Panic About the Southern Border

When President Bush (search) announced last week he was going to be more aggressive towards securing the border, those who opposed that policy sprang into action. One of the most reliable tactics to fight any border crackdown is to accuse those who support secure borders of being biased and hateful. That scares people, especially people in the public eye. I mean, who wants to be branded a racist by anyone?

As you know, Dallas Morning News columnist Macarena Hernandez did her best to convince people that this program is hateful toward illegal aliens. And now her sister in arms, Cindy Rodriguez at The Denver Post is helping Miss Hernandez.

Writing Tuesday, Miss Rodriguez says, "I'm standing up to one of the biggest bullies I know: Bill O'Reilly. On his TV show, 'The O'Reilly Factor', [he] interrupts guests, denigrates them, calls them names, and when someone makes an intelligent point countering him, [he] cuts the microphone and shouts, 'you're spinning!'"

Now just this ridiculous description of "The Factor" pretty much eliminates Ms. Rodriguez from any serious dialogue, but she goes on to parrot a bunch of far-left garbage fed to her by extremist Web sites, misstating facts, taking quotes out of context. Very sad The Denver Post would allow that.

Now we have posted the entire Rodriguez column on, so you can make the call, but this is what we've come to in America. Newspapers like The Dallas Morning News and The Denver Post allowing columnists to launch hateful attacks on people with whom they disagree. And again, those attacks are sourced by using smear sites on the Internet. We'll have more on that situation a little bit later.

Now I believe most Americans agree with me that you can't have millions of people pouring into this country unattended, no matter what their ethnicity. We're in the middle of a War on Terror (search). And that situation endangers us all. If ideologues like Hernandez and Rodriguez have solutions to illegal immigration, I'd like to hear them. But as usual, these attack artists are hiding under their desks.

Intelligent people can debate the best way to control illegal immigration without all the nonsense put forth by far left demagogues who demonize those with whom they disagree. We've had scores of respectful conversations about this issue on this broadcast. Somehow Rodriguez and Hernandez missed those.

So you can call me a bully if you want, ladies. That's fine with me. But I put forth solutions to major problems while you two engage in the lowest form of debate — the smear factor.

And that's the Memo.

No Ridiculous Item tonight because I would like to say a few words about Rosa Parks (search), who died yesterday at her Detroit home. She was 92 years old. Every student in the country should know Ms. Parks' story. She was a seamstress in Alabama, just an everyday American, when she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man in 1955.

By defying the segregation laws, Ms. Parks became a civil rights icon. There's no doubt she was a brave woman who did this nation a great service. But what impressed me the most about Ms. Parks was her personal courage. She was powerless, and she just decided she had had enough injustice and took action.

So she stood up while remaining seated, and America was confronted with its unjust racial policies. Rosa Parks, true American hero. Her example should be followed by every one of us when we see injustice.

Our condolences to the family of Rosa Parks.