in the 1990s, when a Democrat was being impeached, Chuck was running on exonerating Clinton. Eleven separate felonies Ken Starr identified.

Take a look.


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: This is not a criminal trial. But this is something the Founding Fathers decided to put in a body that was susceptible to the whims of politics. Also, it's also not like a jury box in the sense that people will call us and lobby us. You don't have jurors called and lobbied and things like that. I mean, it's quite different than a jury.


HANNITY: Oh, he's a total hypocrite.

Get the theme here? Hypocrites, liars, zero principles, no core values, selective, feign moral outrage. And Chucky Schumer actually ran for the Senate on that promise to acquit President Clinton, without any case being presented.

And back then, the independent Starr report determined Clinton committed -- he identified 11 specific impeachable offenses including felonies. Chucky Schumer raged against the mere prospect of ever impeaching a U.S. president over lying and suborning perjury and perjury. Let's take a look.


SCHUMER: If we vote articles of impeachment, I fear that we will be setting a precedent that would -- could seriously weaken the office of the presidency, whether the president is removed from office or not. That we will be in danger of all too frequently investigating presidents and seeking to remove them from office.

Unless a miracle occurs, we will take one of the most serious and rare actions that this body can assume and impeach the president against the overwhelming will of the American people. But now, we are routinely using criminal accusations and scandals to win the political battles and ideological differences we cannot settle at the ballot box.

History will show that we'd lowered the bar on impeachment so much, we have broken the seal on this extreme -- extreme penalty so cavalierly that it will be used as a routine tool to fight political battles. My fear is that when a Republican wins the White House, Democrats will demand payback.

There is no need to continue forward because there are certainly not too thirds for impeachment. What we ought to be doing, instead of, this is doing what the American people want us to do.


HANNITY: And Chucky's opinion, of course, conveniently, magically evolved.

But many of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate, they are growing pretty weary of the spectacle and the outrage of Nancy Pelosi, speaker in name only, and her stall tactic and stunt.

Majority Leader McConnell has consistently offered the same rules and procedures that the Senate approved for the trial of Bill Clinton, 100 to zero.

And now, top Democrats are asking Pelosi, end the charade. They are demanding it.

Even Senator Feinstein, fellow Californian, saying it's Pelosi's decision. But if they are serious and urgent, send them over. If it isn't, don't send it over.

Democrats Doug Jones, Angus King, Joe Manchin, Chris Murphy, Richard Blumenthal, Chris Coons, and others all echoing Feinstein's ultimatum.

Even one House member, Adam Smith, he called for Pelosi to stop stalling. 
Then he had to recant probably after getting, well, beaten down in closed doors, smoke-filled rooms by friends of the speaker.

Look at this poll, a whopping 58 percent of Americans think Pelosi needs to send the articles over. That would be called due process and fundamental fairness. Of course, don't expect it tonight. Pelosi is still desperately dragging this on and on.

And President Trump, he is taking her to task -- pretty entertaining way as well. Take a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: By the way, did you see, I did nothing wrong. They don't even know what the hell is going on. In fact, it's so weak. She doesn't want to put in the articles, it's so weak.

They are so pathetic. They are so pathetic.


HANNITY: Now, since claiming the gavel, every major action taken by Pelosi revolved around the party's deranged, psychosis, desire to smear, slander, besmirch and hurt Donald Trump. That's all they have done for three years. Nothing for we, you the people.

It's all been one, big, continuous, nonstop, never-ending political stunt, lies, conspiracies, slander, besmirchment, the nonbinding, unenforceable, meaningless War Powers resolution. That's the latest example.

Let me address all of you, though, in the U.S. Senate tonight, all of you Republican senators. You do not and should not ever lend any credibility to this despicable, corrupt Schiff show. Don't do it, because all you're doing is hurting America people in the process.

Let them do it, you don't be a part of it. Let the Democrats -- they -- OK, they impeach the president. Your job is to run the trial, of course, with the chief justice presiding.

Let them present their case. They impeached him. Let them tell you why.

Now, I'd like to hear -- they can bring in the one fact witness. But, constitutionally, they impeach and they present their case to you. They say they have the evidence to impeach, your constitutional role, you Republican senators, is the trial, the chief justice presides.

The only, and one fact witness, bring him in. Just one, everyone else is an opinion, hearsay witness. Rules of evidence, federal rules of evidence, don't allow hearsay evidence to be presented.

Make them show you why they impeached Donald J. Trump. It is not your job, Republican senators, or your constitutional role to redo their sick, twisted corrupt investigation with no due process. Now, after the House managers present the reasons, their case which why they impeach the president, bring in the one relevant fact witness they use so he can repeat, Ambassador Sondland, what he said or read back, you know, to the House, or just read back the testimony, then you can vote. That's your job.

You don't have to do their job. They impeach and then they're going to tell you why. They are going to present their case. It's not your job to fix their screw up.

You Republican senators are weak and timid if you give credibility to this repulsive, corrupt political stunt. You are as guilty as Schiff, Nadler and Speaker-in-name-only Pelosi. They impeached, let them show you why.

When they fail spectacularly, and they already have, and they will, this will end the madness. In other words, Republican senators, stand up for the United States Constitution, that is your role. That is your job.

And tonight, my next guest believes the ongoing impeachment charade was never about removing President Trump from office. Instead, it was designed as a tool to hurt Republican senators in blue and purple states.

This is guy that has never lost a case as a prosecutor in his life. Pretty smart guy. He is also -- are you now back officially as a Fox News contributor? Did we put the camera back the way it was supposed to be? Trey Gowdy is with us.

TREY GOWDY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Everything is great and I'm thrilled to be back.

HANNITY: Counsel, I didn't ask if everything is great. Did they take care of you and re-sign you, because I'm fighting for Trey Gowdy to be a Fox News contributor. I'll do it publicly.

GOWDY: Yes, sir, they've been fantastic. They've been great. Thank you. They've been great.

HANNITY: You gave a lot of great statements. I know this is your wheelhouse. Tell us why this is so corrupt.

GOWDY: Well, I mean, let's skip over the process. The process -- the three- month-long inquiry, investigation was laughable. But they voted. That's the House's prerogative.

They voted, not a single Republican went along with them. In fact, they didn't even keep all the Democrats. But the House exercised its prerogative and they impeached the president.

There is no mathematical way he is ever going to be convicted. And they know that. So their goal cannot be to remove Donald Trump from office. It is to neuter his second term. I think he is going to win in November. It's to neuter that second term by targeting the Cory Gardners and Martha McSallys and Thom Tillises and the Susan Collins and Joni Ernst.

Because if Trump wins and he doesn't have the Senate, then he is not going to get any judicial vacancies filled. He's not going to replace a Supreme Court justice if he or she retires. He's not going to get the foreign policy he wants. He is not going to get the cabinet he wants.

So, I never thought this was about removing Donald Trump because they're not going to do it. It's about putting Cory Gardner in a really tough series of votes so he has to defend him in November of this fall.

HANNITY: I think you're right. Everything is through the prism of politics, especially there are 299 days to go until the American people -- they get to make the final decision. It's up to them and they can shock the world again and I hope Trey Gowdy that, in fact, that that happens.

Let me ask you this question and it's a legal one. So, constitutionally, it's the sole role of the House of Representatives to impeach. It is the sole role of the Senate to put the trial on. We have the role for the chief justice of the Supreme Court, he presides.

Now, the House managers will present their case. Now, they are trying to have a redo and get the Senate to do the job that they couldn't do in the House.

What is your reaction? And what would you tell Republican senators tonight?

GOWDY: Same thing I told them in the op-ed. You know, it's Adam Schiff's job -- if he thinks the testimony of John Bolton is so indispensable, then he should have subpoenaed him, and the same with Mick Mulvaney, and Mick Pompeo, and Rudy Giuliani.

The Senate's job is to deliberate. It is not to investigate and then deliberate, because if that were true, we wouldn't need the House. Schiff was in such a hurry.

I mean, keep in mind, Sean, all your viewers have to go to court if they have a disagreement with a fellow citizen. House Republicans had to go to court to get documents in Fast and Furious. We had to go fight Adam Schiff in court to find out who funded the dossier.

So, we all know how to get to the courthouse. Schiff didn't want to go to court. He wants the Senate to call the very witnesses that he didn't have the courage to call himself. And that's not their job.

The good news is the senators that I talked to on a regular basis under the leadership of Mitch McConnell are not falling for Nancy Pelosi's trick. She can send them and they'll do what they want. But they are not moved by this three-week pause that she's engaged in.

HANNITY: All right. Trey Gowdy -- by the way, welcome back. I was going to go to bat for you are tonight. OK. I don't have to. That's good.

All right. We turn now to more disturbing news out of Iran. Pentagon officials, they now believe that the Ukrainian airlines flight, the one that crashed outside of Tehran was shot out of the sky with an Iranian anti-aircraft missile.

Here now joining us from the country of Jordan with the very latest details, our own Benjamin Hall.

Benjamin, wow.

BENJAMIN HALL, FOX NEWS FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: Wow, indeed, Sean. It was only three hours after those Iranian ballistic missiles were flying into Iraq that this plane came down and suspicion started to grow. They continued to grow when Iran refused to hand over those black boxes, refused investigators access to the crash site. Now they are claiming those black boxes have been damaged and the memory lost.

But the U.S., the U.K., and the Canadian government now believe that plane with 176 innocent people on board was shot down by an SA15 antimissile defense system purchased by the Iranians from Russia in a 2005, $700 million deal.

Whoever fired it no doubt believed the U.S. was attacking them. Iran is insisting still that plane was brought down by a technical failure. But the U.S. intelligence is strong. It's based on satellite images, infrared technology and communication intercept.

One of the other big questions, what was this Ukrainian plane doing flying in the middle of the war zone? The U.S. FAA had banned its pilots and careers from flying anywhere near Iran, Iraq or the Persian Gulf. 
Nevertheless they were there.

And President Trump said earlier they were flying in a pretty rough territory -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Benjamin, thank you. We will continue to monitor developments from this horrific story.

Predictably, many Democrats and their friends in the media mob know just how to blame for the downed aircraft. Of course, the dog bites, the bee stings, you're feeling sad, it's not Iran. Yes, pretty truly despicable tweet from socialist mayor, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

He writes: Innocent civilians are now dead because they were caught in the middle of a unnecessary, unwanted military tit-for-tat. Iran fires missiles at our soldiers. They commit acts of terrorism and try to kill Americans in embassy. They kill Americans in Iraq and they down add commercial plane, but it's Trump's fault, according to the failed mayor.

Anyway, joining us now, Fox News contributor Dan Bongino, Fox News correspondent at large, Geraldo.

Geraldo, I've got a bone to pick with you. We had senators and we had congressmen. You got bumped from a show for that reason. You are always loved on this show. So --

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT-AT-LARGE: I love you, my brother. You don't have to explain.


HANNITY: I'm reading all these stories, Geraldo is pissed off at Hannity because Hannity bumped him. OK --


RIVERA: -- pissed off is Bongino showed up.

HANNITY: I don't know --


DAN BONGINO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Oh. Now, you're really going to get it.


HANNITY: I was busy writing the script, if you want to know the truth.

BONGINO: You know, you are -- you are closer to me than anyone in this business. I adore you. I trust you.

HANNITY: Oh, the feeling is mutual.

I honor you and I'm always pleased to be on your show.

HANNITY: Listen, the feeling is mutual. It's all good.

All right. I'll start with you, Geraldo --

RIVERA: Bongino, I'm not so sure. I'm so --


HANNITY: OK. I'm looking at this I'm saying, wow.

BONGINO: It's coming for you.

HANNITY: Now, shooting down the plane is shock -- should shock the conscience. It was pretty clear I guess after they didn't want to give us the black -- give Boeing the black box.

But now, now have you people blaming Trump for that? Really? That's sad (ph).

RIVERA: No, I think that -- that's a stretch.

But I really do believe, Sean, what the hell was this plane doing flying three hours after a ballistic missile salvo? I mean, it is the height of responsibility. It is absolute recklessness to do that.

It's sending innocent souls into harm's way. This stuff happens in war. 
Civilians get -- you know, in the fog of war, that's what happens. It is awful what happened.

The Iranians are on their back foot now. They thought they had the moral high ground. Now with this tragedy, I believe that they are deeply embarrassed by it as they should be. As we were in 1988 when we shot down a civilian aircraft carrier from the missile frigate Vincennes. You know, it's awful.


HANNITY: Geraldo, you got to admit, Donald Trump didn't fire after drones were shot down, didn't fire when tanks were taken hostage, didn't fire when they hit the Saudi oil fields impacting oil prices. Killed Americans, that's his red line, and then he gave the Iranians an out, an off-ramp.

I'd say he is keeping his campaign promise. Would you agree, Geraldo, before I go to Dan?

RIVERA: Well, I -- I like the president to be firm. I just think in this case, he picked an unnecessary fight. We had already retaliated against the Iranians.

HANNITY: Oh my gosh.

RIVERA: We killed 25 of them after they killed the American contractor. I think that this is a step too far.

HANNITY: Geraldo, I would have kicked the crap out of them when they shot the drones down. Good thing I guess I'm not president. I would have kicked the crap out of them --

RIVERA: I don't know what we're doing in that neighborhood. I don't know what we're doing there. We don't need their oil anymore.

HANNITY: Because he killed Americans, Geraldo. Soleimani --


RIVERA: Let them fight each other. Let them eat each other alive, the Shiites and Sunnis and their multi-thousands of year battle.

HANNITY: What do you think he was doing in Baghdad, Dan Bongino? He was there to help Hezbollah kill Americans at the embassy. That's what they were up to.

BONGINO: Yes, Geraldo, he wasn't there Soleimani picking up cheesecakes. He was in Iraq.

Now, I have been keeping my powder dry for a couple days, but I've got to tell you, Geraldo, I've been pretty furious with some of your comments on the network, including on "The Five" today, and I have not knocked you until I face you live. But I've got to tell you, your comments have been absolutely atrocious.

Number one, the argument that this somehow was inappropriate or unjustified or that there wasn't an imminence to the attack --

RIVERA: Unnecessary.

BONGINO: I mean, unnecessary? Geraldo, let me ask you a very serious question. How many bodies -- do you have an exact body count? I mean, was Soleimani 600 dead Americans not enough? Is it like do we have to reach
1,000 first?

I mean, what did you think this guy did? He was guilty of ethnic cleansing, murder and terrorism.


RIVERA: I did 11 assignments -- I did 11 assignments -- I did 11 assignments in the war in Iraq. I have attended more memorial services than you ever did, Dan. I deeply feel every loss --

BONGINO: Geraldo, listen -- listen to me, please, for a minute. This doesn't give you a right to be wrong.

RIVERA: We lost 600. They have lost over 600,000. They have lost over 600,000.

BONGINO: Geraldo, you know what? I don't sit here on the network and tell everyone about my time in the Secret Service running around the world with the president of the United States in some of the world's dangerous hot zones.

I'm glad you did. Congratulations. Nice work.

That doesn't give you the right to be wrong, and that doesn't give you special insight to say things that are ridiculous.

Soleimani was one of the world's leading terrorists. This was an unabashedly good thing not just for the United States but for the world. 
The fact that you spent time on the war zone covering it, that's great work.

RIVERA: Is that going to be the new normal, Dan? Is this the new normal?

BONGINO: You did a nice job. It doesn't mean you're right.

RIVERA: Is the new normal that we assassinate the people that we don't like? He is the number two guy in the Iranian government.

BONGINO: People we don't like? Geraldo, he sent 600 Americans home in body bags.

RIVERA: He's in fact the chairman of the joint chief of staffs.


BONGINO: It's not like he showed up late for a birthday party. I mean, get your head out of your butt. Are you kidding me?


BONGINO: People we don't like? (INAUDIBLE) guy sent 50 instead of a hundred in a birthday card.


RIVERA: I never insult you personally, buddy.

BONGINO: Geraldo, you're saying outrageous, ridiculous things.

RIVERA: But you feel that you can go gutter surfing, I'm telling you right now that I disagree with this action.

BONGINO: Geraldo, this is nonsense what you're saying. It's outrageous.


RIVERA: It doesn't mean that I'm unpatriotic. It doesn't mean that I have any special insight.

BONGINO: Don't make a straw man out of this.

RIVERA: We picked the fight we didn't have to pick. We picked a fight we didn't have to pick at a time we didn't have to pick --


BONGINO: With the terrorist who killed Americans?

RIVERA: What is the Trump doctrine?


HANNITY: Hold on. Ding, ding, ding. Ding, ding.

RIVERA: Isn't the Trump doctrine to bring the troops home? Isn't that the Trump doctrine?

HANNITY: Whoa, whoa, whoa. But he is not going to bribe dictators like Biden and Obama did, Geraldo.

And I'll just say this -- Soleimani killed our Americans and he was in Baghdad and he was leading the Hezbollah --


HANNITY: -- effort against our embassy.


HANNITY: That's American souls at risk and that is our territory and that's our sovereignty. And we're just going to disagree.

But I know --


RIVERA: I still love you. I still love you.

HANNITY: I love you all.

RIVERA: I love you both. I even like Bongino.

HANNITY: Peace -- peace and love, you used to do that on your TV show.

All right. We've got to break.

Coming up, Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi playing politics when it comes to Iran. Republican Congressman Steve Scalise, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes. That breaking news, next.



TRUMP: So, we are using this great power not to pursue conflict but to really preserve -- and I mean in the truest sense of the word -- preserve peace. We have this tremendous military. And you know what that is? That's really a great fighting force but I hope we never have to use it. I really do.


You saw an example -- you saw an example of that a couple of days ago. So, we seek friends not enemies. But if you dare to threaten our citizens, you do so at your own grave peril.


HANNITY: The president earlier tonight at his rally in Toledo, Ohio, making it unmistakably clear to America's enemies that as long as he is the commander-in-chief, he intends to use the greatest military on the face of the earth protecting the greatest citizenry on the face of the earth -- the most generous people on the face of the earth.

Earlier today, the president called on all Republicans to oppose crazy Nancy Pelosi and her War Powers Resolution and although the House voted for the purely symbolic, nonbinding resolution, not every Democrat supported it.

We should also note, many legal scholars say the War Powers Act is unconstitutional. I agree with them. I agree with John Bolton. It infringes on the president's powers as commander-in-chief, Article 2 powers.

Joining us now with reaction, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, House Oversight Committee member, Freedom Caucus member, founder, Mark Meadows, House Intel Committee ranking member, Devin Nunes.

By the way, Devin Nunes would be the guy whose report was vindicated and proven 100 percent correct. And the compromised congenital liar was proven to lie again.

Take a bow, Congressman Nunes, you deserve it because you took a lot of heat and you told the American people the truth.

REP. DEVIN NUNES, R-CALIF.: Thank you, Sean, I appreciate that. And thanks for all your -- all your viewers and all your help through the last three years. I appreciate it.

HANNITY: And the guy that is the box next to you on our television set, Mark Meadows and his Freedom Caucus and Jim Jordan and Gaetz and Ratcliffe, and all those guys, they had your back. Correct, Mark Meadows?

REP. MARK MEADOWS, R-N.C.: We did. We had his back mainly because he had the president's back and he had the truth on his side. Enough with the lies from Adam Schiff. It's time that we get about the business -- the people's business and support this president.

HANNITY: And I have a bone to pick with Mark Meadows tonight. I did not like his little announcement he snuck up on us towards the end of the year. 
I'm not standing by that decision.

Steve Scalise, I've got to give you credit and Kevin McCarthy credit. You put -- you put Jim Jordan when you needed him on the Schiff show committee. You guys have had the president's back. You've been standing for truth against a lack of due process and everything in between. Good for you two.

REP. STEVE SCALISE, R-LA.: Well, shanks, Sean. And you saw Jim do a great job. Devin, of course, getting that information out, the facts out from the very beginning. Staying focused on the facts.

Look, they started with this hope that they would find a crime and President Trump didn't commit a crime. President Trump didn't do the things they lied and accused him about. And yet they still impeached him anyway. It was disgraceful.

There is a personal vendetta. You can see that Nancy Pelosi and her liberal lieutenants have used to carry out and continue on with this witch-hunt. 
But you know what? The American people have abandoned them. The American people are tired of that kind of personal attack style. They like that President Trump has gotten the economy back on track. And now, that he's keeping us safe.

And he took out one of the most brutal terrorist in the history of our country. And he should be commended for it. They should be backing him like we all backed Barack Obama when he took out Osama bin Laden. We disagreed with him on a lot of other things but he got it right with bin Laden.

President Trump got it right with Soleimani. The world is better place with him removed.

HANNITY: You know, Devin, I looked back and I looked at your memo. And -- February 2018, McCabe testified, FBI witness saw the FISA warrant without the dirty dossier that Hillary paid for, the Russian dossier. You were proven right. You were proven right on everything in your memo.

Now, I notice that they want to put a 33-year veteran that the FBI didn't think was lying but made him plea or else they were going to go after his kid, and he fell on the sword for his family, General Flynn. But yet lack of candor Comey, McCabe, the rest of them, nothing has happened yet. Why is that? Do we have a dual justice system?

NUNES: Well, we have Durham still going. So, let's hope that we actually do. The guys that perpetrated these crimes on the American people and on the Trump campaign and so many Americans that were involved in politics, that should have never happened. Hopefully, they're brought to justice.

But I will say -- we just don't know at this point what's going to happen to General Flynn. I guess the question is, it's a matter of law, can he withdraw his guilty plea or not? And I don't know, that's a legal question.

And I know the judge has tried to get him to withdraw the guilty plea. I don't know where he -- it's in the process whether he can or cannot, and then what happens there. But I just don't know why the Department of Justice would go back now after all of this and why not -- they could just drop this case, and I know it's tough to do, but the prosecutors I guess don't want to do it.

HANNITY: The FBI didn't think he lied. I will say this --

NUNES: Right.

HANNITY: -- all of you, I would try very hard to get you to give me information. How do you guys wouldn't give the information? I still hold a little resentment because that's the kind of -- I'm a talk show host, we do that sort of thing.

Mark Meadows, one question that you would always answer and very -- you wouldn't tell me facts but I'd say, am I over the target? Because I want to tell my audience the truth. I want to get this story right.


HANNITY: We were right the whole time --

MEADOWS: Yes, you were.

HANNITY: -- and I think we're going to be proven further right. What do you think?

MEADOWS: Well, you're going to be proven further right. John Durham is doing a great job getting to the bottom of it.

But what we must remember is that we need to make sure that there's not two standards, one for Hillary Clinton and one for Donald Trump. He's been really assaulted by my Democrat colleagues today on the House floor. They embraced terrorists instead of supporting him.

We didn't have four dead Americans in the Baghdad embassy because this president decided to act.

HANNITY: All right. Let's have a vote. It's going to be very fair. Who votes that Mark Meadows better stay in the game? I vote yes.




MEADOWS: I'm going to stay in the game. I'll stay in the game, but I'm just going to fight from a different vantage point.

HANNITY: If you stay in the game, I'll get you a get out of jail free card, because right now, you're in a Hannity prison. And that's not a good place to be. I have four hours a day to be mean.


HANNITY: All right. Thank you, guys. Great job.

When we come back, you're not going to believe which member of the media mob actually compared the killer, the terrorist Soleimani to -- get this, can't make this up, it's true -- Princess Diana, next.


HANNITY: All right. Earlier tonight, during his rally, President Trump set the record straight about the strike that he ordered against the world's worst terrorist. He was in Baghdad, trust me, to kill more Americans. He has already killed a lot of them. Take a look.


TRUMP: Here's a guy who slaughtered and butchered civilians all over and military, whoever was in his way. And we have Bernie and Nancy Pelosi, we have them all, they are all trying to say, how dare you take him out that way? You should get permission from Congress. You should come in and tell us what you want to do.


You should come in and tell us so that we can call up the fake news that's back there and we can leak it.



HANNITY: Oh, please, Nancy, I got -- he is at the Baghdad airport. Can I please have your permission? Really?

No, he'd be the commander-in-chief. That's why we hired him. Not you.

Now, sadly, the Democrats, sadly the mob and the media that are unhinged, consumed with range and psychosis and hatred of all things Trump, their coverage of Soleimani has been down right disgraceful and we've got the video evidence. Look at this.


CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: When somebody people die, you know, you don't know what the impact is going to be. When Princess Diana died, for example, there was a huge emotional outpouring. These kinds -- Elvis Presley in our culture.

HOLLY WILLIAMS, CBS NEWS FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT: By killing Qassem Soleimani, the U.S. has stripped Iran of an inspirational military leader.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Even many of Soleimani's enemies admitted he was a military genius.

FAREED ZAKARIA, CNN HOST: Soleimani is -- it's difficult to convey how revered he is. He is regarded as personally and credibly brave. The troops love him.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: I was trying to think of somebody, and I was thinking of de Gaulle.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was the Cardinal Richelieu. He was the Machiavelli.


HANNITY: OK. Wow, Princess Di and Elvis. Help me out. Bo-bo-bop!

Anyway, joining us now is "No Agenda with Lara Logan" on, Lara Logan. And media writer for "The Hill", Joe Concha.

Lara, you expressed disappointment, I saw it in an interview you gave, with your colleagues in the media. You worked for "60 Minutes." Kind of a big deal. You were out with our troops a lot.

You know about Soleimani. I have known about Soleimani a long time, too. 
It's about as bad as you get.

LARA LOGAN, HOST OF "LARA LOGAN HAS NO AGENDA" ON FOX NATION: I do. Well, I mean, he was a terrorist. And that's not -- you know, subjective saying that's -- and the U.S. -- he was designated as a foreign terrorist and that was because Iran has been using terrorism as a tool of state craft. They have made it part of their foreign policy. And he was the architect of that.

And I guess what disturbs me most about the coverage is that there are millions of people in Iran who did not mourn Qassem Soleimani's death. So, where was their side of the story? Where were their voices?

In fact, I was talking to some of the Iranian opposition leaders just yesterday, and one of them said to me, this funeral and this show of, you know, outpouring of grief was a theater for the Western media and they bought the whole thing.

You know, where was the pictures such as the one I was sent of people burning Qassem Soleimani's picture in cities across Iran? Of people putting pictures of the Iranian opposition leaders? Where were those pictures?

And you know, Sean, it was 1,500 people who were killed just a few months ago and there were Quds Force snipers on the streets of Iran, according to the opposition and according to news reports and to pictures that came out at the time. And those snipers shot young Iranians in the chest and in the head.

So, those people, their families are not mourning Qassem Soleimani. And what about those funerals? How much coverage did you see of their funerals?

It's quite extraordinary to me that he can be called an inspirational leader. Would have you called bin Laden an inspirational leader? I mean, that would be my question? Where is the voice of the Iranian people?

There is not just one voice here. It's not just the regime's --

HANNITY: Well, they're not covering it, number one. And number two, if they do, they have been out pretty much in mass risking their lives. But, they can't win -- can't have an overthrow of a government with a slingshot or a rock.

Joe Concha, I'm watching really NBC news is tweeting out, watch Soleimani, the terrorist' funeral. Click here. Huh?

Help me out.

JOE CONCHA, THE HILL: Live coverage. Not even just reporting on millions of people who came to the streets to mourn Soleimani and to Lara's point obviously not talking about those who hated Soleimani.

But also, you had NBC News reporting directly from Iranian state TV that there were 30 casualties following that missile attack on U.S. forces in Iraq literally parroting what they were saying. It was just amazing that they would say that on our airways, national television by a major news organization, because make no mistake, Sean, war would be very good for ratings, for clicks, for re-tweets if that were to occur.

HANNITY: Last thing --

CONCHA: And now that things have deescalated, the ratings have gone with it. So, it's just disgusting what we have seen over the last two days. It's the only word that can really come to mind right now.

HANNITY: And The New York Times reporter in Iran, Soleimani's death is like MLK's death in America. Wow.

Thank you both for actually analyzing all of this. It's unbelievable.

Coming up, 2020 Democratic field, we have new polls out tonight, it's shrinking. We have 2020 campaign coverage all you need to know.

Karl Rove has not one, his two white boards with him. He is going all in tonight, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. So, quid pro quo Joe trying to stave off surging Bernie Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg ahead of the first primary states next month because the brand-new poll out of New Hampshire shows the three in a virtual tie. Get this, according to a new Fox News poll, billionaire, climate crusader Tom Steyer is now at a whopping 15 percent in South Carolina. And while Elizabeth Warren's campaign is scrambling to survive amid slumping poll numbers and weak fundraising.

Here to explain them all -- we're going to call this the 2020 Rove white board segment, every week, because he's great at numbers. We call him the architect. Fox News contributor. former deputy chief of staff to President Bush.

How are you, sir?

KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I'm doing great. How about you?

HANNITY: All right. What do you got? I heard you have two white boards, not one, two.

ROVE: No, no. I've got three. I've got three white boards.


HANNITY: Wow, I'm upstaged on my own show. Go ahead. What have you got?

ROVE: Well, first of all, there's a new poll out in New Hampshire, the Monmouth Poll that, again, shows a pretty close race, four candidates above
15 percent, pretty close. Buttigieg at 20, Biden at 19, Sanders at 18 and Warren at 15 percent.

Now, in order to get a vote and get a delegate, have you got to get 15 percent in any Democratic caucus or primary. So this goes to show, I mean, how closely bunched up it is, because if this were to happen, here's how the delegates would likely split out -- seven for Buttigieg, six for Biden, six for Sanders and five for Warren. That isn't a big gap between any of them.

That's what the first contest seemed to look like. You mentioned Iowa and it's a similar result.

HANNITY: All right. So, we got that. So you go Iowa. Then we are going to go -- that's the day before.

ROVE: Here is Iowa. Just -- here's the Real Clear Politics average. Bernie 22, Buttigieg 21.7, Biden 20.3, Warren at 15. And again, 12 delegates for Sanders, 11 delegates for Buttigieg, 10 for Biden and eight for warren.

So, after the first two primaries, if everything plays out like this, think about this -- we'll have Sanders at 18, Buttigieg at 18, Biden at 16, and Warren at 13. This thing is going to be bunched up if it stays as close as this appears to be.

And all the rest of these candidates are going to be out of the running when it comes to delegates because they don't get 15 percent if these polls are accurate. Nobody else comes close to 15 percent.

HANNITY: All right. Then we'll go to South Carolina and we'll work our way to Super Tuesday. You have been making the case I actually read Karl Rove's columns. You can get them every week in "The Wall Street Journal", that we may have a brokered convention.

That would probably make the Schiff show look pale in comparison. I was just guessing.

ROVE: Oh, yes. No, no. That would be ugly.

And remember, part of this is that the Democrats from front loaded the contest. By the end of the night on March 3rd, 48 percent of the delegates to the national convention will be, if elected in the first four contests we are likely to see in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, we are likely to see three or four candidates in each state get 15 percent or more.

And we could have on the third of March, because that's where Bloomberg begins to play, we could have as many in some instances as five candidates carving up the delegate pool. So, we could show up in Milwaukee with nobody with a clear majority on the first ballot.

HANNITY: All right. Do you see any potential -- I know Bloomberg is throwing millions and millions and millions. He's spending $10 million on the Super Bowl ad. The president will have an ad, maybe two of them in the Super Bowl.

Do you see him maybe -- he is trying to come in on Super Tuesday, assuming that it's going to be that close after South Carolina, et cetera. Going to do something that's never been done before. Does he have a shot?

ROVE: Well, I think it depends on two things happening -- Joe Biden collapsing and blowing up and Pete Buttigieg collapsing or blowing up. If Bloomberg comes in on the 3rd of march and simply gets his share of the vote without either one of these other two collapsing, then it's going to work to the advantage of Sanders and Warren --

HANNITY: All right.

ROVE: -- particularly Sanders who has a firm group of people who are going to be for him each and every day --

HANNITY: All right.

ROVE: -- and every place that he's got. It's an unusual strategy. We will see if it plays out.

HANNITY: Rove 2020, once a week, the white board madness. Thank you, sir. 
The architect.

When we come back, the latest huge crisis within the royal family. We've got a full report. Trace Gallagher, straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle stepping away as their royal duties has rocked the U.K.

Trace Gallagher has the latest -- Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Sean, one day after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their plans to take a step back as senior members of the royal family, we're now learning that the queen and Buckingham Palace were blindsided with the couple reportedly defying the queen's direct orders not to publish their statement.

And Prince Charles and William apparently learned of the announcement just ten minutes before it went public. The queen now appears to be in crisis mode, with "The Daily Mail" reporting that she's been on a four-way conference call all day with Harry, Charles, and Williams in an effort to resolve the couple's exit.

The newspaper also reports that Meghan left the U.K. and flew back to Canada where she'd already left her 8-month-old son, Archie, with a nanny. 
And it appears Meghan may stay in Canada for the foreseeable future.

Finally, Meghan Markle's visits to Buckingham Palace might be a thing of the past, with one royal source telling "The Sun" that their move was a, quote, declaration of war on the family -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right, Trace.

All right. That's all the time we have left., we got a new election, all you need to know about when to register, et cetera, voting early, absentee. Set your DVR.

Let not your heart be troubled.

Laura, hi.

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