Poll Results

And now the most riveting two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Poll Results

A new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll, as we noted earlier, shows the race a tie, with the president six points ahead in the critical battleground states. But the poll also shows that despite continued economic growth and the creation of more than a half-million jobs this year -- only 31 percent of Americans say the economy is getting better, compared with 44 percent who said that back in January.

In addition, more Americans also say John Kerry would do a better job in handling the situation in Iraq. At the same time, however, nearly half say it's a "bad" idea to change presidents during war. And 60 percent of Americans say they are more upset at the beheading of American Nick Berg than they are at the abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

Wasn't a Wedding?

The U.S. military is disputing reports that the Iraqi home it bombed yesterday at about 3 a.m. was hosting a wedding at the time rather than hiding foreign guerrillas, but you'd have a hard time knowing that from the international press.

Al-Jazeera says -- "Occupation bombs Iraq wedding party." The Pak Tribune, in Pakistan, says -- "U.S. Raid[s] Iraq wedding." The Scotsman says -- "Carelessness 'defies belief' in U.S. attack on Iraqi wedding." Agence France Presse says -- "Coalition under fire in Iraq for wedding strike." And Reuters UK says -- "Iraqis blame U.S. for wedding strike." Reuters in the U.S., however, says -- "Iraqis blame U.S. for wedding strike, despite denial."

Flag Flap?

Earlier this week an adviser to the U.S. Olympic team told athletes going to Athens this summer to refrain from waving the U.S. flag during medal ceremonies, insisting it -- "might be viewed as confrontational or insulting." But the U.S. Olympic committee wants to make it -- "absolutely clear" that's not its official position, insisting in a press release -- "we have not -- and will not -- instruct our athletes to refrain from waving the United States flag."

The committee, though, did say -- "We want our athletes to be champions who conduct themselves with class and, if it is the case, to lose with grace and dignity."

Weapon Worries

Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School in Fort Worth, Texas, has suspended one of its students for -- "transporting ... weapons in [his] vehicle" to school. School officials insist the weapon -- visible through the student's car window -- violated the school district's zero-tolerance policy. Thing is, the offending weapon was an eight-inch wooden baseball bat, which, the student says, broke off a trophy. According to the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram, school administrators are now considering even further punishment, including expulsion.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report