Planned Parenthood under investigation

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O'REILLY: The Factor follow-up segment tonight. The state of Arizona investigating Planned Parenthood for failing to report a possible rape of an underage girl, and (inaudible) plan parenthood is under fire for inappropriate and perhaps criminal conduct towards minor. Recently, a live action group which opposes Planned Parenthood did another undercover sting this time in Minnesota. A young woman telling Planned Parenthood she was 15 years old and asking for advice concerning a boyfriend. A viewer warning some of the tape you are going to see and hear is graphic. Roll it.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it just depends on what it is you are looking for a horse whip I wouldn't recommend it. I mean it kind of depends what it is you are looking for. There are probably a lot of things out there I don't know about. I know, for example, patients will sometimes come in with rope burns or markings on their breasts from like clamps. If it's consensual, it's OK.


O'REILLY: It's not OK. Joining us now from Phoenix, Kristen Waggoner, Senior Vice President with the Alliance Defending Freedom Organization which has filed a complaint against Planned Parenthood in Arizona. So, I understand today there was a pre-trial hearing for a man named Tyler Cost 18 years old who is involved with the statutory rape situation and Planned Parenthood. Pick up the story from there.

KRISTEN WAGGONER, ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM: Well Mr. Cost has been indicted on 30 different counts of sexual assault ranging with women who are under 15 years of age and also under up to -- under 18 years of age. One of those counts, there have been 13 victims. One of those counts is a woman who reported her rape to it Planned Parenthood. And we filed a formal complaint on behalf of Alliance Defending Freedom to have the State of Arizona formally investigate this immediately investigate Planned Parenthood because every girl deserves to be protected. And what the allegations have shown is that Planned Parenthood actually told this mother and the rape victim that it wasn't worth the hassle of reporting her rape to authorities.

O'REILLY: How old was this girl who is pregnant?

WAGGONER: She was 14 years of --excuse me, 14 years of age.

O'REILLY: All right, 14 years of age. She went to Planned Parenthood with her mother. She did have an abortion subsequently, correct?


O'REILLY: OK. And Planned Parenthood provided the abortion services but would not tell, according to you and the allegation, would not tell state authorities that this girl of 14 had been raped by this Taylor Cost at 18, that's against the law. There is a Romeo, Juliet exception in Arizona which means two year difference between the man, the girl and the boy, they don't prosecute. But this is way beyond that. Now, Planned Parenthood, what do they say? Do they deny it? What do they say?

WAGGONER: Ambiguous statement saying that of course they would comply with the law, but actions speak louder than words here. What we know is that this young woman and her mother reported the rape to Planned Parenthood. The sheriff has that in his official report. And that they did not report it to authorities. And that Mr.

O'REILLY: If you have that kind of evidence, that you have it all, then Planned Parenthood is guilty. What will happen then? Will a counselor be prosecuted for Planned Parenthood? Will they be shut down? What's the result of all of this?

WAGGONER: We are asking that state authorities get to the bottom of this. Get to the truth of it because what's an important piece of this is that Mr. Cost went out and victimized several young girls after Planned Parenthood had notice of the rape. So, we want the truth to come out first and foremost, but we want Planned Parenthood to have accountable and those clinics that have violated the law they need to be shut down because this is not about a profit motive it shouldn't be putting a buck ahead of a young girl's health and safety.


O'REILLY: As you said this is a serial, he is charged with serial sex crimes and he could have been stopped if Planned Parenthood had obeyed the law. But I'm just wondering, I know the attorney general for Arizona is investigating because we talked to his office. He is on it. But I'm wondering whether they will actually file charges which is very rare against Planned Parenthood? As you know on this program, tape after tape after tape, all over the country shows these Planned Parenthood counselors talking to minors in inappropriate ways sometimes illegal activities sometimes that they shouldn't be directed to, but nothing seems to happen to them Planned Parenthood.

WAGGONER: Right, and that's one of the things that significant about this is that nothing was happening until we, along with our friends at the Center for Arizona Policy put out a press release and then did a press conference to highlight this issue. So, the tragedy of this situation is that we would even need a child abuse reporting law to cover Planned Parenthood because you would think they would be concerned about the health and safety of women. But, instead, they are concerned about widening their profit margins as much as possible.

O'REILLY: All right, Ms. Wagoner, we are going to follow the case and we appreciate your time today.

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