Playing with Far-Left Fire

Three more reasons for Democrats to stay far away from far-left fanatics: that's the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Reason one: whether you agree with his politics or not, Senator John McCain is a patriot, a man who suffered torture for six years at the hands of Jane Fonda's friends, the North Vietnamese. Since that time, McCain has devoted himself to public service. Yet some students at the ultra-liberal New School insulted and heckled Senator McCain when he spoke to them at their graduation. These students apparently believe the Senator is a bad person while they are good, so they try to demean him. The result was shame upon the New School as most Americans understand these students have done little or nothing for their country and their actions are deplorable. Yet this exposition is standard procedure for the far left which tolerates no dissent.

Reason number two: the ombudsman for NPR recently lashed out at two dishonest far-left Web sites, mediamatters and thinkprogress for urging their readers to complain to the National Public Radio because some of their contributors appear here on the FOX News Channel. Jeffrey Dvorkin wrote, "The blogs encouraged people to complain to NPR and hundreds did, many did with a surprising level of rancor and vituperation which was shockingly intense even in these times of take no prisoners and shoot-the-wounded political debate." The ombudsman has now learned firsthand just how vicious the far left blogs are. All decent Americans should reject these haters.

And finally, I made a mistake the other day trying to have a civil conversation with Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, a committed member of the far left. I should have known better. But I felt sorry for the woman because of the death threats against her — I get that stuff and I know how disturbing it is. So when I saw Ms. Maines at a Time magazine event, I complimented her on her performance that evening and we chatted for a minute or two. Yesterday, Natalie's version of the conversation appeared in The New York Times: "It's like, just want to say that was great O'Reilly says. We really respect what you did. We really respect that you stood up for yourself and blah, blah, blah." Apparently, Ms. Maines also described me as despicable.

So much for a polite discourse. Anyway, let me put this in words even Natalie Maines can understand, because I don't think she will be holding a geopolitical seminar any time soon: It's like, Natalie, I said I respected your right to say what you want not like I respect what you said. That would be impossible! Because no one has any idea why you dislike President Bush or what your view of the world like really is, OK? Whatever.

Truth be told, I'm as dense as Ms. Maines. After I complimented George Clooney on his movie last October, he also trashed me in the press. Did I learn my lesson? Like, no. So I hope the Democrats and independents do. Stay clear of the far-left fanatics. They are a bitter crew and are not looking out for you or anyone else who doesn't share their foolish view of the world.

And that's "The Memo" or whatever.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you may know, I have criticized University of Oregon president Dave Frohnmayer for allowing hate speech on his campus. A student publication printed vile pictures of Jesus and hate tracts against Christianity. The publication operates on university property and receives student funding. I said this is unacceptable.

Well, predictably, the left-wing press in Oregon has sided with Frohnmayer, who has compared me to a frog. The Eugene newspaper says that's an insult to frogs everywhere, which may be true.

Anyway, I am praying for a miracle here. I am asking God to deliver one, just one American newspaper that would say, "You know, Bill is right. Hate speech should be unacceptable on campus when it's funded by students, most of whom disapprove of such speech. O'Reilly really has the right take on this one. All universities have a right to enforce standards of behavior."

Again, I am praying for a miracle. To do otherwise, would be ridiculous.

Think you're going to see that in any newspaper in this country?