Rep. Sean Duffy slams the violence at Trump rallies

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STUART VARNEY, GUEST HOST:  Let me show you Donald Trump.  He's at the airport there in Redding, California.  His plane arrived.  I believe there are about 3,000 people close to the plane.  He is speaking right next to the plane.  And that's what you're looking at now, the Trump plane right behind him.  And he has begun his speech.  A crowd of roughly 3,000 people are there.

To Wisconsin Republican Congressman Sean Duffy, who is a Trump supporter.

Do you have anything to add about the violence in San Jose, California, last night?  I would imagine that it's very much a plus for Donald Trump, and you say?

REP. SEAN DUFFY, R-WISCONSIN:  Well, I look at my district.

And folks see the waving of the American flags, the burning of-- I'm sorry-- the burning of American flags, waving of the Mexican flag, and they're outraged by it.  These are -- we have a country of American patriots.  And they see those kind of thugs going after Trump supporters.

They're disgusted by it.  But more so than that, you look at what the media does, Stuart, if this was Republicans or conservatives or Tea Party folks going after Hillary Clinton, I think the news coverage would be far different.

That the mayor of San Antonio was going after Donald Trump, as if he was the instigator of these riots, is absolutely insane.  In my part of the district in Wisconsin, people are outraged.  This is only going to get Donald Trump more votes and more support, OK, because they look the immigration issue.


VARNEY:  Sean, I'm sorry.  I want to break in.

I want to listen to Mr. Trump.  He is now talking about the events in San Jose last night.  Listen in, please.


DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  And it was a love fest inside, no problems whatsoever.  We went on.  We spoke.  We had a good time for an hour.

I said, I want to get you guys out to see -- so you can see the San Francisco team, right, the Warriors, who won.  But I wanted to get them out.  They said no, we don't want to get out.  We want to stay.

We had just an amazing time.  And that was it and we wrapped up.  Everybody was cheering like crazy forever.  Then they walk out and they get accosted by a bunch of thugs burning the American flag, burning the American flag.


TRUMP:  And you know what they are?  They're thugs.

AUDIENCE:  Build that wall!  Build that wall!

TRUMP:  Yes.  Build that wall, you're right.

AUDIENCE:  Build that wall!  Build that wall!  Build that wall!

TRUMP:  We're going to build the wall, folks.  Don't even think about it.


TRUMP:  You know, a lot of people -- you saw that I have got a lot of endorsements.

And Paul Ryan just endorsed me and Mitch McConnell and everybody.  But we got a lot of support.  We have tremendous support.

I mean, when you think that, in the history of our party, more votes than anybody that's ever done this before.  Think of it.  Think, more than Dwight Eisenhower.  He won the Second World War. More than Ronald Reagan, who we all love.  More than anybody.

And we got a lot of endorsements.  And we're very popular now within the party, and polls are coming out showing we're doing very well, and winning in some cases.  The Fox poll came out a few days ago, and we're winning by three points.  We're winning.  We're beating Hillary.

Did you see?


TRUMP:  Did you see that phony speech she made yesterday, every word?

And people think, oh, did she speak well?  She got two -- a teleprompter here and there.

VARNEY:  Very briefly there Donald Trump describing the protesters who attacked his supporters as they came out of the rally last night in San Jose.  He called them flat-out thugs.  He used that word several times.

Sean Duffy, I don't think people, many people understand, certainly not the protesters, how provocative it is, provocative it is, to have the Mexican flag flying as you're pressing against an American presidential candidate.

I think that's provocative in the extreme.  But I have had a Democrat on this program earlier today saying it's just the exercise of free speech rights.

What say you?

DUFFY:  What I say that what they're trying to do is take away the free right, democracy and expression of those folks who want to go and listen to Donald Trump.

This might play well, Stuart, in California or New York, but in Middle America, in states that I think Donald Trump can win, whether it's Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, this does not play well.  And I think what you do is, you have a lot of white male voters who have kind of been forgotten, who haven't gone to the polls and voted.

You're going to see a rise of the white male voter who feels like they're not secure, their country has been taken away.  They cherish the American flag.  They have fought for the American flag.  They have fought for the American idea and the ideal.

Now, seeing that flag burned by those thugs in California, it's going to motivate them to go to the polls and support Donald Trump.  This does far more for him at the polls in November than anything can do to hurt him with-- with the thugs out there going after his supporters.

VARNEY:  All right.

DUFFY:  It's a -- I think it's a sad day in America that this is what you have at a political rally.

VARNEY:  Indeed.

DUFFY:  It's too bad.

VARNEY:  Indeed.

Sean Duffy, thanks very much for being with us.  Much appreciated.  Thank you very much, sir.


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