Rep. Kelly urges unbound delegates to follow will of voters

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST:  Now to Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Mike Kelly.

Congressman, what do you think of that?  If a lot of those people are switching parties just to vote for Donald Trump, what do you think of that?

REP. MIKE KELLY, R-PENNSYLVANIA:  Well, I think it's important and I think it's important to know.

This fact that we have 54 delegates that are unbound or unaccounted -- or unaccounted for -- it's unaccounted.  It's -- they're unaccountable.  You can't do that.  You have got to be committed.

You can't be unbound and uncommitted and accept that as being OK.  It's not OK.

And I heard our previous guest.  We have become a culture of losing.  We cannot lose.  It's about never Hillary, never never Trump or never Kasich or never Cruz.  It's about never Hillary.

So, when I look at this, Neil, the unbound and uncommitted, that's totally unacceptable.

CAVUTO:  All right, well, that -- your state agreed.  I don't know what was going on.  But it is what it is.

Now, I have heard that whoever wins the state, it's usually thought that those unbound delegates get bound to the winner.  Doesn't have to be that way, but what would you think if it turned out that way?  They go to someone else, let's say Ted Cruz, even if Donald Trump wins tonight?

KELLY:  Well, here's what I think it causes.  It causes a split in our party.  And I would just tell you, most of the people that I talk to in Pennsylvania...

CAVUTO:  Well, the split is already there.  Right?  The split is already there.

KELLY:  Well, listen, we're going to know tonight who Pennsylvania voted for.  And we're also going to know tonight who Pennsylvania has elected to be their delegates to go to Cleveland.

It's going to be very clear.  The people who voted for those delegates are expecting them to go to Cleveland and vote their will.  I don't see how subverting the will of the voters makes sense for our party.


CAVUTO:  Well, Donald Trump says -- I know you haven't committed to anyone, at least last time I checked.  Donald Trump says that's indicative of a process that is rigged.  You say what?

KELLY:  Well, it's obvious that it is.  Come on.  That's not hard to figure out, anybody that looks at that.

CAVUTO:  So, you going to support Donald Trump?

KELLY:  I'm going to support whoever our candidate is.

We have to have a nominee that comes out of Cleveland with one purpose and one purpose only, Neil, and that is to stop Hillary.  It's never Hillary. It's not anything other than that for me.  We have to come together as a team and understand, we can't be lukewarm about this and say I'm not sure that I could support him.

Come on, let's get together and win.  We have got to win.  We have lost too many times.  There's too much on the line this time.  It's OK to be in favor of your candidate and hope that he or she is going to be our nominee.  But it's not OK, once we have a nominee, to say, you know what?  Not my choice, I'm not going to show up.

CAVUTO:  All right.  Congressman, thank you very, very much.

KELLY:  So, keep working.

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