Rep. Jim Jordan: Should have hearings on Lynch and Comey

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Wow, how time flies.

You remember this famous video, a year after former Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with President Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix no less? You remember that? Well, it was at the height of the Clinton e-mail probe. And, obviously, there have been hearings left and right on that puppy, because, whoa, it looks a little unseemly.

But there haven't been any, not even close. By comparison, on Russia or anything Russia-related, including investigations into Russian salad dressing, 50 hearings on that, anything connected with Russia. Not a one on this. And this one, we have -- that looks like video. I'm just saying. It looks a little awkward.

But, anyway, what does Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan think? He's a member of the Judiciary and Oversight Committees.

I'm just saying, have at it with Russia hearings if that's what people want, Congressman, but even one on this? What the heck?

REP. JIM JORDAN, R-OHIO: Right. Right.

She not only met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac three days before the FBI was scheduled to interview and did interview Secretary Clinton. She also told the FBI direct to mislead the American people. She said call the matter not an investigation, even though it was an investigation.

CAVUTO: That was explosive.


CAVUTO: I remember when Comey made that allegation at that recent hearing. And I thought, well, that is going to prompt a clarion call for hearings the next day. What happened?

JORDAN: That's what we're calling for. Well, yes, because he not only misled the American people then, at the direction of -- he did it willfully, he did it intentionally. He did it at the direction of the attorney general, something the Justice Department shouldn't be in the habit of doing, misleading the American people, for goodness' sake.

This year, he misled the American people again when he furthered the perception that President Trump was under investigation, when, in fact, he wasn't and had been told three times by James Comey that he wasn't being investigated.

So, for all those reasons, even Dianne Feinstein, Neil, has said that we should have hearings and look into the Lynch-Comey calling it a matter, not an investigation. We should look into that issue.

So we did an op-ed. We're calling for hearings. We think it should happen. And we think it should frankly happen in the House Judiciary Committee.

CAVUTO: I just think that the bar for hearings seems to be inconsistent then, yes, for anything having to do with Russia, which is fine. That's the way you went to go. Just 50 seems a bit much, but fine.

But not even one, not even a brief question-and-answer at a House of Pancakes across the street, anything to get -- to at least look into how odd this would appear.


CAVUTO: Because, I mean, the bombshell news from Comey saying that the attorney general of the United States preferred that he call this a matter than an e-mail investigation, that alone, to say nothing of the video of these two meeting on a plane, and at the time presumably discussing grandchildren, that alone stretches things.

JORDAN: Yes, he misleads the American people twice. Then, when he gets fired, he leaked a memo through a friend to The New York Times with the stated goal that -- he testified under oath stated goal of creating momentum to get a public special prosecutor, and not just any special prosecutor, his good friend, his mentor, his predecessor, Bob Mueller.

That's what Jim Comey did. And we're not going to have hearings on that? For goodness' sake, let's do it. You can get a special counsel when Jim Comey's reputation is on the line and someone on the Justice Department is-- and the FBI pushes for it?

But, remember, Neil, we couldn't get a special counsel -- I did the resolution, the resolution calling for -- passed the House of Representatives calling for a special counsel on the IRS investigation. No, couldn't get one then. Couldn't get one...

CAVUTO: But, besides these things, Congressman, you guys are in the majority in the House and the Senate. I mean...

JORDAN: Well, the Justice Department decides.

And, unfortunately, Attorney General Holder, Attorney General Lynch wouldn't appoint a special counsel in the IRS investigation or in the Clinton investigation. So, that's a problem. That's why, again, we should come back to this. We should have hearings.

CAVUTO: You mentioned Director Comey, Congressman. And now we know how he feels about President Trump, that he didn't trust him, thought he was a liar, thought he would inflate things.

Imagine had he not been fired and imagine knowing these other details that probably would have never come to our attention. And he would be leading this investigation right now on President Trump and if there's any Russia connection to either the president or his people. That's a little weird, when you now know where he's coming from.

JORDAN: No, no, exactly.

And maybe we better understand why in fact he did take over the Clinton investigation last summer. Maybe we now know why the Justice Department, even when you think about IRS case, Barbara Bosserman was the lead agent assigned to investigate the targeting of conservatives for their political beliefs. She was the lead agent.

She was a maxed-out contributor to the president's campaign. But they said, no, doesn't matter, doesn't matter. We're not going to have a special counsel there, but we are going to have one here. James Comey was involved in all of this.

I want him under oath again. I would like to ask him a lot of questions. Frankly, I would like to ask former Attorney General Lynch a lot of questions as well. And I hope that happens soon.

CAVUTO: Well, in the meantime, he's turning over all his memos, we're told, to that Senate investigation. What do you make of that?


Yes. Well, that's one thing that Chairman Goodlatte has -- when I have talked with him, he said he's requesting those documents, that information. I want to get that as soon as possible and look at it.

Remember, we only think he did one memo on his conversation with President Trump. What about all the other big decisions like shortly after the attorney general meets with Bill Clinton on the tarmac? That wasn't memorialized? So, I think that provides some context and some information that is valuable as well.

CAVUTO: Because you have the video at least in that case. You have the two of them meeting on a plane.

JORDAN: Exactly.

CAVUTO: All right, Congressman, very, very much.

JORDAN: You bet, Neil.

CAVUTO: All right.


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