President Trump doubles down on mail-in ballot concerns, predicts voting chaos

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JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Juan Williams along with Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, and Emily Compagno. It's five o'clock in New York City, and this is The Five.

A big hour of news coming your way today. President Trump in another key swing state. He just wrapped up a meeting with Florida police and touted his law and order message. The president also expected to give an update on the federal response to the coronavirus and the hurricane that's bearing down on Florida. That's all coming up.

But first, the president refusing to back down over his comments about the election and mail-in ballots. Take a look.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The absentee ballots are actually a very good thing. Absentee ballots are secure and they are very good but universal mail-in are a disaster. You're going to see an election that -- and we're going to do well in the election.

Nobody wants that date more than me. I wish we'd move it up, OK. Move it up. You won't know the election results for weeks, months, maybe years after. Maybe you'll never know the election result and that's what I'm concerned with. It will be fixed and it will be rigged.

These governors are going to send out millions of ballots. They don't even know where they are sending them.


WILLIAMS: Dana, you know, I guess everybody is just kind of curious as to what the root of his concern is. Five states currently allow mail-in voting. No reports of problems. I'm talking about Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Oregon has had five presidential elections with no problems. Colorado, they saw a Senate seat flit from Democrat to Republican with mail-in voting.

So, what do you think the president is worried about? Why is he sowing this distrust in the election process?

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, all of the states that you mentioned and I think Washington State in particular has had about five years to get their systems in place and they've worked out a lot of kinks. It wasn't perfect at the beginning and I think what the president is saying is that we know that because of coronavirus, people are concerned about how they're going to vote.

We know that a lot of poll workers that volunteer, they are often senior citizens. They are not necessarily going to want to be out and about. We've already seen the problem with that. There's fewer polling places and we know that people actually have wanted and started demanding more mail-in options.

Now, the distinction between absentee voting and mail-in voting is that with absentee in most states you have to, as a citizen, ask for a ballot. In the mail-in scenario, basically it would be like everybody in the whole town or the whole state gets a ballot. And then you can see things that happen and this does happen where you have even like PPP loans or the stimulus checks end up going to a resident who is no longer living in that particular place.

So, it just takes a while, I think for some of these states to get these things in place. The secretaries of state across the country are in charge of the elections in their states and they have been working on it.

But I think the other thing that we have to start to condition ourselves to understand is we actually may not know the vote results on election night. Now that can work in the president's favor too possibly, right? Like if you had military ballots that are coming in from overseas, I assume that he would want those counted as well.

It's a complex problem. We need to figure out a way to all work on this together. It's important that we have the vote, have it on November 3rd, count them accurately so that everybody can feel that they have -- that the vote integrity.

WILLIAMS: Yes, agree. Jesse, I was just noticing that 70 percent of Americans favor the option of mail-in voting. So, I thought to myself I recall that President Trump voted by mail and then I found out Bill Barr, Vice President Pence, Press Secretary McEnany, Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, Jared Kushner, Bill Stepien, now the campaign manager, they all voted by mail, in some cases repeatedly. So, what's the issue here?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: The issue is you don't want 140 million people mailing in through the post office their vote for the President of the United States, Juan. I don't see why you don't understand that.

I'm glad the Democrats now agree that they don't want to delay the election. Because if you have all mail-in voting, you're going to delay the election. It would be like tuning into American Idol on Tuesday night to see who won and then waiting another three weeks to find out because everybody mailed in their vote.

Come on. Everybody knows what's going to happen. If you get to a point where Joe Biden on election night comes up a little short, the Democrats are going to say, we have all of these mail-in ballots that came in a little late. And every vote must be counted then you're just going to have stockpiles of ballots the Democrats are going be counting under no supervision for weeks and weeks and weeks until they get the right enough votes so Joe Biden wins.

These things happen all the time. It just happened in Paterson, New Jersey. They went all mail and 10 percent of the votes were disqualified and four people were convicted of ballot fraud.

Juan, I sometimes go to my parents' house when they are in Maine to collect their mail. My mom got her ballots in the mail. I could've filled it out and said Anne Watters voters for Trump and send it in. Do you trust the American people, Juan? Seriously.

Juan, you play golf. I don't know if you play golf. How many times when you played golf in your golf buddy found his ball in the woods? How many times have you seen someone parked in a handicap spot? We've watched for months people breaking into stores and loot. Do you trust the American people not to cheat? I don't.

I want to walk into a polling place, someone looking my I.D. cross my name off, go in and only the machine and one other person counts my vote that day. That's the only way to do it securely.

WILLIAMS: All right. Greg, so, Vice President Biden, he, I think they call his sub tweeting. You've got to remember I'm an old man, Greg. Sub tweeting and he said -- he said, you won't have to worry about my tweets when I'm president.


WILLIAMS: So, it seems to me like he is saying hey, you know, part of the reason to vote for me is no drama, no extraneous distractions from tweets if you elect Joe Biden. What do you think?

GUTFELD: Well, first of all, I want to thank Dana for being on the show today. I know that she was on her way to a - my little pony fashion party but she decided she could stop here and do the show.

OK. So, Biden tweets.

WATTERS: I like that sweater.

GUTFELD: Biden tweets, you don't have to worry about it. You don't have to worry about it. I should talk. I'm wearing a t-shirt. You don't have to worry about his tweets if he's president. He's right. You won't have to be worried about that. You have to be worried about whether he wears pants to a briefing or debriefing in his case.

And I'm actually OK, I'm actually OK with Trump tweeting because the trade- off is better. Like I would rather have a guy who's on Twitter than a guy who's like into military intervention all over the world. We haven't had a war, nor have we needed to have a war.

So, I kind of like the fact that we have a president who's got an itchy trigger finger on Twitter and not an itchy trigger finger with international conflict.

But I do want to touch on the topic of today which is the law and order. Because we have Trump talking about it. I think his stance is working because the Biden friendly media has stopped showing videos of chaos and murder. Because that way if you don't see the crime and disorder, you will be less seduced by the law and order position.

But the way it's not rioting. Its performance art. So, the media strategy is to get you to think that Trump is selling you something that you don't need. Like a bicycle for your ferret when really what he's trying to sell you is protection for your family.

WILLIAMS: OK. So, Emily, let's pick up on that. Because the president was getting endorsements from law and order police associations in Florida, sheriff's associations. But, you know, the question is, is the strategy working? He's currently trailing in Florida and all the swing states and nationally. Is this strategy paying off?

EMILY COMPAGNO, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I think strategy and decisions that have our best interests in mind are two different things. And the reason that he now has such solid support by law enforcement is, quote, as they put it, "because they are sick of being used as a punching bag." And the media's vilification of quote, unquote, " conservatives" who are calling this violence on the streets a war and saying downplaying the violence and downplaying the destruction does no one any good. Strategy aside.

I want to make one point about the mail-in voting if I can. As the attorney on the panel, I really like when courts make the decisions for us and settle it once and for all. And we know the U.S. Supreme Court came out the summer with two rulings, and the whole of the mess coming from Texas. Right?

But there's a whole host of different lawsuits, federal and state, all around the country. Because as you pointed out in the beginning and as Dana did, that there is conflicting law whether or not everyone can mail -- can vote by mail around the country.

In the Texas situation, the Supreme Court only denied that it's getting fast track and also declined to reinstate the order by a lower federal judge applying that eligibility to everyone. And my point is there's a chance that that will make its way back up to them at its full court hearing by the time we have that general election. But I think the logistical nightmare of the execution if the whole country participated for the first time in a general election cannot be ignored.

WILLIAMS: OK-doke. Up next, a contentious coronavirus hearing. See the exchange between Congressman Jim Jordan and Dr. Anthony Fauci right here on The Five.


COMPAGNO: Top health officials testifying on Capitol Hill today. Democrats desperately trying to get them to criticize President Trump's pandemic response but they wouldn't take the bait.

And this moment from Congressman Jim Jordan and Dr. Anthony Fauci getting a lot of attention. Take a look.


DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: I don't judge one crowd versus another crowd. When you're in a crowd particularly if you're not wearing a mask, that in this spread --

REP. JIM JORDAN (R-OH): But it's a simple question, doctor. Should we limit the protests?

FAUCI: I don't know how many times I can answer that. I'm not going to opine on limiting anything, I'm just going to tell you --


JORDAN: You have opined on a lot of things, Dr. Fauci.

FAUCI: Yes, but I've never said something --


JORDAN: This is something that directly impacts the spread of the virus and I'm asking your position on the protest.

FAUCI: Yes. I said crowds. I didn't say specifically. I didn't say protests do anything --


JORDAN: So, the protests don't increase the spread of the virus?

FAUCI: I didn't say that. You're putting words in my mouth.


COMPAGNO: Jesse, I'd like to start with you. So, in rooting against Trump, are we seeing Democrats here blurring the lines between cheering on his perceived administration's failure and cheering on the virus?

WATTERS: Well, I think that's a perception among some people but man, Fauci had a tough stretch. I mean, first the wild first pitch then getting grilled by Jim Jordan. I would not want to be getting grilled by Jim Jordan. That guy is tenacious. I think he proved a pretty solid point that listen, we know Fauci is a Democrat. We know he's a very smart guy and he's doing the best he can. But he seems like he's playing favorites sometimes.

You're like, why can't he just call it a protest? Why rhetorically does he have to make the distinction that it's just a crowd? Because going to church and protesting is still covered under the first amendment. They should be treated equally. And he has opined on a number of things.

Dating. He has opined on sports reopening, schools reopening, travel, businesses. He has done a lot of opining and then for him to not want to opine on Black Lives Matter protests just seems like, I just don't know whether he's calling balls and strikes. That's my point. But the fact that Fauci --



WATTERS: -- is a political pinata at this point makes me feel like things are getting back to normal a little bit. At least we can all hope.

COMPAGNO: Dana, were you going to say something?

PERINO: Yes. So, we started this segment by saying that Fauci wouldn't take the Democrats' bait to diss the Trump administration and in fact praised the Trump administration's coronavirus response. But then he doesn't take the bait with Jim Jordan and then that's not good.

I think that the point he was making is that he is just not taking the bait. He's trying to be professional. He knew he was going to get baited into talking about protests and he didn't want to. He talked about -- so he was trying to make a distinction about crowds so that he can maintain his credibility as the public health person across the board.

Now if I were the Republicans, if I have the headline that Fauci, Redfield, and Giroir all say and praised the Trump coronavirus response, I would leave it at that because that would be the headline that I would've wanted. So leave this hearing with because that's what, you know, that's what the Democrats didn't want. The Democrats called the hearing and they got the headline they didn't want to. I would have just left it at that.

COMPAGNO: So, Greg, taking that a step further then, this was supposed to be a solutions focused hearing, right, and then as always it devolves into a partisan exercise. Is this just going to get worse as we head toward the general election?

GUTFELD: Well, first, I would like to apologize to Dana Perino for making that my little pony reference to her shirt. I realize that it's more like an -- I realize that it's more like an advertisement for fruit stripes gum.

PERINO: Good one. Good one.

GUTFELD: That's why I only wear black. You know, a fruit stripe is the best gum ever and I don't even know if they make it anymore.

All right, focus. He was talking about solutions and this is the thing I hate about hearings. We've been hearing out right now. I always wonder if we didn't televise the hearings, would all of these people actually get stuff done? Because what happens is it seems like they are all auditioning to be on a cable talk show.

They are like, I am going to really zing this guy and make him look stupid and then I'm going to have a really funny joke. And remember that woman that came up with that horrible joke about Barron Trump. It's because she knew she was on TV.

And so, what TV does is it turns into this hyper drama and you actually don't hear about solutions. And I keep, I said this yesterday in a pleading thought. There's a lot of stuff that's staying open. You're talking about places like Lowe's but you're also talking about day care centers.

So why can't we get data on illnesses or spread of illnesses from those places and see how effectively they keep people safe, especially day care centers because you don't hear, you don't hear a lot about that. And I'm really curious. We could get a lot of really innovative ideas and get them out there to the classrooms and that would be a good thing. Especially for a kid who likes to wear colorful sweaters.

COMPAGNO: So, Juan, taking a couple points that Dana just made, is it possible for Democrats to acknowledge where this administration has succeeded in their response. Like for example, we know that Joe Biden came out and talked about four things he would do differently and this administration had actually worked on all four of those things.

So there seems to be a disconnect between that acknowledgment and what's coming out of Democrats mouths and certainly what we saw today in the hearing.

WILLIAMS: I think I must have heard Joe Biden a little differently, Emily. I think he was pretty clear on steps that he would've taken, including, you know, making sure that the hospitals had all the equipment they needed. Being much more aggressive about tracing, and they're like, early on and not downplaying the severity of the virus.

So, I think that's what Joe Biden said. And I think it's clear. It's like two-thirds of Americans now disapprove of President Trump's handling. But the question I think on the table is about protests and Fauci. And so, I was thinking about this.

What strikes me is this. That in a state like Florida where the president is today, we've seen Florida today set a record in terms of COVID deaths. A single day record. They didn't have the big protests. Places like New York, Chicago, L.A. had big protests. D.C. here where I live.

And guess what, within the 14-day expanse of time when people say you're going to see an uptick in the virus, it didn't happen. But now we're seeing outbreaks in places where there wasn't a lot of protesting over black lives matter. And I think it's kind of, old-school at this point saying, yes, the protests were going to be the problem. That hasn't proven to be the problem. That's a fact at this point.

WATTERS: Can I just say one thing?


COMPAGNO: But we did --

WATTERS: I want to just mention something that Juan said. If Joe Biden said he would've gotten the PPE to the hospitals faster, was that PPE coming from the stockpile that he left empty with Barack Obama? Was that the PPE that he left --


WILLIAMS: He didn't --

WATTERS: -- let go offshore to China and do nothing about?

WILLIAMS: You know, you are so wrong.

WATTERS: I just don't understand how he was going to get that PPE --

WILLIAMS: You're so wrong, Jesse.

WATTERS: -- to the hospitals faster.

WILLIAMS: Jesse, this is like -- Jesse, this reminds me of Trump, the Trump administration saying, the Obama administration --


COMPAGNO: Sorry, guys, we have --

WILLIAMS: -- left the cupboards bare. There was no report, no plan for dealing and in fact it was right in front of them.


WATTERS: We'll fact check you after the break, Juan.

COMPAGNO: All right, we have to go, you guys unfortunately. And just, Juan, to your point, remember however a whole burst of national guardsmen were infected with the coronavirus. And for Portland, they are still on day 60 of protesting so I don't think we know quite yet what those ramifications are.

All right, moving on, coming up, exclusive new documents detailing alleged abuse by Jeffrey Epstein's former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. Details next.


WATTERS: New bombshell documents detailing alleged sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein's former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. The records are from a 2015 lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre against Maxwell. They claim Maxwell abused many young girls on Epstein's private island. The documents also mentioned Bill Clinton.

Giuffre says she saw the former president on Epstein's island with Maxwell and, quote, "two young girls." But did not accuse him of any wrongdoing. A spokesperson for Clinton says it's a lie and he has never been to the island.

All right. Just before we get to everything, we have a fact-check for Juan. USA Today, the Obama administration deplete the federal stockpile of N95 masks. Fact-check, true. Also, Washington State and Oregon --

WILLIAMS: Get out of here.

WATTERS: -- got spikes in cases. All right. So, Juan, I want to ask you about Bill Clinton because this is now the second person --

(CROSSTALK) WILLIAMS: hey, Jesse, Jesse, no, wait a second. Jesse, you say things like that and then you just run on like it's true. Jesse, you didn't see a spike in the 14 days after the protests.


WILLIAMS: And guess what, and guess what. no, I'm just telling you, it's the truth, no spike in those states after big protests.


WATTERS: OK. People can look it up on the internet.

WILLIAMS: And then secondly, there was a tremendous preparation by the Obama administration --

WATTERS: All right.

WILLIAMS: -- made available to the Trump administration.

WATTERS: Let's go, Juan. You are wrong. All right. So, Bill Clinton on Epstein island allegedly being accused of a sex trafficking victim, being on Epstein islands. He denies it. The second person that fingers him as being there. Does that concern you?

WILLIAMS: Concerned me? Well, I think that a lot of people have to answer questions about what happened with Jeffrey Epstein, including two presidents. But in the Clinton case, I just recently watched that Netflix documentary and they have somebody who was there who says he saw Clinton on that island.

So, I think it's not just Clinton. It's not just Trump. I think a lot of people including a lot of the law enforcement, the prosecutors in Florida, I think they have a lot, a lot to answer for.

Now I will say this on a positive note, Jesse, that I think that this discovery process and the prosecution is hopefully a step in the direction of giving the victims some sense of justice. Because I think as we get involved with all the gossip about the celebrities and the powerful elite men who avoid justice, we shouldn't lose focus on these young women who were abused.

WATTERS: I agree with that. That's the most important thing. All right, Greg, what do you think of the new revelations from the deposition?

GUTFELD: Well, first of all, I would like to apologize for saying that Dana's sweater will look like an ad for Fruit Stripe Gum. It's actually the sweater that Marcia Brady wore boy when she ran against Greg Brady for student body president. All right, so --

PERINO: Did she win?

GUTFELD: Let's talk about Bill Clinton. By the way -- I think she -- I think she win or it was a tie. I can't remember. But let's stick to the facts, OK. Let's stick to the facts, Dana. And the facts is Trump was never on this island, so I don't know why Juan keeps bringing in up Trump, but that's fine. So, Bill Clinton claims he was not on the island, but he's identified as being there. And if there's one thing we know about Bill Clinton, he never ever lies about sex. So I think we can trust him.

Now the question is, if you ask Bill Clinton, is Bill Clinton guilty? He's going to say it depends on what your definition of is-is. And here's where you get to the point. You can't spell island without I-S.

WATTERS: Greg, that is airtight legal jujitsu right there. Emily --

GUTFELD: Thank you.

WATTERS: You know, this is a -- this is a discovery process that I think is just in the beginning is more and more records are unsealed, a lot of redactions in this deposition. What do you make of today's news?

COMPAGNO: I would like to clarify for viewers that this is from discovery and depositions from a 2018 defamation case by Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell, right. She came out publicly and essentially said Ghislaine Maxwell, by shaming me in public, you have defamed me, so this is all from that.

So, this isn't new, this is just new to us. It's also from the investigation by federal investigators in the 2008 mild plea result from that federal investigation in Florida. So, what we're seeing now is the fruits of the judge in that -- in that case, saying it's public interest to see all of this information.

Ghislain's team tried real hard to keep this under wraps. They also are arguing and trying for the release -- the public release of all of the victim's names, which should serve -- which should serve no public purpose other than for them to continue embarking on this victim shaming ordeal.

So, I'd like yours to keep that all in mind because this -- oh, and by the way, a lot of that is what the current investigation that resulted in criminal charges was based on. So it's not like this is new now, it's just new to us, but it's all troubling. And remember, power is money. We should all care regardless of party about taking down anyone who participated in an international sex trafficking ring.

WATTERS: Yes, we should follow the truth wherever it leads. Dana, I mean, Marsha, Dana Perino, let's finish this segment up.

PERINO: I got to say, I thought Fruit Stripe Gum was excellent, Marcia Brady even better. I hope he has something planned for the next round. I would just mention one thing. Even though this is from 2018, it did give us some new information or a contradiction. Recently, Ghislaine Maxwell had said it had been over a decade since she had spoken to Epstein. In this -- in these documents that were revealed, there's an e-mail between Maxwell and Epstein from 2015.

So the prosecutors perhaps knowing that that was there, and then going in to arrest her, knew that they had something. So perhaps having caught her possibly in a lie, she'll be more likely to cooperate.

WATTERS: All right, stick around. The "FASTEST SEVEN" is up next on THE FIVE.


PERINO: Well, welcome back. It's time for the "FASTEST SEVEN." First up, Taylor Swift's new album Folklore to smash hit because of songs like this.


TAYLOR SWIFT, SINGER: A friend to all is a friend to none. Chase two girls, lose the one. When you are young, they assume you know nothing.


PERINO: But not everyone loves the record as much as the Swifties would like. Some of her super fans released a music critics address online and threatened to burn down her house for only giving the album an eight out of 10. I want to make it very clear I gave it a 10 out of 10.

Greg, her fans need to get a copy of your book, The Plus. Putting people's personal information on the internet is not being a plus.

GUTFELD: No. And I realized that I wasn't being a plus, Dana, so I would like to apologize for saying your sweater -- saying that your sweater used to belong to Marcia Brady when she conceded the election to Greg Brady. I finally realized why you wear that sweater. It's so nobody notices when you're eating a rainbow lollipop on the show.

PERINO: I do love those. I do love those.

GUTFELD: So, maybe we can't be winners. We all can't be winners.

PERINO: Jesse -- we can't all be winners. Jesse, do your daughter's love listening to Taylor Swift?

WATTERS: They do, but I want to stick up for something. I want to stick up for eight out of 10. Eight out of 10 for some people is really good. You know, eight out of 10 in school might get it -- put up on the fridge. So, let's just be honest about eight out of 10, not showing off, but not falling behind.

PERINO: Look, you know, eight out of 10 for an album that you wrote in four months, Juan, that's pretty good.

WILLIAMS: I agree. What would that be? That'd be like an 80 in high school. That's B, right, so I mean, that's pretty good. And I don't think Taylor Swift's fans are disappointed. But you know, again, you know not to be heavy about this, but his is social media at its worst, you know, doxing people and the like. I just think this is kind of behavior that wouldn't take place if it was in-person. This is people thinking, you know what, I'm anonymous. I'm just going to, you know, be mean spirited, embarrass somebody. I just -- this is the worst of social media.

PERINO: And I'm assuming, Emily, that critic has no legal recourse here. I mean, once her address is out, it's out.

COMPAGNO: Right, and I mean, how would she pin it on the masses? I do have to stick up for you, Dana. I love your sweater. It looks fantastic. And Greg loves it too. This is his way of showing you. Final point, her piano when that video totally looks like The Goonies piano, you know, where they play the bones glowing and stuff.


PERINO: It's pretty cool. It's pretty cool. All right, I think we have time for another one. Up next, most bars and clubs are closed because of the pandemic, you know that but Americans are still getting their groove on at home. Three in five, they have they have thrown a lockdown dance party. So I want to know what is THE FIVE's ultimate dance playlist. Juan, I have to assume you have one off the top of your head.

WILLIAMS: Well, I remember when Raffi, my youngest, was a kid he just loves to play You Can Call Me Al. Remember that Paul Simon song? And my grandkids now, they like Happy, you know that I feel so happy, you know, that Pharrell William song.


WILLIAMS: But for more of the adult stuff, I think it would be more like you know, Groove is in the Heart. You know, that kind of thing. You know, maybe some Funkadelic. You know, that kind of thing.

PERINO: It's pretty good. I mean, I'm impressed that you prepared for this segment. Emily, you have to have some off the top of your head too.

PERINO: Anything by Whitney Houston or Janet Jackson.

PERINO: OK. It's pretty good. Jesse Watters, are you guys dancing there in Lower Manhattan?

WATTERS: Yes, yes, I listened to Hot Girls Summer and I Want To Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston, and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Those are my -- that's on my playlist.

PERINO: It's very good.

WATTERS: Anything -- my playlist is better than Greg's playlist. That's all I know.

PERINO: This is probably true. I might give Greg's playlist and eight out of 10. Greg?

GUTFELD: No, that's too high.

GUTFELD: When I dance, I only dance to Norwegian death metal. And I urge everybody watching this show to go to YouTube and just type in Norwegian death metal and to see what comes up. And I think it'll lighten and brighten your day.

COMPAGNO: Isn't it that --


PERINO: All right, I got one more. So apparently, doing the dishes loads Americans up with a lot of anxiety. A new study finds the average household has 217 fights a year over who should clean up after dinner. We don't have a fight about who should clean up after dinner, but you know, Peter thinks I don't load the dishwasher correctly. So, my solution, Emily, has been I don't load it at all.

COMPAGNO: Exactly. That's as you should not. I like it. We have whoever cooks, the other person does the dishes, which I think is a good thing.

PERINO: That's a good system. Jesse, I know that Emma's been cooking a lot. Are you doing the dishes?

WATTERS: I do. Emily and I have the same system. So, I'm mostly doing the dishes because I'm not cooking as much. But to solve the problem, paper plates people, paper plates.

PERINO: That's not very good for the environment though, every time. They're good for once in a while.

WATTERS: All right, I thought I had a good point there.

PERINO: Juan Williams, Juan, you've been married for the longest. Do you still have fights over dishwashers?

WILLIAMS: Oh, yes. Because you know, I put things in the sink and then I'm told why did I put them in the dishwasher? Look, I don't know if my wife is watching, but I have to admit, she's right most of the time about this. I'm just -- I don't know. I should do better.

WATTERS: Yes, Juan, in the dishwasher. You can't just leave it in the sink. Come on.

WILLIAMS: Well, then she thinks I didn't put it in the sink properly.

PERINO: And Greg, people are having 217 -- Greg, if you think about it, if people are having 217 fights a year about dishwashing, they also need to buy your book The Plus.

GUTFELD: That is so true. Did I tell you what happened on my first firearm instruction, when the firearm instructor came over to my house to teach me how to fire my tactical shotgun? Elena was so upset because she knows that I can't load the dishwasher. So she's just sitting there watching me and she -- and she's just shaking and the guy's like, what's wrong? She goes on I'm not against owning guns. I'm against Greg owning guns because he is a klutz. He's an absolute -- and she was like, I don't I don't load the dishwasher, but I am learning to load a gun and I'm doing it really, really well. You should come see me shoot.

PERINO: And I'm sure -- I'm sure you are doing everything correctly. All right, don't go anywhere, "FAN MAIL FRIDAY," it's up next.


GUTFELD: Yes, President Trump now speaking.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: -- approaching the Florida coast. The storm has already passed through Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and I've approved emergency declarations for both of those areas. FEMA is closely coordinating with Florida with your governor who happens to be on my right. Good job, by the way, Ron, you're doing a great job.

And we're in constant contact with Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and anybody else that may have a problem. But we think it's going to be, it's going to work out very well. We have FEMA all set to go in some of those states. They're already there.

I asked all of those in the path of the storm to follow the guidance of your state, local, and tribal officials. My administration will be here for you every single step of the way. We've done everything we can do. And now we're just waiting for the storm. And I guess it's right behind me. It's following me.

We're grateful to be joined by Health and Human Services Secretary is doing a fantastic job on COVID or whatever you want to call it. There are many different names. All we know is it came from China and they shouldn't have let it happen. But Alex Azar is here. Thank you, Alex, very much. Governor Ron DeSantis is doing a fantastic job. Thank you.

Previous governor and now Senator Rick Scott. He's representing Florida very well in Washington. And I just spoke with Marco Rubio, and likewise, he's doing a great job and he sends his regards. State Senator Wilton Simpson, thank you very much, Senator. Great job you're doing. State Representative Daniel Perez, Daniel, thank you, Daniel, very much.

Pinellas County Commissioner Kathleen Peters. Hi, Kathleen, thanks very much. And CEO of Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida, Justin Senior. Thank you. Thank you, Justin, very much, very much for being here.

So, we continue to take very aggressive action to combat the virus in Florida. And your state officials are amazing. They've been working so hard. The rate of positive cases in Florida has now declined. It's declining and hospitalizations are declining in most places and pretty steadily, and we think there's going to be a big decline starting very soon.

There's currently over 21 percent inpatient hospital bed capacity available. So, there's plenty of bed capacity, and over 16 percent ICU capacity available, and some of that's going to be emptying out as people get better, they do get better and they get better pretty fast. Statewide, we're providing additional resources and personnel to help save lives. We remain concerned about Florida about Miami and in a certain area of Miami in particular, but local officials are working very hard. And we think we have that one in the right step also.

The test positivity rate has declined over the last week, and in some cases, very substantially as hospitalization levels. But we must further reduce the spread and that's what we're doing. We're working closely with health officials on the ground to support this effort. The single best way to defeat the disease is personal responsibility. You've heard me say it you've heard a lot of people say it actually.

I urge all Americans to protect the elderly. The fact is you have to do the social distancing thing. It's very important to socially distance. Wear a mask when you cannot avoid crowded places or socially distance, and wash your hands as often as possible. Almost half of all deaths nationwide have been in nursing homes and assisted living centers. And I have to say, the state of Florida with regard to the nursing homes, has done an incredible job, really an incredible job.

They watch what was happening in some places, even beyond their own country, the other countries, they were seeing what was happening with the elderly, and particularly in nursing homes. And Ron, you've done a great job in that. I appreciate it.

I have to say that there's been a big surge of the China virus in other countries, very big countries that we thought we -- they were doing a good job, and they were. They were doing a great job in some cases. But big headline in the Wall Street Journal just yesterday and an editorial that, all of a sudden, they started to surge. So, countries that we thought were doing great turned out to have difficulty, big difficulty. I won't name the countries but you know them. There are a lot of them actually.

The average age of those who succumb to the virus is 78 years old. We're also closely monitoring the situation in Latin America and its impact in the United States. Latin America has more confirmed cases than anywhere else in the world, actually substantially more and having a hard time.

We've sent many ventilators to Latin America. We've said many ventilators to different countries in Europe, Africa, and all over the world. We're making thousands of ventilators now a month. We started off with essentially very little, and we become a ventilator manufacturer, so to speak, and we're helping a lot of -- a lot of countries.

We've sent them to France, we've sent them to Italy, a lot to Italy, we sent him to Mexico, we send him to Russia. Moscow is having a tremendous problem. And we sent them to a lot of different countries, many. And we have a full supply in our country. The amazing thing is we started with very few and not one person that needed a ventilator did not get a ventilator. So that's a pretty amazing statistic.

We have nearly 1,400 federal personnel on the ground already in Florida, including personnel supporting nursing homes. We have doctors, military doctors, they're incredible and very talented people. And frankly, they're very brave people, but they're all over the state helping with your medical folks. And Ron asked if we could get some extra people here. We did it immediately.

In the last week, we've opened five new surge testing sites in Florida, in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach, Pompano Beach and two in Miami. We're sending rapid test kits to 701 Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing homes in the state. We've also sent multiple shipments of protective equipment to all of the nursing homes.

And as I said on ventilators, I can also talk about in Florida in Miami, they have everything they need. They have -- they don't need any. We've sent a lot. They don't need any. Testing wise we've tested almost 60 million people throughout the country, which is about six times more than any other country, close to six times more than any other country.

We have -- if you look at India, they're at 11 million. We're going to be at over 60 million. So they've done a tremendous job in testing considering we started off with very little. It was an unknown disease and it was an unknown test. FEMA, HHS and the private sector have delivered more than 10 million N95 masks, 43 million surgical mask, 19.7 million gowns, and 1.3 billion medical gloves to Florida, 1.3 billion gloves, Ron.

We've secured 90 percent of the world's supply of Remdesivir which has been very, very successful and have sent to over 143 vials to Florida hospitals. That's really something that's very special and we're working on very hard. Operation Warp Speed today, we reached a $2 billion agreement with Sanofi and GSX to conduct clinical trials and mass-produce 100 million doses of vaccine.

What we've done is rather incredible, I have to say. We have many companies, great companies, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Pfizer. Many companies are very close to getting the vaccine. We think it's going to be in a very short time from now. And we're set with our military to deliver the vaccine.

We have a tremendous military delivery service and that we'll be doing it. It's called logistics and they will be taking the vaccine and bringing it all over the country. And I'm sure it will be supplying it beyond our country also, but we're going to have it very soon. We're also having tremendous work done on other treatments other than vaccines. So, we have a lot of -- a lot of great things in the pipeline. I think things that are going to be really spectacular.

I'm very excited about therapeutics because therapeutically I think we have answers that are really looking good. In fact, if I had my choice, I probably initially maybe you go with the therapeutics because you walk into the hospital, they get a shot, or they do a transfusion, depending on the company and the -- and what they're doing, and a short time later, just people get better. So we're looking at that very, very strongly.

I just want to thank Rick and Ron and everybody. They've done really a fantastic job. We've worked together so long and so hard. And this is something that came upon us. It should have never happened, but it came upon us. And there's been great bravery from our doctors and our nurses, our frontline people. And we're very proud of what's happening and we'll get rid of it. We'll beat it and it'll be soon.

We want to get our schools open. We want to get our businesses open. Much of the country is open. We've set records on number of employees and hiring. And employment basically, if you look at the number, I think last month was the highest number ever hired in one month. And the month before that, we broke that record. So, from that standpoint, we've done well. Retail sales set a record last month.

So, we're doing really record increase, so we're doing really well. And I think this will end hopefully very soon, but we're fighting hard, and we're fighting smart. And I'd like to ask your governor to say a few words. Please, Ron.

GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): Thank you, Mr. President. Welcome back to Florida. Thanks for all your support. We are monitoring very closely the track of Hurricane Isaias. This is both the 11:00 a.m. and the 5:00 p.m. advisories from National Hurricane Center, tacked it a little bit closer to the Florida coast.

I think it's pretty clear we will get at a minimum tropical storm force wind impacts, likely hurricane force wind impacts. We don't know for sure whether the eye will actually in racked with the coast of Florida. We're looking actually probably northern part of Palm Beach County, maybe a little bit north of that is kind of where they're going. Obviously, we'll know more.

So, I would just urge Floridians just particularly if you're from Deerfield Beach up until the Brevard-Volusia area, you are under a hurricane watch. Make sure you have your plan. Make sure you have seven days of food and supplies and medicine. There could be some power outages. And it's an ongoing, very fluid situation.

As it does move west that's kind of weakening a tad. And if it strengthens, we think it may end up going further east. But just continue to listen to your local officials. We'll be providing updates multiple times a day throughout the weekend. And obviously, the federal government's been great helping. We did submit for landfall emergency declaration, so we look forward to that support.

And we also want to thank the administration for supporting us with the fight against COVID-19. Anytime we needed anything, you know, we would talk to the president, vice president and we would get it. So, when someone -- when we started to see the hospital admissions really pick up, the doctors were prescribing more Remdesivir.

So, we told them hey, you guys have been sending us enough for when we had very low census. Now that the census is higher, can we get more -- can we move up the shipments? And Alex was involved, the president, we got it up and so we've accelerated a number of weeks of shipments. So, they've been able to have the medications that they need.

I also thank -- you know, CDC put out I think important guidance last Friday that didn't really get much attention about people going back to work. A lot of employers in Florida had been -- had been demanding a negative PCR test in order to go back to work. CDC recommends against that now and I think that is exactly the right thing compared to what we've seen.

These PCR tests, you can test positive for 12 weeks. So, we have people that are not infectious, have no live virus, and they're getting a positive test 10 days, 20 days out. And so CDC recommends going to a symptom-based approach. We are -- we've put that out in the state of Florida to all the employers, the symptom-based approach really is the more effective approach. And I think that that will just help people be able to go.

If you're symptomatic and you test positive, obviously, you know, we're inferring live virus there, but the asymptomatic, you know, 12-week window, and we really don't know whether you're infectious or not. So, I think what we're going to be doing because of what you guys have just sent us additionally, the wait times on the labs, it's just gotten backed up. We're doing so many tests. Sometimes it takes seven to 10 days to get the results back.

So, what we're going to do is we've already focused on our symptomatic test takers, which are a minority of the people testing. We have agreements with labs to get a turnaround quicker. And then the federal government has sent us these point of care antigen tests. So we're going to have 1,250 of those a day. So, we're going to convert some of our bigger test sites into point of care antigen testing for symptomatic and elderly people probably in Miami Dade.

So, this way they go, they get the result in 15 minutes, which is good for them. And then it gets reported to the state.

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