Palin Whistleblower Defends Tell-All Book

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: My next guest worked on Sarah Palin's 2006 gubernatorial campaign and then in her administration. Frank Bailey is out with a controversial tell-all book that does not paint a flattering portrait of Alaska's former chief executive.

He told the Associated Press -- In 2009, if she made it to the White House and I stayed silent I could never forgive myself. But what exactly caused him to arrive at that conclusion?

Well, author of "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years," Frank Bailey is here. Frank, thanks for being here. Appreciate it.


HANNITY: As I'm reading through your book, I'm reading it and reading it. You know, I don't know what to think about it. You say it is blind allegiance, but you did all these things.

BAILEY: I did. I did.

HANNITY: And then you say, I shouldn't have done it and I'm trying to say well the things that you say you did. You go got in a lot of trouble.

BAILEY: I did. I did more things than were even found out about at the time. You know, Sarah, I was her go-to guy, you know, for a good four years. You know, Sean, I mean, I own things that I did that I'm absolutely not proud of.

But some of the causes, some of the time that I spent doing things for her, it was against the values that I was raised to live by. You know, you talk about this point where, you know what brought you out of that?

And really in 2009, there was this moment where when an event, a parental consent initiative fundraiser, a huge event up there in Alaska. Three days before the Palin's call me up and they ditch the event. She then lied about it in the media and then turned around and threatened legal action the organizer of this event.

HANNITY: This is the thing as I read in the book. You tell personal things about their children. You release person e-mails that they sent you. You talk about petty little battles between Sarah Palin and her husband whether they are true or not.

BAILEY: Sean, I don't attack their children. I have nothing against --

HANNITY: You do so. You basically -- because when Sarah Palin is on the phone with her daughter, you tell the story, you want to listen to this? I'm thinking --

BAILEY: That's not attacking a child.

HANNITY: Sure it is because you are dragging her children, in that sense, you are. I mean, here you work for them. Here they pay you. You are brought up on ethics charges.

Don't you -- right now, you have a current investigation that you violated Alaska law going on right now and you call the trooper and what?

BAILEY: I absolutely did. It is a 24-minute call that went all the way across this country. You know, I mean, I've done everything I possibly can to work with the attorney general's office. But ultimately, Sean, this story has to be told.

Conservatives have to vet their leaders. I'm concerned when I hear her say things like you just mentioned that she has a fire in the belly to run. I mean, we've got to have strong leaders that are honest. She is not that person.

HANNITY: Here's my point. You have an attorney general recently releasing a statement reaffirming their investigation on you. You got a 24-minute tape. These are things that you did.

As I read the book, I don't care about -- why would you -- you know what, one of the most important qualities to me is, you know, faithfulness. If you didn't want to work for her and these things are going on as bad as you said, you should have left then and there.

But you didn't. You stayed there and now all of a sudden, you are selling a book on her name that's cheap.

BAILEY: You are right Sean, you are absolutely right. You are absolutely right. But the things that I invested so much into that campaign and into her run as governor. I mean, you know, I kept doing things for her that I absolutely regret.

HANNITY: You were the e-mail account network administrator for the Palins, correct?

BAILEY: I was one.

HANNITY: OK and so that's a position -- wait a minute, that's a trust and responsibility.

BAILEY: Absolutely. Every single e-mail that is used in this book was sent to or from me.

HANNITY: But did you represent to the U.S. attorney in Tennessee that you made one copy of all the Palin's e-mails on Yahoo and on these different accounts and did not keep any copies. You did keep a copy of all the e- mails?

BAILEY: Absolutely -- no I didn't say that I didn't keep copies.

HANNITY: You did keep a copy? Of all the e-mails?

BAILEY: It was known at the time. Absolutely. They're theirs. They are the Palins' e-mails. I would never go and use some of their private communication in their own accounts and get --

HANNITY: Well, you release all the books full of e-mails, private communication.

BAILEY: No I did not Sean. You're missing the point.

HANNITY: Your e-mails to her -- if she sends you an e-mail and you work for her, why would you release this to the public? Why would you talk about their children? Why would you talk about their grades were failing? Why would you talk about the conversation with the daughter?

BAILEY: Sean let me ask you a question. Why aren't you and the folks on this network talking about her honesty.

HANNITY: Because I don't care about gossip. What she says publicly --

BAILEY: Why aren't you trying to vet these leaders? We have to have a strong leader on the right. You don't want to vet them, Sean?

HANNITY: I will invite you back. We'll talk more, Greta is next. We're just out of time tonight because of breaking news.

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