Perfect Storm of Illegal Immigration Merging with Child Molestation

In northern Wisconsin, 25-year-old Paulo Sheispan-Landero, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, is charged with first degree sexual assault on a child under 13 — a felony which would fall under Wisconsin's Jessica's Law.

According to the criminal complaint the man on three separate occasions molested a 12-year-old girl with his hands. The complaining witnesses are the girl herself and her mother, who was dating Landero.

Now Landero has two previous convictions, one for battery, and apparently was deported to Mexico. But the mother says he was back in Wisconsin about a week after that deportation.

So, let's recap: Criminal illegal alien who has already been deported is now charged with a felony sexual assault on a child. He is in big trouble right?

Not so fast.

When Landero stood before court commissioner Lawrence Gazeley he must have been stunned when he was allowed to walk out of the court after posting $5,000 bond — 5,000 bucks for a guy facing 25 years and who has a home in Mexico. Can you believe this?

Well, we called Mr. Gazeley. He would not comment. He is hiding under his desk. That is the usual routine. The judge in this case is William Atkinson. We called him he wouldn't comment either.

This incredible tale illustrates two important things:

First, our southern border remains a joke. Anybody can walk in here. And if they commit crimes they're often not dealt with harshly. And second, there are many in law enforcement who don't see sexual assaults on children as serious crimes. No sane person grants a man charged with a felony assault on a 12-year-old girl $5,000 bond.

After reporting on the immigration chaos and child molestation epidemic for years I'm just about numb, ladies and gentlemen. We have made great strides with Jessica's Law, but there are far too many officials who are incompetent like this guy in Wisconsin.

On the illegal immigration front, we have made a little progress but not much. I believe the wall will never be funded by the Democratic Congress and the southern border will not be secured.

So, there will be many other Paulo Sheispan-Landeros to come. And our elected officials will continue to look the other way. Not a great message to start 2007, but the truth is the truth.

And that's the Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item

Soon after a bunch of people said they saw UFOs trying to land at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, which is impossible for just about anybody to do, something happened in the skies over Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

Incoming space debris is what the experts called it. This is real. This is real stuff. And people out west got an eye full of the fiery items entering America illegally. There was no permission granted.

And nobody was hurt. The debris apparently dissolves before it hits you in the head. However, a big chunk of something landed near Riverton, Wyoming. We hope it wasn't the Blob. Because if it was the Blob, it would be ridiculous.

"The Blob", Steve McQueen's first movie. Check it out.