Protecting Evil...

Protecting evil: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo".

A few weeks ago, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof criticized me for fabricating the war on Christmas, his words, and for allegedly ignoring real stories like human rights abuses in Darfur.

I replied that did advocate aggressive U.N. action in the Sudan and that all violations of human rights should be condemned.

Now we have a gross violation of a little girl's human rights in Vermont. Over a four-year period, as you may know, beginning when she was just six, a little girl was methodically raped by a man named Mark Hulett. When Hulett finally confessed to the crimes, Vermont Judge Edward Cashman gave him just 60 days in prison. The judge suspending the rest of the sentence so Hulett could get treatment.

So a little girl was brutalized, excuse me, and the vicious predator gets two months and probation. This, of course, is a gross violation of the girl's human rights. But The New York Times has not even mentioned the story, nor has any network news organization.

In Vermont itself, the liberal media has rallied to the defense of the judge. Yesterday the Montpelier newspaper lied outright to its readers, saying I'm leading a boycott of Vermont. That, of course, is false. We have a boycott question on That's it.

The paper knows that, but is not interested in reporting the truth, just demonizing me. Also not interested in the little girl's rights or the powerful in Vermont, including Governor Douglas, Senators Leahy and Jeffords, and our old pal Howard Dean.

Strange how an abused little girl is simply not important to these guys. In fact, Leahy's chief of staff, Ed Pegano (ph), was quoted as attacking me for even reporting the situation.

Now many of you are probably wondering why the press and politicians are protecting Judge Cashman. And we may have an answer for you tonight.

This man, Harlan Sylvester, is a major force behind the scenes in Vermont politics. He is even chairman of the governor's Council of Economic Advisors. He's also Judge Cashman's brother-in-law. So one of Vermont's most influential citizens is related to the judge.

Now you won't read that in the Vermont press. In fact, the Burlington newspaper wouldn't even give us a picture of Mr. Sylvester. Unbelievable.

Yes, things are bad in Darfur. Nicholas Kristof's right. But there's a gross human rights violation going on in Vermont. And the media and politicians could not care less. Somebody tell Mr. Kristof and his editors.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Your humble correspondent, that's me, will appear on "The Today Show" tomorrow morning about 10 minutes after 7. That means I'll be especially cranky. — Not a morning person. Unless there's a big story or something, this will be my last off-FOX News Channel appearance for a while, because my time is very limited as I'm writing a book called "Culture Warrior" — that's me — which will be out next October, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of FOX News, which of course, is anything but ridiculous.

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