Politico: Newsmakers flock to Fox

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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: The far left-wing blog Politico ran a piece on the front page today, taking a cheap shot at us here at Fox, specifically our chairman, Mr. Roger Ailes. They claim that Republicans make it their business to swing by Fox.

OK. And your point the is what, Politico? Sure, GOPs come by Fox. Democrats are welcome here, too. News makers come by Fox because, well, they are news makers. Celebrities, heroes, athletes and, yes, politicians want to be most viewed cable news network on the planet.

Politico should rename themselves "Hypocritico." It couldn't be more far left if they tried. Listen to executive director Jim Vandehei admit their bias.


JIM VANDEHEI, POLITICO: If I had to guess, if you put all the reporters I've ever worked with on truth serum, most of them vote Democratic.


BOLLING: Nice job, Vandehei. Way to expose your left flank.

But if you looking for the ultimate in Politico hypocrisy, look no further to their chairman, Fred Ryan. Mr. Ryan runs the lefty web site while sitting on the board of the Ronald Reagan Library.

Mr. Ryan, please stop insulting us Reagan conservatives and step down from that board. Do the words conflict of interest mean anything to you?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Can I say something here? I thought that was one your best openings you've ever done. It almost looked -- almost rehearsed. It was calm, it was well done. I mean, that was very --

BOLLING: Thanks, Bob.

Dana, kind of strange story for Politico to run?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Well, I think with the limitless space of the Internet, a lot of things get written and you have to keep people busy somehow. So, they wrote this piece. I see it as really a non-news thing --

BOLLING: Are you --

PERINO: If you go to a major news outlet as a politician or a CEO and if -- what are you doing that for?


PERINO: If you are looking to meet -- of course, like you would, of course, want to meet the chairman of whoever that might be. I think it's kind strange.

Coming off the weekend of the White House Correspondents' Dinner, where everybody was falling out over themselves to get to meet everyone else, why wouldn't you want to meet the chairman of Fox News if you came here?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Dana, Dana, Dana --


GUTFELD: -- carrying water for FNC.

This is a huge scandal. News network executive meeting with news makers. I bet it was behind closed doors. It was a secret meeting behind closed doors. Whenever meetings are really boring they always say, it's secret, and then they say it's behind closed doors. That's how meetings are.

BECKEL: If I could jusy make a couple of points here. First of all, even little old me used to be called and vested by presidential candidates when I used to be a political consultant, managed a presidential race, I was involved with a couple of them, they come by and see Cuomo and Kerry, just to sort of -- not to get strategy, that is not why they come to see Ailes either because he doesn't have any strategy here.

But -- so, do they come and see former political advisers and they all go to see news executives. Now with Ailes you get a two-fer, right? So, I don't understand what the hell the point is here.

GUTFELD: I think this is Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism.

BOLLING: Ange, how many Democrats have you seen in the hallway every single day? But Politico, when you read that article, you don't hear anything about that.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: Well, it's a left-wing blog. I have firsthand experience working with some of the reporters, when I was on governor's race in New York City, when we're running against Eliot Spitzer. A lot of reporters that are today at Politico were in New York. They did not do the reporting that they should have done to check on his ethics, to see how Eliot Spitzer funded his campaign.

Now, we know what happened. But they weren't going to do the proper reporting. They were going to ignore the truth. And if it were any other politician, they would have written many stories about it. These reporters do not want to do the fair work they should do, extremely bias.

BECKEL: You are exactly right.

Spitzer had paid any attention, first of all, he insulted all of us in Washington, because we've got as good hookers as they got up here and he has been driving down there. I mean, come on.

No, but seriously -- I don't even understand why it's even a story.


PERINO: I think that's the point. Although if you look at the report, we're watching the John Edwards trial right now, it's unbelievable how bad the sources were by the media on the Edwards campaign. It seems like everybody else know that it was going on and it took the National Enquirer to break it.

Can I just say one other thing, if there were Democratic primary this year, you'd see a lot more Democrat candidates coming through here, just like the Republicans. And Roger Ailes is the bestselling author of "You Are the Message." If I were seeking of any sort of advice, I would definitely want to speak to him.

BECKEL: Just to make it clear, I almost blew this because I didn't know our position was was, we weren't supposed to say who he was. He has met with Democratic presidential candidates in the nominating process. He never gives out advice to either one of them, strategic advice, because that's smart not to do that.

PERINO: Right.

BOLLING: And also, by the way, if Nancy Pelosi wanted to come up and meet Mr. Ailes, I'm sure his door would be open and then closed and then they have a behind closed doors --


TANTAROS: I wonder if Politico would do a story about any other executives visiting the White House and their conference calls.

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