Protecting Kids in the Classroom

Blaming the victims in the California fires. That's our lead story in a moment but first the "Talking Points Memo," protecting the kids in the classroom. There is some confusion over my new book, "Kids Are Americans Too" and it's my fault because I did not define it sharply enough.

Now there is a culture war inside American classrooms and many parents are simply clueless about it. If a teacher tells a class to pray or praises a specific religion, that teacher could be fired.

If a teacher suggests that some behavior, like abortion or homosexuality, might be a bit dubious, that teacher could be fired.

But if a teacher says the USA is evil or the president is a killer or even in some cases that drug use and underage sex is great, chances are little will happen to the instructor.

Now we saw that in Boulder High School in Colorado when the principal brought in four loons from California to tell the student body this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm going to encourage you to have sex and I'm going to encourage you to have drugs appropriately.

Even today, there are psychiatrists who will do sessions under the influence of ecstasy. If I had some, maybe I'd do it with somebody.


Incredibly no action was taken against the principal who allowed the students to hear that radical point of view.

Thus, children from traditional homes are often mocked and scorned by secular-progressive teachers and students. The "cool kids" are the ones who embrace an anti-American attitude and have a so-called "progressive" point of view.

I mean, just take a look around. In Portland, Maine, the school board has voted to give birth control pills to 11-year-olds. We'll have an update on that in a few moments. Yesterday in Saginaw, Michigan, somebody fired a gun at middle school students watching a football game.

In San Francisco, the voters said the military can't be allowed to speak on school property.

Every kid in those places knows what is going on.

Fifteen-year-old Candace who lives in Orange, California wrote me this letter. Quote, "I am a patriotic geek who has been the victim of brainwashing by left-wing public school teachers since my freshman year."

Well, first of all, Candace, you are not a geek. Patriotism is a noble virtue. And secondly, I am truly sorry that you are getting hammered. Traditional kids have rights, too. No school should indoctrinate a child. No teacher has a right to ram ideology of any kind down a student's throat. Enough is enough with this bull.

So what can you do? Parents and grandparents must be proactive. If your kid is being fed ideology, talk to the principal about it. If you get blown off, write directly to me. Then pick up "Kids Are Americans, Too" and other books that emphasize the good in America. This is vitally important for children. They must hear that point of view.

They must know that they are not weird for respecting their country or practicing religion. The indoctrination of kids into the secular-progressive world is dangerous and unrelenting. There is a culture war raging in the classrooms of public schools all across the USA and good people must demand fairness and respect.

Kids are indeed Americans, too. They don't deserve scorn for their traditional beliefs.

And that is the memo.

Pinheads and Patriots

You may remember this scene from the University of Florida when a student would not stop hounding John Kerry.


ANDREW MEYER, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA STUDENT: Help. Help! Help! Get the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) off me, man. I didn't do anything. Don't tase me, bro. Don't tase me. I didn't do anything. Oww! Oww! Oww!


Well, the officers involved have been cleared of any wrongdoing. And we consider them patriots for doing their jobs and also for inspiring our "Don't Tase Me, Bro" bumper stickers, available on

By the way, Andrew Meyer, the "Ow-ow" guy, has been charged with disturbing the peace. We'll let you know how that turns out.

Now, on the other side of the aisle, 36-year-old Paul Croft got a tattoo of the Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore all over his back. That may have been a dumb-ledore thing to do. Or maybe not.

But we're Mr. Croft may be a pinhead, with all due respect.