Press Coverage of Brutal Murders of Two U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

As we promised last night, we canvassed the media today to see how it reacted to the torture deaths of Privates Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker.

As I expected, the media was cautious.

Only The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a left-wing paper, was inappropriate. It editorialized that the USA should get out of Iraq on a timetable. Now, even if you believe that, the day after two Americans are murdered by terrorists is not the time to call for any withdrawal. That sends a signal to terrorists that they've won. The Milwaukee newspaper should be much smarter than that.

The other left-wing papers played it very conservative — pardon the word. The New York Times did straight reporting, no commentary at all, Washington Post remains obsessed with Guantanamo Bay, but it also reported the murders straight. We ignored the far-left Web sites. We think they're despicable and don't care what they say. A few loony TV commentators made stupid comments, but few watched them. Here in New York City, the two tabloids, The Daily News and the Post both ran strong editorials in favor of cracking down on Iraq, fighting the war more aggressively. Last night, we called for that as well.

"Talking Points" believes the Bush administration has been intimidated by the anti-war press and needs to stop being intimidated. If the Bush administration really believes this war is vital, then it must convince Americans we're in it to win it. That means the President and his cabinet must become more aggressive not only on the battlefield, but also in the public relations battle.

"Talking Points" also believes most Americans will support more aggressive action in Iraq to defeat these savages, but the public will not support a continued stalemate — a continued call for patience.

Now is the time to use all the power America has to defeat the terrorists in Iraq. If that means more troops, send them. If that means martial law, impose it. Again, this window of opportunity that is opened in the wake of the brutal murders of our soldiers will not remain open long. Those who sympathize with the terrorists will be back banging that drum soon. Now is the time to act.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you may know, lobster is a great delicacy, very expensive and now very controversial. Last year, the Whole Foods grocery chain said the traditional lobster tank was not nice. So they gave the lobsters awaiting the pot individual areas in which to relax.

Apparently, that was not enough. So last week Whole Foods said they're not going to sell any more live lobsters because of the specter of execution is against the chain's humane policies.

Ridiculous? Not if you're a lobster. It's good news!