Palin: Final presidential debate filled with 'untruths spewed by Obama'

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MITT ROMNEY, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Russia indicated is a geo political foe. Excuse me, it's a geo political foe, and I said in the same paragraph, I said "and Iran is the greatest National Security threat we face." Russia does continued to battle us in the UN time and time again. I have clear eyes on this, I'm not going to wear rose colored glasses when it comes to Russia or Mr. Putin. And I'm certainly not going to say to him, I'll give him more flexibility after the election, after the election. After the election he'll get more back bone.


SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And we're live tonight from the post debate spin room. We are at Lynn University right here in Boca Raton, Florida. And for more reaction to tonight's third and final presidential face-off, I am joined by former Alaska Governor, Fox News contributor Sarah Palin. Governor, good to see you.


HANNITY: You know, that is an interesting point to me. There were a couple of things. Governor Romney didn't bring up the second one. But I would like to know when he was saying to President Medvedev, I'll have more flexibility after the election. What did he promise him? And why would he say to Nicholas Sarkozy after calls Bibi Netanyahu a liar, oh, I've got to deal with him every week. You know, I would like to know, does the president have secret agreements that he hasn't revealed to the American people?

PALIN: Well, there still so many questioned un-answered as to Obama's foreign policy. Why did he capitulate with Russia on the new START Treaty? Why did he not go after Putin and other Russian leaders for their flagging of underwater off-shore bases that have many, many minerals and energy supplies that really don't belong to Russia. And yet, they're flagging him anyway. And American leaders don't do anything about it today.

There were so many untruths spewed by Obama tonight. Unfortunately, Romney just didn't have time to answer them all. But certainly Obama's mannerisms today I think manifested in lies catching up with him, thus the desperation that really came across in this debate on behalf of Obama.

HANNITY: Yes. That is kind of what I thought. I felt he was childish, petulant on serious issues of National Security. You know, at times when he would say, "Well, there's some things I have learned as commander in chief," and I was sitting there watching this and thinking, "Oh, thank you Mr. Community organizer, you know, with your vast array of experience saying before you got elected that Iran is a tiny country, they're not a threat." It just came off as very arrogant to me. Your thoughts?

PALIN: Well, very arrogant but also, factually untrue, so many things that he said tonight. Obama claimed that we are -- suggested that we are more energy secure today than we've ever been. He claims that we have better in relationships with all those on an international stage, including Israel, than ever, before he was elected. Those are not true claims. He claimed that sequestration was Congress' fault and that it won't happen. Well, sequestration was his hammer, it was the result of his lack of any kind of budget in four years, it was due to his adding to the national debt. And unless through (INAUDIBLE) he decides he's not going to follow the law, he signed sequestration into law, in just a couple of months. If he's going to ignore the Constitution, then sequestration will happen even though tonight, another untruth, he claimed that it won't happen.

HANNITY: You know, there wasn't much talk as I thought there might be by President Obama who has been out there every chance he gets spiking the football and the bin Laden issue. I would have liked to have seen Governor Romney question the president on this fact, that the very things that he opposed -- and that is renditions, lack sites, Gitmo. And when he called in Cairo as he went on his apology tour, enhanced interrogations, when he called it torture, we won't have gotten to the courier which led to the intelligence, which led to bin Laden, which he allowed him to make that decision. Because he was an outspoken critic of all of those things. I wish we would have delved into that a little more deeply tonight.

PALIN: Well, so do I. But again there just wasn't enough time I believe for Romney to answer all the false charges and to get all those questions answered that so many of us have of Obama. And one thing that I wish that Romney could have really hammered home with Obama was to me, Obama's lack of credibility as commander-in-chief having respect for our military troops when he would claim that he has military troops fighting and be willing to die on quote, "his behalf," unquote, and yet he is willing to throw them under the bus and withhold their paychecks until he gets his way with Congress to increase the nation's debt. That he doesn't want to see convenient ways for our military troops to be able to vote in a war zone. That so many things that you would think a commander-in-chief would do to show his respect for the military, Obama does not do.


PALIN: I wish that Governor Romney would have been able to have more time to kind of delve into some of those issues.

HANNITY: Well, remember, he also said America was arrogant when he spoke in France, that we're not a Christian nation although, we were founded on Judeo Christian principles. And also, remember that the president told our sworn enemies what our methods of enhanced interrogation were, which would then allow him to train to be able to withstand with those EITs were. And there was the issue of, you know, the new rules of engagement which literally tied our soldiers hands and then, remember the support of Miranda rights on the battlefield, I thought, you know, were really bad decisions for any commander in chief to make especially if you're in a war, you're fighting a war. Shouldn't you be fighting it to win it?

PALIN: Well, there are other bad decisions with our present commander-in- chief when it comes to military funding, when it comes to again, sequestration. A total of a trillion dollars being cut from our national defense, from our military budget which will be the result of sequestration. And again, Obama pointing the finger, blaming someone else.

Neil Cavuto said tonight, he was paraphrasing Speaker Boehner, when Speaker Boehner heard that President Obama is blaming Congress for sequestration, the paraphrase was, "Hold on now, Sparky." In other words, no, come on now, Obama, you're going a bit too far with a line like that.

I sure wish the media would start calling Obama out on these lies. Sean, we have 16 days to get people to open their eyes to the choice that they have. And you saw a great example, an illustration of the choice that we have tonight. Someone who deserves to be the commander in chief, who is responsible, who is selfless, who has respect for other nations does not want to get out there building other nations, but wants to allow America to be the exceptional nation again that we are, so that we can be that beacon of hope and light for other nations wishing to emulate the things we do right.

Or, you can keep going down the same field path of the Obama policies that have created these -- these fail alliances and a more unsafe world as Romney pointed out tonight in these last four years and before Obama was elected.

HANNITY: I think the most dangerous aspect, just to reiterate your point, is a president that refuses to acknowledge the war on terror. The words were banned for a long time. Fort Hood is not workplace violence, there is an ongoing war on terror. And the 14 days after what happened in Benghazi, the president still would not tell the American people the truth.

But anyway, Governor, it's always good to see you. Thank you so much for being with us.

PALIN: Thank you, Sean, I appreciate you.

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