President Trump says the Taliban wants to make a deal in Afghanistan

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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone, I'm Dana Perino, along with Dagen McDowell, Doug Schoen, Lawrence Jones and Tom Shillue. It's five o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."

This is a Fox News alert. We're following two separate stabbing attacks with multiple victims overseas. We don't know yet if they're related. First in London, police revealing that two people have died after that attack. It's being treated as a terrorist incident. And breaking in the last couple of hours, a second stabbing incident, this time at The Hague. Details are still unknown on the motive on that one. Let's go to Gillian Turner. She has more for us. Gillian, what do you know now?

GILLIAN TURNER, FOX NEWS: So, Dana, the million-dollar question for law enforcement and for the intelligence community here is whether these two attacks in London and in The Hague are linked. As of now, authorities don't yet know. The attack in The Hague is still pretty much an active scene. First responders are out in full force as we speak. So, it's really way too early for any kind of analysis. But here are the facts that we know at this hour. From Dutch police, several people attacked by one man on the street and are now wounded, at least three based on the most recent confirmed reports. Police were initially looking for a male suspect they said was about 45 years old and wearing a gray tracksuit. But just a little while ago, the chief of police said that suspect description is wrong. This attack took place on what is a very crowded street, very busy shopping street. It's called [unintelligible] market. Multiple eyewitnesses are claiming the stabbing itself took place inside a store on that street called Hudson's Bay. But again, the police chief said just a little while ago that the attack was on the street. Now, this attack comes on the heels of a knife attack at London Bridge that has left two people dead, three people injured, and the suspected attacker was killed on scene by police. That attacker was taken down by a pedestrian. Initially, police then got involved once the attacker revealed what appeared to be a suicide vest. Police have now, though, confirmed it was a fake. As you mentioned, Dana, no known links to terrorism in The Hague, stabbing as of now. But the London attack has been declared terrorism, the eighth terrorist attack in that city, Dana, in the last two years.

PERINO: Gillian, what do you know about the claim that ISIS -- and of course ISIS makes a lot of claims -- that they were pledging new recruits today?

TURNER: Yes. Just after 9:00 a.m., ISIS media channels put out what they say are photos of new recruits pledging loyalty. Officially joining the group in as or by John. Fox has not independently verified that. But we are looking at the photos. It's important to note, Dana. ISIS has largely gone underground since the killing of its leader, Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi, a few weeks ago. My terrorism sources are telling me that if this is indeed true, that they signed up these new recruits today, it's a show of strength to try and convince the world that they're still out and about and they can still pull people in.

PERINO: All right. Gillian Turner, thank you so much. We appreciate it.

TURNER: You bet.

PERINO: President Trump, he's back in the country after making a surprise Thanksgiving trip to our troops in Afghanistan, helping dish out food and thanking the brave men and women serving in America's longest war. The president also announcing peace talks are back on with the Taliban.

President Trump: The Taliban wants to make a deal. We'll see if they want to make a deal. It's got to be a real deal, but we'll see. But they want to make a deal. And they only want to make a deal because you're doing a great job. That's the only reason they want to make a deal.

PERINO: Dagen, let me go to you first. I guess I'll give you opportunity to talk about either one, the incidents today overseas or, of course, the president's trip to Afghanistan.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, GUEST CO-HOST: I think the incidents overseas, knowing that at least the one in London is terror related. It does kind of highlight the need to have a forward deployment of U.S. troops in these areas that have been breeding grounds. We know from 9/11 for terrorist activity to prevent these very attacks from happening again. We haven't had a successful attack by foreign terrorists on U.S. soil since 9/11, terrorist attacks, nonetheless. But these aren't forever wars, as President Trump likes to call them. We've had troops at least deployed in Europe since World War II, in Korea since the armistice back an armistice back in 1953. I'll make that point. But I just want to say: yay! The president went to see the troops in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving. These are men and women serving this country who cannot be with their families. And I just think people automatically want to pivot to the political motives, pivot to this. President Trump's trying to wipe away things that have happened in recent weeks, even not months. He visited the troops. That's it. Good for him.

PERINO: And Tom, he looked like he was having a great time. Of course, we know that troops enjoyed it, but he also looked like he was having fun.

TOM SHILLUE, GUEST CO-HOST: Yeah. And fascinating. Did you take any secret trips when you were with George W. Bush?

PERINO: Yes. A couple.

SHILLUE: And do they tell you? Because I read the fascinating piece by Kristin Fisher on Fox, where she talks about the trips. She gave up her three phones, they put her on the plane. She did where she was going. They didn't tell her until they're halfway across the ocean. And so, they're kept in the dark. But the whole trip was fascinating, obviously under the cloak of sea.

PERINO: It is pretty interesting. I got I planned a couple of them. And, you know, usually, yes, as a press secretary, you have staff. But when you're planning a secret trip, you don't have any staff. It is all on you. And you have to go and meet with the press pool, the reporters that will be in, one by one. I set up a sting operation at the Starbucks down the street. And they would come to me and I would say, okay, these are the things you have to agree to. They were allowed to tell their spouse and their editor. And that was it. And then we would -- but what I found is that the press never wanted to leak that because it was such an amazing opportunity and they understood the gravity.

SHILLUE: It sounds like this was more secret then.

PERINO: If they didn't even know where they were going, that would be that would be certainly more secret.

DOUG SCHOEN, GUEST CO-HOST: My concern and I completely agree with what Dagen said about having our troops on alert, fought to keep them forward, not to retreat. And certainly, I'm concerned about our position in the Middle East, particularly in Syria. But I have a slightly different concern. I'm very worried about betting on the Taliban to restrain ISIS. Now, that's not a reason not to negotiate. I think we all have to stand behind our president as he goes forward. But let's be clear, these are not neutral or good actors. These are very, very dangerous people. We have an elected government in Afghanistan that's largely been kept out of the process. And I just want to be cautious as an American that we not in this search of a deal do something that could be --

PERINO: And the Taliban has never actually broken off with al-Qaeda.

SCHOEN: Yeah, exactly.

LAWRENCE JONES, GUEST CO-HOST: And they never are. But I think when you look at American foreign policy and when it comes to finding allies, we've always had some type of inroad within terrorist organizations. Like even if you look at the Kurds, there's some factions of them that are affiliated with terrorist organizations. Yet we still considered them as allies. So, again, I'm always -- I think it is problematic either way and it's always been. But when I look at the president and what he decided to do, part of the reason why this worked is because the media was after the president. To see -- the fact that you see people talking about him golfing and all this stuff, and they played into this. Those reports were almost shields for the president. That's a tough time after the president has gone on the offense --

PERINO: It did seem like none of the reporters were -- because usually even during the Obama years, they'd be like, okay, it's getting to be the holidays. You know, that he could possibly be going anywhere. But they were smart. Dagen, the White House team was tweeting from the president's account while he was in the air.

JONES: They took the bait, too.

MCDOWELL: They absolutely did. At the end of the day, the president is with the troops serving up turkey and fixings and everybody else with their complaints can stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

PERINO: And the other thing that I thought maybe we could just talk just briefly about -- let me go to you, Tom -- is the president when he was doing the bilateral meeting, the in front the press in Afghanistan, he talked about technology and how increased improvements in technology would allow us to be able to draw down a little bit more so that we can utilize the machines that we have.

SHILLUE: And he wants to put the word out there that he is not abandoning troops -- people accuse him of that in Syria. So, he wants to say, we're going to do it wisely, we're going to draw down, we're going to use technology. So, he wants to get that message out.

PERINO: All right. Well, what a wonderful A block, everybody. Thank you so much. Day after Thanksgiving, right? Moderate Democratic candidates are rising in the polls as progressives, well, they are slipping. That's next in our 2020 roundup.


SCHOEN: Welcome back. Time now for our 2020 roundup. First stop, more signs that the moderate wing of the Democratic Party is rising up against the far left. Axios reports that while voters liked the idea of Medicare for all, they're turned off by the costs and tradeoffs, tanking candidates like Elizabeth Warren as moderates like Pete Buttigieg are rising. Dana, is the Democratic Party coming back to reality?

PERINO: Well, Doug shouldn't I be asking you?


SCHOEN: Well, I think it is. That's my proposition.

PERINO: I think -- I think it is. And it probably was always going to be so early on in a primary process, the most activist wing of your party is going to be the most active. And then as you get -- now, we're sixty-five days till the first votes in Iowa. Now, everybody else starts paying a little bit more attention. They've watched the debates. They've heard President Obama say, "Whoa, slow your roll up. You do not want to do this. You will not be able to win a general election." And I think that's why Biden, Klobuchar, Buttigieg kind of like a little bit of a inroads now.

SCHOEN: Well, I am -- in the interests of full disclosure -- working for Mayor Mike Bloomberg who got into the race in part on the supposition that this is still a wide-open field.

SHILLUE: Can he afford you, Doug?


SCHOEN: I hope he can. I hope he can.

PERINO: You better raise your rate.

SCHOEN: Well, I don't think I'm going to do that, but I am going to ask Lawrence, is what Dana is saying true? You're a pretty down the line conservative with some moderate tendencies. Is there a Democratic Party that is coming back to reality.

JONES: Well, being on the road, I don't think the Democratic Party really moved. I think we highlighted some of the progressive that had taken control of the media with the socialist talk and all that. But when it comes to Biden and his support, it really hasn't moved. I mean, he's gained some ground.


It hasn't been that significant. I think the bottom line is this, that the Democratic Party voters, they want to win, and they realize that the socialism, no matter how crazy, you know, the activist and the Twitter activists are, they want to beat the president. But it's still problematic for them because Joe Biden is a weak candidate. And right now, he hasn't shown, there hasn't been a fight on the debate stage that was significant to show that he can fight the president back. And so, I think they have a wounded candidate. That's going to be eventually maybe Joe Biden candidate.

SCHOEN: Maybe wounded candidates?

JONES: Yeah. Yeah, it's going to be. Well, I think it's going to be Joe Biden at the end of the day. And I think the president is going to filet him.

SCHOEN: Dana, how do you see it?

MCDOWELL: I take that as a compliment. Dagen.


SCHOEN: Dagen. I'm sorry. My apologies.


MCDOWELL: I was going to say Elizabeth Warren, that's a self-inflicted wound by her saying, oh, I'm going to wait two years to implement my Medicare for all plan. People -- to paraphrase Kimberley Strassel, she said, "Oh, so you can keep your private insurance for two extra years?" People are waking up to the fact that she wants to take away insurance from 180 million people and then she can't be honest and say that the middle class are actually going to have to pay for it as well. I'll point out that Joe Biden is in fourth place in Iowa and New Hampshire, and they were trying to sell that to Iowa caucus voters that that he didn't need to win Iowa or didn't even need to do well there. And now he's doing his no malarkey tour.

SCHOEN: BET founder and lifelong Democrat Robert Johnson is making the bold prediction about the 2020 field and President Donald Trump.

Robert Johnson: I think the president has always been in a position where it's his to lose based on he's bringing a sort of a disruptive force into what would be called political norms. I do not see anybody in the Democratic primary races today that is enough in the center where I believe most of the voters are. If you take a snapshot today, I don't think that group is capable of beating Donald Trump despite what the polls say.

SCHOEN: Tom, what's your take on this? Is Robert Johnson right, or is he overstating it?

SHILLUE: I think he's right. I think that right now nobody is bringing it in a way that can beat Trump. And I think the reason is, and this is what the president is going to run on to kind of blend it with our last point, is it doesn't matter. There are no Democratic moderates anymore. If you're sitting in the Oval Office and you call yourself a moderate, what good is it unless you're going to veto bills by the left-wing lawmakers. Is he going to sign the bills? If you sign Democrat bills, you're a leftist because the party has moved so far to the left. He's going to make hay with that, right?

JONES: And I would also add on this. Robert Johnson is a successful black businessman that is very known in the community for what he's done. I would also say this about the black vote -- it's yours to lose because a lot of people in my community feel the same way -- like Robert Johnson. The Republicans tend to get out in the weeds and not focus on economic policy.

SCHOEN: Exactly.

JONES: It's the great unifier and equalizer. And so, if you talk money, you talk from economic sample, you'll get a lot of black voters.

MCDOWELL: It's not theirs, really quickly, it's not yours to lose. It's yours to get back.

JONES: Yeah.

SCHOEN: Right.

MCDOWELL: 4.4 million Obama voters from 2012 who did not come out and vote in 2016 and more than a third of them black voters.

JONES: That's exactly right.

MCDOWELL: You've got to have policies. And I'll say one quick thing. Watch the top tight jobs market. That's what you need to pay attention to because jobs, if you get laid off, like in Wisconsin, you can get a job before you even get your severance check. Right.

SCHOEN: Pete Buttigieg is being accused of pushing GOP talking points over Democratic talking points in this new ad in Iowa.

Pete Buttigieg: I believe we should move to make college affordable for everyone. There are some voices saying, well, that doesn't count unless you go even further, unless it's free even for kids of millionaires. But I only want to make promises that we can keep. We can gather the majority to drive those big ideas through without turning off half the country before we even get in office.

SCHOEN: Now, AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is slamming Mayor Pete for that ad, saying, quote, "This is a GOP talking point used to dismantle public systems, and it's sad to see a Democratic candidate adopt it." I couldn't disagree more with AOC. We can't afford everything. I'm a Democrat. I like social programs. But we can't have a green new deal. We can't have Medicare for all. We can't have college for all. Can we, Dana?

PERINO: No, you cannot, and the best thing that could possibly happen to Mayor Pete right now is to be attacked by AOC. Because he gets attention for it. And it shows the contrast. And if you look at like -- I think -- I know that she's popular in the left-wing part of the party. She's raised a lot of money. But overall, if you're just like a regular Democrat, that is -- she is not who you think of as -- that you want shaping policy for you.

SCHOEN: And I completely agree. Dagen, you come from the south. You have identified in our prior conversations as somebody who's in the middle, has sometimes leaned left and right. Will a Democrat linked to AOC make it in the South?

MCDOWELL: Linked to her like a Bernie Sanders or a, well --

SCHOEN: Elizabeth Warren.

MCDOWELL: No, because we can do math and know that with a trillion-dollar annual budget deficit right now, we're trying to save money. And I think that the message to preach is it's okay if you don't get a four-year bachelor's degree.

SCHOEN: Yeah, that's exactly it.

MCDOWELL: And why don't you push these technology companies to actually hire people out of high school if the public education is so good? Focus on fixing what's broke first.

JONES: Tom, does this make sense with Dagen to saying?

SHILLUE: Absolutely. It also -- this is somewhere that the GOP can take advantage of this. Every time a Democrat makes sense, people on the left accuse them of using right wing talking points.

PERINO: [laughs]

SHILLUE: Then the Republicans, should stand up and say, "Yeah, our talking points make sense."

PERINO: Yeah, that's how they should turn it around. That's a good point. I like it.

SCHOEN: I couldn't agree more. I think if AOC went away for the election, we'd probably do a lot better. Prince Andrew is accused of speaking out in the Jeffrey Epstein's scandal. Next on The Five.


MCDOWELL: More fallout for Prince Andrew and the growing Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre is speaking out on the royals' denial that he sexually abused her multiple times, starting when she was just 17.

VIRGINIA GIUFFRE: It was a really scary time in my life. He knows what happened. I know what happened. And there's only one of us telling the truth.

MCDOWELL: Next week, President Trump will be in London for the NATO summit and will stop by Buckingham Palace. Prince Andrew reportedly will not be meeting with the president after stepping down from his public duties, being fired by his mother, the queen, and being kicked out of Buckingham Palace, out of his offices. Dana, how does this play out? Because this is not over. His royal duties might be over, but this is not over for Prince Andrew, if the victims have any say.

PERINO: There's lots of different threads. Right. So, we know that -- because the palace let it be known -- that it has Andrew's brother, Prince Charles, who will one day be king, is so unhappy that he's going to dress him down. Okay. Well, I don't think -- that's not going to get justice for anyone. So, this interview will air on Monday. I wonder what the royal family is going to have to do. Like, are they're going to have to tell him that he will talk to authorities?

I'm kind of disturbed by this notion. So, the metropolitan police in the U.K. have said, you know, "This is not in our jurisdiction, not of our thing, we're too busy around the thing." But that's not been true in previous cases when it didn't involve a royal family member. When the little girl, Madeleine McCann, went missing -- and that was in Portugal -- the British parents -- remember they went for a dinner. And this become -- an all-out search. And that wasn't in the jurisdiction either. But they went, and they did all of that. So, to me, I think that the royal family and the U.K. government is going to have to figure out a way to do something to move it forward.

SCHOEN: I couldn't agree more, Dana. This is a huge, huge public relations challenge for the British, for their nation, and for the monarchy. You've got to keep Prince Andrew quiet, avoid interviews like the one he did before, where he used euphemistic language that on reflection was absurd and grossly offensive. And most of all, he does have to talk to authorities. He cannot use his royal position to avoid it, really the stability of British democracy, and certainly the monarchy, requires it.

JONES: Well, he's avoiding it now.

SCHOEN: I know.

JONES: And it's because -- that he's a royal, that he's -- I mean, here's my problem. He doesn't seem sympathetic as well. When he gave that interview, he didn't seem like he didn't want to be associated with Jeffrey Epstein. He seemed like he valued the connections just like a royal. He was only concerned about the things that benefited him. And so, I think this is going to be a moment for the royal family. And I'm sorry. This whole, "Yeah, we're just going to take you out the public eye." You possibly committed a crime, if it's true what she said.

PERINO: So not only he -- I think he said in the interview that he would cooperate with the FBI if he was asked to give a statement. He ought to be interviewed by the FBI at a bare minimum. And what about Ghislaine Maxwell? Ghislaine Maxwell was friends with Prince Andrew. She's in that photo that Prince Andrew tried to allege with Virginia Giuffre wasn't him because he wears a coat and a tie when he goes out in London.


Ghislaine Maxwell is the madam in all this. She was the roper for a pedophile. Epstein visited Windsor Castle in Sandringham with Ghislaine Maxwell, and she had known Andrew for much, much longer. Where is she on all this? Because the victims want her charged criminally in the United States.

SHILLUE: Well, this guy, obviously, they don't give media training to this prince because the guy's a dummy. If you saw that interview, first of all, he says, "I don't sweat. I haven't sweat since the Falkland Wars." While he's flops sweating in front of [laughs] the camera. And then this is what he said when he was trying to say that the photo was fake, but he can't say it because the photo isn't fake, obviously. He says, "I'm afraid to say that. I don't believe that photograph was taken in the way that has been suggested." What does that mean?

PERINO: How was it taken, Tom?

SHILLUE: I don't -- I mean, "click." That's what it was.

SCHOEN: Right.

MCDOWELL: He described --

SHILLUE: Somebody took a picture. Obviously, the guy -- he can't say it's a fake. If someone took a fake photo of you, wouldn't you say, "That photo is a fake?" But he can't say that.

MCDOWELL: He referred to Epstein's behavior as unbecoming.

SCHOEN: Yeah, that was the scene.

MCDOWELL: And he said it was convenient for him to stay at the pedophile's mansion after he was already a registered sex offender. I've been listening to two separate podcasts, one from Julie K. Brown on -- Julie K. Brown, basically is the one who revived all this. She's a reporter down at the Miami Herald. The Broken -- she's in that podcast and a mysterious Mr. Epstein. And it will set your hair on fire, making you -- in terms of anger at what went on and how many years went on and how the authorities here in the United States and elsewhere and never did anything to stop this pedophile and this sex trafficker.

JONES: Well, the big problem is that the star witness is dead. And I know that we like "okay, let's just get on with it." But we've got to figure out how he died and the people that were convicted because there were so much evidence just with him personally. Prison changes a lot of things for you. You start talking and seeing that when you're behind fort walls.

PERINO: Well, Ghislaine Maxwell actually might be the star witness. I think that to your point, Dagen, there was a report last week that she was talking to the FBI in some way. I don't know if it's true because she has been one who has put out false information before. Remember that doctored photograph that she was in Los Angeles at an In and Out Burger? Turns out that wasn't actually true. So, she is a con artist and they should bring her to heel.

MCDOWELL: And it was actually a lawsuit. It was a defamation lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell that was settled by Virginia Roberts, that one young woman in that interview that led to the disclosure of the information that that pushed Jeffrey Epstein to, quote, "kill himself."

SCHOEN: That still remains to be seen.

MCDOWELL: Well, Dr. Baden said it looks like based on what he saw --

JONES: Shady, shady, shady.

MCDOWELL: Y Yeah, exactly. It's not suicide, according to Dr. Baden. So, don't go anywhere, The Fastest Seven is next.


JONES: Welcome back. Time for the Fastest Seven. First up, Kanye West has not been shy about promoting his strong Christian beliefs, dropping a new gospel theme music video for his song Closed on Sunday.


JONES: Dana, we didn't debate politics in my family this Thanksgiving, we debated Kanye.

PERINO: Oh, really?

How did that go?

JONES: It was heated. It was a heated debate.

PERINO: Okay, so what was the debate?

JONES: So, do you believe him? Do you believe that this is an authentic thing? I personally believed him. I interviewed him and talked with him and so I believe this.

PERINO: So, there were people -- and you don't have to tell me who -- there were people in your family at the table that said he is just promoting himself?

JONES: Correct.

PERINO: I believe him, and also, I don't care if he's -- it's not for me to judge, I'll take him at his word. But also, let's just say, like, his fans, if they're touched by the word, then great.

SCHOEN: My sense is if it's self-promotion, I could give him a lot simpler ways to promote himself than what he's been doing last year or so.

JONES: Dagen, you know, I say this, and I don't mean to get all holier than thou but it's like --

MCDOWELL: Get holy on me. Pray for me.

JONES: God is going to use whoever he wants to use. And Kanye -- I saw a lot of young people give their lives to Christ at Joel Osteen's church and Kanye got them there. So...

MCDOWELL: And he said in terms of you don't just because of your faith, you don't have to lose yourself. And Kanye said when he was at Joel Osteen church, I told you about my arrogance and cockiness already. Now, the greatest artist that God has ever created is now working for him. So, he's still calling himself their greatest artist.

JONES: He saying I'm a work in progress. Anyway, moving on Amazon Alexa now becoming more human-like with new emotional capabilities. Here's what she sounds like when she's excited.

Alexa: I'm playing a single hand in what looks like a losing game.

JONES: See that's scary. And here's how she sounds when she's disappointed.

Alexa: I'm playing a single hand in what looks like a losing game.

JONES: Tom, this is getting creepy.

SHILLUE: She always says the same thing, but just in a different voice. Look, I don't like any of this stuff and I'm not an anti-Amazon guy, I use Amazon. I like the Amazon Prime, get the deliveries, I like watching the Amazon Prime video service. But I don't want one of those Alexa things. I don't like them listening to you. When I'm at my friend's house and he has an Alexa, I feel like they're listening in on me there. I don't like it.

JONES: Dana.

SHILLUE: I tell him turn that thing off.

JONES: I have two of them. Now, everybody's like, you're Libertarian, why would you do that? I'm against the government taking my information. Private companies --

PERINO: What does being a Libertarian have to do with anything?

JONES: Because it's storing data, that's the whole argument. But I don't like the government to do it. If other companies want to do, I gave them consent.

PERINO: Okay, what if Amazon then says that they're going to work with the government?

JONES: Then we've got a problem.

SCHOEN: And that is the problem with technology.

PERINO: I turn mine off -- like we had one and then I found like, if I want to know what the weather is, I just look at my phone.

JONES: No, but I like -- Dagen, I use mine, for example, to play the ocean at night because I go to sleep that way.

MCDOWELL: Well, I've got an old school sound machine. You can just turn the faucet on in the bathroom for that. I want the Alexa to yell at me like an Army voice.

SHILLUE: What do you want Alexa to say?

MCDOWELL: Who won the game last night, Alexa? The Cowboys lost because they suck.

JONES: Okay, that's not nice.

SCHOEN: The Bills were pretty good, I thought.

JONES: Now everybody's Alexa's are going off. Finally, a panicked father's Texas daughter are going viral after he lost her hamster. She posted these screenshots by him with this minute by minute descent into madness, beginning with this: "Please call me as soon as you get this. It's an emergency. I'm never going to forgive myself if he doesn't come back. I'm so sorry. This is my biggest screw up ever. I will make it right." Eventually, the dad found the hamster. It turns out that Chester was in the cage the entire time.

SCHOEN: Lawrence, as a dad with a grown-up son now, you think back to the moments when you were most at risk. And I remember when my sons' two hamsters, Harley and Ketch, got out and the look on my father's -- on my son's face "say it ain't so, dad." It was so regrettably.

SHILLUE: This guy's a wimp. I don't think he's a hero dad. My dad -- we had hamsters and if they ever got to the cage, he said --

SCHOEN: They're gone.

SHILLUE: Well, he said, I'm going to let the cat eat him. I don't care.

SCHOEN: A lot tougher dad than I was.

PERINO: My dad would have been the same way. We didn't have hamsters, but I think that he would have been tough like that. Like, well, Dana, you should take better care of your hamsters, then. Yeah. That would've been the answer to that.

JONES: But you would be sad if Jasper ran away.

PERINO: That's a totally different thing. Jaspers and hamsters are not the same.

JONES: It's a lot of kids that are upset.

MCDOWELL: No, no. Dana's right and Jasper's not going anywhere. You told the story in the green room. I'm not going to make you re-tell --

SHILLUE: Oh, was this about -- what was it? I wasn't cruel to any animals.

MCDOWELL: About your dad on the phone.

SHILLUE: Oh, that's right, yeah. He was never there. You know, dads have to be at the birth. My dad was home making hamburgers. My sister was born, the phone rang, he said "Hello. All right," he hanged up. "You got a sister."

JONES: Sounds like a tough dad.

PERINO: I know that --

SCHOEN: But that's old school, I can tell you. I remember.

JONES: All right. We've got to go. Stay right there. Fan mail Friday is up next.


SHILLUE: It's fan mail Friday. Let's get to your questions. This one's for Facebook. Oh. Facebook, do you have a Black Friday horror story? Well, I don't shop. Dana?

PERINO: I don't, but I know someone who did. At the Tysons Corner Mall a few years ago, the parking lot was packed. It was one of those ones that was like 7 stories and someone like on the second floor had gotten -- there was an accident in the middle. And so, nobody could move.

SHILLUE: Oh, yeah.

PERINO: For hours. Hours.

SHILLUE: Stuck in the garage.

PERINO: Stuck in the garage.

SHILLUE: Oh, that is a horror story. Lawrence, do you, does -- I mean, does anyone shop --.

JONES: I do it every year.

SHILLUE: You do it?


SHILLUE: You do Black Friday?

JONES: First year I missed it.

SHILLUE: Because they made you work.

JONES: -- be back here. Yes, because of that. My story was a lady got trampled at the Wal-Mart. I helped her up, though, because they were literally -- they didn't care. They were going to get the T.V.s and going to get to T.V.s. And I sacrificed my T.V.

PERINO: For her.

SHILLUE: You did?

PERINO: She probably still thinks of you to this day.

SHILLUE: Black Friday hero.

SCHOEN: I want you to know I have a good deed that I did. Someone from outside the country came to me and in a broken English said, "Black Friday, do I or don't I?" And I was very proud to say, "You don't. You stay away. Wait till Cyber Monday at the very least.".

PERINO: Don't die.

SCHOEN: Don't die. Yeah.

SHILLUE: You know, Dagen, you go out?

MCDOWELL: Do I look like I shop on Black Fridays?

SHILLUE: Oh, no, you don't.

PERINO: [laughs]

MCDOWELL: The only horror story is anybody who gets in my way when I'm trying to walk home. People who are out shopping on Black Friday.

PERINO: Yeah. Oh, yeah.

MCDOWELL: They're about to hear from me in about 10.

MALE SPEAKER: Instagram question from French Firecracker. "What do you find yourself hoarding?" Hoarding. I -- Dana.

PERINO: I have noticed lately that I have a huge collection of lip glosses and lip balms. And I don't them all and they don't get -- I don't throw them away because I feel like that would be wasteful. So I guess I could probably be something.

SHILLUE: Yeah. Lip gloss.

JONES: I thought it was books.

PERINO: No. I don't hoard books. I move them on. I pass those on.


MCDOWELL: Deodorant.

SHILLUE: Deodorant.

MCDOWELL: Yeah. I just have --.

SHILLUE: You guys got to do an exchange.

PERINO: [laughs]

MCDOWELL: I have a lot of deodorant in my medicine cabinet. I have no idea why.

SHILLUE: Want to trade for some lip glosses?

PERINO: They have different scents and --.

MCDOWELL: I've used all of the roll, so I don't think anybody would like to trade them with.

SCHOEN: The problem I have this time of year, I use the Christmas holidays as a means of justifying the unjustifiable, which is to eat candy, candy canes, candy corn around Halloween to get warmed up, to just eat everything I shouldn't eat under the guise it's the holiday season. And then at the end of the holiday season, I see the impact on my waistline.

MCDOWELL: Well, okay.

SHILLUE: Well, that'll keep you warm.

JONES: Well, mine is clothes and shoes. And I just moved to New York and I had to downsize to fit in the little --.

PERINO: Oh, is that why your pants are shorter?

JONES: Oh, don't you do that.


It's called no break. No break. It's fashion.

PERINO: It's so bad, Dagen.

JONES: She doesn't like the no break.

PERINO: Dagen, it's so bad.

JONES: How do you see the socks --

SHILLUE: The suits are shorter now.

JONES: That's right. It's fashion.

SHILLUE: Okay. Michelle C. on Facebook asks, "How many days in a row will you eat your Thanksgiving leftovers?" I'll tell you, Michelle, I love those turkey sandwiches with the stuffing, and I slice the congealed gravy, and I put it on them. When you put it the microwave, it all melts together. What do you think?

JONES: Oh, that is good.

PERINO: I am 100 percent down with that. I don't eat meat, but if I did, I would eat Thanksgiving dinner every day.

MCDOWELL: [laughs]

PERINO: That's how much I love it.

SHILLUE: The leftovers are better than the meal, I think.

PERINO: Yeah, well, we were very fortunate to be invited to a friend's house and about when we were leaving she said, "I have a little something for you." And she had specialized to go boxes.

SHILLUE: Oh. Oh wow.

PERINO: And made us each a special meal to make separately. And she had it all packaged up. I mean, that's very kind.

SHILLUE: That is amazing.

PERINO: Very nice.

SHILLUE: Guys. What do you think?

JONES: I used to do for two days. I don't do it anymore. That's how you gain all that weight is --

SCHOEN: I do it. I'm unapologetic. I'll take other people's food.

PERINO: I mean, you need to make sure those 800 suits fit.

JONES: [laughs]

PERINO: The Five, there's also some ornaments. So, we really hope you do that. There is a 20 percent off deal right now. Shop dot Fox News dot com. That's shop dot Fox News dot com. That goes through Tuesday. Duration is Tuesday the 26th through Wednesday December 4th. So, you've got some time, but not a lot of time because all these things are going to go very fast. Dagen.

MCDOWELL: Our love and blessings to a very special couple. Sam and Lawcy Lee [spelled phonetically]. They are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary this Sunday. They got married in 1939 in their hometown of Fishkill, New York, has declared December the 1st Sam and Lawcy Lee Day. They grew up as family friends. Sam was walking 10 miles each week to visit her when they were dating. They have five kids, numerous grandkids, great grandchildren and a few great great grandchildren. And here are my two favorite tips on staying married, on a successful marriage: She is always right. And keep God in your marriage. So, what an incredible couple. Sam and Lawcy Lee. We love you.

PERINO: Congratulations indeed. All right. Lawrence, your turn.

JONES: It's back to school time for Santa. Santas in London are going back to school to make sure they have what it takes to be the next Santa. Of course, this is the 23rd annual Santa School. This is hosted by the Ministry of Fun. I didn't even know they had that. Hosting in order to recreate magic. They're learning things like the most popular toys of the year. How to say Merry Christmas in all the different languages. How to say ho, ho, ho. There's a certain way to say it, and how to best interact with the kids. Bookings for the schools have gone through the roof this year, so let the ho ho ho begin.

PERINO: Indeed, if we had a ministry of fun, Tom, you would be the secretary.


PERINO: You would be the [unintelligible]

SHILLUE: A general in the forces of fun.

PERINO: You go next.

SHILLUE: Okay, here we go. Let's check in on Greg Gutfeld. I heard he had to do some shoveling. And while he's away, there he is. Yep.


That is actually Nevada mom Jennifer Button. She was dared by her daughter to wear the full body unicorn while she did her shoveling. And she did it. And of course, the daughter got out the phone and the video. The rest is history.

PERINO: The rest is -- you'd do that for your kids wouldn't you?

SHILLUE: I would do it just because it makes shoveling fun.

PERINO: Yes. You got to do something to make it more fun.

SHILLUE: That's the ministry of fun.

PERINO: Right there. That is you. The ministry of fun. All right. Doug, you're next.

SCHOEN: The best part of the holidays to me is the metaphors that speak to the best in the American spirit. A Denny's waitress, Adriana Edwards, used to walk 14 miles a day back and forth to work. Some customers got together and said, "You know what? Let's get her a car. Let's demonstrate that we have a degree of beneficent thoughtfulness." And to me, it represents what our American spirit is, and what's unique about us. And let's hope that other people rise to the occasion in big and small ways to extend themselves because we are unique, and we have a special purpose.


PERINO: That's really, that's a nice story.

SCHOEN: I think so.


SHILLUE: It leads me to. I didn't get to ask this question.

PERINO: OK. Go ahead. You got another question?

SHILLUE: Yeah. From Facebook, Heather S. What is something you look forward to every day?

PERINO: Waking up. [laughs].

SHILLUE: You love waking up?

PERINO: I mean, it's better than the alternative.


SHILLUE: What? Don't you like going to sleep, though?

PERINO: Well, not as much as I like waking up.

SHILLUE: Oh, that's interesting.

JONES: Music. I love that. When I wake up, I want to hear music instantly. Alexa, play this.

SCHOEN: You know, I had the great good fortune of enjoying what I do. And Dana, I could see both here and at Fox and when you were working for George W. Bush, there was a look of delight in your eyes. I'd like to think I have that sometime. And that, to me is also what is worth celebrating.

PERINO: I do. I love. I do love what I do.

MCDOWELL: Yeah. I was going to say, well, one cuddling with my dogs.


MCDOWELL: Snuggle up. But, two, coming to work every day. My mom died recently, about three weeks ago. And you would not believe the outpouring of love and support from everybody here at this table throughout this company. Dana Perino left me a voicemail message and it did --.

PERINO: and the viewers too

MCDOWELL: There is goodness, and there is faith in this world. And I have witnessed it, and I've experienced it. And I am blessed.

PERINO: You are.

SCHOEN: I would be bereft if I didn't say my blessing was Thanksgiving dinner with a 93 year old mother, who I love.

PERINO: You're momma. That's right.

MCDOWELL: That's awesome.

PERINO: Lawrence, I hope when you have time this weekend, you might go shopping --.

JONES: You better not.

PERINO: -- and looking for some pants that fit. That's all he needs for Christmas. Some pants that fit. All right, everybody. That is it for us. We'll see you back here on Monday. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

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