Rep. Tlaib likens boycott of Israel to Nazi Germany

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham. This is a special edition of “The Ingraham Angle” from Washington tonight. Today's radical left is moving on many fronts. Perpetrating violence in our streets. Subverting and destroying our history. Infiltrating our academic institutions and poisoning our culture. Now this is not hyperbole. The country we love is in jeopardy. And “The Ingraham Angle” is exposing it all.

Now we begin with perhaps the most wide-ranging interview that Antifa Documentarian Andy Ngo has ever done. Now remember he was violently attacked a few weeks ago by that masked mob in Portland.




INGRAHAM: The journalist you just saw getting viscously attacked by the masked thugs of Antifa, these expose the group more than anyone in America today. And I'll tell u he isn't lauded with awards or called courageous for any of his work in the conventional media circles. Instead, big shocker he's brushed aside as just a provocateur or worse, inviting these attacks. That's my favorite.

Andy Ngo joins me now for a conversation about the origins of this group and their ultimate goal. Andy, thanks for being here tonight. I have a question that just popped in my mind. Does this affect you again to see that video? That is you getting hit and kicked. What do you feel when you see yourself again in those videos over and over again?

ANDY NGO, JOURNALIST ATTACKED BY ANTIFA: When I first started watching the videos of this, I was - my first feeling was thank goodness part of it was captured on camera. At the same time, seeing myself being beaten up and humiliated with eggs, silly string and milk shakes being thrown in my face, it was painful to see to sort of reliving that over and over.

INGRAHAM: I'm just trying to put myself in your position. You're attacked, you're on camera. Unless you had it happen to you, and I haven't, but I put myself in your shoes. I've tried to at least. And I've done a lot martial arts training. So I've had - and everyone coming at you at one time and how you react to that? Unless you've trained to react to that, that is a horrific feeling. I don't care what they're holding in their hands. You feel like there's no way out. Did you feel that?

NGO: Yes, I didn't know what was - it took several hits to my head before I realize I'm getting beaten up right now. I've never been in a fight. I've never been arrested. I don't drink or do drugs. It's like I never encountered anything near it. When it was happening, I think by the third punch I was just hoping and wishing that it stopped. But it continued--

INGRAHAM: Why do they react to you the way they react to you? They were going to get into the origins of this group. But why they see you and they think what?

NGO: Because of my writings. They're not just critical it has an audience and a reach. I've written for some mainstream publications like National Reveal and The Wall Street Journal. I'm broadcasting to a large audience this other side of Antifa that is frequently hidden or white-washed in liberal press.

INGRAHAM: And so you unmask them?

NGO: Yes.

INGRAHAM: As they're masked and which brings me to my next question. How did this all start? Is this the beginnings of a - it's not street theater. This is the beginnings of what they hope to be a revolution in the United States stoking violent confrontation, perhaps with police. Ultimately leading others around the country because it's now kind of all around the country it's not just in one city like Portland. Is this their ultimate aim and how did it start?

NGO: That's a great question. A lot of the tension is paid to these incidents of the street hooliganism, which is one aspect of their tactics. But more important, I think is the ideology which you mention. They're working towards a political revolution. They're made up of - these acts of violence and vandalism, they're meant to not only target citizens but meant to polarize society and it's meant to also delegitimize our institutions uphold the law, for example. They have a lot of hate. For law enforcements, for border enforcement and you see reflected in their chants as well as where they target their acts of violence when it's not just a reaction to situations.

INGRAHAM: And who inspires them? Have you been able to get to the heart of that which philosophical thinker, which revolutionary thinker?

NGO: Most of them will probably call themselves Marxists. If they had to pick a philosopher that influence them the most. I'm still trying to understand and comprehend how could hear in their ideologies. This movement as we understand in the United States really crystallized after 2016 after the election of Donald Trump. So there hasn't been much academic research in to how they organize, who writes their literature, what are their books of literature? We have sort of an idea Mark Bray an academic from Dartmouth--

INGRAHAM: I went to Dartmouth and he was the guy who wrote the book on Antifa. I want to play this for you and have your reaction. This is Chuck Todd's interview he did with Mark Bray to explain why the violence? Listen to this is ethical few years back. Watch.


MARK BARY, AUTHOR, "THE ANTI-FACIST HANDBOOK": A lot of people recognize that when pushed, self-defense is a legitimate response to white supremacist and Neo-Nazi violence. They resist the notion of turning to the government or turning to the police who we have seen have been infiltrated by white supremacists, who have been sympathetic to the court sort of what turned law and order notion of fascism.


INGRAHAM: That does not - I think it does dovetail into now what we're hearing from AOC +3, that this is concentration camp, this is Nazis, this is Hitlerian. If Hitler exists in the United States and you going to do everything you can to stamp it out. That's kind of where this is going. So he says that - they say concentration camps and all hell breaks loose. Is that part of this - he seems obviously very sympathetic to the group?

NGO: He is. And naturally he donates - he has in book that proceeds from here are going towards legal funds for Antifa. But that is a side point. Antifa I say are masters of double speak. You can see in the name itself anti-fascist. They're anything but. When they say that they're engaging in self-defenses, it actually premeditative offensive violence so the appropriate words that mean one thing to one audience and dog whistle to their followers something else.

INGRAHAM: They all seem like a bunch of - they all seem fairly young. Although I see some adult like older people in the crowd but to me they seem like a bunch of spoiled brat kids. I'm not trying to totally dismiss them. I'm sure they think they're all noble. But they seem like fairly young. They go to college. Is there a way to get embedded with this organization? What you really need to do is have a reporter go undercover. You can't do it now. In my day I would have gone under cover and start saying oh, how do you make this cement milkshake?

NGO: They do seem to draw from a wide age group. Primarily, young people but they do also have some older sympathizers' as well. Not all of Antifa are engaging in the street violence. Some of them act as cop watchers, human shields, et cetera. I would say - sorry.

INGRAHAM: No, it's okay. I should tell everybody, that you're still suffering from this attack. I've had a chance to talk to you before. I've had my own share of medical issues over the years. I can still see that you're struggling a little bit for words. I can't believe you're doing as well as you're doing, frankly. You look good. But I could see that you're struggling a little bit but that's fine. This is real life and we have to talk about the real world, circumstances of what you went through and why this is not continue? How important is it for them to be called domestic terror organization?

NGO: I think that my escalation of the seriousness of what is happening might put pressure on authorities and federal authorities especially to start investigating them. There's so much we don't know.

INGRAHAM: What is next for you in this? You were badly injured. You're coming back. You're raising money for your medical bills and so forth, which I've gotten some good people to help on that score. What is next? How are you going to get by?

NGO: So it's been over three weeks since my beating and robbery in Downtown Portland there's been no arrests. I'm very lucky to have representation from Harmeet Dhillon--

INGRAHAM: The best.

NGO: Frequent guest of yours. We've set up a legal fund. We want to look into the evidence of what seems to be a systemic issue in Portland when it comes to policing and those in politicians and governments potentially withstand-down orders or turning a blind eye to far left militants.

INGRAHAM: You need to get to the bottom of this. And only the way legal action can do it. Now have immunity but it's qualified immunity. I'm going back to own legal advices. This is qualified immunity for the police. So they don't get full immunity. And until you get discovery on what really is happening and also discovery on this group, I don't think we're really going to be able to make much progress. I really don't.

Andy, I think you're inspiring a lot of people. And it's you - I will say it, I don't care who else doesn't, you're incredibly courageous. I wish I was little younger and probably just wasn't that well known, I'd be out there covering it right along with you. I'm inspired by you. So keep it going.

NGO: Thank you for having me here.

INGRAHAM: Absolutely, come back soon, okay. Joining me now, Harmeet Dhillon who is not just Andy Ngo's layer but is leading the charge to hold local authorities responsible for failing to stop these Antifa assaults.

Now Harmeet, before we get into the important issues surrounding Antifa, I have to get your reaction to Nancy Pelosi and AOC's meeting on the Hill today. Because after the meeting, Pelosi said she didn't think that the two had many differences. Wow! What is your reaction?

HARMEET DHILLON, ANDY NGO'S ATTORNEY: Well, my reaction is that those who think that the AOC, Squad are just a temporary blip are mistaken. It's clear that they are pushing the Democratic Party to the left. I was watching that press conference and that photograph opportunity closely to see if there was any blinking and signs of a hostage situation. It's not Nancy Pelosi's nature to be that inflammatory. She's been pushed there. She's used the terms of "The Squad" such as the current occupant of the White House to refer to the President. And so I think this is a dangerous development. Laura.

INGRAHAM: And Harmeet, there is no doubt about it. We even I both take them seriously. They're the fought leaders now of the Democrat Party. But we move now to Antifa. I was so moved in my conversation with Andy. I had not heard him speak the way he spoke with me and I was very gratified to get his personal story and his background and everything he has been through.

But you're leading this legal charge to hold these local authorities accountable. How important is it that this behavior, criminal behavior, is not allowed to go unpunished?

DHILLON: Laura, it's really critical. It's going to affect the outcome of elections. Let me tell you little bit about what I've been doing. So we again to see this political violence in the streets that Andy talked about dating back to the 2016 election. There was a major riot in San Jose after then candidate Trump spoke during the election. The purpose of that was to intimidate Trump supporters and prevent them from feeling comfortable coming out to vote and they succeeded.

I heard from countless people who attended that event saying they will never go to a political rally again because they don't want to be assaulted. What is important about that, Laura, is that the Mayor of San Jose enabled that. We're seeing the exact same behavior in Portland a couple of days ago. The Mayor of Portland gave a press conference to explain and apologize for what happened there.

INGRAHAM: We want to play it. Harmeet, let's hear from the Mayor specifically what you referenced. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One of the things that I'd like the public to know is there is a Unified Incident Command Center that is engaged during these demonstrations. The Incident Commander's tactics are then reviewed by Internal Legal Counsel. I have never made a tactical decision and I most certainly did not June 29th.


INGRAHAM: Harmeet, weasel words if I ever heard them.

DHILLON: Yes, I'm trying to struggle for a politically correct response to that. It is nonsense what he Mayor just said. Portland is unusual in that he's actually the Police Commissioner. He's the head of civilian command of the police in Portland. So he may have been there, he may not have been there. It's irrelevant. These assaults have occurred in Portland several times over the last couple of years. The results have all those been the same. No arrests except for - certainly not any of the Antifa people.

INGRAHAM: We're staying on this. Harmeet, before we let you go, we have to put up the picture of Keith Ellison with an Antifa leader who was actually there during the attack on Andy Ngo. He's supposing with him now. There you go. That individual, Luis Enrique Marquez is an Antifa top dog. He was - he's in a photo there. Looks like not an antagonistic photo with the attorney general of Minnesota. Keith Ellison.

DHILLON: Right. On top of that, he's also been seen at these Antifa events in other states as well, this is a critical thing for your audience to understand that there are older national leaders who direct these efforts and then there are these young, easily led people in each of these cities. But they're highly organized. They have attorneys, they have funding, they use social media to organize and disperse. This is very dangerous and it's a growing problem in America, Laura.

INGRAHAM: Harmeet Dhillon, thank you for linking this to what will happen in the 2020 elections. They're going to try to cordon off parts of the country that Donald Trump will not be able to campaign unless they threaten these types of riots and it intimidate voters as well. Thank you so much Harmeet. So I'm going to call them domestic terrorist.

DHILLON: Thank you, Laura.

INGRAHAM: And next on this special edition of “The Ingraham Angle,” uncovering the face of the radical left. A former Antifa member unmasked. He takes us inside the extremist organization as there are new calls to label them domestic terrorists. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: Our next guest became involved in Antifa in 2010 while just in high school. Over the course of two years, he participated in several demonstrations throughout Southern California. Although he says he never hurt anyone, he yelled obscenities and destroyed property, which is a crime. While he walked away from the mow movement years ago, he's still following its growth and expansion.

He's frightened by today's Antifa members who are more brutal and bolder than anything he ever experienced. Gabriel Nadales joins me now. Gabriel, why do you think the tactics of Antifa have become more extreme and as we've seen really violent?

GABRIEL NADALES, FORMER ANTIFA MEMBER: I think they're mad that President Trump is doing such a great job unfortunately. The left and Antifa is just - they don't stand for something. They really aren't standing against something. Unfortunately what that something gets to somebody like President Trump who likes parapets American values. He likes the military, he likes the police. He supports the constitution. Meanwhile, Antifa, they just want to destroy the constitution.

INGRAHAM: How close are they aligned to the American left and more liberal Democrats?

NADALES: I think that Antifa is just - to know when and where Antifa comes from, you have to look at the college campuses. For example, we have several professors from elite universities like Dartmouth college--

INGRAHAM: Yes, my Alma Mater. He wrote the book on Antifa.

NADALES: Yes, Mark Bray. Mark Bray wrote the book "Antifa the Anti-Fascist Handbook". And in this book he's supporting violence, he is advocating for violence. Not only that a significant portion of the proceeds of that book are going to Antifa legal funds to defend them and try to get them out of jail.

INGRAHAM: How did you become involved? You seem like a clean cut kid. You're a young guy. The world is your oyster. How did you get wrapped up with this group?

NADALES: Again, in 2010, I wanted to go to a protest I wanted to make a difference. So I met a lot of them. When I met them, I thought I was doing some good.

INGRAHAM: You meet them online?

NADALES: No. I met them by going to a protest that - I saw it online and I went to it. And that's how I just went to protest.

INGRAHAM: You don't go to meet chicks. I know that.

NADALES: No. So after I went there though, I got so involved. But then I felt them uncomfortable about some of the things that they were saying and some of the things they were doing. So I questioned them. They were calling me the fascist. And then ultimately I decided to leave and then I was actually thanks to the leadership institute that I was introduced to--

INGRAHAM: I know that. They're terrific. A terrific organization. When you look at what happened to Andy Ngo and we just heard from him on the show, he is such a soft-spoken guy. I don't think he's really even political. But he is doing some of the reporting that other journalists refuse to do.


INGRAHAM: And you see what happened to him. He could have been killed. He was badly injured.

NADALES: He could have. And the problem is this is exactly what I'm talking about. Antifa doesn't stand for something. They stand against something. They stand against the first amendment. Andy was just doing his job trying to get the truth out. And then as soon as somebody recognized him they weren't taking any criticisms so they attacked him and then another one attacked him. I'm pretty certain that not everybody knew Andy was at the time that you saw member of--

INGRAHAM: The attack mentality.

NADALES: Yes, the attack mentality. It's dangerous mentality. And we have to take it seriously.

INGRAHAM: Now you mentioned the college campuses, and you're right. This is where all the mischief starts and also parents who aren't the first educators of their children and don't even know what their kids are doing. I want to get your reaction to this disturbing story out of Texas. Now Campus Reform is reporting that incoming Texas freshmen are being threatened with doxing that means publishing their personal contact information. If they joined conservative campus groups apparently a self- described Antifa student is behind this.

NADALES: Yes, and the problem is that these students haven't even done anything. They're saying if you consider joining a conservative organization, you're going to get doxed. It was thanks to a Campus Reform's coverage of the story that the university started to take it seriously. First they kind of just wanted to say oh, they're not really our students.

But since Campus Reform reported on the story, they reached out to the Texas Attorney General to look for legal remedies. And this is what we have to do. It's not the only colleges. It's not just starting with college, it's not - it's happening in colleges all throughout which is actually why I'm excited. I'm going to be doing a college tour, speaking to college campuses. It's going to be called "Behind the Black Mask" so I can tell college students about how violence is never the answer. We should be talking, not fighting.

INGRAHAM: Great. Who else is wearing masks? We talk about the KKK, we talk about extremists organizations. Who else is wearing a mask? These great courageous warriors for Marxism or whatever they think Marxism is but they're such cowards that they have to cover their faces. Did they do that when you showed up at that rally?

NADALES: Yes, the first time I went there and I saw people wear like masks. And then I got - I started wearing a mask too. Honestly if you wearing a black mask, you're more than likely up to something that is not good.

INGRAHAM: I look forward to your campus tour. We keep us informed next what you're doing because it's critical that people who have been there and reported on it keep talking about it. A lot of the Democrats just want to close their eyes and hopes this goes away. This must be dealt with seriously we're not exaggerating. Someone is going to get killed. An Antifa member already got killed. Someone else is going to get killed.

Thank you very much, Gabriel, for being here and being witness to this.

Two prominent GOP Senators recently introduced a resolution that would designate Antifa as a domestic terror organization. It states Antifa is a movement that intentionally combines violence with the group's Alt Left positions. Here now is one of the bill sponsors, resolution sponsor Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana. Senator why haven't we already Antifa as a domestic terror group? Why is this even a close call?

SEN. BILL CASSIDY, R-LA: I think it's a close call because people on the left don't want to acknowledge that it's an issue. They want to say it is just few rambunctious teenagers throwing barricades through windows and hidden with billiard clubs. So one we're trying to do is just kind of elevate the profile of the evil that it is.

INGRAHAM: We had Christopher Wray on Capitol Hill this week stating that most of the domestic terror incidents have been perpetrated by white nationalists-type groups. I think the Democrats will always point to that saying, don't blame us it's the white nationalists. Even the FBI Director said that.

CASSIDY: So don't tolerate them either. We on the right don't tolerate. On the other hand, the left should not be tolerating Antifa and they should label them what they are. I would love to see Presidential Candidates condemn Antifa for their assault on Andy Ngo. Wouldn't that be great?

INGRAHAM: We didn't have many. I think we ultimately had Andrew Yang, Biden a few.

CASSIDY: Get them all.

INGRAHAM: Swalwell dropped out but he condemn them. A few did but I don't think they want to go near the Salon, the favorite reading material Senator and a piece that they wrote about your resolution. They said the move looks to be a transparent attempt to saddle congressional democrats with a divisive political debate declaring themselves either against Antifa or in support of it invariably alienating some of the party's supporters ahead of a critical presidential election. It's a shocker that Salon might not have a big audience.

CASSIDY: So think about it. They're assuming that Antifa and Antifa's supporters are supporting democratic candidates that in itself a few real is an indictment of those democratic candidates.

INGRAHAM: Just saw people understand what the definition domestic terrorism is, this is the FBI's definition, "Perpetrated by individuals and or groups, inspired by or associated with primarily U.S. based movements that exposes extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial or environmental nature".

So they're involved in violent acts motivated by those general ideas seems like it fits pretty clearly. So how many people are supporting your resolution? It's not legislation. Is that right? It's a resolution?

CASSIDY: It's a resolution. Right now it's Cruz and me. We'll get other people on board. Because it is something that should have its profile elevated. You may recall about a year ago, they surrounded a building in Portland in which ICE agents were doing their job. They were following people to pick up their children from ball games. They were publishing doxing them if you will--

INGRAHAM: It's going to get worse than that though.

CASSIDY: The landlord came and threatened them with needles they say we are HIV infected. It was tolerated by the Mayor the whole time.

INGRAHAM: This is some of the media types that I'm sure you've seen almost normalizing Antifa. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It says it right in the name. Antifa Anti-fascism, which is what they were there fighting. Listen. No organization is perfect.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are certainly aspects of them that are true to a cause. That is a good cause. They want social justice. Fighting hate is right.


INGRAHAM: Senator, nobody is perfect. No organization is perfect from Don Lemon. Is that where it is now?

CASSIDY: That is to not look through this kind of facade of actually caring about other people, to the fact that they want to beat up people to inhibit their first amendment rights their freedom of association which a previous guest was talking about is a little mind-blowing.

INGRAHAM: Yes, Gabriel who was just on it was a member of Antifa. He said they won't even tolerate questions from within. That harkens back to the old Soviet days of the young constables. You couldn't dissent from within.

CASSIDY: If you think Cuomo and Lemon should be about the first amendment rights and Antifa is trying to inhibit your first amendment rights that in itself should be offensive right to them. And nothing else should come after. It's that they're trying to inhibit people's first amendment rights.

INGRAHAM: Senator, we're going to be tracking who does and who does not sign on to your resolution. And please keep us informed us well.

CASSIDY: Thank you.

INGRAHAM: This is extremely important. Thanks for your efforts. Up next Conrad Black breaks down how Anti-Americanism In and Academia is infecting today's Democratic Party. Stay there.


AISHAH HASNIE, CORRESPONDENT: Live from America's News Headquarters, I'm Aishah Hasnie.

A big win for the Trump administration Friday after the Supreme Court rules that it can use Pentagon money for border wall construction. This lifts a freeze on $2.5 billion placed by a lower court back in May. The funds will replace sections of the wall in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. President Trump praised the decision on Twitter, calling it a big victory.

Police in L.A. trying to figure out a motive behind a shooting spree that left four people dead Thursday. Investigators arrested the gunman after a 12-hour standoff. They say he called his father and brother and shot and wounded his own mother. The two other victims were shot at a gas station and a bus. Police believe the gunman may also be behind an attempted robbery.

I'm Aishah Hasnie. Now back to “The Ingraham Angle.”

INGRAHAM: Welcome back to this special edition of “The Ingraham Angle.” Now, tonight, we take you inside the radical left's plot to undermine not just the rule of law but our traditions and our culture, too. The launching point for most of their subversive efforts begins at our universities, and much of their focus is on changing our language, erasing our history, and destroying patriotic symbols, as happened recently at Colorado State University. And that's were a task force's draft of an inclusive language guide deemed words like "America" and "male and female" as non-inclusive offensive teams. I wish I were joking.

Call this trend anti-American chic. Patriotism on campus is often considered passe and linked to Trump. Trashing the red, white, and blue is considers edgy and courageous. And the new voices on the left have taken it one step further by questioning the very ideals on which this country was founded.


BETO O'ROURKE, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: This country was founded on white supremacy. And every single institution and structure that we have in our country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation.

MAYOR PETE BUTTIGIEG, D-IND., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The force that has come closest across American history to actually ending America was white supremacy.

SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We as a nation have not truly acknowledged and grappled with racism and white supremacy that has tainted this country's founding.


INGRAHAM: Joining me now, essayist, columnist, former media mogul, he was just pardoned recently by President Trump, Conrad Black. Great to have you on, Conrad. My question to you is when did academia stop being about learning and education and start being about indoctrination and anti- Americanism?

CONRAD BLACK, FORMER MEDIA MOGUL: I think that to start with, we turned university to an anti-unemployment scheme. And as my friend Jordan Peterson says, anything with studies at the end of it isn't a real subject. And there's astounding numbers of people at great costs to their parents and the taxpayers in these universities studying subjects that aren't real and produce absolutely no possibility of generating an income they can live on. And they're essentially idle people and taught by underqualified and overpaid and underworked faculty. And in that kind of an atmosphere, mischief arises.

It happens to coincides, I think, with the collapse of the international left and the political process of atomization. Instead of waving the flag around, as is traditional, you get this search for subgroups that are victims, and you encourage them in their victimhood. And it becomes a sort of echo chamber between the media, academia, and the political operators in the Democratic Party, especially in their state of shock after their defeat by Donald Trump, which they never imagined to be a conceivable result.

And so we have the results in policy formulations in that party that propose tens of trillions of dollars of reparations essentially for almost all nonwhites, open borders for everybody, we'll legalize infanticide -- abortion isn't enough, -- the sovereignty of the woman, if we can still use that word, over her body now includes fully born and live infants.

INGRAHAM: Right, so Conrad, these ideas, though, Conrad, you don't have to be an expert in the university to be knowledgeable about how words and language are manipulated by the new radicals of the 21st century at college campuses. And I just want to read something for you. This is at Brown University, OK, one of our top universities in the United States. It says a history department course. It's called the History of Fascism, OK. What is fascism both in theory and practice? And it goes on to talk about some of it. Then it says "This course will conclude with considerations of anti-fascism in the postwar world as well as the legacies of fascism in contemporary far right politics."

You can imagine, Conrad, where that class is going to go, right, elevating Antifa and linking the efforts to try to stop people like Donald Trump with these ideas of sovereignty and borders and culture and so forth. And this is where the young radicals learn their lessons and learn their marching orders.

BLACK: You're quite right that you have the deformation of history. Even someone like Cory Booker, who is reasonably innocuous by the standards of most of these people, is saying that fighting climate change was like landing at Normandy. They take iconic things from the past and attach them to nonsense in the present. And it's a sort of intellectual corruption that goes on, but I assume it's in pursuit in the case of the politicians, the left, the Democrats, to get onside with the trend.

But the trend is generated by the same sort of student mentality that -- you were a bit young for it, but I remember from Mario Savio and those people, the holy barbarians at the California universities, you get a bit of anarchy in universities, and up to a point that's not altogether bad. But it gets completely out of control when there aren't countervailing forces. And I think part of the problem here is the collapse of the morale and the believability and prestige of the traditional bipartisan political elite. They've been bulldozed by Trump from another side. So we're getting --

INGRAHAM: They're in a meltdown.

BLACK: -- a radicalization of the struggle here, the intellectual struggle.

INGRAHAM: Today, Pelosi met with AOC plus three, they're the modern day manifestation of the radical left. And she said basically there's very little difference, very little distance between the two of us on major issues. That's all you need to know, Conrad about how far left the Democratic Party is getting.

BLACK: Two weeks ago she said they only had five votes in Congress. Now there's not much difference between them.

INGRAHAM: Yes, four votes.

BLACK: To some degree, the Republicans and the president himself are pushing them into that corner because he knows that the people --

INGRAHAM: It's smart. It's very smart of Trump. Conrad, thank you so much. It's great to see you tonight. And also, biographer extraordinaire of Nixon and FDR, real history.

And ahead, another tactic of the new radical left, deploying bogus charges of racism to deflect from their own anti-Semitism. We expose what they're up to when we come back.


INGRAHAM: Bogus charges of racism are among the preferred tactics of the new radical left. They casually charge white supremacy to demonize political opponents and deflect criticism of their own intolerance and anti-Semitism. When Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats considered a House resolution condemning the anti-Semitism of a couple of the squad members, she ended up getting bullied into a watered-down version to include all hate. That concession by Pelosi and her glowing comments about AOC plus three at this morning's press conference shows us where the real juice is in the new Democrat Party.

Despite Speaker Pelosi's claim to be a friend of Israel, she has been loath to publicly distance herself from the resolution that Reps Omar and Tlaib introduced to reaffirm support for the BDS movement against Israel. It's a boycott movement. Although it was voted down just two days ago, the progressive street and social media are rife with anti-Israel sentiment today.

Here to react is Rabbi Aryeh Spero. He's a spokesman for the National Conference on Jewish Affairs. Rabbi, how concerned should American Jews today be about this growing anti-Israel force within the radical left and seeping into the Democrat Party?

RABBI ARYEH SPERO, NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON JEWISH AFFAIRS: Any self- respecting Jew should be concerned. Back in the early part of March when we asked the Speaker to condemn the blatant anti-Semitism coming out of the mouth of Omar, of Ilhan Omar, and she refused to do it, and she watered it down basically to condemn Islamophobia as something even worse than anti- Semitism. That was a harbinger of things to come.

And what we now have is this absurd notion that if you call yourself a woman of color or you call yourself a Muslim woman, that you are beyond criticism. Worse than that, you have a right to spew anti-Semitism, anti- Israelism, things that are anti-American, and things that are very derogatory towards the founding fathers, American people, white people. You have a complete right to do that. But then somehow you have this immunity if someone rightfully criticizes you because they disagree with your particular point of view, you're called Islamophobic or you're called racist. We cannot tolerate, we can't accept such a situation in America. Not only does it take away our freedom of speech, but we'll have no political conversation.

INGRAHAM: I need to play Congresswoman Tlaib from this week, Rabbi, making this claim about a resolution condemning that boycott and divestment measure. Watch.


REP. RASHIDA TLAIB, D-MICH.: Americans of conscience have a long and proud history of participating in boycotts, specifically to advocate for human rights abroad. Americans boycotted Nazi Germany. Our right to free speech is being threatened with this resolution.


INGRAHAM: Rabbi, how does she put condemning Nazi barbarism on par with attacking Israel, what?

SPERO: Listen, this is not about free speech. You can say whatever you want in this country. Matter of fact, when people complain about Donald Trump and he's somehow authoritarian, there's more anti-Trump, there's more free speech coming from the left than ever. The problem with what they want with the BDS is ultimately they want the replacement, the destruction of the state of Israel. There's a big difference between free speech as opposed to taking an action that has as its goal the destruction of a legitimate state, because that is a Jewish state, and basically what they're saying they don't want Jews as Jews to have the right to have their own state, even though there are 57 Islamic states.

INGRAHAM: Rabbi, thank you so much for your perspective tonight.

And the radical left's impact on our culture, a transgender activist is trying to destroy human decency by pushing the boundaries of businesses and conscience rights out the door. A feminist is here to respond when we come back.


INGRAHAM: Efforts to silence those with differing points of view doesn't stop with Antifa's violent attacks. I want to take you to Canada where a gender activist is harassing and threatening to shut down businesses. Jessica Yaniv is a biological male but identifies as a transgender woman and has been traveling through British Columbia. Yaniv has been visiting beauty salons that provide bikini waxing for women, and then demands that they provide him with a wax. The issue of course is that Yaniv has male privates, and that salons have naturally felt uncomfortable providing this service. So end of story, right? Just go to another salon. Wrong. Yaniv took those salons before the British Columbia human right tribunal where the government seems to agree that Yaniv's human rights are indeed being violated.

So why is Canada allowing this to happen? Here to provide some clarity is Meghan Murphy. She's a Canadian journalist and a founder of Feminist Current. Meghan, let's start there. Why is the court, it seems to be caving to these insane demands?

MEGHAN MURPHY, FOUNDER OF THE FEMINIST CURRENT: Well, I think that Canada has been really at the forefront of this gender identity fight. So we adopted gender identity legislation early on and have been creating policies surrounding these ideas for a couple years now. So it seems that many, if not most politicians in Canada have accepted the notion that it's possible to self-identify as the opposite sex regardless of your physical body.

WHITFIELD: Which then runs right into the religious rights, cultural rights, conscience rights of others, especially women. And in this case, we're going to get to the other problems that this individual Yaniv has in the background in regards to other controversies in a moment. But the women involved in these 16 complaints filed by Yaniv, most of them are migrant women, correct? They're immigrants. They claim that this has psychologically damaged them, that they're getting threatened, harassing phone calls, e-mails. And one has had to shut down her home business as a result. How is that women's rights?

MURPHY: I believe a couple of them had to shut down their businesses as a result. And you're right, he did specifically target immigrant women, women who didn't speak English as their first language.

INGRAHAM: And I know people have been banned from Twitter for criticizing this gender identity crisis that you have in Canada. And it's come to the United States as well. But the feminism activists themselves are being targeted because they're saying, wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. We did what we did to try to help and protect women, vulnerable women, people who want to start businesses. And now their rights are butting up against this perceived or claimed right to be waxed at a particular salon by a woman even though you have male parts.

People who are supposedly pro-science want to totally throw science out the window and have men compete in women's sports because they feel like they're identifying as a certain gender. They compete in women's sports and it's happening to my high school where I grew up in Connecticut where the top runners in the state are now denied their top ranking because two men are running in these races, and they're filing a lawsuit. So it has hit this country as well.

I want to read a tweet that Yaniv actually put out, saying, "This is not about waxing. This is about businesses and individuals using their religion and culture to refuse service to protected groups because they don't agree with it or the person and use that to illegally discriminate contrary to the B.C. Human Rights Code and the CHRC." So in other words, no religious rights, no cultural rights. The right to self-identify trumps all.

MURPHY: How would these people, these activists respond, for example, if somebody who was white wanted to identify as a person of color? It's really offensive on many different levels because being a woman isn't about how you feel. It isn't about how you dress. It's about being born female. That's it. And putting on makeup and changing your name to Jessica doesn't make you female. And I find it just, yes, really strange and appalling how many people are going along with this.

INGRAHAM: We don't have time to get to the right of parents who themselves have complained in the United States. These are feminists, conservatives, people all in the middle saying our kids are being pushed into gender identity thinking. Just because a boy is creative or a girl is a tomboy, this has got to stop.

Final question to you is, do you have enough compatriots in the feminism world supporting you and your worldview?

MURPHY: I sure do. The reality is that the vast majority of people in the world support my view, which is, again, material reality. Most people don't believe that it's possible to change sex or to identify as the opposite sex. Most people certainly don't believe that women should have to allow strange men to enter into their homes and get naked so that these women are obligated to wax their genitals. But there's this tiny but very loud minority of people who are making it appear as though this is a done deal, that every is on board with these ideas. And it's simply not true.

INGRAHAM: Thank you very much for joining us tonight. We're going to continue to cover this here on “The Ingraham Angle.”

MURPHY: Thanks for having me.

INGRAHAM: Up next, my final thoughts on this new face of the radical left when this special edition of “The Ingraham Angle” returns.


INGRAHAM: As we've demonstrated tonight, the radical left is a growing threat to almost every one of America's legal, political, academic, and cultural institutions. It's easy to laugh off masked Antifa thugs as fringe basement dwellers, or safe spaces on college campuses for snowflake students and faculty. But that's how the left's perversion starts, as joke that no one takes seriously until it's too late. That's why I take these radicals seriously and their effect on the Democrat Party as well, and you should, too.

That's all the time we have tonight for this special edition of “The Ingraham Angle.” Don't forget, check out my latest podcast. Very easy, just go to to subscribe. It's all free. And remember, it's America now and forever.

Have a great weekend. Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team take it all from here.

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