Rep. Loudermilk on emotional start to GOP baseball practice

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, they're back playing baseball.

Georgia Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk was there that day a year ago. He was back there today. Joins me now.

Congressman, thank you very much for taking the time.

How did it go today?


Of course, it was a day full of emotion for a lot of us, because, for the whole team, that was the first time we were back on the field since that shooting.

And, to me, it was very important to finish the practice that we never got to finish. And so a lot of emotions, but a lot of spirit, as we're back and we're going to show the world we're not going to be deterred.

CAVUTO: Was Steve Scalise there?

LOUDERMILK: No. Steve is still recovering from another surgery. So, he wasn't able to make it.

But there was a large press presence. And Steve did have a written statement that was read after the practice.

CAVUTO: Yes, he probably was saying something like, you know, you guys almost look fair compared to me.



CAVUTO: But I'm wondering, what were you thinking that day? And you remember so well what happened last year. What was going through your mind?

LOUDERMILK: Well, it's something that you are never going to forget.

In fact, many of us, we shared -- today, we shared stories of reliving that event over and over again in our minds. I was over by home plate when he started shooting. And I ran off the field, instead of in the dugout.

Bullets were hitting around me. I got behind a shed. That's when I saw Matt Mika, one of the staff members, who had been shot in the chest. And it was frustration at that point, because I was doing everything I could to get to Matt Mika.

The shooter was doing everything he could to kill us. And there was a lot of frustration of just watching a friend of mine potentially dying in front of me and unable to get to him because of being pinned down by gunfire.

But the response of the Capitol Police that were there, Alexandria police, and the EMTs, it was a miracle that none of our players and our staff were killed, even though they were very critically wounded.

CAVUTO: Were Capitol Hill Police there today, sir?

LOUDERMILK: They were, and a very strong presence, I should add.

And so, from what we understand, that's going to be the standard going forward.

CAVUTO: All right, when you're set to play to Democrats, how do you think you look this year?

LOUDERMILK: Well, you know what we're saying? Last year doesn't count, because, like myself, none of the Republican team got any sleep. I was reliving the event all night long.

So, we're saying last year didn't count. We won the year before. So, we're defending the trophy this year.

CAVUTO: Oh, I see. I see.

LOUDERMILK: I think we're going to do well.

CAVUTO: You're being a little liberal with that policy there.


CAVUTO: Congressman, thank you very, very much.

Glad everyone got to it and is safe. Very good seeing you.

LOUDERMILK: All right, thank you, Neil.


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