Politics and Mass Murder

Within minutes of the terrible killings at Virginia Tech, liberal activists were bringing up gun control and America haters were gloating about the decline of the USA.

Listen to this e-mail I received from Pam in who lives in Canada. I'm with holding her last name because I don't want her to be hassled. Says Pam, "The U.S. doesn't need to worry about terrorists. Your country will destroy itself from the inside out, and you will have no one to blame but yourself."

Now this is typical anti-American stuff. We're bad and everything that happens is our fault.

Mass murder in America is rare. And the murder rate in this country has been steadily dropping for 15 years. There are 300 million Americans and 90 percent of us are law abiding, good people. The other 10 percent cause harm. The ratio is the same for every other country on this earth.

The Virginia Tech killer was Korean, not American. I haven't seen any anti-Korean stuff around. I haven't seen much condemnation of the Muslim world either, which is where unbelievable violence takes place every day.No, it's the USA that's bad. And much of this anti-American stuff comes from within.

The anti gun crowd has hopped up today. Elements at NBC News, The New York Times, Rosie O'Donnell, the British press all screaming about how terrible the Second Amendment is. Funny, when Katrina hit, and armed bands of thugs terrorized innocent people in New Orleans who did not have guns, we heard nothing from the ban firearms crowd.

If ever there was an event that clarified why Americans are entitled to protect themselves, it was Hurricane Katrina. That being said, Virginia's gun laws are too lenient. Almost anyone can go to the Commonwealth and buy a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol. This Cho Seung-Hui maniac bought his guns legally.

But a crazy person bent on killing will find a way to get those weapons. No law in the world can guarantee public safety.

Sensible gun laws are need throughout the USA. And authorities should know who's buying, who's carrying and should place limits on firepower.

But the Second Amendment is there for a reason. In times of disaster, no government will be able to protect you. So you have a right to protect yourself.

If you think NBC News, The New York Times or Rosie O'Donnell care a fig about your safety, you're nuts.

Sensible gun laws? Absolutely. Assaulting the Second Amendment? Nonsense.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Our pal, actor Richard Gere was in India recently where he attended an AIDS awareness event. And at that event he kissed actress Shilpa Shetty. Wow.


But, this wasn't good. Because in India, public displays of affection can cause public displays of affection. And hundreds of protesters took to the streets to show their displeasure with Gere and Ms. Shetty.

Look at these people! They are really teed off about this little deal.


Well, the actress said she didn't know Gere was going to plant one, but she's not offended. Others, however, see it differently.

So Gere hightailed it out of India. He's now in Tibet, where hopefully he will not smooch up the abominable snowman. To do so might be ridiculous.