Rep. Kevin McCarthy says Democrats are making it harder for Trump to keep America safe from coronavirus

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham and this is "The Ingraham Angle" from Washington tonight.

Some conservatives now as you just heard me reference are self-quarantining after interacting with someone infected with the Coronavirus at CPAC. Matt Schlapp is one of those in self-quarantine. Now he's the head of CPAC. He explains what happened and he responds to the grotesque commentary from some on the Left.

And Joe Biden is already picking who will be in his cabinet. OK. It's basically everyone from the Obama administration who've been waiting in the wings for the last three years. OK, and plotting away.

Charlie Hurt breaks it all down later on in the hour. Plus, Hillary Clinton is decrying her innocence or crying for her innocence in a new documentary. 
And did Biden really endorse President Trump, no, he didn't. It's a special edition of Seen and Unseen with Raymond Arroyo straight ahead. 
But first, Trump confronts the panic pushers. That's the focus of tonight's Angle.

All right. Being sick, losing your voice as I did last week, it's good and it's bad. It's bad because I couldn't be with you last Thursday and Friday. 
But it's good, because it gave me time to sit back and listen and watch. I couldn't say anything, this is for hours and hours and hours.

Now frankly, a lot of it was completely depressing and utterly predictable. 
Now leave it to the Democrats to try to turn a virus that started mysteriously in China into a political attack against a U.S. President.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This question still remains whether or not the President gets it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The President is still just not being honest and upfront about the impact and the spread of Corona. Corporate America knows it is coming.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can't have an effective strategy to fight something if you won't acknowledge what it is that you're fighting and the risk that it poses.

INGRAHAM: All the panic pushers, they went into overdrive after the market closed. It was a terrible day on Wall Street. Now this is part of what was said in just a four-minute period on CNN after the market closed.
All right. Well, let's just say that it was a series of well, it's going into recession. Well, it could fall further into recession. No, it could be the worst. It could be the perfect storm, one commentator said. Well a perfect storm with a lot of bluster and hot air.

Now even when Austan Goolsbee, he pointed out an interesting possibility of an unusually fast market recovery maybe in the summer, things settle down. 
Notice where CNN's Jake Tapper quickly took the conversation.

AUSTAN GOOLSBEE, ECONOMIST: There is one glimmer of optimism for a virus business cycle. There is the possibility that this thing comes roaring back in a way that is not normal for a business cycle that's driven by other things.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN HOST: Let's talk about the travel and tourism industry because it's been hit hard by Coronavirus. We're showing some images now from northern Italy, they're virtually empty. Ghost towns.


INGRAHAM: Enough of that good news. Let's go back to the bad news. Italy. 
Are you kidding me? Democrats don't even support locking down our own borders, now they're suddenly going to get on board with locking down entire U.S. cities and towns what with National Guard. Oh! I can't wait to see the ACLU on that one. Give me a break.

Now despite all this, the public in some ways seems a lot more levelheaded than all of the experts.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 68 percent very or somewhat prepared if indeed somebody in their family gets Coronavirus.


INGRAHAM: Well, they're getting ready. Right. And the facts are actually pretty reassuring. But you never know it. Watching all this stuff. Now, while the number of infected persons is more than 650 now, the death toll is increased to 26. The risk to the average person does remain quite low.

We need to take care of our seniors. If you're an elderly person or have a serious underlying condition, avoid tight closed places. A lot of people. 
Don't take a cruise maybe. Everyone else, wash your hands. Use good judgment about your daily activities, pragmatic thinking especially if you've been overseas recently and one of the hardest hit areas.

The President's Coronavirus team is literally working around the clock to fight the epidemic spread and to give the public the most up to date information and guidance. They should continue to have these no-nonsense briefings to the press, preferably I think at the same time every day that would also be very reassuring.

Now, as I said weeks ago, total transparency, even about the bad stuff is going to go a long way to calm things down. Public is going to know; we're going to get through this. We're America. We do big things. We get through tough stuff.

But apart from fighting the medical issues and the public health aspect of this nasty virus, there are four steps the President himself can take in an effort to protect America from sustaining deep economic wounds. Steps by the way that harken back to his original America First agenda.

Number one, immediately send your infrastructure proposal to Capitol Hill. 
No more delays. If the parties were working in good faith, it should have happened years ago. Call Pelosi and Schumer. Bring him back to the White House. No more drama, no more finger pointing by Nancy or running out or photo ops or running to the mic or the cameras, just get it non.

Number two, this morning, I wrote that the President should propose a temporary payroll tax cut for workers. This afternoon, it seemed like the White House was reading my mind.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Tomorrow, we're seeing the Senate and discussing a possible payroll tax. We're also going to be talking about hourly wage earners getting help.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, the President is 100 percent committed that we will provide whatever tools we need.
MIKE PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: We're going to stand by those hard-working Americans and make it possible for us to put the health of America first.

INGRAHAM: Yes, a targeted payroll tax cut will put more money in Americans pockets. An important stimulus in rocky times, push the House Democrats to make this happen.

Number three, propose a new U.S. industrial policy that's good for businesses and workers. We need to get back to made in America, especially when it comes to essential items that we cannot do without like medical supplies, medical devices, prescription and over-the-counter medicines. 
China has a virtual monopoly on the ingredients used in antibiotics. We should never have allowed that to happen. It's time to decouple, incentivize companies to bring manufacturing back home.

We need to be less dependent on global markets and more self-sufficient. 
This latest crisis makes the wisdom of Trump's America First agenda all the more compelling.

We can't keep flooding America with migrant families on the bogus asylum pretense either. We've got to be stronger on these borders. My final point. 
While some people are being flown back to Mexico pending their cases, thousands are still getting in. Impossible to screen completely for health. 
You bet. It's impossible to do this.

Now is not the time for us to take in any extra burdens on our schools, my son's schools, by the way, are closed all week in Montgomery County, Maryland. We don't need any more burdens on the schools or the health care system.

And finally, although Trump can't order the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates and impending agency, we all should keep pressure on the Fed to do that. Rates should be lowered. Another stimulus needed. You bet.

If America enters a formal recession, well, Americans across every socioeconomic group, every age group, every ethnicity, every state, every county will suffer, many greatly. If Democrats want to stand in the way of these commonsense measures, let them go to their constituents and defend that move.

Look, bad things happen. This virus is one of them. But setting off panic around the world is not the answer. We need to calm everything down. 
Proposed smart legislation will help do that.

Now think about this. If Trump, like day after day, is saying that he has a plan that's going to save the U.S. economy and yet Pelosi just grandstands. 
She won't meet. She won't compromise. She won't even allow a vote. Then Americans will have all the information they need to make an informed choice in November and inoculate the United States from the Democrats virus of failed leadership.

Remember, a President Biden? He's going to make it more certain, not less certain, that we're dependent on the very country that allowed this virus to spread. China. And that is not the way to go. And that's THE ANGLE.

All right. Joining me now as my voice is holding up, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Congressman, Schumer and Pelosi floated some options for a stimulus today, but more regulations, more government handouts. What do you think about the four or five points I laid out?
REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (R-CA): I think your points are right on. I think the payroll tax is smart. It will increase the economy. Let people keep more of their own money. But you know what, we're doing in Congress this week. The Democrats are going to pass the No Ban Act going after the President's ability to ban people from flying into this country.

INGRAHAM: Wait a second. Can you explain that, explain that, that just--

MCCARTHY: Remember when the President went after certain countries to not let the terrorist in?


MCCARTHY: So, they are going to pass a No Ban Act. What it will do, it will make it harder for this President to keep America safe. It's a 212-section code. This is what they're bringing up in Congress. Unbelievable.

You know, the other thing I was sitting with Mick Mulvaney today, when they came to brief Congress the first time in January, you know why people didn't pay attention? Because the Democrats were spending all their time impeaching during that time. They've been working on this Chinese Coronavirus back then, preparing for it. And now the Democrats, they can't say any of the wrongdoing about China. They only want to try to go after the President.
INGRAHAM: What about a new industrial policy in the United States where we really start taking a sober look at all of this stuff made in China, from medicines to key ingredients--

MCCARTHY: Critical minerals.

INGRAHAM: Critical, critical. They have rare earth material monopoly.


INGRAHAM: That is in every cell phone, every computer we have. I mean, I think a lot of people knew a lot was made in China. But I don't think they knew a majority of our elements of our antibiotics are made in China.
MCCARTHY: 3M has a plant there that makes mask. They also have surgical mask. We also have them in America, but what China did, take over their company, take over their production. The President has been right on this since he's been running for president. This supply side that we have, we're also going to look from a distance--

INGRAHAM: We've got to pull our supply chain out of China, bring it back home. That is a stimulus to our economy. It's American job.
MCCARTHY: But he already started doing that ahead of time. We saw some supply chain move back--

INGRAHAM: Because of his tariffs, which Biden's against, by the way. By the way, did you see Buttigieg is going to be in charge of trade in the Biden administration because South Bend is such a big exporter and importer. What is - so that basically means, I don't know, Bloomberg's running trade. I don't know who's running trade. But I mean, I laugh out loud today with my bad voice.
MCCARTHY: What's he going to do? He raised his hand. He cares more about someone here illegally than an American. The illegal person is going to get free health care. Who's that going to bring--

INGRAHAM: Do we need more burdens on our health care system? All thousands of illegals come across our - do we need more burdens?

MCCARTHY: No, and especially the burden that we're going to have right now. 
But you know what? We were able to get into that supplemental funding for this Chinese Coronavirus. We had Telehealth. So, people don't have to rush to the hospital, make other people sick. They can do it simply by their phone and others. A very smart move.

INGRAHAM: Bernie - that's fascinating. I could have used that.

MCCARTHY: Yes, you could have.

INGRAHAM: At a town hall tonight, Bernie Sanders does not think that Donald Trump is up to the task. Watch.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We have an administration in Washington that has shown the world that it does not believe in science. Its attitude toward climate change, which it thinks is a hoax, is telling the whole world, how do we trust this administration dealing with an international crisis? We have a President of the United States, you know, doesn't matter. Go to work. We have a President who says absurd things.

INGRAHAM: Apparently, Bernie wants to shut down the entire economy and where your health records, Bernie. That's what we want.
MCCARTHY: It's amazing to him attacking the President on the environment. 
All those countries that are in the Paris Accord. None of them have lived up to it. You know, who have lowered more carbon emission, America than all of them combined.
INGRAHAM: What about the self-quarantine of your House members. We got Collins, Gaetz, Julia Brownley, Democrat, Gosar, Ted Cruz and now Mark Meadows about self-quarantining. Are you worried about that an outbreak of absenteeism and--

MCCARTHY: None of those individuals are sick. None of them are showing signs. I just talked to their doc. They talked to the doctor.

INGRAHAM: Are they vacationing beyond this.

MCCARTHY: No, no. Many of them called me and said, I'm about to get on the plane, but just a precaution. I'll stay here. I've been more than nine, 10 days, but they show no signs of it. Just making sure.

INGRAHAM: It's because they're at CPAC or because is that why?

MCCARTHY: The ones that I know they were at CPAC and they could have interacted in some way or come by this individual that is that does have Chinese Coronavirus.

INGRAHAM: There is a piece in The Washington Times today, Chinese state run media outlets have increasingly been promoting a new disinformation theory, Congressman, that the virus originated in the U.S. Reports that have prompted rumors spreading throughout China and Asia that the CIA was behind the outbreak. How good is that?
MCCARTHY: That is so offensive because you know, in January, President Trump asked President Xi to send our doctors, our scientists--

INGRAHAM: They wouldn't let the CDC.

MCCARTHY: They would not let them in until it got into Italy and everywhere else. We could have contained this in China, if China would allowed us in. 
What were we able to do with Ebola when our experts came in and kept it to Africa? Everything this President has done has been right and smart. The Chinese are the one to be blamed here. But you never hear that over on Capitol Hill. All they want to do is take away his ability to ban and they want to take away his ability to keep this country safe. That is wrong.
INGRAHAM: The panic spreading to the markets is a real problem.

MCCARTHY: It's a real problem.

INGRAHAM: And the policy will go a long way to calm things down. And those policies, America First stimulus, you've got to have a stimulus out there for the economy. It's got to be done.
MCCARTHY: We've got to, and I agree, this will bounce back. Today was a lot about oil, it was a lot about Saudi Arabia fighting Russia. And what are they most concerned about, America being able to come energy independent.

INGRAHAM: I'm going on vacation on Friday, I'm going to fly all over the United States. So that's how--

MCCARTHY: It's a better place to visit anyways.

INGRAHAM: Absolutely. Great to see you. Thanks so much, Congressman, for coming in. And as I just mentioned, some GOP congressmen are voluntarily going into quarantine after one CPAC attendee tested positive for the Coronavirus. The American Conservative Union made the announcement over the weekend, but stressed this attendee had no interaction with the President or the Vice President, never attended the event in the main hall.

But my next guest did, because he's the head of CPAC and that's Matt Schlapp, ACU Chairman and he joins me now from self-quarantine. Matt, I've never seen you on Skype. It's very interesting. I'm looking at you. You look pretty good as Mercedes holding up a lamp to light you up there. You look pretty good there. Do you have any symptoms?

MATT SCHLAPP, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION CHAIR: We have no symptoms. Let me tell you something. It's better than that. Not only I not have any symptoms, none of these congressmen who have any symptoms, none of my children have any symptoms. My 80-year-old mother doesn't have any symptoms. The 10,000 people that came to CPAC, Laura, we can't find anybody, anybody who has symptoms after having one case of the Coronavirus. 
We don't have two. We don't have three. We still have one. It actually shows that this - it shows that this virus is very hard to contract.
INGRAHAM: Well, what's sickening, Matt, is that some on the Left, not everybody, but some are hoping, actually hoping that the President and his supporters get sick. I'm sure you've seen some of that trash on Twitter. 
But Denver City Councilwoman retweeted and claimed solidarity with this post.

For the record, if I do get the Coronavirus, I'm attending every MAGA rally I can. Another Twitter troll said the Coronavirus has been detected at an attendee at CPAC, an event that many Trump officials attended. The Trump administration may have to be quarantined, which is actually good news for America.
Matt, are you worried that because you shook hands with the President the day after this attendee was there, that somehow you passed it on to the President, thus you are going to be responsible for the all White House shutting down?

SCHLAPP: The panic that I think too many people in the media tried to fan at CPAC simply because out of 10,000 people, there was one person who was infected. I think it was completely irresponsible. And I think that - I think we've learned something after the CPAC experience.

It can't be the conservative Coronavirus. Right. If the press wants to try to cover the Coronavirus, they have to cover it wherever it goes, including two liberal events where a lot of Democratic senators and congressmen gather. And I think what we're going to learn with this virus is, yes, we all have to listen to our doctors and the health care experts, and that's what Mercy and I have been doing.

But part of that is if you're older or your immune system is compromised, you need to take special care, healthy people that run into one person that may have the virus. We have to be careful about this idea that all of America has to shut down. And I think that's what we're going to realize as we move forward.
INGRAHAM: Hey, Matt. Today it came up at this briefing, that fantastic briefing that the White House Task Force did late. This is exactly what they should do every day. Maybe not that many people, but every day they should have at the same time. It's very reassuring to people.
But at this event, the press people asking whether the President got tested, did the President get tested. And I don't know if he got tested or not, but it's just like ridiculous. They're actually trying to argue that because the President's over age 70, that he is being, I guess, careless, irresponsible and spreading it all around the world, that's implicit in the question.
SCHLAPP: Let me tell you. Let's get to the facts. Once again, we were in the state of Maryland for CPAC, Laura, and we dealt with public health officials in the state of Maryland who were fantastic. They did 2,000 screens all around the hotel. They found nothing.

Several days ago, they came to us and said, there is nothing to be alarmed about. Nobody should be restricted for movement. No quarantines. Right. 
That is - that's responsible public health, calm thinking in a crisis like this.

Well, I saw the President at CPAC and the Vice President, they're scrubbing their hands all the time. They're taking every precaution. Neither one of them is sick. None of these congressmen are sick. We had 10,000 people in a ballroom, and no one got sick even though the virus was there.
INGRAHAM: But, Matt, what about the idea of and we're out of time on this. 
But you know the individual, right. You know who tested positive?




INGRAHAM: So, when does the public's right to know Trump that person's right to privacy on a health issue?

SCHLAPP: It's a great question and you're the great lawyer. And there's a balance there. I think the public health officials thought that making the name public would have helped save anybody's health. I think they would have released it. But in this case, there was nobody with any symptoms at any time. Nobody got sick because he was there. And so, the balance they took was that it was better to hold confidentiality.
INGRAHAM: All right, Matt. They're trying to get Trump to cancel rallies and just stop campaigning altogether. We're going to get into this later in the show, but unbelievable.

SCHLAPP: Everybody needs to calm down. Calm down.

INGRAHAM: But isn't it convenient? No, no rallies, no campaigning. 
Apparently, tweeting will also be, you know, spreading the virus soon. All right, Matt, I hope you continue to stay well, give my best to Mercedes.

SCHLAPP: We're fine.

INGRAHAM: All right. It's great to see you. And speaking of which, do mass quarantines really work? Dr. Amesh Adalja has the answers up next.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you been tested? Have you been tested? Have you been tested? Mr. President, have you been tested? Has he been tested? Have you been tested?

PENCE: I have not been tested.


INGRAHAM: That was a very exciting part of the presser today. Now, just moments ago, the White House confirmed that President Trump has not gotten tested for the Coronavirus. Do they want a special counsel for that, by the way? Nor does he have any symptoms of it, or spend any prolonged with someone who did have the Coronavirus and the Coronavirus' global outreach, has governments putting more and more people on lockdown?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Outbreak. More deaths, more cases and more under quarantine.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are about 3500 in total aboard this ship. They will be quarantined for at least 14 days.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Italy overnight imposed very strict quarantine measures.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In all of Italy tonight is on lockdown. That is more than 60 million people.

INGRAHAM: But are mass quarantines always a good idea? Joining me now is Dr. Amesh Adalja is a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security. All right, Dr. Adalja, can mass quarantines like we see in Italy do more damage than they help in certain circumstances?
AMESH ADALJA, INFECTIOUS DISEASE DOCTOR: It's definitely the case. When you quarantine a big area like that, you end up making it much harder to actually deal with the virus there. You make it logistically hard to get supplies there. You panic the population and it sends the wrong message because other countries will start following suit.
INGRAHAM: Also, how would you do it here? I mean, people have to see operationally how would we actually put a mass quarantine into effect? 
We're going to bring the National Guard out there like lock lockdown entire. I mean, it just makes - to me, it makes no sense.
ADALJA: This is not something that should happen in America. This would violate individual rights. It would be the worst way to do it.

INGRAHAM: The hysteria over what's happened in the last three weeks, the United States and the panic that's ensued in the U.S. marketplace. As a medical professional, how would you describe the reaction thus far in the public? People are fighting over toilet paper at the Costco. I saw that video and I thought it was - I thought it was actually something from The Onion or like a joke. I couldn't believe it was real. But what's going on there?
ADALJA: So, it's hard to strike this fine line between panicking people and getting them actually prepared. So, there is going to be disruption when we get this virus in our cities. It's going to be something that will cause hospitals to be inundated with patients. It's going to be something that's difficult to handle. But it's not going to be cataclysmic or catastrophic. 
We just have to be proactive and plan and not hoard things, not take - make the shelves bare. We just have to really think about how we're going to deal with this, we dealt with this in 2009 with H1N1.
INGRAHAM: The MSNBC had a doctor on today that made an unusual claim about the mortality rate. I want to show it to you.

JOSEPH FAIR, MSNBC SCIENCE CONTRIBUTOR: This is not to fear monger. This is
- it would be irresponsible for us to create panic when it's undue. That being said, we know 80 percent of the population is going to survive. And typically, a 15 to 20 percent rate of mortality for those individuals that are both elderly or have underlying condition.

INGRAHAM: The key on that it's not 15 percent of everybody who contract the disease.

ADALJA: Right.

INGRAHAM: But it is a fairly high percentage of those who are susceptible populations.
ADALJA: Yes. And elderly populations, you might see mortality rates reach that high. That's my friend on there that actually talked and actually reached out to me. He said he misspoke. He went to say 20 percent have mild cases and he put a tweet out to correct it, but he said he's been up all day, up all night, like I had been basically.

INGRAHAM: Yes. You've been working and you're working out. But that's the kind of thing that maybe in good faith, someone trying to get people information, putting in good faith, they say something on television and then people run to to buy masks. And you still say today about the masks. What?
ADALJA: Don't wear them if you're in the general public, it's really a panic buy and it's making it harder for hospitals to get them.
INGRAHAM: And same thing with all these other extraordinary measures, people walking around like rubber gloves and planes. I mean, believe me, I kind of get that given how gross planes are. But all of this seems to add to the overall sense of panic.
ADALJA: Right. You have people buying Coronavirus kits, lots of things that you can find that aren't going to do any good for you unless you're going to a costume party. You really just have to do basic stuff that we do during flu season. Wash your hands a lot. Touch your face less. If you're elderly or have medical conditions, be wary about going out in public just like we tell people to do during flu seasons. Those types of simple ideas are what's going to help us.

INGRAHAM: But you would fly today.

ADALJA: Yes, I flew two days ago.
INGRAHAM: I've flown like three times and I'm flying Friday and flying next week. I mean, but that's the kind of stuff that scares me, is when people, I'm not flying, I'm not going on vacation. That's the kind of stuff that could end up hurting our country and the global economy at large.

Doctor, great to see you. Thanks for coming on, especially with your schedule. I really appreciate it.

And sadly, it is no secret that the media is responsible for much of this panic that's gripping the country over the coronavirus, but now they are actually using the virus to attack the president's health.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR:  There is deep concern right now that the president himself could possibly, possibly have been exposed to the virus.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR:  Gaetz, we should point out, was also just on Air Force One with President Trump this afternoon.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Schlapp's potential exposure might put Donald Trump just two degrees of separation away from the virus.


INGRAHAM:  Wait a second. Joining me now is Horace Cooper, Project 21 co- chair, and Allie Beth Stuckey, host of the "Relatable" podcast.

Horace, why not the same focus on Sanders or Biden, who are also attending large conferences, shaking lots of hands, taking lots of selfies, and we know how Biden likes to touch women's shoulders? That could be passed -- think about all the shoulders that have been touched just in the past two weeks.

HORACE COOPER, CO-CHAIR, PROJECT 21:  It's definitely more true of Sanders than Biden. Sanders is getting thousands of people, and Biden is getting tens of people. But still, if the media were really interested in covering what is going on in America, they would present that information.

INGRAHAM:  Allie Beth, this have gotten to the point, again, when people are fighting over toilet paper rolls. Is all of our toilet paper made in China? I don't think so, but maybe I missed that. We have to now just all take a breath and say it is going to be OK. Some people are not going to make it, as it happens every year with the regular flu. It is a serious, but we are going to weather the storm. It's not going to destroy the whole U.S. economy. And this is a time to pull back some of this manufacturing from China and do it all in the good old U.S. of A.

ALLIE BETH STUCKEY, "RELATABLE" PODCAST HOST:  Yes, I think we should be prepared in that we shouldn't panic. I don't think that's good for anyone, not just the economy, but also people's own immune systems, that negative energy, that negativity that people unfortunately, a lot of them are spewing on Twitter about this, ginning up the outrage and chaos isn't good for your own ability to find out this virus.

So if we all just lay down our political swords, take a deep breath, like you said, and realize that all we can do is take the necessary precautions, pray and hope for the best, be wise about this. But like you said, all of the panic, it's not helping anyone individually or collectively.

INGRAHAM:  John Brennan, one of the main Russia hoax crazies, of course he thinks Trump is too selfish to actually put the country first. Watch.


JOHN BRENNAN, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR:  Donald Trump, who throughout his entire life he has looked at the world through a prism of how things affect his personal and financial political fortunes. And I wonder if he is psychologically capable to put the country's well-being first and to subordinate to his own interests in trying to spin things in a manner that is not going to reflect badly on him. Politics need to be damned at this point.


INGRAHAM:  Let me just remind everybody that Donald Trump left a very successful company to go through the hell that he has had to go through of the last three years of investigations. But now he is selfish? John Brennan, what a fraud he is.

COOPER:  This president has sweated blood, toil, and dollars as a way of showing his interest and love and devotion to this country.

INGRAHAM:  Thank you very much.

COOPER:  He has done a really good job at it, and we ought to appreciate that.

INGRAHAM:  And when I see people on Twitter, Allie Beth -- Twitter is the lowest form of human life. Sorry, it is just awful. To wish the coronavirus on anyone, anyone, especially the president of the United States, or just anyone, forget the president, but with such glee. There seems to be an enjoyment factor when the market collapses today, or when the virus is spread, or where there is another death. There are actually people on Twitter who are celebrating, that is the state of American politics today. 
Allie, close it out.

STUCKEY:  If you feel any kind of morbid satisfaction whatsoever from anyone, whether you disagree with them or not, getting the coronavirus or getting any kind of deadly illness, I think it is time to check your heart.

INGRAHAM:  Exactly. And actually, maybe you should offer something positive to the country and not a negative viral solution. Horace and Allie, thanks for coming on, great to see you both.

And coming up, Hillary Clinton, well, she is not going away. Her new Hulu documentary inadvertently exposed another glaring hypocrisy on the left. 
And did Biden actually endorse Donald Trump over the weekend? Raymond Arroyo reveals the truth in a special edition of "Seen and Unseen" Monday style. Don't go away.


INGRAHAM:  It's time for our "Seen and Unseen" segment where we expose the stories behind the headlines. Hillary Clinton's new Hulu documentary is offering some troubling insight into today's Democratic Party. Joining us with all the details as Raymond Arroyo, FOX News contributor. Raymond, why won't Hillary just go back to her Scooby-mobile? Why won't she go away? Why is she back?


RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Because Hillary hasn't gotten over 2016, Laura. And apparently, she can't recede from of the public with grace, her public life with grace. She went to great pains in this documentary to mention that Biden is assembling the same coalition that she did in 2016. Someone needs to tell her she lost. Then there was this moment.


HILLARY CLINTON, (D) FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I am the most investigated innocent person in America.


CLINTON:  See, that's why this is not just politics. It's deep cultural stuff. Anyway, I do want to talk you about all that.


CLINTON:  OK. Anyway, clunk, clunk. Here we go.


ARROYO:  I love how she grabs the coffee and shuffles off, Laura, off the set while maintaining her innocence. This four-hour documentary could have been called "Kill your Enthusiasm."


ARROYO:  And by the way, Laura, that first episode is called "Golden Girl." 
She does have a Bea Arthur vibe there with the coffee mug.

INGRAHAM:  Oh, yes.

ARROYO:  She wants you to forget about travel-gate, BleachBitting her private server, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation foreign donors while she was secretary of state. She was innocent. Just remember, she was innocent. 
But one of the most egregious wrongs that she may have committed along the way was defending her husband's abuse of women. The former president uses the documentary about his wife to explain away his affair with Monica Lewinsky. He said it was a therapeutic way to deal with the tensions of office.


BILL CLINTON, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT:  Here something that will take your mind off of it for a while. Everybody's life has pressures and disappointments and terrors, fears of whatever. Things I did to manage my anxieties for years.


ARROYO:  Laura --

INGRAHAM:  I was surprised by that, actually.

ARROYO:  I was surprised, Laura, by the lack of reaction from Hulu. Last week employees over at the publishing house, Hachette, they staged a walkout to protest the publishing houses Woody Allen memoir, forthcoming Woody Allen memoir. He is accused of sexual abuse, but nothing has ever been proven. Following that walkout, Hachette canceled the Woody Allen biography.

Look, I think Woody Allen is as creepy as the next guy, but here you have Bill Clinton, an admitted abuser of women, so far as I can see, not one Hulu employee has protested. There is no staged walkout. And here he is using this documentary to clear up his name, justify his actions. I guess it's Me Too, but not you, Bill. I guess that's how this works over at Hulu.

INGRAHAM:  I don't think he admits he abused women. I think he admits that in his mind, obviously, it was the power differential, it's just beyond gross.

ARROYO:  Right, power inequities, and then there are the other charges.

INGRAHAM:  But I don't think he is really admitting anything except a mistake and that it was unfortunate and he was driven by his anxiety.

ARROYO:  Working out his anxieties. Not with other people, you don't get to use that.

INGRAHAM:  I want to get into this video of Biden that was making the rounds over the weekend. This clip was sent out by the Trump campaign. 


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  We cannot get reelect -- we cannot win this reelection -- excuse me, we can only reelect Donald Trump --


INGRAHAM:  Some online said what? What were they saying?

ARROYO:  They said he was endorsing the president in the video. And Twitter, Laura, has since labeled this clip manipulated media. They are both wrong. Manipulated media is when you have deep fakes and they use it to put words in people's mouth or distort their intention. Obviously, Biden was not endorsing from. But it does speak to his inability to assemble sentences on the fly, Laura, and it raises questions about his cognitive state and ability to even read a script. Watch the full clip for context.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  We cannot get reelect -- we cannot win this reelection -- excuse me, we can only reelect Donald Trump if, in fact, we get engaged in this circular cycle here.


ARROYO:  I'm sorry, Laura, I don't think that makes him look any better and context. He is still wandering and lost. And you have all these proxies jumping in. They are going to need more than that to clean up his syntax.

INGRAHAM:  Ray, tell us about the conflict between Sanders and the Biden camp over the format now of the next debate, quickly.

ARROYO:  Yes, the Sanders campaign is complaining Biden doesn't want to stand toe-to-toe and debate Bernie. They say apparently the DNC and Biden campaign agreed to a seated town hall style debate, Laura, with audience questions. The Sanders campaign is now balking. They say wait a minute, we want a say here, too. So there may be some compromise along the way. But Laura, they are electing here, and for the first time voters are being asked to support not a presidential candidate, but a vice presidential candidate. Joe Biden is not the man he was, and I think that is partially what the Sanders campaign is pointing out.

INGRAHAM:  If you can't stand for debate, unless you have a severe disability, that's not a great sign.

ARROYO:  I agree.

INGRAHAM:  Raymond, thank you so much for a special Monday coronavirus edition of Seen and Unseen.

ARROYO:  Thank you, Laura. Feel better.


INGRAHAM:  All right, Ray, thanks so much.

And Joe Biden is already planning for Obama's third term. Wait until you see who he wants to put in charge of his cabinet. Scott Bolden, Charlie Hurt, they are going to break it all down next.



BIDEN:  Normal is not enough. Normal, we have to move beyond normal, whether it's health care, the environment, whatever it is. We have to build on what we had started in our administration.


INGRAHAM:  Beyond normal, that is actually a good name for a show. Maybe next time. Biden's caretakers have other ideas. "Axios" is reporting that Biden advisors describe a return to normal plan. Biden wants known, trusted people around him, many from the Obama years. Who was unmasking whom here? 
That includes swamp creatures like John Kerry, Susan Rice, and good old Sally Yates.

Joining me now is Charlie Hurt, "Washington Times" opinion editor, FOX News contributor. Also with me is Scott Bolden, attorney and former chair of the D.C. Democratic Party. Charlie, it looks like he is planning for Obama's third term, and a lot of these people have been waiting in the wings working with consulting groups and itching to go back in and do exactly what?

CHARLES HURT, OPINION EDITOR, "WASHINGTON TIMES":  Exact what they did for the eight years that President Obama was there. But it's interesting, first of all, the pivot for Biden to suddenly start running on Obama's record, after the past two years we have seen them running away from it, because, of course, the Democratic Party is running away from Obama. Obama could not get nominated to the Democratic Party leader in this environment based on his positions. So that pivot is really interesting.

And then the other thing is, as you point out, there is this thing that we see every couple years where you have people who are signaling to all of the swamp creatures that if you just help me get the nomination and get me into the White House, I will put you back in the White House. I'll give you

INGRAHAM:  It's back to the good old days. I talked about this before, Scott, but we read in this "Axios" piece that -- I think it was "Axios" or "Politico," I can't remember now, I think it was "Axios" -- that Buttigieg would be the U.S. trade rep.


INGRAHAM:  I heard that. I'm like, are you kidding me? Honestly? That is basically just saying China, don't worry, you will get everything you want in the next administration. What is your reaction to that?

SCOTT BOLDEN, FORMER D.C. DEMOCRATIC PARTY CHAIRMAN:  I think it's real early. We have got nine months before the election, or eight months before the election. This is projecting, if you will. But I am not so surprised that Biden is running on Obama's record because he has beaten Bernie Sanders pretty badly. And if you look at the Obama economy, he inherited the worst from Bush II and he created 16 million jobs, he put 20 million on health care. That is not really a bad record to run on.

And by the way, the media focuses on Bernie Sanders and the far left of the party, but I've argued with you and on the show several times that it is the middle Democrats, the business Democrats, the conservative Democrats that are putting Biden I had. And Biden is headed towards this nomination.

INGRAHAM:  They want to go back to business as usual where we have these endless global trade deals where companies are allowed to offshore and outsourced labor and manufacturing. We are running into a problem now, Charlie, where people are like, wait a second, we make what in China? We make all these antibiotics and all these prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs? Are you kidding me?

HURT:  You can't undo what President Trump has done, President Trump for whatever faults you find in him, he has ripped the wool from people's eyes about places like China.

INGRAHAM:  The coronavirus has too, plus Trump.

HURT:  And all of the trade deals.

But my question is this -- could you imagine Bernie Sanders playing some silly game like this right now where he goes and gets some willing reporter, sends some signals that this is who we are going people our administration with. Bernie would not do that, and that is exactly why Democrats are so fearful of Bernie Sanders, because they want the safe bet. 
And Joe Biden is making the assessment that I am a safe bet, look you say, we will go back to normal, we will put everybody back in their positions. 
And we'll get --

BOLDEN:  They got a lot of good experience from those positions, and they did a really good job while they were there. You may disagree with their politics, but Bernie Sanders isn't winning this nomination anytime soon, at least he's not projected to.

HURT:  We can get back into bed with Iran.

BOLDEN:  Oh, stop it. We're not doing that.

INGRAHAM:  Speaking of Sanders, guys, speaking of Sanders, speaking of Sanders, he refuses to give an answer on whether or not he would have Elizabeth Warren as his vice president. Watch.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, (D-VT) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  My gut feeling is that it must be a woman. I would look to women first. But they would be women, by the way --


SANDERS:  -- who hold my political views.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR:  So one of those is Elizabeth Warren. You said it would be nice to have Elizabeth Warren's support. Have you asked her?

SANDERS:  Have I asked for it? Elizabeth and I talked, we have talked for
20 years, we talk on a regular basis.


INGRAHAM:  You called me a liar.

HURT:  That seemed a little icy, if you ask me.

INGRAHAM:  Yes, that was cold.

BOLDEN:  They talked, and they support each other, But that's about it. 
Warren doesn't bring anything to this ticket, though. She didn't do well in the Democratic Primary. She hasn't endorsed anyone yet, I don't think. I don't think she is going to endorse soon.

INGRAHAM:  Warren, no, she is not going to -- Warren is the weakest sister out there. She gets out and says I'm going to wait until -- I'm going to think it all through. Are you kidding me, think it all through?

BOLDEN:  You don't want a process?

INGRAHAM:  She's going with the winner. She is going to go with Biden.

Gentlemen, thank you.

BOLDEN:  Like the rest of us.

INGRAHAM:  In moments, I get some of your emails. "Ingraham Inbox," next.


INGRAHAM:  My voice lasted through the whole show. I had no voice for five days. I know, there's a good side to that.

I still can't believe the left is trying to say that Trump should cancel his rallies because of the coronavirus. So they don't want 10,000 plus people showing up to go to a Trump rally. That's convenient.

That's all the time we have tonight. Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team take it all from here.

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