Rep. Ilhan Omar faults US for Venezuela's socialist crisis

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GREG GUTFELD, HOST: Hi, I'm Greg Gutfeld with Jedediah Bila, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and a cigar band is her sun visor, Dana Perino. “The Five.”

We're now into the fourth year of the Democrats election tantrum. That would be old enough for kindergarten, but maturity matters more than years so they'll never get in. And they've learned from the best, the media.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have to say, I find his answer total gobbledygook about that. I mean, you know, the fact is, Mueller wrote a letter of protest.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In William Barr, we have a staunch Trump ally who is also a skilled bureaucrat and who is smarter than Donald Trump. That makes him scarier on both those measures.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If your theory on Barr is correct, where did he become radicalized?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If we can't trust you all to tell us, then I sort of feel like there maybe -- there's a coup happening.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The gas lighting on cue.


GUTFELD: Gas lighting. Not exactly rational analysis, but going to The View for political insight is like going to the zoo for an oil change or Hillary for legal expertise.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He is the president's defense lawyer. He is not the Attorney General of the United States in the way that he has conducted himself. Now, calling for his resignation makes perfect sense because he's not discharging the duties of the office.


GUTFELD: Oh, please. Imagine, getting legal advice from Hillary, that's like getting driving tips from Beto, or facts from these showboating hacks.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He testified falsely, deliberately, and falsely.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: His credibility was shredded yesterday.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think he should resign.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He's burn through any credibility he had in that role and he should resign.


GUTFELD: It's like they all took the same drug. Now, unless you can claim them as dependents, you don't need these people. Why? They lie to your face. They tell you what's in the report isn't really there, but it is. And in case you've forgot and the media is hoping you did, the report is public. Sorry, guys, it's all in there. If there were any crimes, we'd know. And guess what? We do.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The evidence is now that the president was falsely accused of colluding with the Russians, and we concluded that the evidence developed during the special counsel's investigation was not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of justice offense.


GUTFELD: So one wonders what kind of bozos re-litigate what's over and done with?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He is actually as dangerous in the position of attorney general as Donald Trump is as President of the United States. Barr is not an Attorney General of the United States. He is Donald Trump's defense attorney. He is his lackey.


GUTFELD: Lackey. So the Democratic media complex held a hearing to complain about getting dumped at the prom. It's not about collusion. It's not about getting what they wanted from the report. Like they didn't get what they wanted from the election. In retaliation, they wasted your time, your money to throw a public tantrum, fully embraced by a bedwetting media that hates you and hate themselves.

After all, who else would choose to relive their failures every day but a group of self-loathing zaps. They relive November 8, 2016, every day just to make a buck. It's not Groundhog Day because that's a funny movie. It's the Titanic and they're the boat. Guess who that orange iceberg was?

All right, Jesse, I have an analogy.

JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Analogy granted.

GUTFELD: OK, thank you. You know what this is like for me working at FNC and not caring about the story. It's like being at ESPN and being forced to cover the home run derby because it's meaningless and it's all show. It doesn't have any effect on the overall standings. That's how I feel about this.

WATTERS: I'll give you another sports analogy. It's like losing a playoff game and pretending you won. They lost so badly yesterday and the media is acting like this was a big victory, but you know they didn't win because they're so angry and they're so threatened, if you listen to that.

Listen to what happened, they've lost control of the narrative and they lost control of the process as well. And it's driving them crazy because the full report is out and there are no more indictments. So essentially the witch hunt is over, but they haven't gotten the memo yet.


WATTERS: It is very interesting to hear them accuse someone else of lying after two years of lying and not apologizing. They have literally no self- awareness whatsoever. But here is why Barr is so threatening, Barr out lawyered Mueller and Weissmann on the obscure obstruction statute that they were trying to footsie with.

Remember, they didn't charge him. They just floated this legal theory that was totally untested and the Department of Justice had never used before. So he basically ended the coup. Secondly, they're not used to having such a seasoned pro in the department under Donald Trump. They had Sessions, didn't really have the firepower to compete. They had Rosenstein who wasn't really there. He kind of abdicated his role.

So you have someone come in, clean up shop, and then really unflappable and deftly explain what happened with the Mueller report. And the Democrats are driving -- have been driven crazy because they can't compete rhetorically with him.

And then thirdly, they're panicking because they know that Barr is investigating the investigators. They're looking at -- they are looking at the FISA abuse. They're looking at the human intelligence assets that they ran, the unmasking and the criminal leaks. And they never thought this would boomerang on them and it has. And they're really nervous.

GUTFELD: You know, Dana, think about all this energy they're devoting to this that could be spent on getting elected, getting a new president may be, or may be concentrating on the important issues that matter to all Americans, like myself.

DANA PERINO, HOST: Karl Rove wrote in his column saying will the Democrats be able to resist impeachment? But I think they've kind of already started.


PERINO: And if you look at the -- Democrats polling at like 70 percent that they want impeachment, but who doesn't want impeachment on the Democratic side are the most of the candidates. There are now 20 on the Democratic side. But they're all going to have to compete for attention against an impeachment push. So you're not going to be able to talk about your student loan debt free plan or your climate change plan or whatever else you have up your sleeves because the headlines will all be about impeachment.

I also think what's frustrating to me is that they seem to be asking Barr to make a decision that Mueller wasn't willing to make himself.


PERINO: Why in the world will they think that that would be possible? That doesn't make sense to me. The last thing I would say is I can't stand resign politics. You resign. No, you resign.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

PERINO: Nobody is resigning over any of this, nobody. There's an election to be held.

GUTFELD: But that's spotlight politics. You get on TV when you say resign.

PERINO: If you say he should resign.

GUTFELD: Exactly. Exactly. That's what this is about.

PERINO: I've never called on anyone to resign, I don't believe.

GUTFELD: I think you've called on me to resign a number of times.

PERINO: No, no, no.


GUTFELD: You know, Juan, in the green room you were just saying to me how upset you were how the Democrats were Kavanaughing Barr.

JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: Is that right?


WILLIAMS: I must have missed that. But, you know, it's not unusual with me. But I just think that this is, you know, like you said yesterday, you didn't watch, you know. I think there're lots of people who didn't read, apparently, including the attorney general who said he didn't really look at any of the evidence before he decided there was no obstruction.

And secondly, here's a guy who said, oh, I didn't know anything about Mueller having any objections. Two weeks after, Mueller sent him a letter saying I objected, this is not the full story that you put out and it leads to a lack of public's trust. And then you guys come out and say, oh, yeah, this just the Democrats having a tantrum.

Let me just say this to you, I didn't hear this when Congress was having oversight hearings on Benghazi for the 15th time. Oh, no. Then Congress was fulfilling its constitutional role which is to act as an equal partner under the constitution to the executive and to employ its resources, subpoenas, and the like, to get answers for the American people. It's the House of the people.

But now, Donald Trump is fighting every subpoena. Obviously, we don't have a date for Robert Mueller to testify. We don't know if Don McGahn can testify. Hmm, is something being hidden? And when Kamala Harris says to this attorney general, oh, Mr. Attorney General, what is going on? Were you informed by Robert Mueller of object -- oh, well, I don't know. What do you mean? How about this, do you have a record of conversations with Robert Mueller? Well, yeah. I was taking notes. But -- well, can we have them? No. This is the most ridiculous -- I mean, it's unbelievable.

GUTFELD: All right, Jed, respond to Juan's outrage.

JEDEDIAH BILA, HOST: Democrats should decide whether they trust Mueller or not. You have to make up your mind because suddenly it's OK -- you trust Mueller, you wait for the report to come out. Now all of a sudden it's, oh, we don't trust Mueller so we need Barr to have reviewed every ounce of evidence. That was what Mueller was there for, to look at all the evidence. And now everyone is complaining -- oh, Democrat are saying, oh, well, we have a problem with the timing of how much was released by Barr and when.

The whole report is out. Guess what? You don't like Barr, fine. Don't like Trump, fine. The report is out. There's still no conspiracy with the Russians. There's still no crime. There's still no legitimate case to bring up an obstruction charge. That's the reality. So instead of worrying about who did what or who read what, this is the report. This is where it stands. If we were all of sane minds, we would already moved on from this story to something --


WILLIAMS: That's the message I'm getting -- you guys say it's over. Let's move on. It's not over.


WILLIAMS: Just to reiterate, it's not collusion. It's conspiracy.


WILLIAMS: What you heard Mueller said was the Trump campaign was receptive and understood, they were to benefit from this Russia --

WATTERS: Sorry, Juan. You lost.

GUTFELD: We'll have a lot more of this coming up. But we would be talking over each other. It will be very, very sophisticated, including this chicken stunt by a Democratic congressman. But first -- that's disgusting. Venezuela is a socialist nightmare, but one Democrat says America is to blame for the chaos.


PERINO: Ilhan Omar facing backlash for comments about the chaos in Venezuela. The controversial freshman Democrat now suggesting that America could be partly to blame for the uprising against Nicolas Maduro socialist regime.


REP. ILHAN OMAR, D-MINN.: A lot of the policies that we've put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela. This particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make regime change really does not help the people of countries like Venezuela.


PERINO: And to be fair, she did gave another statement to Fox today, and I do think that we should play this because she was trying to explain more about what she thinks. Watch.


OMAR: The United States' role should be one that is advocating for there to be fair elections. It should be one of guidance and technical support. I don't believe that interventions that are pushing for regime change are in the best interests of Venezuela, and the best interests of the American people.


PERINO: OK, Jesse, I will go to you, the -- not in the best interests of the Venezuelan people to have regime change.

WATTERS: Wow. I just want her to say one good thing about America, just one. I'd issue a challenge right now. Omar, please say one good thing about America.

GUTFELD: Or at least about Jesse.

WATTERS: One thing --



WATTERS: You know, we hear her so much say what's wrong with America. Just say what you're proud of. I think that would maybe counterbalance some of the negativity that you hear coming out of her mouth. Also, we should send her a dictionary because America is not bullying the people of Venezuela. It's Maduro and the Russian-backed military that are taking away people's rights, and shooting into the crowd, and doing all those things.

Also, this is what socialists do. When something good happens in the world what they do is they say, oh, why can America be like that country? And then when something bad happens in the world, they say, oh, that's America's fault that that's happening. But they can never see the point that socialism is failing on its own.

Remember what the communists did after the Soviet Union collapse? They say, oh, well, communism has never been perfectly implemented. Or they did the same thing with Obamacare. Oh, Obamacare failed because Donald Trump undermined it. At this point, I just want -- I want her to do this. Stop siding with the Russians.

I mean, two years you say you want to start World War III over the Russian interference in the election. Now they're interfering physically in our hemisphere and you're siding with them.

PERINO: The other thing is that the actual constitution in Venezuela was followed. And the recognized president, Guaido, recognized by 51 countries including the United States, they're following. So he --Maduro is not even the recognized leader of the country anymore.

BILA: Right. So what she is saying is our role should be advocating for fair elections. That's exactly what we did. We're advocating for that fair election. And we're bullying -- she uses the word bullying. If we were bullying at all, you’re bullying a guy whose military tanks are mowing down people in the streets.

WATTERS: You're bullying the bully.

BILA: Yeah, exactly. So somebody has got to stand up for these people. We've talked about how these people, in large part -- in all part, actually, completely unarmed, they feel extremely vulnerable. They're starving in the streets. They're digging through garbage for their food. I commend any country and any leader of any country who bullies a leader who subjects its people to that kind of atrocity.

PERINO: And, Greg, some people might say that we're not doing enough to help them.

GUTFELD: Some people might be mean for that. You know what's weird is like -- I mean, she positions herself as someone who is for the underdog, so she should be really out on front for these people. The people that are being run over. The people that are starving. They're the true oppressed. I mean, I believe -- see, the thing is, her ideology exists independent of politics or religion. It's ingrained in the hard left of the oppressor versus oppressed ideology.

She always believes that places like America are guilty of imperialism, of being the oppressor. And here's a situation where you actually have people that are being depressed, but all she sees is the Yankee imperialism that is ingrained, not from any religion, and also not really from any politics, but from our own academia.

This isn't Mohammed's doctrine. This is Bill Ayers' doctrine, the belief that -- the radical belief that if you look at any evil around the world, America is at the roots.

PERINO: But, Juan, she might say that it's based on her experience as a child in that -- was in the refugee camp and then she came to America and she just had a different upbringing. Initially, when she was very frustrated that the United States was not -- she didn't think was helping them enough at that time.

WILLIAMS: That's an accurate account, but I think she's wrong on this point. I mean, to me, the United States has a history of bullying, interference in Latin America. You think about Nicaragua, you think about El Salvador, and the kind of unrest that we fomented their quite intentionally. CIA very active.

But I think in this case, what you have is not so much socialism, Jesse, as desperate. So I think that when you think of Hugo Chavez, when you think of Nicolas Maduro, or you think of the influence coming from Putin, coming from the Chinese as well, these are despots who are trying to run over --

PERINO: In Iran.

WILLIAMS: -- lots of deserving people.

WATTERS: It doesn't mean they can't be both, socialism and --


WILLIAMS: This is totally separate. This has nothing to do with socialist rule. This is about people who are cruel, indifferent leaders. That's what Maduro --

WATTERS: But how did they get there, Juan?

WILLIAMS: OK. Let me just say, if you want to talk about that thing you have to talk about big oil companies coming in, making deals, running over people --

WATTERS: Big oil companies did not run this country into the ground, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I think you should go, do some studying because --

WATTERS: I have. They nationalize the oil companies and then they lauded them

WILLIAMS: In response to the abuses of big oil. But let's not -- I don't think it's worth going over, but I do think it's important to say that she's wrong, and that the reason for this collapse is despotic behavior that needs to be countered instead of supported by the Russians or the Chinese.

GUTFELD: She's been wrong on everything, OK? So let's -- but the point is -- the advice to Republicans about Omar is the same advice I give to Democrats about Trump. If you have a problem with her, try to win the election. Put somebody up against her and beat her at the voting booth because she is motivated to me by some -- a lot of anger and a lot of distain.

PERINO: All right, we'll move on. An Alabama lawmaker's very disturbing comments about abortion. That's next on “The Five.”


WILLIAMS: An Alabama lawmaker under fire over controversial statements about abortion. Watch.


REP. JOHN ROGERS, D-ALA: Some kids are unwanted. So you kill them now. Kill them later. You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved. Then send them to the electric chair. So you kill them now or kill them later.


WILLIAMS: That's Democratic State Representative John Rogers. He's speaking out against the bill in his state. Now if passed, that bill would make it a crime for doctors to perform abortions at any stage of a pregnancy unless the woman's life is at risk.

Rogers was asked to clarify his comments today. He stood by them. Well, I'm sort of struck here. Rogers is catholic. He is pro-life. And what he's saying is the state, you know, regularly close -- denies Medicare expansion, closes rural hospitals, and he's just worried that, in fact, that's what goes on.

BILA: I think it's one thing if you had a problem with the bill because there's no carve outs for rape or incest. There's a number of people who are going to have a problems with the bill. That's separate from what he actually said, though. What he said is really vulgar. And I think the abortion debate is representative of what's going on in the Democratic Party.

There used to be a time that Democrats were talking about abortions as safe, legal, and rare. And now they're talking about late-term abortion. They're talking about, you know, babies being born alive and framing it in the context of women's rights somehow, not human rights, and the dignity of those children. So this abortion debate and the language that he used, whether he objects to the bill or not was not the issue, it was the language that he felt it was OK to present to the world.

That's what's happening among Democrats right now. And they need to be really careful of that because the bulk of the country does not support extreme measures on abortion, and they don't support language like this. So if you want to frame your resistance to a bill that you deem as radical in terms of leaning right, that's fine, but be careful how you word it. You're talking about a human life. Stop talking about children like they're inanimate objects.

WILLIAMS: OK. So -- but, Jesse, in fact, if you think about language, President Trump the other day on the campaign trail, he was saying, oh, doctors and moms are killing live babies and there's no -- that was a total lie.

WATTERS: Well, one of the reasons why abortion is so prevalent in this country is because linguistically we dance around the issue, like no other public policy debate do we not talk in detail about what the issue is. And that's why when someone speaks about this, whether it's him or someone like Ralph Northam, in graphic, blunt, real detail, it's so shocking because no one ever really discusses it like this.

I think we need to sometimes be brutally honest about the calculations that people make when they consider having a procedure like this. I think transparency in the abortion debate is probably a good thing as opposed to a bad thing. And he's probably right. I think some women, 19 years old, they have no support system. They're not rich. They don't come from a great background. They get pregnant on a one night stand and they think, you know, what kind of choice I'm going to make, and maybe some of these thoughts run through their minds?

But, you know, right now its abortion -- legal in America, and women have the right to choose. But I think when you have this discussion you just want women to be -- and men, to be as knowledgeable as possible about what's going on either in their body or the consequences of what they're doing so they can make as an informed decision possible.

WILLIAMS: I think though -- often times we think it's people like that, people who've been irresponsible in their behavior when, in fact, it's lots of married women --

WATTERS: It could be anything.

WILLIAMS: -- not to have another child. I just want to say that I think that his comments just as -- Jedediah said she was upset by it. I think that it was in extreme comments, very upsetting to me, but I just think, you know, people on the right don't like to be smeared by one extremists in their midst on a issue. I was thinking about Facebook today saying that Milo and Alex jones, no longer allow there.

Dana, do you think this guy represent something more than his own frustration with what's taking place in Alabama?

PERINO: Well, he's an elected leader, right? So he's elected to represent somebody and if they don't like that, then of course when there's an election they can deal with that.

I do think that there's a couple of things that he suggested. He said I may bring a bill to force all men to have vasectomies and that would end this whole debate. There would be no more abortions and eventually no more voters.

He also argued that parents of children with disabilities should be able to have an abortion "Some parents can't handle a child with problems. It could be retarded. It might have no arms and no legs". So the dignity of life question is definitely at issue here.

If you wanted to make the point that Alabama should do more to support the entire life of the African-American community, that might have been a useful thing to say, because he going to flip this argument in a way that didn't draw the attention to what it looks like extremely outrageous, insensitive, amoral ideas about what life is.

But he's actually saying is that - he's drawing a picture for us of what it is like for the constituents he represents. There's not a hospital. There - all kids end up in jail. They can't get jobs afterwards. I think all of these problems and they've been perpetuated for generations.

WILLIAMS: Right. But I think that he's not just talking about black folks. I think he's talking about the entire state. I mean, Terri Collins, the woman who sponsored the bill, she said she did it in this way, because she wants to overturn Roe V. Wade, the whole bill. Greg.

GUTFELD: This guy got in trouble for speaking honestly about those who protect abortion. He just said it out loud. The belief is, you're killing the criminal before he ever commits a crime, that's what he said. It's an ugly sentiment, but deep down in a lot of the Oogenesis hearts, it exists.

It's based on a belief that kid - a kid born in a tough environment is doomed, which is an outright lie - hardly. What are the greatest stories that we cherish in America? Adults who overcame horrifying backgrounds to achieve greatness, right? That abortion argument denies that.

I have a good friend who was given up for adoption and he always thanks the mother he never met for not aborting him. And the thing is, what he said - I actually almost admire the fact that he voiced that tiny little thought in the back of people's - pro-choicers heads, white people's heads, I might add, thinking, you know what, this'll lower the crime rate. And by the way there's no real research that shows that.

But they believe that, like you know what this is probably why crimes going down, that's how people think. So I think he was being I think he was being - I think he was ruing it. I don't think he was championing it. I think he was just like saying this is how these people think - I don't.

WILLIAMS: But - I mean, I've heard that from conservative radio - a white conservative radio host that same sentiment.


WILLIAMS: It's troubling, because we have high incarceration rates in this country.

GUTFELD: But it's abortion again, so let's just kill on.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no. I think that he saying if - like, people who are pro- life will say I oppose abortion, but I support the death penalty, that's not - you can imagine why the Pope has trouble with it.

Up next, what the heck is going on with this chicken on Capitol Hill? How one democrat tried to mock Bill Barr for not showing up to a hearing, that's next on “The Five.”


JESSE: Democrats turning Capitol Hill into a circus after AG Bill Barr didn't show up to a hearing because of the last-minute rules change.

The over-the-top antics being led by Congressman Steve Cohen. He actually brought a fake chicken and a bucket of KFC in an attempt to mock Barr. Now after having lunch Cohen then said this.


REP. STEVE COHEN, D-TENN: Chicken Barr should have shown up today and answered questions. Attorney General who's picked for his legal acumen and his abilities would not be fearful of any other attorneys questioning him for thirty minutes.


WATTERS: Democrats and Republicans trading insults and accusations and Nancy Pelosi claims bill bar broke the law.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: He lied to Congress, and everybody else did that it would be considered a crime. Nobody is above the law, not the President of the United States and not the Attorney General.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: I don't think this is oversight. I think this is trying to destroy him and his family.

REP. TED LIEU, D-CALIF.: Attorney General Bill Barr is now one of the most dangerous man in Washington D.C.

REP. DOUG COLLINS, R-GA: The reason Bill Barr is not here today is because the Democrats decided they didn't want him here today.

REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES, D-N.Y.: The so-called Attorney General is abrasive, evasive and unpersuasive.


WATTERS: Well, I think--

PERINO: He is called the Attorney General--

WATTERS: Yes, not so called.

PERINO: --and is not so-called. He has confirmed he is the Attorney General. He is not so-called.

WATTERS: That end resigned politics, drive me crazy.

PERINO: Actually three things - stunt politics drive me crazy.

WATTERS: Stunt politics.

PERINO: Only participated in one--


PERINO: --we dumped - when we worked for Congressman - the late Congressman Dan Schaffer, we went up to Boston with Billy Tauzin and we dumped the tax code in the harbor and we introduced a National Retail Sales Tax Bill.

WILLIAMS: And that you got attention.

PERINO: It was the 1996.

WILLIAMS: Yes, but I say you got attention, and I think that's what this stunt did, right?

PERINO: They say the Attorney General is the most dangerous man in America and then they mock him with chicken, that's what we're talking about...

WILLIAMS: Well, no, but he said he can't go because they wanted to have lawyers do some of the questioning. Is that -

PERINO: I have big rant on that too, but I will save it.

WILLIAMS: But as I recall Christine Blasey Ford when she was there--

PERINO: That's not the same.

WILLIAMS: Oh, we had private - Republicans--

PERINO: Not the same.

WILLIAMS: --had a private lawyer.

WATTERS: OK. Hold it. Let Dana respond.

WILLIAMS: Go ahead, Dana.

PERINO: It's not the same.

WILLIAMS: Why is that?

PERINO: Because the use of staff counsels is very unusual, right? It's for a special committee like a Watergate thing or Iran-Contra - that is not what we have here.

WILLIAMS: They brought any lawyer to question Blasey Ford?

WATTERS: They took - take it easy on her.

WILLIAMS: No they didn't.

WATTERS: Yes, to take it easy on her.

PERINO: That was exactly why.

WILLIAMS: No it wasn't.

GUTFELD: Yes, it was.

WATTERS: They were so gentle with her.

WILLIAMS: Oh, get out of here.

WATTERS: Juan, did you--

(Cross Talk)

WATTERS: Everybody was screaming about you're wasting your time. This is terrible.

WILLIAMS: Yes, because she got nowhere.

WATTERS: Exactly.

PERINO: They didn't want Republican men to look like they were berating her, so they had the staff attorney do it.

WATTERS: Exactly. All right, Greg, so I think he takes the bucket of KFC, dump it out throat overs head, that's how embarrassing it was.

GUTFELD: OK. #1, imagine a Republican bringing chicken and handing a drumstick to an African-American woman like he did.

WATTERS: Oh, he did.

GUTFELD: Yes, that would - we couldn't get the tape. But that's what he did and it was like - that obviously is not being read, but if any Republican had done that, holy crap.

By the way, politics has changed, right. And you talked about stunt politics. The media has changed it by rewarding the worst behaviors - whether it's grandstanding demonization, threats, scapegoating, exaggeration. For example, this man is a threat. This guaranteed--

PERINO: The most dangerous man in America--

GUTFELD: Yes. Why did - so he did - why did he do this stunt? It wasn't for his constituents, it wasn't for Americans. It was for the media. It was so he could get - so he could get on TV. And it just shows how politics has been turned into some shambolic circus filled with pathetic clowns, and it's all the media's fault.

WILLIAMS: It worked didn't it.


WATTERS: I mean, that's probably why Barr didn't want to go, because it was a clown show with chickens and KFC--

WILLIAMS: Oh, get out of here.

WATTERS: Juan, I to correct something that you said at the top of the show.

WILLIAMS: Certainly.

WATTERS: You were claiming that William Barr lied.


WATTERS: OK. And I have a transcript of the question and the answer. He was asked, members of this Special Counsel's team - members are frustrated at some level with the limited information in your letter. And they said it was not accurately necessarily portray the findings.

Now we now know he didn't know anything about Mueller's team or the staff. He spoke to Mueller personally and Mueller never had a problem with the accuracy of the letter. He had a problem with the fact that there wasn't enough information in it. And Barr even said that, I suspect they probably wanted more information put out. That is not a lie. That isn't - a correct answer to a direct question.

WILLIAMS: You're wrong on so many levels here.

WATTERS: Name one.

WILLIAMS: Well, he was asked - not only was the asked--

WATTERS: I have the transcript, Juan. This is transcript.

WILLIAMS: And he knew at that point that he had a letter from Robert Mueller saying you've taken things and put them in a context, you've lacked the background.

WATTERS: --but staff.

WILLIAMS: And - what?

WATTERS: It says members of the Special Counsel's team are frustrated.

WILLIAMS: Yes, that's--

WATTERS: So he is supposed to like wonder about the feeling of Mueller's team?

WILLIAMS: Chris - will you be clear for the audience?

WATTERS: I did. I read the transcript, not the letter.

WILLIAMS: And so what he knew was that Mueller had problems with what he had said.


WILLIAMS: He didn't--

WATTERS: Not with what he said, what he didn't say.

WILLIAMS: --he was not honest.

BILA: He said - Mueller said--

PERINO: Oh my gosh--

(Cross Talk)

WILLIAMS: The report is public. This is - report is public.

GUTFELD: --everybody you can find the report.

BILA: You realize what everyone's arguing about now? This is my new show - this nonsense--

WILLIAMS: It's not.

BILA: The whole point of this was to figure out - I'm going to say it again, because - was to find out if there was a crime, if there was conspiracy. I used the word collusion before, because Democrats use that word for two years, now all of a sudden no one's allowed to use that word.

There's no crime here. The whole report has been released. If you don't like the timing, fine. If you don't like the way Barr worded something, fine. But the bottom line is the President didn't get involved in a conspiracy with Russia. That is your bottom line.

All Barr did was bottom line that report and say there is no crime and that Mueller chose to not rule on obstruction. Those are facts, clean--

WILLIAMS: That aren't facts - but the fact is--

WATTERS: We go to go.

WILLIAMS: --he's lied.

BILA: Stop it.

WILLIAMS: We go to go. A 2020 democrat is being brutally mocked for a failed political stunt. Speaking of stunts, don't miss it up next.


BILA: 2020 Democrats can't stop humiliating themselves. Eric Swalwell took an oath to defend the Constitution, but apparently he's never read it. He is being roasted after this political pander backfired.

"Do you know how many times the word woman is mentioned in the Constitution? Zero, that is unacceptable. Women must be equally represented and equally protected". There's just one problem the word man doesn't appear in the Constitution either. So, Juan, this was - this was not a good look for him.

I think he was trying to make a bigger argument about the Equal Rights Amendment and equal - gender equality, which is fine, but this is kind of a big mess up, no?

WILLIAMS: Well, I think it's a method. I think it was a stunt. We were talking about if stunts work, a few people pay attention - we're paying attention. But I do think they had an underlying point, which is when that Constitution is written women didn't have the right to vote, didn't have the right to own property. I won't even get into blacks not even being fully human.

But - so I mean, I understand his point. But if you really isolate in terms of are women mentioned, are men mentioned? No, it speaks to universal values.

BILA: Is this just an attempt by him to just be noticed? I mean, I looked at his timeline, he's retweeting Alyssa Milano. He's like what can I do.

WATTERS: I want to like him, but he's making it really difficult. He came on my show. He's been on Fox News. He - modest background, good athlete, had a crazy haircut in middle school - everything that you want in a likable Democrat, from my perspective.

But I think D.C.'s gone to his head. He's gotten there, he's running for President all of a sudden. He went down the collusion rabbit hole, and now he's trying to be cute on Twitter. Twitter's basically very simple, you're either good at it or you're not good at it. AOC is good at. It Eric Swalwell is good at it. I'm great at a lot of things, not great at Twitter, so I don't get involved.

BILA: I feel like not a lot of people are good at Twitter, because it's your impulse, right? You say something, you don't think, and then it's out there and done.

GUTFELD: I disagree with Jesse no one is good at Twitter. And I've said this before, Twitter is a lesser version of yourself.

WATTERS: What about the President? He's pretty good.

GUTFELD: Yes, he's pretty good. But with Swalwell it's hard for him to be a lesser version of himself. I would like to quote Tom Shillue, "What would you rather have? A Swalwell or a swell wall?"

WATTERS: You are quoting Tom Shillue. Wow.

GUTFELD: Shillue. By the way, here is the one issue with Swalwell. He wears his thirstiness on his sleeve and it's like when you're really, really thirsty, when you're looking for attention and a need for relevance, it kind of makes you smaller and smaller and that's what Twitter does. You could see it betrays your own insecurities. He is a clown.

BILA: I'm always curious, Dana, from a PR perspective, what kind of mistake is not one from which you can recover? It seems like there are so many more--

PERINO: Any mistakes out there?

BILA: Yes.

PERINO: I think people can recover from a lot now.


GUTFELD: Tell (Steven Moore).

PERINO: Because, it's only been three hours, you're going to give him a chance.

BILA: So what should he do? He's - something like that? The tweet is still up.

PERINO: Look, I think - this is what he - he wants to get on the debate stage for the Democrats debate in June. And as we were talking about in the commercial break you need two basic things, you either need - I'm sorry you need both things.

You need 65,000 donors to your campaign - small dollars are fine. You also need to pull at 1% in three polls. So I think what he's trying to do is do that. And you know if you get enough attention, you come on in Fox News enough or CNN or whatever it might be, you actually - you might be able to get on the debate stage.

WILLIAMS: Great. So he did it.

BILA: He's also vowing--

PERINO: Is he already on the debate stage?

WILLIAMS: No, no, I said, so we're talking about he's on Fox News--

(Cross Talk)

PERINO: I think that in some ways you can fail upwards from Twitter.

BILA: Yes.

WILLIAMS: But he's a long shot. I don't think he has any shot. But let's just say he's a long shot. He's trying to break out from a big crowd, and I think he just did.

BILA: He's also vowing one to pick a female running mate, quick yes or no, a good idea yes or no?

PERINO: They're all saying that Cory Booker said that.

BILA: He said he's vowing. I think that's a bad--

GUTFELD: I think its (success). If you truly believe that you should step aside and let the woman be the frontrunner.

BILA: Oh, maybe he will do that. You never now. All right, One More Thing" is coming up next.


GUTFELD: All right. Time for "One More Thing". I go first. All right, this weekend, there are tickets still available for the Gutfeld Monologue in Tulsa, that's Saturday - Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dallas, Saturday; and then Midland, Texas, Monday. Oh, it's going to be a lot of fun. Tom Shillue will be. Love Tom. Who doesn't love Tom. Go to or you're--

PERINO: Tom has great quotes.

WATTERS: Yes, very quotable that guy.


GUTFELD: "Animals are Great."


GUTFELD: Yes, Animals are great, unlike Ed Henry. So anyway there's actually some evidence that animals are smarter than 3-year-olds and can actually play video games.


GUTFELD: Check out this frog playing ant crusher, it's amazing. Look how good he is.

PERINO: Oh, my God.

GUTFELD: Yes, it's incredible. It's really, really good and it's also very- -

PERINO: So satisfying though.

GUTFELD: It's also very angry, it's like pornography, Dana.

PERINO: He's going to hurt himself.

GUTFELD: It's not real. And then after a while, he's getting very pissed off and then what does he do?



GUTFELD: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, beautiful. And that's why--


GUTFELD: "Animals are Great."


GUTFELD: All right, Jesse.

WATTERS: All right. Also Greg, 'Jeopardy' phenom James Holzhauer, this guy setting records all over the place, check this out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You will tie Julia Collins at 20 victories and that is the second highest total of regular games won by any contestant. Let's take a look at that total

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let's take a look at that total, shall we, folks? A 20- day total of $1,528,012. Enjoy the moment, you deserve it.


WATTERS: All right, so setting major records. That was the one they totaled, but he still has a long way to go to catch Ken Jennings - remember, he won 74 straight games, collected $2.5 million. But at this pace James is going to catch him sooner than later.

GUTFELD: All right. Dana.

PERINO: All right. So John Carter Cash is the son of Johnny Cash and he is a really amazing guy. He was on the Daily Briefing earlier talking about celebrating second chance and this is a night to commend criminal justice reform that was an issue of course, as you remember. It was close to his father's heart, watch this.


JOHN CARTER CASH, SON Of JOHNNY CASH: He loved humanity. He loved people. And he always stood up for those who had no one else to stand up for them. It wasn't just lip service. It was the way that my parents lived and it's the way that I aspire to be.


PERINO: And you can visit - there's a big event, takes place in Kentucky. This is in advance at the Kentucky Derby, of course, Sara Evans, Pat Green and a Kentucky bluegrass band is going to perform.

WATTERS: Wait a second, you can show clips from your own show on "One More Thing"?

PERINO: I'm sorry.

WATTERS: This changes everything.

PERINO: OK. Let me just say this. I promote my show the least.

WATTERS: I'm going to throw some diamond and silk interview clips.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no.

GUTFELD: All right, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I will go running out of here. All right. Sometimes this former high school short stout still dreams about making great catches. Well here's a dream of a baseball catch for you. Take a look at this video.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: High fly ball down the right-field line - Chandler - oh my goodness.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did he catch that? Play of the year.


WILLIAMS: Yes, Jeff Chandler jumping over the fence at Ashmore Park in Tigerville, South Carolina. He saved the home run for his team, the North Greenville Crusaders. The college team was facing off against Emmanuel College when Chandler flipped over that fence to make that astounding catch.

His team by the way went on to win 13 to 4. Talk about Field of Dreams, that's one catch he's going to dream about for a lifetime.

GUTFELD: Jedediah.

BILA: You have to check out 12-year-old Tyler Gordon's amazing artwork. This is a time-lapse video of him painting a portrait of J. Lo and her fiance, A-Rod. Now this painting only took him an 1 and 43 minutes to compete. He's been painting for only two years and he's created about 60 celeb portraits.

Now with this particular painting, he just hoping to meet J. Lo when she does a concert in his hometown of San Jose, California and give her the painting, so I'm hoping that he gets the opportunity. This kid is amazing. I cannot draw a stick figure. I am in complete awe of his work and kudos to him for doing that amazing thing.

WILLIAMS: Well, that deserves him applause.

BILA: Yes.

WATTERS: That's it?

BILA: Yes.

WATTERS: OK. That's it. All right.

GUTFELD: Set your DVRs never miss an never miss d an episode of “The Five.” "Special Report" is up next.

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