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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So according to a BBC survey, if our election were held in other countries, the president would win in a landslide. The Brits question more than 21,000 folks in 21 countries and roughly 50 percent preferred Obama and only 9 percent favored Romney.

The French were Obama's strongest supporters, followed by Australians and, of course, his fellow Kenyans.

So why do places like France, want four more years? France is doing these days, I guess misery loves company.

So let's face it. Asking the world about who should run America is like asking children how much candy should cost. Not a reliable source of intelligent decision. The world somehow thinks weakened America is way better for them.

Quite the contrary, in America, that is respected, even feared and unencumbered by distractions lie child obesity and weepy activism keeps the world much safer. Plus, if I want a trusted opinion, I'd never use a BBC poll. I'd go to a different Pole, Lech Walesa, Nobel Prize winner who deserved it and former Polish president who endorsed Romney for president back in July.

So, whose opinion matters more, a man who helped kill communism and introduced free markets where there none? Or a snotty pile of British hacks? Looks like a Polish joke is on them.


ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: What does that number? Kenyans favor Obama over --

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: It went down.

GUTFELD: It went down actually.

PERINO: His favorability in Kenya has gone down. It's tragedy.

GUTFELD: But then again it could be because perhaps Mitt Romney was born in Kenya.


GUTFELD: We didn't figure that. We didn't figure that.

K.G., you're nodding. Do these results come as no surprise to you that the world loves our global citizen leader?

GUILFOYLE: Absolutely, because he bows to them, right? He is running for international president of the world. Which I think is a job perhaps that he is better suited for than commander-in-chief of these United States.

GUTFELD: He should be president of world, or perhaps the universe, or whatever is greater than the universe. I don't know what it is. I really didn't go to school.

Bob, are Europeans just that much smarter than us?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: No. But I think Obama was there at the Big Bang and that's why he is should be in charge of the world.

Look, I think you have to say when 21,000 people are poll, that's a pretty good sample size. And what it says simply is that people in Europe and Africa and in South America prefer to have Obama.

Now that -- what does that mean? It doesn't matter. This is our election. We're going to make that decision.

GUILFOYLE: He could be head of the U.N.

BECKEL: But the fact is, you have said that his foreign policy has collapsed, I can say exactly the opposite. I think it's gotten stronger and stronger. I think people reflect that in the polls.

GUILFOYLE: Be head of the U.N. They don't do anything either.

GUTFELD: I think I might have it in front somewhere.

BOLLING: I have the poll. It's not in this. I looked for it.

GUTFELD: You looked for it?

BOLLING: You know what I noticed?

GUILFOYLE: Which poll?

BOLLING: You know what they forgot? What country they forgot in the poll?


BOLLING: Israel.

PERINO: Well, that's not really a country according to them.

GUTFELD: How convenient. How convenient.

You know what? The funny thing is last week, we did a survey about kids. How kids favor, I think from Nickelodeon, they favored Obama. And now, you've got Europeans.

Does it seem to suggest that basically they're the same people? Children and Europeans?

PERINO: Here's how -- I don't care, because none of them can vote.

GUTFELD: Yes, that is true.

PERINO: I don't care.

GUILFOYLE: This is the child (INAUDIBLE).

GUTFELD: You think they should vote?

GUILFOYLE: Only my child.

BOLLING: Obama thinks Europeans should vote.

BECKEL: A lot of children vote.

GUILFOYLE: They do in school. They do mock elections in school.

BECKEL: A lot of children in broader sense of the world.

But I'm not so sure why, first of all, we don't know if Israel was excluded from this. I come back to the point that the poll from the head of the defense agencies in Israel said they had never had a stronger relationship with the United States than they have now. I would take his word for it over anything else.

PERINO: Yes, I'm not buying that.

BECKEL: You're not buying that?

PERINO: No. I'm not buying it at all.

BECKEL: He's lying?

PERINO: I would say President Carter had better relations -- anybody could say that.

GUTFELD: But this makes liberals feel good because liberal ideology is always there to impress Europeans. I mean, liberals want Americans to be like Europe.

BECKEL: Greg, I can't stand Europeans.

GUTFELD: I know, but you're an exception, Bob.

GUILFOYLE: We don't want socialism here, OK?

BOLLING: Poland, India, Peru, Mexico, South -- Indonesia prefers President Obama, surprisingly. But literally, they have to go to Israel.

GUTFELD: You know what? If dogs could vote --

PERINO: I'm sure the BBC was breathless when they reported it. You have can hear them with the glasses on the end of their nose sneering and sniding in the microphone, like ugh.

GUTFELD: You are married to a Brit!

PERINO: Who is now an American and for good reason!

BECKEL: You sound like Rush Limbaugh if he had a poll here.

GUILFOYLE: Sorry, Peter.

PERINO: Peter would agree with me.

GUILFOYLE: Yes. Actually, I like Peter's viewpoints.

GUTFELD: All right. Coming up, Clint Eastwood takes on the president again. This new ad hits him hard on the economy. And the president is stumping in five states today. Not sure what "stumping" means. We'll take a look at the unemployment numbers at every stop.

Also, I'd like to thank Victor for returning my mesh half-shirt.

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