Precocious conservative teen shifts left

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JONATHAN KROHN: You know, I'm very glad to be here again. And for the record, I'm not using any teleprompters today because they loaned them to President Obama.

I want the American people to understand that conservativism is not an ideology of feelings, romanticism as some people like to say. It is an ideology of protecting the people and the people's rights.




GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: He's taller than me.

Remember him? Jonathan Krohn, the amazing right-wing whiz kid? Yes, he made rounds like a carnival freak. He was the right-wing bearded lady, the conservative lizard boy, the free market dog baby -- dog face baby -- terms I confess I've heard before about myself. He was almost on "Red Eye" but I'd rather have a pygmy horse. Pygmy horses are cool, I'm living proof.

But who didn't see Krohn coming? He existed to validate the assumption of the left. A right-winger who finally opens his eyes, thus gaining strange new respect from the media.

But that's not real life. Normally, you start out idealistic, then you stumble into wisdom. It's why the "Occupy Wall Streeters" are young, but Tea Partiers aren't. That's why Krohn was so odd. I call it Krohn's disease. Justice John Roberts might have a case.

So, once you got past Krohn's novelty apparent rewarded with attention, you see that he's still kind of doing it now. He's entering his adolescent rebellion age, which along with Jack Carol (ph) with acne, generally that brings leftism. It's normal. It's not his fault, it's the right for being taken in by a ventriloquist dummy.

And really, it's been around forever. The precocious child oppressing adults through mimicry. You know, the sort of thing you grow out of.

The lesson here is, always, children should be seen and not heard and in rare cases abandoned in a forest. It worked for me.

Yes. He was actually -- you have to give him -- you had run-ins with him, right? He's a nice kid. You shouldn't be doing that when you're 13 or (INAUDIBLE). A nice kid, but you don't do that.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I bit hook, line and sinker on this guy. I hosted him (INAUDIBLE) on an Internet show we had. And all he wanted was to meet with Glenn Beck. So, I brought him down to meet Glenn Beck.

And I listened to a conversation about the Founding Fathers for half an hour and I'm like, wow, this kid is really smart. We all did. We got suckered by him.

But you know what, Greg? You point out acne and leftism.


BOLLING: Those things go away. Don't they?

GUTFELD: That's the thing, he did the reverse. Yes, they do go away. I still have acne.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I think he did this for girls.

GUTFELD: Actually, puberty trumps politics.

PERINO: Absolutely. And now, he's like OK, the cool -- it's not cool to be a conservative when you're 17. All the girls like me more if I'm --


GUTFELD: Yes, got to listen to Beck. Not Glenn Beck.

GUILFOYLE: Well, he gives in to the whole P.C. thing and now that he's older and 17, he wants to be liked by his peers and he fell into just the mainstream media and the dating world.

PERINO: Ten years, we'll do a where is he now segment?

GUTFELD: But, Bob, don't you think -- it's not healthy for a kid either way, whatever political ideology to get kind of into that. You end up becoming like a prop.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, first of all, if you want him back, we'll be happy to give him back to you.

GUILFOYLE: He is yours now.


BECKEL: But I will say this, having a 13-year-old address the major conservatives in America is about the intellectual level that they would need to understand.

And where this kid is -- I think Dana is right. He'd probably figured out I'm going to college. Nobody in college thinks it's cool to be conservative. So, I might as well be liberal.

Kid, let me just tell you something -- you're going to get it either way. So, don't worry about it.

GUTFELD: Here's the thing, you know what though --

GUILFOYLE: Bob, was that --

GUTFELD: -- he learned and conservatives have learned that if you want somebody to be immune from criticism, have a kid say it. (INAUDIBLE) to give him commercials. Have a kid talk about the Earth, you can't make fun of the Earth. You can't make fun of the kid because it's a little kid talking about how the Earth is in trouble. If you make fun of a kid, you're a bad person.

BOLLING: He's doomed. He will never come back, Greg. I saw an interview and he's quoting philosophers and going on and on.

You can be smart and you can read and you can read philosophy, but to quote like rambling off the top of your head 17 years old, he's done.


BOLLING: He might as well go with the "Occupy" movement.


BECKEL: When he's on with you, did he talk like (INAUDIBLE), too? He did? And you fell for it?

GUTFELD: It's good to read philosophy, though. I think it's more important to read philosophy than political --

BECKEL: Thirteen-year-old, you ought to read Playboy, you don't read philosophy.

GUTFELD: I can't remember half the things I say, I can't quote philosophy. I'm just saying it's healthier to read philosophers than it is to read -- yes, right-wing voice, and left-wing voice.

PERINO: One, he showed some aptitude to be a great speaker. Look, in our country, we love empty suits and great speakers.


BOLLING: I just now realized --

BECKEL: Let me repeat.

BOLLING: When you did that.


BOLLING: He is Urkel.


BECKEL: I'm telling you, don't mean to repeat myself, the kid ought to be reading Penthouse and Playboy at 13.

GUILFOYLE: Bob, that is not good advice.

BECKEL: Yes, it is. What's wrong with it? Some great stories.


GUTFELD: It is kind of a coincidence -- is it a coincidence that his attention, as the spots on Fox faded so did his politics? When nobody was calling, he became a liberal. That happens a lot.

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