Princess Di Crash Case Closed

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JOHN KASICH, GUEST HOST: In the 'Factor' "Follow-up" segment tonight, British police wrap up a three-year investigation into the tragic death of Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi al Fayed back in 1997. Among the conclusions, her chauffeur was drunk and going twice the speed limit.

The princess was not engaged or pregnant at the time of her death. There is no reason to believe the royal family was involved in a conspiracy to kill Diana and there is no evidence that British intelligence agencies were spying on the princess. Not everyone is satisfied. Here's how Mr. Fayed's father reacted to the report.


MOHAMMED AL-FAYED, DODI FAYED'S FATHER: I feel sorry for the taxpayer money, which has been wasted on such garbage result.

I'm certain that a leading member of the royal family planned a whole plot with the help of member of MI6.


KASICH: Royal watcher Robin Leach joins us now from Las Vegas.

All right, Robin, it was an amazingly thorough report. Tell us about what went into this report.

ROBIN LEACH, ROYAL WATCHER: You know, the sound byte you used was the closest that Mohammed al-Fayed has ever come to pointing the finger at Prince Phillip, which is what I found interesting in that session that he held this morning in London.

The report itself is a thorough report. You could say or the conspiracists will say that's exactly the report they thought would come out all those months ago and all those hundreds of millions of pounds ago.

As far as Buckingham Palace is concerned, I think they breathe a sigh of relief that this will officially end it. The conspiracists will still say that they have overlooked it, there has been a whitewash, she was murdered but I think this was a real thorough job.

KASICH: What do they hang their hat on when Fayed's dad says this is all a whitewash? What is the basis on which he continues to hang this conspiracy out there?

Fayed himself says that he spent the last two weeks let's say and very intense time with her in the three days prior to her death. You know, Diana was a very, sort of mercurial individual. So there was a certain amount of paranoia around her in the isolation that she experienced living in Kensington Palace. So things would be magnified to her.

So she writes a letter to Burrell, who then sells it to The Daily Mirror, which is what Fayed's assistant read this morning, which says one day I will take a helicopter ride. It will crash. I will not come back. Then she says I'll take a car ride one day. It will crash, I will die.

So in a sense Fayed was saying she felt so threatened by the sinister forces that the queen had allegedly advised her of, he this is she was predicting her own death but we have to really remember, John, Dodi Fayed changed the route the driver was going to take at the last minute. So it's not like when the White House sends out a statement saying the president will be there. All of this was changed.

KASICH: I agree. It's amazing, Robin, how thorough...

OK, look. The only thing I don't understand is they had tons of money. Tons of money. How could they hire a driver who was drunk and why didn't they have better security? And what role did the paparazzi play as they went into this tunnel where admittedly that tunnel is very, very dangerous? Why not the best of the best?

LEACH: Absolutely great questions. But I think if the driver is already in the seat of the car, how would one getting in the back even know who the driver was or whether he was drunk?

Secondly, the role of the paparazzi in this I think is highly suspicious. We still don't know to this day whether that white Yumo, the white Fiat was a paparazzi car or somebody else. We do know that the driver because of the impact and the skid marks was going at an extraordinary speed through that tunnel.

That tunnel, I've been through it at a high speed. Your car can wobble when you make that turn, which is where the crash took place. And I know Dodi — I knew Dodi and I know how he drove in Los Angeles and around Beverly Hills. He was a speed thrill kick guy.

So I can imagine being in the back of the car saying, faster, lose them.

KASICH: Yelling at that driver, faster, faster.

LEACH: Faster, faster, lose the paparazzi.

KASICH: Robin, 31 percent of people in Great Britain said they thought perhaps there was a conspiracy. Now with this report out, is this going to dispel that and bring closure?

LEACH: There will never be any closure. Because until he goes to his death, Mohammed al Fayed will say conspiracy, the palace murdered my son. So until he stops being the leader of that conspiracy theory, it will continue.

Maybe there will be a slight drop down to 25 percent but there will still be a hard-core group of people who will say that people in the palace had their hand on the smoking gun.

KASICH: Robin, what about now that this report comes out and to some degree the glare is going to shift. Is it going to shift on to these sons brighter than it is ever been? I notice now there is more and more stories about them. Will the public move on?

LEACH: Certainly, the press is the one in Britain that moves the public on, John, as you well know. So Fleet Street traditionally has sold its newspapers of 4 and 5 million copies a day based on who is the current individual that moves newspaper sales.

So it was always Diana. Diana if she was alive today she would sell more newspapers than the two boys. But now the two boys are there to pick up the legacy. They're selling the newspapers.

KASICH: All right. We have got to leave it there.

LEACH: And like everything else, unfortunately she will be forgotten.

KASICH: We have got to leave it there. Thank you for your insight, Robin. Always great.

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