Questions remain after Wray and Horowitz testify

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We are leading with two major developing stories tonight. First, huge breaking news. The House Judiciary Committee announced they will be issuing a subpoena to anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok. Now, the process of the entire deep state being held accountable is now just beginning.

All this comes as the Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee today in order to explain Thursday's 500-plus page I.G. report.

Now, days after these findings were released, and we are still uncovering more shocking instances of what is rampant bias, rampant abuse of power at the highest levels of the FBI. And still, Horowitz is claiming that the bias didn't impact the Clinton investigation or the Mueller witch hunt, despite example after example of shocking Trump hatred, Hillary love by the lead investigators that were the same in both cases.

Now, we're going to show you why Horowitz is dead wrong and how a two tiered system of justice in this country sadly is a live and well. And we'll show you why Robert Mueller must now literally wrap up what was an incredibly flawed investigation from day one conducted by the same high- ranking corrupt investigators who gave Hillary Clinton that get-out-of- jail-free card.

And also breaking tonight, the I.G. confirmed today James Comey, we warned him he is under investigation for mishandling classified information. We'll explain why he is in serious legal trouble.

And next, we'll also dive into the media's new favorite obsession, the so- called policy of separating illegal immigrant families who are detained at the border. And we'll expose how border enforcement is now being used by people on the left and the Democrats to trash the president and all the while, again misleading you the American people, of course, ahead of the midterms.

Sit tight. It's time for tonight very important news breaking opening monologue.


HANNITY: All right. The Inspector General Michael Horowitz has a lot of explaining to do. After 18 months of work, his report was released last Thursday and it shows the huge, massive missteps, corruption, mistakes surrounding the FBI and the Department of Justice during the so-called Clinton investigation, including example after example of how the fix was in from the get-go to help Hillary Clinton and literally destroy then candidate Donald Trump.

However, the I.G. did not make prosecutorial conclusions about the obvious felonies that Hillary committed and was totally and unjustly exonerated from.

Now, the facts are actually, as we've been telling you from the get-go, and they are irrefutable: Mishandling classified, top-secret information on a private server, obstructing justice, deleting 33,000 subpoenaed emails, acid washing the hard drive with Bleach Bit, and having aides destroy evidence, devices with a hammer -- oh, and removing SIM cards.

Any other American, all of you out there, would have been locked up, thrown in prison for exactly what Hillary Clinton did. Now, still, the I.G. report did not fault the FBI's decision to clear Clinton of all charges. What they really decided is, quote, "not to second-guess the conclusions" while they, in fact, presented what is now a mountain of evidence proving the guilt. And sadly, the swamp protects the swamp.

It is now clear if Hillary Rodham Clinton had a real investigation, she would have been indicted. Now, politics of the highest level of the FBI sadly prevented all of that.

Let's, for example, break things down in these findings and see if any reasonable person would ever make the conclusion that political bias did not play a major role inside the FBI.

Let's look at this text. August 8, 2016, high-ranking FBI attorney Lisa Page and her colleague, boyfriend Peter Strzok who was the lead investigator in the Clinton case. Now, Lisa Page, she writes, Trump is "not ever going to become president, right?" Strzok responds, quote, "No. No, he's not. We will stop it." And then Lisa Page called Trump and enormous, well, expletive.

Add to that, the list of insults both Page and Strzok lobbed against Donald Trump. He's an idiot, he's a menace, he's a loathsome human being and so much more. Remember, all of this is from the lead investigator and the lead FBI attorney.

But the bias didn't stop with them. Look at this message from yet another high-ranking agent on this case. "Trump supporters are all poor to middle- class, uneducated, lazy POS think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing."

And four months before the election, one agent who actually interviewed Hillary Clinton called her the president in a message to a colleague, and said, quote, "Trump can't win." And then on October 28, 2016, shortly after Comey announced that he would be reopening the Clinton investigation, well, another unnamed FBI attorney sent an instant message to a fellow FBI employee and that read, "I'm clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark times of the republic's destruction."

Following Trump's election victory, that same FBI attorney sent an instant message and that read, quote, "I am numb." With the fellow employee responding, "I can't stop crying." And get this, according to the I.G. report, quote, "agents involved in the Clinton Foundation investigation were instructed to take no overt investigative steps prior to the election."

Would you get that treatment? Now, this, of course, as the report found that the FBI was actually intimidated by Clinton's high-ranking legal team. The report also found that high-ranking DOJ officials tried to get a job for his son in the Clinton campaign, all while sharing, leaking, case information about the ongoing server investigation to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. It's unbelievable.

And, by the way, believe it or not, there is so much more. Listen to what Senator Lindsey Graham laid out at today's hearing. He was on fire. Take a look.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: Now, this was an email sent in February 2016, from Page to McCabe. "Hey, you surely already considered this but in my view, our best reason to hold the line at two and two, two agents and two prosecutors, is she might be our next president."

How did you feel about that?

MICHAEL HOROWITZ, DOJ INSPECTOR GENERAL: We were concerned about it and we lay out here why we were concerned.

GRAHAM: OK, let's keep talking about this interview. One of the FBI agents in the interview said on Election Day to another FBI agent, "You should know that I'm with her." Now, "her," was Clinton, right?

HOROWITZ: Correct.

GRAHAM: How do you feel about that?

HOROWITZ: Very concerned.

GRAHAM: OK, eventually very concerned gets to be enough already.

I'm glad you found what you found, Mr. Horwitz. I'm not buying that the Clinton email investigation was on the up and up.


HANNITY: I am not buying it either. You still think political bias didn't play a role in the FBI's decisions?

Now, don't forget, at the center of all this is FBI Trump-hating agent Peter Strzok. Now, he is being subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee in order to better determine why the FBI and the DOJ withheld many of his anti-Trump text. We still haven't gotten them all.

Remember, he was the lead FBI agent in the Hillary Clinton investigation. He is the one that vowed to stop a Trump presidency in a text with his girlfriend, Lisa Page. And according to the I.G. report, Page was a high- ranking FBI attorney who was used by Andrew McCabe -- yes, that Andrew McCabe -- of course, to bypass the FBI's chain of command and he got to monitor the Clinton investigation. We have long reported about McCabe's Democratic bias.

And next we knew that Peter Strzok, Andrew Weissmann, Jeanne Rhee, those names sound familiar? And so many of all these anti-Trump Democratic donors all tap the same people to finish the exoneration of Hillary and put the fix in and then tapped by Robert Mueller for his Trump-Russia witch hunt.

Now, in fact, many of those same agents that cleared Hillary, they were then immediately appointed to investigate Trump. Now, the very agents just spewing hatred about Trump, vowing to stop his presidency, mocking Trump supporters, the same people tapped to investigate Trump, a move even question by the inspector general, which means that the entire Russia investigation from the get-go was as corrupt as the Hillary cover-up, and it was the case from day one.

Now, that's the very definition itself right there of what I've been saying, a two-tiered justice system. No equal justice under the law or equal application of our laws. Now, if true justice had prevailed, if Hillary Clinton got indicted, as she should have in the fall of 2016, the electoral process would've been turned on its head. The deep state's choice for president would be out of the race. Trump would actually be the president without any of this Mueller garbage that he's had to deal with almost his entire presidency.

And that's why Hillary Clinton, she got the white glove treatment by these investigators, openly rooting for her to win the election. President Trump, everyone associated with him, they got the sledgehammer, thrown down by the very same people that gave Hillary a pass.

And tonight, we are also learning James Comey is under investigation for mishandling classified information. Remember, he intentionally leaked his personal notes about conversations he had with the president. That's illegal. You're not allowed to do that, in order to set the ball rolling for the anti-Trump special counsel, his buddy, Robert Mueller, to begin his investigation or witch hunt.

And the I.G. also found is FBI Director Comey was insubordinate and totally mishandled the Clinton investigation. Now, legal scholar Jonathan Turley, a Democrat, he's now saying these findings in the I.G. report exonerate Trump from any obstruction of justice charges, which means they should all end and end now.

Take a look.


JONATHAN TURLEY, LEGAL SCHOLAR: To me, obstruction claim involving Comey was always difficult but after the I.G., it's become virtually incomprehensible because the I.G. said that Comey was insubordinate, that he deviated from policies. He violated FBI policies. All those are a good reason to fire James Comey.

And so, the problem that's going to come up for the critics of President Trump is that this dog just won't hunt when you've got both the I.G. and the deputy attorney general saying he deserved to be fired, you can't assume everything against him.

There is another interesting aspect here. If Mueller was really going after obstruction based on Comey, then Rosenstein would have to recuse himself. Rosenstein said that if Mueller told him that he was a witness, he would remove himself. He hasn't done that which makes me think one of two things. Either Mueller is ignoring conflicts of interest or he's not seriously pursuing that angle.


HANNITY: Now, meanwhile, President Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, calling for an investigation into the investigators, something we have been discussing for a long time. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He was one of five individuals outlined in this I.G. report as potentially facing disciplinary action. Are you calling for something sharper than that?

RUDY GIULIANI, ATTORNEY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP: Yes, you are darn right. Disciplinary action on these making comments like that? Not part of the probe? He started it. He was with it for its first couple of months. Mueller kept him on.

So, how much did he infect the probe with his own very, very extreme positions? I don't know. But I sure want to find out before I go forward. I mean, this is a case where it's crying out for someone to investigate the investigators.


HANNITY: Absolutely. And even deep states sycophant-turn-CNN fake news pundit Jim Clapper, he's now ready for Mueller to wrap all this up. Frankly, he likely knows that he and Brennan will eventually be exposed. Take a look.


JIM CLAPPER, FORMER DNI: I think the overarching point here is this whole issue has got to come to a resolution at some point. Special counsel Mueller and his team I hope will wrap up the investigation and clear the air one way or the other whether or not there was collusion with the Russians. This is a cloud that's hanging over the country and certainly hanging over this presidency. And I do hope that happens.


HANNITY: Well, change of heart?

Now, we're going to have a lot more on Mueller in the I.G. report in just a moment.

First, let's turn to a story that is causing a five-alarm fire in the halls of the mainstream destroy-Trump media surrounding reports that the children of illegal immigrants are being separated from their parents upon entering the country illegally.

Look, let's start and be very clear. Nobody, nobody wants children who are safely in the custody of their parents separated. Nobody wants that. But truth matters, and facts matter.

Earlier today, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen responded to these claims, she set the record straight with important information that the media is all too happy as usual to ignore. Take a look.


KIRSTJEN NIELSEN, DHS SECRETARY: Let's just start with a few numbers and facts. So, in the last three months, we have seen illegal immigration on our southern border exceed 50,000 people each month, multiples over each month last year. Since this time last year, there has been a 325 percent increase in unaccompanied alien children and a 435 percent increase in family units entering the country illegally.

Over the last ten years, there has been a 1,700 percent increase in asylum claims, resulting in an asylum backlog in our country of 600,000 cases. Since 2013, the United States has admitted more than half a million illegal immigrant miners and family units from Central America, most of whom today are at large in the United States. At the same time, large criminal organization such as MS-13 have violated our borders and gained a deadly foothold within the United States.

This entire crisis, just to be clear, is not new. It's been occurring and expanded over many decades. But currently, it is the exclusive product of loopholes in our federal immigration laws that prevent illegal immigrant minors and family members from being detained and removed to their home country.


HANNITY: And Secretary Nielsen went on to explain why in some rare cases, the children of illegal immigrants are separated from their parents. Here's what she said.


NIELSEN: DHS does have responsibility to protect minors, and in that case as well, we will only supper the family if we cannot determine there is a familiar relationship, if the child may be at risk with the parent or legal guardian, or if the parent or legal guardian is referred for prosecution.


HANNITY: And Nielsen also made an important comparison to how the government treats our own citizens. Oh, important. Take a watch.


NIELSEN: Let's be clear. If an American were to commit a crime anywhere in the United States, they would go to jail and they would be separated from their family. This is not a controversial idea.


HANNITY: And finally, Secretary Nielsen reminded everyone in the media that this is nothing new and took place in previous administrations.

Yes, facts matter. Take a look.


NIELSEN: A last administration, the Obama administration, the Bush administration all separated families at the -- they absolutely did. Their rate was less than ours but they absolutely did do this. This is not new.

REPORTER: Minors, there's no doubt about that, but --

NIELSEN: They separated families.


HANNITY: A very important point. Remembering the photo showing immigrant children in cages, some of the media first attribute of that picture to the Trump administration, and it actually occurred, of course, during the Obama administration. In fact, the Obama imagination, not Trump administration, they are the ones that started a policy of actually detaining minors younger than 18 for months.

But the media, of course, didn't report, barely yawn. In fact, one Democrat actually did admit that Obama was able to somehow keep his actions at the border very quiet. Wonder why.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, under the Obama administration, there was, according to The Washington Post reporting, you know, a surging number of unaccompanied minors being apprehended at the border in 2014. There were nearly 70,000, according to "The Post's" reporting.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In many ways, I think -- I don't know what image you are using. I released some of those photos because it was kept very quiet under the Obama administration. There were large numbers of people coming in. The Obama administration was trying to keep this quiet.


HANNITY: Of course, no outrage for the media over Obama but with Trump, it's a totally different story. Of course, there is another factor here. They want a distraction from all the lies they have been peddling to you for the last 18 months.

As I said earlier, no one likes the idea of separating any child from any parent. But this issue has been in the hands of Congress, and right now, the whole issue can be fixed. Every law can be changed, and if they did their job, it would happen. It is the law.

Democrats, of course, prefer to make it a political issue. They want to win in 2018. They want their power back. Now, those on the left only want open borders, which means this issue probably is not going away. They need to come to the table, agree to a serious immigration reform, including the construction of the wall. They already have the president concede on DACA, but they prefer to demagogue rather than fix the issue. Sad reality.

All right. Joining us now for more on our top story, Fox News contributor Sara Carter, investigative reporter, author, it's out soon. July is coming, "The Russian Hoax". There he is, Gregg Jarrett, Fox News legal analyst.

Gregg, let's start with the hearings today with what -- as you dig deeper into the I.G. report, all you see are all these Trump-hating lead investigators. And then the very same people, they put the fix in and rigged what would've put any other American in jail with Hillary, and they immediately go start the Russia investigation on Trump.

Does that then disqualify and put into doubt from the get-go the Mueller witch hunt?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Oh, it absolutely does. And as Jonathan Turley pointed out, there is no possible way that Mueller can pursue obstruction of justice against President Trump because both the I.G. and the acting attorney general has said Comey richly deserved to be fired.

But today's best moment really happened on the cross examination by Senator Lindsey Graham, when he said, I'm not buying this, Inspector General. The bias at the FBI was so severe, so pervasive, it had to influence the decision to clear Hillary Clinton.

And he pointed to the exoneration statement that Comey initially found Clinton guilty under the espionage act but somebody changed the language ever so slightly and that inundation allowed Comey to exonerate Clinton when in fact she had committed a crime.

HANNITY: You know, the swamp answer, Sara, as it relates to, oh, we're not going to second-guess prosecutorial discretion, as they call it here.

Well, tell that to Kristian Saucier because he did far less and spent a year in jail and there were many other examples, as we pointed out in our program here. And what's interesting is that he won't make that determination but then the entire report just example after example of blatant corruption and bias by the top people involved in this and how much they love Hillary, protect her. And then the same people take a sledgehammer and literally try and destroy Trump from the get-go.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Sean, I think this was such an important hearing today. And Gregg is right on the money. I think Senator Graham gave the best cross-examination ever. And there were a number of things that came out of that.

That exoneration, that change in language, actually appears to be the insurance policy that Peter Strzok was talking about with Lisa Page, his paramour, in those text messages. Remember, they were looking for an insurance policy.

In another text message and in that same text message, let me go back to that, they talk about Andy's office. Andy McCabe. So, it would be Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

And the most important question was the one that Senator Graham asked. Was Andrew McCabe in that meeting with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? And we need to know that from Strzok and Page. Those two need to be interviewed. And then, Andrew McCabe needs to be interviewed again.

Because if that's the case, if he was in that meeting, this is the most frightening, frightening example of FBI power since Edgar Hoover. And Americans should be terrified of it because they were rigging an election.

HANNITY: And that's the whole point here. That's why it's the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal ever.

The similarities, though, in terms of the Mueller investigation and the Hillary rigged investigation are eerie in this way, Gregg Jarrett. In as much as you have all of these same people that have been exposed here, and then you look at Jeannie Rhee and Andrew Weissmann and all the Democratic donors. It's the same corruption that will only be exposed down the line, although we've known for a long time, in Robert Mueller's witch hunt. It's no different.

JARRETT: It sort of makes you wonder the only people who actually work at the FBI, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andy McCabe and James Comey, and after all, they commandeered this case, the main justice, away from that field office.

Why did they do that? Because they wanted to control it. And it was also being controlled by the Obama White House. That is abundantly clear.

And yes, Mueller assembled a team of partisans, some of whom were also in on the Hillary Clinton case.

HANNITY: Yes. All right. All of this is now -- this is the beginning of the process and a lot of these people are in deep trouble.

All right. More analysis of the congressional hearing on the I.G. report and Senator Hatch laid into the FBI director, next. Newt Gingrich coming up.



SEN. ORRIN HATCH, R- UTAH: These are senior agency officials. They were running two of the most important investigations in the bureau's history. And they were insubordinate, grossly unprofessional in their communications and even untruthful.

So let's not pretend like this was someone off problem. There is a serious problem with the culture at FBI headquarters. Your statement last week seemed to suggest we shouldn't worry too much about the events detailed in the inspector general report because the report focuses on a small group of individuals and events.

Well, I think that's exactly backwards. If we can look at only one or two investigations, and find this much bias and unprofessionalism, I can only imagine what else is out there and what the inspector general found about the conduct of senior bureau leadership. I'd have to say he found out what would certainly in my opinion be damning.


HANNITY: Senator Orrin Hatch earlier today grilling the FBI Director Wray about the rampant bias at the FBI that was uncovered in the I.G. report.

Here now with reaction, Fox News contributor, former congressman, Jason Chaffetz, and attorney David Schoen.

Congressman, let me start with you.

So, Horowitz doesn't make the obvious conclusion. He's not going to second guess. He talks about prosecutorial discretion. This isn't about discretion because there's never been a bigger case of obstruction. Or in the case of Hillary Clinton, it's a slam-dunk for any prosecutor and if we're going to apply the law like we did to Kristian Saucier and others, it should have been applied here and he should have said it.

But with that said, then he lays out, you know, what is a mountain of evidence of how politics drove all of the decision-making of the top investigators.

JASON CHAFFETZ, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. No, this is nearly 600 pages and hours of testimony where you just from top to bottom, there is nothing but animus and bias that was laid out there. Now, keep in mind, an inspector general doesn't have prosecutorial powers but he can make references, and he did indicate that he'd done that.

And I think there are a number of people that are going to the process with the Office of Professional Responsibility. You could have a prosecutor involved in potentially bringing criminal charges. It was revealed that Director Comey is now being actually investigated.

And the other thing that I would like is I am foreshadowing, I'm guessing here, it's hard to prove why they didn't prosecute something, why they didn't take action.

But then if you look at--


HANNITY: Because they rigged it.

CHAFFETZ: -- if you look at the potential FISA -- if you look at the FISA abuse, and you look at the Russia probe, then you take that same cast of characters and say OK, now that you're going to take action, what did they do against Donald Trump? That case may be much easier to prove.

HANNITY: Those same politically biased lead investigators, David Schoen, you pointed out to me, I believe you said it was page 378 of the report, footnote 181 of my memory serves me well. That even Horowitz was shocked at the idea that the same people that had such a political bias against Trump for Hillary, then immediately began the process of going after Trump.

DAVID SCHOEN, CIVIL RIGHTS AND CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: That's right. I think it's page 328, footnote 181 he focuses on that. But let's -- the prosecutorial discretion idea is a red herring here because here's what we know. And by the way, the I.G. acknowledged he cannot say that political bias didn't affect the decision. He said he found no direct evidence.

Here is the issue though. The entire universe of evidence that the prosecutor had before them was a function of what these investigators who we now know had proven bias, what they decided to search out, what they decided to focus on, and what they decided to reveal and conceal.

So to say the prosecutor made a decision when we know the whole body of evidence the prosecutor had, it's a red herring. And look, let me say this. One reason I take it so seriously. I'm the son of an FBI agent and I'm very good friends with Michael Horowitz, the inspector general professionally and personally.

He laid out here when he said so they doubt and a cloud over the FBI over the Clinton e-mail investigation and he said specifically today over the Russia investigation, the fact that you have common agents and now you have a team that Mueller picked, when will we know how very important the integrity of the investigation is.


SCHOEN: To handpick a team that is of the same ilk as these other investigators but more sophisticated and conniving, it puts a dark cloud of the entire Mueller investigation.

HANNITY: Congressman Chaffetz, the fact that these same people that rigged Hillary's investigation that would've put any American in jail, that then immediately they are the beginnings, the foundation of the Mueller witch hunt. Does that then render their investigation corrupt from the start? And don't we have the same problem with Mueller in as much as Jeannie Rhee and his pit bull Andrew Weissmann and their atrocious track record.

Jeannie Rhee was a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation. Weissmann, I have laid out his corrupt record, you know, numerous times. What does that do? Aren't we in the same situation except it's a little bit earlier in the process?

CHAFFETZ: Well, we know that the inspector general for months has now been looking at potential FISA abuse, the Russia investigation, and he will dive further into it. What Congress needs to do tomorrow which they didn't do with the senators, they need to unmask the FBI agents and attorneys that were engaged.

They are highlighted in the report but they are not named. That will allow Congress to be able to yank those people in and start doing the interviews. And what Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliffe are doing in terms of getting the documents--


HANNITY: We'll see.

CHAFFETZ: -- out of the FBI, that is absolutely pivotal. Absolutely pivotal.

HANNITY: Do see crimes here, David Schoen, by a number of these high- ranking people?

SCHOEN: Absolutely. But you know what I'd like to see now? I'd like to see the American public realize how important it is that you focus on each of these players in the Mueller investigation. You know what I'd like to see now? I'd like to see their e-mail communications.

I would like to see were Jeannie Rhee, who represented Clinton in the e- mail investigation, what does she say about it? Mr. Weissmann, who commended Sally Yates for bucking President Trump, what do they say in their e-mails?

HANNITY: Wait, Andrew Weissmann, Mueller's pit-bull, was at Hillary Clinton so-called victory party. It can't get any more corrupt. It's the same exact thing earlier in the process.

CHAFFETZ: Absolutely.

SCHOEN: That's right.

CHAFFETZ: It's absolutely unbelievable. Mike Lee exposed today, one of the most important things, and that is the stiff arm that the I.G. was given by the FBI. They would not give them those text messages, and it took four iterations. And that is a bigger story and hopefully will come out tomorrow in the House hearing.

HANNITY: Thank you both.

SCHOEN: And they still don't have them. They still don't have them.

HANNITY: This is just beginning. All of these people, rank-and-file FBI, they're all going to talk. Just the beginning. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

All right. When we come back, a lot more to come. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is with us. That straight next, ahead.


HANNITY: All right. The destroy-Trump media and of course liberal Democrats will do anything to detract from the president's successes and they are numerous. But look at this, a new Gallup poll called survey satisfaction with the U.S. direction now at a 12 year high. Numbers don't lie. Facts don't lie.

Here with reaction, the author of the New Book a chronicles of the president's success in a little over 500 days. It's called "Trump's America: The Truth About Our Nation's Great Comeback.", bookstores everywhere. Former Speaker of the House, Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich.

Let's go to what was unfolding today and what we now know about 15 lead investigators in the case and at least five of them, the lead guys, hated Trump and like Hillary Clinton. I mean, how could any investigation like that in the same people got involved in them quote, "Trump-Russia probe" immediately thereafter. How could there be any legitimacy to Mueller's case if that's the origins of this.

NEWT GINGRICH, CONTRIBUTOR, FOX NEWS: Well, look, I don't think there is any legitimacy and I think it goes back to something that we need to have a much deeper national debate about. There really is a deep state. That deep state at the Justice Department gave 97 percent of its donations in 2016 to Hillary Clinton.

The language they use. I mean, if you imagine a government employee who used the same language about African-Americans or Latinos or Jewish Americans or Muslim-Americans that they use in some of those quotes, about Trump supporters, you would have screams to high heaven.

It's clear that you had an attitude at the very senior levels, not down at the local caseworker, not down at the level of the local offices, but in the Washington headquarters both in the Justice Department and in the FBI, the senior figures by any possible standard are corrupt.

And they clearly were operating on the premise that Hillary was going to get to be president and therefore anything they said or did was fine because she would cover it up.

HANNITY: But if they did their job, they would've set the entire 2016 election into utter chaos. But their animus, their antipathy, their hate, it's downright hatred. Why are you laughing? For President Trump, and you are right, and his supporters, the people that voted. Why are you laughing?

GINGRICH: If people had done their job, Hillary would've faced jail time in 1978 in '79 when she made $98,000 on a $1,000 investment in cattle futures in which the Wall Street Journal figured out was a six trillion to one impossibility.


HANNITY: OK. But hang on a second. So is that, should we now conclude--

GINGRICH: Secretary Clinton spent her whole career--

HANNITY: Should we now conclude there is no equal justice under the law, equal application of our laws--


HANNITY: -- that Clinton has one standard than the rest of us are screwed?

GINGRICH: No, we should conclude that the American left is quite comfortable with corruption because it so deeply despises the American system, whether that is Barack Obama, whether it is the attorney general under Obama, whether it is Comey or Mueller. All of these people are the same people and they go back for over a decade. You can go back and find them again and again coming up in ways.

I was just with former Congressman Bob--


HANNITY: This is an American election. We are not the former Soviet Union. We are not Venezuela, or at least I didn't think so. But if the stands and it appears it does, show me where Hillary is going to get the indictment she deserve. And when is this witch hunt going to stop what it was all predicated on the biggest anti-Trump which hunters in the world, proven by their statements.

GINGRICH: Look, first of all, I don't know that anybody who was on the corruptions side of this is necessarily safe. But it unravels gradually and keeps unraveling. It's going to keep unraveling some more.

Every week that goes by, we learn new things. They are horrifying things, and frankly, they should remind all of us how close we came to losing the country. You have between Obama and Clinton a total disregard for the American tradition, a total disregard for the truth, whether they were lying about Benghazi or they were lying about Bin Laden, or they were lying about the Russians or they are lying about the campaign. These people didn't care because they came out of a left-wing background that assumed that all these real class values are nonsense.


HANNITY: OK. So, here is my question. How do we -- I will concede the point, and patience is not my greatest virtue. Not that I have a lot of great virtues that you deserve that people need. But in all seriousness that I know this is the beginning, are you confident that what should be the equal application of laws especially with Hillary and especially -- Mueller's team is as corrupt as Comey's team was going after, investigating Clinton.

It's the same people. It is all sorted by the same people--


GINGRICH: Yes, it's the same team.

HANNITY: -- which should render it illegitimate.

GINGRICH: I believe that people who want to preserve the rule of law have to keep the pressure up. And I very much admire what Senator Hatch was doing today, what Senator Grassley was doing. I look forward to Congressman Goodlatte tomorrow. People are getting aroused and are moving.

HANNITY: Yes. All right. Mr. Speaker, congrats on the success of the book out in bookstores.

All right. When we come back, the president is calling out these Trump- hating Clinton FBI agents the people that gave her a past Peter Strzok and company, now we are going to tell you why. And get reaction from Dr. Gorka. Michael Caputo also with us with his personal story involving all of this. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right. Breaking news tonight, the Hhouse judiciary committee is going to subpoena Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok over the weekend.

Over the weekend, the president wrote on Twitter, quote, "Why was the FBI's sick loser, Peter Strzok, working on the totally discredited Mueller team of 13 angry conflicted Democrats, when Strzok was giving crooked Hillary a free pass yet telling his lover, lawyer Lisa Page, that we'll stop Trump from becoming president? Witch hunt!"

Joining us with reaction, former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo, author of the upcoming book "Why We Fight, Recovering America's Will to Win," fellow, I guess you could say a Singaporean visitor with me. Fox News national security strategist, Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

Michael, let me start with you. Apparently you have recently amended your testimony and revealed that in fact you held the reins, I don't want to put words in your mouth, a meeting between what turned out to be an FBI, I guess, spy posing as Russian that was going to hand over information to your friend, to Roger Stone. And you didn't reveal it before. Why -- why not -- obviously it's important. Why didn't you reveal that earlier?

MICHAEL CAPUTO, FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN AIDE: Well, I mean, it amounted to about a minute on the phone with the guy whose name he claimed was Henry Greenberg. And I assumed he was a Russian or at least an Israeli from his accent. But I -- you know, he is offering negative information about Hillary--


HANNITY: So this information you didn't know for sure you didn't know he was a Russian?

CAPUTO: When I spoke to the Mueller investigation about this, I told them that I assumed he was a Russian but I thought he was an American citizen. As it turned out, the Mueller investigation already knew that he was a Russian citizen, not an American citizen.

That really set off alarm bells for me because when I disclosed it to the Mueller investigation unprompted, they knew more about it than I did. They knew he was a Russian citizen, not an American. And so, to me, it set off alarm--


HANNITY: So what was amended then, what testimony did you have to amend?

CAPUTO: The House--

HANNITY: And now you know it's an FBI spy apparently.

CAPUTO: Right. The House permanent select committee on intelligence, I amended my testimony there from July of 2017, I amended it last week with the help of my attorney. When my attorney helped me refresh my memory on this before the Senate and Mueller investigation he told me I was going to have to do that even though the investigation of Hipsy (Ph) was closed. So, I just last week--


HANNITY: Just to close the loop on this and then Roger Stone met with the guy. He wanted $2 million worth of information on Hillary and Roger Stone said pound sand.

CAPUTO: Right. And neither of us remember because it was really something very brief and glancing. It literally bounced off of me to Roger. I feel really bad about asking Roger to meet with this guy to see if he had anything interesting and as oppo research. We had no reason to believe he was representing any foreign government. As it turns out, he was representing the FBI.

HANNITY: You know, Dr. Gorka, again we are back to the spying issue. Only Trump campaign and the same investigators that gave Hillary a pass, then investigate Trump and when you compare and contrast their method, it's brutal to Trump and it's, you know, kid gloves for Hillary.

When you hear that, was there one -- let me put it this way. Is there one member of Congress, if you get a call and they say I've got dirt on your opponent, would you like to hear what I have? It's not illegal to say yes. I don't think there's one member of Congress or the Senate who would say no, I'm not taking your call. I don't want to hear what dirt you have on my opponent. That's a crock. That's not realistic. That's not true.


HANNITY: Nor is it illegal.

GORKA: It's why we have the phrase "opposition research," Sean. But on the other hand, anybody would accept that information. But on the other hand, why would the Obama FBI not inform at least Donald Trump that they had suspicions that there were Russians trying to in vaguely their way into his campaign. The whole thing stinks.

You know my opinion of the I.G. report. It's an extension of more of a cover-up. It doesn't really get to the so what. But one thing we learn from the I.G. report said just how politically suffused with bias the Obama DOJ and FBI are. They tried to subvert the court of justice when it came to Hillary.


HANNITY: At the highest levels.

GORKA: At the highest level.

HANNITY: All they say--

GORKA: They tried to subvert the court of justice. Right. And then they tried to undermine an election.

HANNITY: Yes, yes, which is the title of Gregg Jarrett's book. Thank you both. I appreciate it. And when we come back, our video of the day. How the media the left were so wrong from the get-go about Donald Trump. We've got the video proof.


HANNITY: All right. So this past weekend marked the three year anniversary of President Trump announcing his run for office. Those on the left never thought he would win the nomination, never thought he would defeat Hillary Clinton and they sure as how didn't think he'd be this successful as president.

so tonight's nice video of the day we are going to remind our viewers how the left has been so wrong the entire time, as they are wrong today about Donald Trump.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump has been saying that he's going to run for president of the Republicans which is surprising since I just assume he was running as a joke.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look at me. I will personally write you a campaign check now on behalf of this country which does not want you to be president but which badly wants you to run.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We better be ready for the fact that he might be leading the Republican ticket.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Next. I know you don't believe that but I want to go on.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in history of the United States, exclamation point, at Real Donald Trump. Well, at Real Donald Trump, at least I will go down as a president.



HANNITY: Wrong, wrong, wrong, as usual. And they have lied to you for the last 18 months. They've been wrong on that. Listen, this is only the beginning of the troubles for all these corrupt people. We're going to keep following it as we have since day one.

All right. Thanks for being with us. We'll always be fair and balance. Let not your heart be troubled. There she is. Laura Ingraham.

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