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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: Have a good night. And I'm Laura Ingraham, this is “The Ingraham Angle” from Washington tonight. Coming up, the Left often digs up the worst parts of our nation's historical figures. Remember to strike them from the public square, but could Dr. Martin Luther King Junior be next for some of these people. I'll explain in a bit.

And an Obama alarm is sounding the alarm over 2020 election models showing a Trump victory. One of the President's pollsters is here to react. Plus, banned, blocked, and purged, social media is taking on conservatives and free speech. Now, one person is fighting back with a brand-new platform. He joins us exclusively, a lot of you want to know what to do and I'm going to give you an answer.

And also, yet another Women's Athletic Championship claimed by a transgendered athlete. And now some women's liberation groups are fighting back. The fierce debate later on in the hour. But first, the globalists are rebuked again. That's the focus of tonight's “Angle.”

The elites have never accepted the fact that populist conservatives and economic nationalists around the globe are on the rise. Here in the U.S. think about it, the deep state rose up against Trump during and after the election by using informants, the FISA court, surveillance powers and a special counsel investigation two years, $35 million to try to oust him from office. In the end, we're going to find out that the Obama DOJ did a lot more to hurt America than some pathetic Russian hackers ever could.

And ever since Trump was elected the global establishment has suffered from wishful thinking syndrome.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A huge blow to the wave of populism that helped sweep Donald Trump into office.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nationalism versus globalism. And in this case, the growing tide of populism appears to have receded.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No question, this was a big blow to what's being called no nothing populism.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can't look at this election in any other way, but to see it as a repudiation of Trump. (END VIDEO CLIP)

INGRAHAM: Whoops. How can so many people get paid to be so consistently wrong and they're supposed to be experts. Of course, you might have heard over the weekend, populist, nationalists made stunning gains in the EU elections especially in Britain.

Now, remember three years ago, Nigel Farage of the UKIP party forced a referendum where the voters chose to leave the European Union. The so- called Brexit. But ever since then the establishment parties have done everything in their power to slow things down or just to try to thwart the will of the people altogether.

And now, two prime ministers later, the people still don't have their independence from the bureaucrats in Brussels. Well, just six weeks ago, Farage came back out of retirement and founded the Brexit Party. And in a stunning rebuke of the old labor and conservative parties, it won nearly 32 percent of the vote and captured 29 seats in the European Parliament with the other parties basically obliterated.

It was the worst national election for Theresa May's Conservative party ever. Well, like the Trump victory back in 2016, Farage led an insurgent campaign and he stuck to his message. The UK wants out of the EU.


NIGEL FARAGE, MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: Well, at the end of the day, it's about what voters want. And I think either the conservative or labor parties take us towards Brexit or they're going to have to be replaced. It's as simple as that.


INGRAHAM: In France, Marine Le Pen's National Rally party beat out Macron's pro-EU centrist party winning the most front seats at the EU. Nationalists in Italy also took the most seats. And all over Europe people are demanding their freedom from the international shackles put on by faraway regulators who don't know and can't respond to their country, their people or their needs.

Now, while most refined have strong economic relationships with their member nations, the populists, the more economic nationalists among them still want to retain their language, their borders and their own unique culture. And when you read the New York Times though or CNN, you listen to them, they always use the phrase anti-immigrant or far right parties made the gains, almost invariably that description is false.

Again, the slime is being thrown at Trump or Salvini or Le Pen or Viktor Orban in Hungary and it's meant only to denigrate not to advance an actual debate about how to improve people's standard of living.

Time-after-time rather than listen to the people and use the moments that these moments as an opportunity to learn and change instead the global elites just run in the other direction. And I think of Angela Merkel, the woman responsible for Europe's admission of 1 million plus refugees. And let's face it that has been a disaster from Italy to Sweden and everywhere in between. Now, the German Chancellor seems to have learned nothing and she answered a reporter's question and that reporter was equally in denial.


CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR, JOURNALIST, CNN: Under your nearly 15 years in power in some cases those dark old demons have risen again.

ANGELA MERKEL, GERMAN CHANCELLOR: Germany can and will not uncouple itself from developments we see all over the world. We see this in Germany as well. But in Germany obviously they always have to be seen in a certain context and the context of our past, which means we have to be that much more vigilant than others. We have to tell our young people what history has brought over us and others and these horrors.


INGRAHAM: The horrors. Well, in other words, if you voted for a populist or a nationalist party, you're essentially in some way empathizing with what Hitler or Hitler in waiting. It's ridiculous.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who led the Italian populist nationalist to historic gains in the EU had the perfect response.


MATTEO SALVINI, DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER OF ITALY: In the Italy, French, in UK, it is the sign of a Europe that is changing. The Europe of cuts and unemployment has failed. Alexis Tsipras in Greece, Angela Merkel were rejected.


INGRAHAM: Yes, the elites are being rejected because they failed. They've been routed and worse results are coming their way because they refuse to hear the voters. Now as Trump has shown here at home, a strong muscular approach on trade, lower taxes, fewer regulations and a foreign policy based on prudent realism. It's all paying off. Check out our economy compared to Europe's. Basically, no comparison whatsoever. Look at that, EU 1.5 percent GDP, U.S. 3.2 percent GDP, unemployment about almost double in Europe. Translation Trump's policies work. As the European model barely limps along.

No wonder, the European voters are restless. Look for more big moves against the old guard to come. In 2020 and beyond, the fight has just begun. And that's THE ANGLE. Who said the EU elections couldn't be fun. Joining me now reaction is Raheem Kassam. Global Editor-in-Chief for Human Events and Andrea Kendall- Taylor, Senior Fellow and Director of the Transatlantic Security Program at the Center for a New American Security. Great to have both of you on. All right, Andrea, let's start with you.

How is this not seen as a rebuke of the global. I mean Andrea - I mean Angela Merkel did her best in that interview with Christiane Amanpour. But isn't it a fact that these people have just failed the people of their country, I mean they have flatlining GDP, their unemployment is through the roof and their consumer confidence is in the toilet? Ours is going up.

ANDREA KENDALL-TAYLOR, DIRECTOR, TRANSATLANTIC SECURITY PROGRAM: I think you're absolutely right to highlight that there has been a big backlash against the mainstream and politics as usual in Europe and this European election was no exception to that. We did see the populists and the far right do exceptionally well.

But I think there is another part of the story too, which was you saw really a reaction on all sides of the political spectrum. Turnout was higher than it's been in decades. And it wasn't just the far right that did so well, it was the Liberals, it was the greens. And so, I think more than kind of focusing on the populist. This really was a story about fragmentation of politics in Europe.

INGRAHAM: Raheem is that it? I mean it seems like every time the populists do well, they do well, but there are all these other things going on. In other words, they just can't do well because they've done well. I mean Nigel Farage comes out, six weeks ago he started his party. This is unheard of. The reason I started the show with this, and people would tell me not to do, this is Europe. Americans don't care about Europe, but I'm trying to tell people, connect the dots so you understand the arc of history here. This same thing happened with the Trump election. It was a rejection of the Bushes, the Obamas and the Clintons. All of it, not just Hillary Clinton bad candidate. The whole thing flatlining income. Is that not the case in Europe? People think it doesn't work. Different characters, different personalities, but the system is failing the middle class.

RAHEEM KASSAM, HUMAN EVENTS GLOBAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: This was a big stonking victory for everybody who doesn't like big government and everybody who wants to stop the centralization of power to Brussels. And that actually does include some of the far-left greens and liberals in the European Parliament who did pick up seats.

INGRAHAM: Yes, they're mad too.

KASSAM: They're into localism. They want more power to the people.


KASSAM: This was a people's election of the highest order. And like you say with six weeks Farage comes out, wins a national election, sets history for the second time, the second time he has with a new political party, won a major national election.

INGRAHAM: They just don't want Brexit.

KASSAM: Well, so here's the thing about it.

INGRAHAM: They don't want Brexit.

KASSAM: And some of the UK media is trying to spin it that this is somehow a victory for the left, because the liberal Democrats got some more votes as well. Hello. The Brexit Party won, and it won big. This means that whoever comes in to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister in Britain has to take Britain out of the European Union or there'll be held to pay.

INGRAHAM: But then Andrea, I'm hearing that Boris Johnson, the hair apparent as they call him that he is not liked by a lot of Trump coalition here, because he's been kind of a never Trumper. Boris Johnson is not the savior that a lot of people think he is, he had the chance to run last time and he bagged it. So, what about that? They could be in some trouble there in the Conservative Party unless they have somebody, who do they have?

KASSAM: Well, I like McVeigh but.

KENDALL-TAYLOR: Absolutely. But this gets to the bottom-line though which is the story about fragmentation and as you have all of these new parties popping up all across the political spectrum, power is being diffused over more and more actors and it's getting increasingly hard I think for democracies to deliver.

INGRAHAM: But they're not pure. They're not really - I mean their parliamentary democracy is a different deal in Europe to much harder to effect change in Europe than it is here.

KASSAM: Plurality of opinion is better, better than a two-party system where Labor and the Conservatives for the last 100 years told people what to think and you've only got two choices at the ballot box. Now we have this ability to really express our opinions and like you say, amnesty Boris as I call him. Amnesty Boris who wants amnesty for 10 million illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom. He's the continuity Cameron and May candidate.

INGRAHAM: Oh! That's great. OK. Nigel Farage was on TV tonight with Tucker Carlson, our own Tucker Carlson. Let's watch.


FARAGE: They claim that as a European Union they will deal with climate change. They claim that because they have open borders, this is the modern liberal approach to the future. What they don't tell you is they are literally killing and destroying something. What the European Union does, it crushes democracy, it takes decision making powers away from ordinary people and gives it to unelected bureaucrats.


INGRAHAM: What of that Andrea.

KENDALL-TAYLOR: Yes, I mean I think what you're saying though is right that there is a crisis of democracy. People are dissatisfied with politics as usual, but the rest is--

INGRAHAM: What I'm trying to say Andrea, the elites have - they promised that they were the experts. I mean they're the elites. They are called the elites for a reason. They went to all the right schools. They had all the right think-tank. You know I know you're in a think-tank. They have residencies. They always get re-up to their contracts. They're often wrong and they promised the world to the people in Europe.

KENDALL-TAYLOR: This is all true. But I think the risk is then with the polarization that we're seeing from a lot of these populist parties and candidates, we're moving out towards the end of the political spectrum and democracy is not going to be able to deliver for everyday people. There is something - this is a wakeup call I think for democracy that there is something broken in the middle. But the populist rhetoric that we're seeing in the polarization is not the way to fix it. And in fact, it's going to make them-

INGRAHAM: What makes you say that? Just be specific. I mean because what I hear is that Hungary wants a Hungarian culture and Germany, a lot of Germans want a German culture and they don't want past, bad stuff but they want, they want the German identity. That's not bad thing and people like the idea of like you know they're all - it's fun to go in Europe and different countries and different cultures and people kind of wanted to smash all that up and say, it's all just one big blob. I'm sorry, but a lot of the people are rejecting that and they're also rejecting the million plus migrants I mean refugees I don't think we can discount the effect that that's had even on those socialists in Sweden. I've never seen anything like I'm seeing in Sweden. Sweden is changing.

KENDALL-TAYLOR: But I think the risk is if you break it and you knock it down, it's going to ultimately benefit some of the kind of U.S. adversaries like Russia and China. So, when they look out over the political spectrum and they see the polarization and they see the divisions. Those are things that they're looking to amplify so discord in Western democracies--

INGRAHAM: Russia is not causing flatlining income--

KENDALL-TAYLOR: Eventually--

INGRAHAM: Russia is not causing--

KENDALL-TAYLOR: They didn't carve it by amplifying it.

KASSAM: China in the centralized EU were in bed together breaking up the European Union. She hurts China. The European Union's policies have been to bring Chinese money in and to use China--

INGRAHAM: Chinese has to argue with all those countries. Now they have to do--

KASSAM: The populists are hurting China, just like Donald Trump is.

INGRAHAM: But Biden - I want to play this for you Raheem, because Biden is out there and he's extremely popular right now among Democrats and he has noted this most recently last October. Let's watch.


JOE BIDEN, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Stop this. This phony populism which is about - I have a problem because of the immigrant. That black guy or stop this, this naked nationalism which instead make this number one is making us last.


INGRAHAM: It's making us last. We're the envy of the world right now, our GDP, I think is the strongest in the developed world. No doubt about it. But nevertheless, the word nationalism has a terrible connotation in many circles. And Merkel was tying it back to of course the Nationalist Socialist Party, which was Hitler and so forth and that makes people very uncomfortable. Is that fair?

KASSAM: Well, this man is a disgrace. 10 years ago, he used to go on television saying we need to close the border, we've got a border crisis. 10 years ago, he went on television talked about learning English. This man has said for years and years that America has problems with mass migration, not with immigration, with mass migrants.

INGRAHAM: That was Biden's words. I watched it on YouTube over the weekend.

KASSAM: You've seen it too. Yes. And now he goes and says this. I mean firstly it's a complete falsehood about populism that he's painting. This is an anti-anyone. This is pro-people. This is pro-democracy. This is pro- localism. A lot of the Green Populist parties know this as well because they want to be conservationists from a local level. Their green agenda, they want to implement it from a local, not a centralized level. This guy has no idea what he's talking about.

INGRAHAM: Growing food, from which I agree.

KASSAM: Exactly, he has no idea what he's talking about.

INGRAHAM: Growing food locally and they have some interesting local. I think the Greens and the populist can make some deals on that.


INGRAHAM: But back to that before we let you go. Isn't it true that the mainstream parties have blown it though, I mean they should have gotten a wakeup call in the first Brexit and instead they just tried to kill the Brexit people instead of saying, gosh, what are we doing wrong and maybe we've got to like give them something.


INGRAHAM: And I think they didn't. And so now we're back at square one with people still angry. And now they've made even more inroads.

KENDALL-TAYLOR: Yes, I agree that there's something that's fundamentally broken that it should have been a wakeup call. But I think the way to fix it again is not by people sowing discord and creating divisions between the elite and the people, but we need leaders who are going to build consensus and be able to lead us out of that and not by breaking things but by building kind of—

INGRAHAM: Yes, I mean I think--

KASSAM: The elites caused the division. Don't forget, it wasn't our side that caused the division. They set this up against that of the haves versus the have nots. Well that was how the elites have governed now since the Bill Clinton's Third Way politics, Tony Blair's thing. Right. It was all that trajectory and now it's coming home to roost. They have to take it - they have to be accounted - accountable for what they did to a country.

KENDALL-TAYLOR: We all play a role. I mean--

KASSAM: Absolutely.

INGRAHAM: We want elites who actually make good decisions. I'm happy with elites making good decisions. But when elites just ignore the will of the people then they're going to get in trouble.

KENDALL-TAYLOR: We need a democracy that works.

INGRAHAM: Yes, a democracy that's respected. When people vote for Brexit, they should get Brexit. And then if it doesn't work then you can throw those bums out. I mean that's how it works.

KASSAM: We will.

INGRAHAM: Great conversation. And I think you can talk about these issues. All right, panel. Thanks so much. Coming up, the legacies of many American heroes are under attack these days. Next, we're going to tell you how this leftist purge could actually affect a leftist in some ways icon and someone we respect to all of us around the globe, Martin Luther King Junior. Stay there. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

INGRAHAM: The war against American history threatens yet another one of our American heroes, Martin Luther King Junior. King biographer David Garrow reportedly discovered FBI documents that paint Dr. King's personal life and let's just say a less than flattering light. Now because the details of the revelations are still uncorroborated. We're not going to list them here.

But now despite the unconfirmed particulars, the fact that a debate over his legacy is troubling and speaks to a slippery slope at playing - at play when American figures are examined in light of today's standards.

Now, we know people are flawed, but this is the latest example of how I don't think you can discount the greatness of a man's contributions because of a complicated or even flaw filled past. Joining me now is Dinesh D'Souza. Conservative Commentator. Dinesh in the Me-Too era can MLK Jr. still be a hero to the left. If they're to have any credibility.

DINESH D'SOUZA, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: I would say given these latest revelations now, it should be noted these revelations are based on FBI tapes and it's been known for a while that the FBI was taping Martin Luther King, but the content of those tapes was secret. The historian David Garrow who is by the way a progressive historian, very well respected, in fact a devotee of the civil rights movement is though who is the source for these new bombshell allegations because they place Martin Luther King's not only his personal life, but his personal views. I think in a very calamitous light, calamitous especially in view of the Me-Too movement, which has put a sort of new spin on what is acceptable particularly in public discourse.

So, I think this is kind of why these allegations, although they're all over the British press and their source is credible, they're getting no coverage in America, not a single major media outlet has touched them. The progressive historians are all hiding under their desks, because they realize that Martin Luther King is not just - people don't just celebrate him for his anti-segregation views or for his dream about us wanting to live in a country with what we are judged by the content of our character. People treat King as a secular saint. Innumerable schools are named after King. And so, think about it, how can you actually have a school upholding a role model when the actual conduct, I mean this is not a matter of having foibles or falling short. This is behavior which if true goes way beyond that. I

NGRAHAM: Well, Dinesh I want to get your reaction to something that Rush Limbaugh said today on his radio show about Democrats perception of MLK. Let's watch.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, HOST, THE RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW: I think that they have already successfully remade if you will the image or message of Dr. King to the point that there is no reason to have to abandon it or him. They've already turned him and his memory into a message tailored for their modern-day beliefs and he was nowhere near what they have made him out to be. So, there is no reason to cast him aside.


INGRAHAM: Yes, Dinesh, do you agree with that. I mean they can't really dispense with someone like MLK because that would, I mean that's a body blow to a lot of what they represent today, correct?

D'SOUZA: Well, I'd go even further, if you think about it, the great black Americans of our history I think of people like Frederick Douglass, the runaway slave or Ida B Wells who fought against lynching, Harriet Tubman, Booker T Washington, all of these were Republicans, they were conservatives, they were celebrators of self-help and what Douglass called a self-made man. So, the left hates them. The left doesn't want to teach them.

And so, the only guy that they've been able to push to the front is Martin Luther King. He's the only guy that they in a sense can cling to so if they lose King, they sort of lost the one claim to be a champion if you will of African American right. So, I think that this is a very awkward situation for them of course, the Me-Too movement also came from the left. So, this is not a right-wing critique that they can dismiss. They've got to take it seriously. I think they're in denial. But ultimately, the truth will come out.

INGRAHAM: Yes. Well, Dinesh isn't it interesting that the media on the left are always about transparency and we want to know more and give us more. It's important that the public knows, democracy dies in the darkness, but where it's like crickets on this. And why aren't they clamoring for the tapes to be released earlier. I mean you know you're anything.

D'SOUZA: Well, look at the extreme. Look at the extreme discretion that even you're exercising on the show. Now if these allegations have been made about Reagan or about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, they'd be all over the newspapers, look at the huge hubbub that came out when it was alleged with somewhat questionable evidence that Thomas Jefferson was definitively involved in a relationship with a female slave, Sally Hemings. It could have been a Jefferson relative. It's not obvious it was Jefferson, but this has besmirched Jefferson's character and the left was all over it.

INGRAHAM: All right, Dinesh, thank you so much. And now to a distressed message from an Obama official to his fellow Democrats former auto czar Steve Rattner writing in The New York Times that three of the most respected prediction models show that Trump will win in 2020. Ray Fair of Yale built his model combining incumbency and GDP growth rates. Mark Zandi, Moody's Analytics Chief, he analyzed 12 models and Donald Luskin of Trend Macrolytics he conducted an Electoral College analysis.

Here now one of President Trump's pollsters, John McLaughlin. John are these horse race polls that have many Democrats beating Trump, those are all the rage, a couple of weeks ago. So, why are they wrong and these models more likely right,

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, TRUMP CAMPAIGN POLLSTER: Well, a lot of those polls that you're talking about that the media does, they're skewed towards the Democrats. They poll adults, they poll registered voters, they don't poll likely voters. So, there's usually a few points skew in favor of the Democrats. These predictive models are not polls. They're really models that have what's going to happen with the economy, what's happening with unemployment, what's happening with inflation.

The thing is the Republican presidents who get reelected whether it was Nixon or whether it was Reagan or George W. Bush, they had two things going for them, strong security and also prosperity, a growing economy. This President's record has a growing economy. He's made America stronger.

I mean you can see by the way there is polls, the media hides some numbers like CNN had a poll this month where 56 percent of their voters approved of the job, the President was doing on the economy. Most voters say the economy is headed in the right direction.

INGRAHAM: Right. But John all we hear from former Republicans, Never Trumpers who've made a lot of money by being Never Trumpers.


INGRAHAM: You hear that well the demographics are changing and Trump's base is shrinking because it's just a bunch of angry, disgruntled white people. Let's watch.


MIKA BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC HOST: I'm still surprised how many people are just so mad at Washington and they don't care, and they plan on voting for him. They don't care what he does.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC HOST: A lot of those people that still say that, they're white. It is a shrinking electorate for Donald J. Trump.


INGRAHAM: When you say it like this, it's more convincing, John. Go ahead.

MCLAUGHLIN: Terrible. This is the same stuff they ran at us in 2016.

INGRAHAM: They were both wrong in 2016, fabulously, after they hung out with Trump for years.

MCLAUGHLIN: Right. Our strategy was to bring out voters from the heartland. There were 9 million more voters that came out and voted in that elected in 2016 than did in 2012, and they were Trump voters. And they turned the country around. We won an electoral majority. And what you've got now is a president who is in position -- we have his job approval this month at 47 percent. Gallup had his job approval at 47 percent. He's moving up. Once he gets over 50 percent, he's in a realm where they can't beat him.

And they have 23 deranged Democrats running off the edge of the earth where their party prefers socialism over capitalism, and they think they might have a shot at winning. Trump has a solid Republican, conservative base, and now he's gaining among independents and moderates. He's building a coalition that can win. And that's with those models. None of them were Republican figures, but they -- those models, they're showing that we can win. And we can --

INGRAHAM: All right, John, we've got to go. But we'll see what the African-American vote, if you can get that up five points that would be catastrophic for the Democrats.

Coming up, another woman's athletic championship won by a biological male. The debate next.


INGRAHAM: We have an update to a story we've been following on “The Ingraham Angle.” A biological male who identifies as a transgender woman just won an NCAA championship. Cece Telfer bested top female collegiate athletes by more than a second in the 400-meter hurdles. The Franklin Pierce University senior first competed on the men's track team before switching to the woman's team.

And Congress recently passed the Equality Act in the House of Representatives which Missouri Congresswoman and former track coach Vicky Hartzler says makes the playing field even more uneven.


REP. VICKY HARTZLER, R-MO: This bill should be called the woman's inequality act. The policies of HR-5 have already been used to trample female athletics, eliminate safe spaces for women. As a former track coach, I'm deeply committed to providing women and girls with a level playing field. Title IX, however, becomes irrelevant under the women's inequality act.


INGRAHAM: Joining me now Dawn Ennis, managing editor of "Out Sports," and Emilie Kao, who is the director of Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at the Heritage Foundation.

Dawn, you disagree with the Congresswoman. Why?

DAWN ENNIS, MANAGING EDITOR, OUTSPORTS.COM : All transgender people who identify as women are women. Transwomen are women. This is not trying to make a policy change. This is about discrimination. You are trying to legalize discrimination. I don't understand how that can be possibly something you'd support.

INGRAHAM: How does this translate as discrimination? I played three sports in high school, did pretty well. But I say this story, we played field hockey, and we played an exhibition game against the boys' junior varsity team. We were the number one team in the state. I think they beat us like eight-one, Emilie. It's frustrating, but they were a lot faster, they were a lot stronger, and they could move the ball down the field. And we were really good. It's frustrating.

ENNIS: But they were men. But they were men.

INGRAHAM: They were born biological men and they were playing as boys. But it's just about equality. Trans-athletes want quality, Emilie, and big deal.

EMILIE KAO, THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION: All human beings have dignity and should be treated with respect. But sports should be based on fairness, and fairness in sports should be based on physical realities. And the physical reality is that men are stronger and faster than women. Men have testosterone levels that are much higher than women. And so that's why we have separations in sports based on physical realities like age and sex.

INGRAHAM: Last week we told you about Mary Gregory who is a transgender powerlifter who stoked a lot of controversy after she shattered weightlifting records. Recently a British rapper made this point to prove that males do have an advantage. He tweeted, "I keep hearing how biological men don't have any physician strength advantage over women in 2019. So watch me destroy the British women's deadlift record without trying." As promised, this is the video. Watch.

Yes, he's 528 pounds, and he lifts it without really trying. Here we go. It's up and down. So Dawn, what is your reaction to that? You can't deny just the physical makeup of someone born a man, whether you've taken hormones or haven't taken hormones, or just feel like you're a woman, your body is a different body. And your strength is not necessarily compromised by taking hormones just because of the actual physical structure of the body, the size of your lung capacity or heart capacity, those are just biological differences that really can't be altered at all by some of the transitions that people go through.

ENNIS: I'm sorry to tell you, Laura, that actually it does change. Cece Telfer, the runner who you are talking about from New Hampshire, she had competed as a male and was actually an outstanding athlete. And after starting her medical transition, she and her coach both said that they noticed a drop in her performance. Her testosterone levels dropped. Testosterone also isn't the only predictor of how someone is going to perform. Yes, there is a lung capacity, yes, there's so much -- but there is so much more about individual performance. She didn't win all of her races. Mary Gregory didn't win all of those lifts. It's about doing your best.

INGRAHAM: So are you saying --

ENNIS: It's about doing your best.

INGRAHAM: I just want to understand you, are we saying that if someone just says they feel like the other gender that they can compete, is that what they are saying?

ENNIS: No. No, I'm not. That's not how it works. It's not about feelings. What it is about is identity. All right. You said born a man. No one is born a man.

INGRAHAM: Right, but if you haven't gone through -- what I'm saying, if you haven't gone through the hormone treatment, but you feel like you identify as another, how is that fair to the girls who have competed their entire lives?

KAO: It's not fair to girls and women. And that's why it would be the end of women and girls' sports, because if the Equality Act were to became law, it would basically add the category of gender identity into the Civil Rights Act, and gender identity is completely based on a person's subjective self-perception. There is no requirement of any physical measurement of anything, including testosterone. So it would completely be the end of women and girls sports. Which is why Mrs. Hartzler was absolutely correct that this would erase women's sports.

INGRAHAM: We also could have trans games, some people are advocating for that. But a lot of trans athletes don't want trans games. They want to be in the games with the people they identify with. Fascinating conversation.

ENNIS: They want to perform --

INGRAHAM: They want to perform where they want to perform, but a lot of girls and a lot of feminists are up in arms about this, and I think we are going to have an interesting debate going forward about how this ends up. I have no idea. All right, guys, thanks so much.

ENNIS: Thank you, Laura.

INGRAHAM: What happens when right-leaning figures are repeatedly targeted and even banned from social media sites? Well, we have an alternative. Up next, the CEO of a new social media site that plans to change the game next.


INGRAHAM: It isn't enough to highlight liberal bias among social media giants. There needs to be a way to fight back, an alternative. I think it's easy to lose track of all actions taken by these companies, but here's an incomplete list of recent punitive steps taken. Personalities Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Laura Loomer have been permanently banned by Twitter. Candace Owens was suspended by Facebook for seven days for saying white supremacy was not as big a threat to America as fatherlessness. Michelle Malkin was censored by Facebook for opposing the censorship of some of those I just mentioned. And perhaps most jarring, Dan Scavino, Trump's social media director, he was temporarily banned by Facebook in April after his posts were flagged by, quote, "an algorithm."

One company is stepping into the breach, however, to solve this. Parler is a Twitter-like platform that was launched last year. It's already attracted a number of powerful people, including Senator Mike Lee and Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale. My next guest hopes that's just the beginning. Here now is CEO of Parler, John Matze. John, is this really going to be a Twitter alternative that conservatives have been seeking?

JOHN MATZE, "PARLER" CEO: I don't really like the idea of being an alternative platform.


MATZE: I think that it should be more of a platform that social media should have been when it was originated. The reality is they are acting more like publications rather than a community forum. And that's generally what should be created, is a community forum for people to discuss politics, whatever they'd like.

INGRAHAM: So no censoring. If someone says something inciting violence, you will leave it up?

MATZE: Well, see, that's actually against the law. So anything that we get involved with has to have some sort of Constitutional violation, some sort of Supreme Court premise, something that says, hey, that's really not all right. There has to be a premise for it, though. We really don't want to get into the business of determining what is and is not allowed to be discussed.

INGRAHAM: What's your platform for making money here? Is it using -- I looked through your privacy statement. I always do that, believe it or not. All these companies, they gather information, cookies, you can ask for your contacts to be shared, photos.

MATZE: Most of that is boilerplate, to be honest.

INGRAHAM: I read the boilerplate. I'm a lawyer.


MATZE: Boilerplate is actually really important. Most people don't read it, and that's how they get in trouble. But how do you make money on this? Do you make money by partnerships and so forth with the information you gather?

MATZE: Right now, we are never going to be selling any information, so that's not really in our business model. But what we want to do is recreate what marketing should have been in a way that we are not targeting people, not using their information to find them. Rather we want to provide them with more of an old-school approach to advertising, and that's what we'll eventually be doing. As well as influencer marketing, because that's really important right now. The influencers can convey the message better than individuals or the page as a whole.

INGRAHAM: So someone who has a big media following, just like they have an Instagram where you make money on Instagram or YouTube, you can make money may be -- is it "parlor" or "parlay"? I'm hearing two different things.

MATZE: It's "parlor." It used to be "parlay."

INGRAHAM: No one is going to say that, by the way.

MATZE: No, no.

INGRAHAM: Just call it "parlor." It has the double meaning of going to a parlor, a beauty parlor or a salon. So I do say Parler.

MATZE: That is exactly what happened.

INGRAHAM: Good. I think that's smart. But we are looking forward to seeing where this goes. I know Michelle Malkin I think and others are fascinated. I just might sign up later in the night.

MATZE: That would be great. We've got a lot of people that are being censored and a lot of people that just want to join a community where they can actually discuss without worrying about what's going to happen to them.

INGRAHAM: Freedom, you're offering freedom on a new platform called Parler. I appreciate it, thanks so much.

MATZE: Thanks.

INGRAHAM: And coming up, an “Ingraham Angle” investigation, whatever happened to those moderate Democrats who promised you the world? Up next.


INGRAHAM: Now to a new “Ingraham Angle” series where address the question, were the voters tricked? We want to examine the records of those 2018 Democrats who won their midterms running as so-called moderates. Have they been upholding their pledge to the voters?

Tonight, we look at one congressman, Colin Allred of Texas's 32nd district. The former NFL player and Obama administration alum unseated 11-term incumbent Republican Pete Sessions. That was back in November. And he won more by six points on the promise he didn't care about party politics.


REP. COLIN ALLRED, D-TX: I'm willing to work with anybody across any political aisle or any ideology if they will help me and bring what we need here in north Texas.



INGRAHAM: But how has that held up now that he's Congressman Allred? Despite running on being a moderate, he's only voted against Pelosi and company 1.4 percent of the time. Allred has cosponsored 86 bills, including the controversial Equality Act that gives federal protections against discrimination to people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. But in reality, as it plays out, it ends up hurting women and girls.

Then there is the American Promise Act of 2019. This bill cancels and prohibits removal proceedings against illegals who crossed as minors, and then provides such aliens with a path towards permanent residency status. And let's not forget the Climate Action Now Act, that requires the president to update and develop an annual plan for the United States to meet its nationally determined contribution under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Colin Allred and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are hard at work eliminating Texas energy jobs. His carbon tax and her Green New Deal mean skyrocketing prices, higher taxes for Texas families.


INGRAHAM: And while Congressman Allred did not sign on to AOC's Green New Deal, he said he certainly supports some of the goals of that radical legislation.

So as voters, this is not to say you shouldn't be open to new ideas or even cross party lines to support certain candidates, but it is important to know if a fraud was perpetrated on you and ask yourself if you want to be fooled again.

And up next, my hope that the spirit of Memorial Day isn't confined to just the long weekend.


INGRAHAM: No last bite tonight, but I wanted to say this. Memorial Day has passed, but I hope our commitment to our military who died in service to our country stays strong all year long. And for the “Ingraham Angle" family, it was a Memorial Day and weekend to remember.

Not just because we were with family and friends enjoying cookouts and swimming, but because we were teaching our children about the courageous and selfless sacrifices made by our servicemen. The 30th Memorial Day concert on the Capitol grounds was a stirring and beautiful event. We went to the rehearsal. Then on Sunday, we went to mass and we prayed for our nations' heroes and those they left behind.

Then yesterday we took a long walk through the Arlington National Cemetery, where if you've never been, you must go. The enormity of the cost of war stretches out before you over the rolling, beautiful grounds. All the adults, all of us cried throughout the afternoon and late afternoon. From the moment the volunteers handed us roses to put on the graves that had no roses on them.

The kids were doing their best to understand at all. I don't know if they did. I think they took in some. But over time I think they'll understand. And then I hope they make that same trip some day with their own children. It's the least we could do, those of us who didn't serve in uniform.

That's all the time we have tonight. Don't forget, check out my podcast. I posted a new episode today with Nigel Farage. You'll love listening to him. Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team take it all from here.


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