Reaction to the Proposed Immigration Bill

Thousands of letters poured in to “The Factor” overnight, commenting on the Senate's amnesty provision. That's what this bill is: amnesty. So let's stop the nonsense and tell the truth.

Anyone who denies the bill is amnesty for illegal aliens is not speaking the truth and must think we're all idiots. That being said, let's look at this from an ideological point of view, and then analyze what's best for America.

The far right wants all illegal aliens deported. This is the talk radio crew that actually believes the federal government will form roving bands of agents to pull people out of their homes and businesses.

Now it's not going to happen. It'll never happen. And according to a recentGallup poll, only 24 percent of Americans want it to happen. So mass deportation not going to occur, no matter how many pundits jump up and down.

Conservative Americans, the polls show, want the border secured. That's their top priority and I agree. There is nothing more important to the USA than securing the borders.

The new bill would do that. That's the strongest part of the legislation. Independent Americans simply want to stop the madness and are willing to compromise. The Gallup poll shows 59 percent of us are willing to give illegals some kind of residency if the border is first secured.

But the federal government must closely monitor the numbers of illegals allowed to live here. We can't be absorbing 20 million people immediately —that would be destructive to the nation.

Also, any alien who commits any crime, including DUI, is gone. And any alien who doesn't work is gone. No welfare! None for illegal aliens or their families. That is crucial.

The liberal base in America, of course, disagrees with that and is not demanding the strict accountability that must accompany this bill. They are wrong. The far left, including Senators Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy are trying to engineer the destruction of the Republican party by allowing vast numbers of foreign nationals to vote in America. Poor people tend to vote Democratic. And if there are ten million new voters in 2012, say goodbye to the GOP.

So I ask you — do you want a one party system in America? Because that's what The San Francisco Chronicle, The Baltimore Sun, The Los Angeles Times and The Atlanta Journal Constitution want. All of those papers lamented today that even more foreign nationals are not being allowed to come to America. Twenty million is not enough for them.

The bottom line here is that if the bill doesn't pass, another ten million illegal aliens are going to come here in the next five years anyway. So the chaos we have now will double.

The new immigration bill is unfair to those who've obeyed the rules. It is dangerous if not tightly controlled. And it is definitely amnesty. But if the bill does not pass, things will get even worse in America.

And that's "The Memo."

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