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TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: Good evening and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. Last night, we did something we don't do very often, we spent the entire first block of the show on a single topic.

We told you about Black Lives Matter. We told you what Black Lives Matter believes. We told you what the group plans to do to our country as they amass unprecedented amounts of power.

The segment went on for nearly 20 minutes, and by the standards of this business, it was probably way too long. There was a lot to say.

But in the end, a lot of people saw it. The show turned out to be the most watched hour of primetime television in the country yesterday. It out rated everything else -- cable and broadcast news, entertainment and sports.

We never talk about ratings and we're definitely not telling you this to brag about it. There's already more than enough bragging in television, that's for sure. In any case, nothing in television lasts forever. Next week, we'll probably get beaten by a 3:00 a.m. rear of "Gilligan's Island" or a four-hour "Love Boat" retrospective. That'll probably happen.

The point of telling you this is to remind you that you are not alone. You may feel like you are. Suddenly your opinions qualify as crimes. Dare to say what you think at work; and you will be fired in the middle of a recession. Write what you think online and you will be silenced by the Big Tech companies.

So, you keep your views to yourself. You have no choice. A lot of Americans are doing that right now. They're staying quiet. And of course, that's the point of censorship, to keep people isolated and alone to prevent a consensus from forming that challenges those in charge.

If you're forced to shut up, they can do what they want to you and your country. That's why they do it.

But last night's show suggested they have not yet succeeded, though they're trying. Millions and millions of Americans agree with you. You are not crazy. Your views are not evil.

What is happening to this country right now is completely and totally wrong. And that will be obvious to everyone someday when our French Revolution has ended.

For now, most are too afraid to say that. One of the reasons we get to say that and often do is that Fox News is an independent company. We are not dependent on the progressive tech monopoly, Google, to make a living here, thank heavens.

Most media companies are dependent on Google. Google controls 70 percent of all online advertising. So, if you're in the news business, you obey Google. When Google tells you to do something, you do it. You have no choice. They can bankrupt you in a minute, and they will.

In all of human history, no single entity has ever had more control over information than Google does right now. So, if you're worried about the concentration of power in the hands of a few unaccountable actors, and you very much should be, nobody has more unchecked power than Google does.

This afternoon, NBC News decided to use some of Google's power to shut down a couple of its competitors. Power is useful for that.

An NBC employee called Adele Momoko-Fraser forwarded Google executives a screen from a leftwing activist group in England denouncing two sites, ZeroHedge and "The Federalist" as quote, "racist." Google immediately took the bait, of course. The company threatened to ban both news organizations from Google's ad platform. In other words to cut off their revenue.

Adele Momoko-Fraser was thrilled by this, she immediately fired off a victory tweet boasting about the censorship she had inspired. She called the two sites far-right. That's a term that has no meaning, but does suggest some kind of immoral behavior that Adele Momoko-Fraser disapproves of.

At the end of her tweet, she thanked the activists who helped her to silence competing views quote, "For their hard work and collaboration," exclamation point, #BlackLivesMatter with three raised fists at the end. Adele Momoko-Fraser seemed very satisfied with herself. She had done her part for the revolution today.

So what did ZeroHedge and "The Federalist" do to deserve this? To be demonetized? Well, we asked Google and they told us that the two sites maintained unmoderated comments sections.

In other words, readers get to say what they want. Google finds this intolerable. Faced with destruction, "The Federalist" had no choice but to submit to Google. This site deleted its comments section entirely. No more saying what you think about articles on "The Federalist." Google has banned that now.

ZeroHedge still does have comments. So, it has been demonetized. We'll see if they can continue operating.

All of this raises an interesting question though. Google says it now holds conservative websites responsible for the comments of their readers, and yet, irony of ironies, thanks to a special carve-out Google has received from the United States Congress, something called Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Remember that.

Google itself is not responsible for content on its platform because the Congress says it doesn't have to be.

So, if you're slandered by someone, for example, and that slander passes through Google servers, you cannot sue Google over it. Google is immune from the consequences. Immunity is a very nice thing to have, if you're a big company. Fox News doesn't have it.

But again, thanks to Congress, Google does have immunity, and that's one of the main reasons that Google's founders are some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, because Congress allowed them to be.

Senator Josh Hawley pointed this out today. Let's hope he and his colleagues act soon to revoke this privilege. If Google will not extend 230 Protections to others, Google should not enjoy those protections itself, obviously.

Google should have faced these consequences a long time ago. Congress should have done this years ago. It's been clear for a very long time that the Big Tech monopolies have now surpassed the Federal government as the chief threat to our liberties.


CARLSON: Google is the most powerful company in the history of the world. It's the portal through which the bulk of our information flows. That means that if Google isn't on the level, neither is our understanding of the world. To an unprecedented extent, Google controls reality.

Now, Google has already shown a disturbing willingness to distort reality for ideological ends.


CARLSON: And now it is happening. Google is acting directly to shape what people can say and what they're allowed to speak. It's a direct effort to stifle free speech. All of that is even truer today.

So why hasn't the Congress done anything about this? Well, we'd love to ask Senator Mike Lee of Utah. We invited him on the show tonight. He would not come. We've invited him before, he would not come then. Why do we ask him? Because Lee chairs the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee. He is the man who could do something to protect you from Google, but Lee has not bothered to do that.

Instead, Mike Lee repeatedly has taken the side of the Big Tech companies over your constitutional rights. The constitutional rights Mike Lee is sworn to uphold and protect, but refuses to.

So, the question is why is Mike Lee still sitting in the United States Senate? He should not be in the Senate. That is for sure. We are hoping Mike Lee is soundly defeated in his next primary by someone who cares about the Constitution, and more to the point about protecting Americans from the actual threats they face. We are fervently rooting for that day. We will celebrate it when it happens. We trust it will.

So, how about House Republicans? Well, this spring, Congressman Doug Collins, ranking -- the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, and Jim Sensenbrenner, the Ranking Member of the Antitrust Subcommittee, released a letter defending Google and the other tech monopolies from scrutiny.

They attacked any investigation of the tech companies that might have quote, "Preconceived conclusions that large tech companies are inherently bad or must be broken up." They actually wrote that. Who is paying these guys? And more to the point, whose side are they on?

Again, let us hope for a vigorous primary challenge to these two and any who share this view. Year in and year out, we vote for these people in the fervent hope they will stand up for us when it matters. Now it matters. And now like every time before, they sell us out. Time is up. Seriously, it is too much. The stakes are too high. We need better leadership. We need someone to protect us. Nobody is.

Sean Davis knows that feeling well. He co-founded "The Federalist." We're happy to have him on tonight. Sean, thanks so much for coming on the show tonight. Just tell us the obvious thing. Did you know this was coming?

SEAN DAVIS, CO-FOUNDER, THE FEDERALIST: No, we didn't. And it's actually really interesting how this came about. We never got any formal notice from Google. We never got any notice from their ad team.

We learned about this from NBC News, from the reporter Miss Fraser, who e- mailed a general info account at "The Federalist." She didn't e-mail me or my partners or my founders saying, hey, we heard that Google demonetized you. What do you think about that?

And to that point where we started reaching out to connections that we have at Google and found out that it turns out, yes, something was going on there. But it wasn't what NBC or Miss Fraser had said. In fact, it looks like NBC, the network that coddled Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer, by the way, had partnered with a foreign leftwing group in Europe to go after us and to use Google to go after us.

And as of now, since we have temporarily removed our comment sections, I can assure you, they will be back. We are back in Google's good graces. But this is a pretty terrifying example of the power that you have between the unholy union of corrupt media and monopolistic tech oligarchs.

CARLSON: Well, that's it right there, and I think all of us have gotten over our shock at watching so-called journalists promotes censorship, which they relentlessly do -- "The Daily Beast," CNN, NBC -- all have pushed censorship and had gotten it.

But you've got to kind of wonder, are laws being broken here? We have an election looming on the horizon. We have news companies trying to put their competitors out of business with the help of a monopoly that only exists because it has a special carve-out from the United States Congress. Where's the Congress? Where's the Justice Department? Why isn't anyone stepping in to stop this now?

DAVIS: Well, that's a great question, and we wondered the same thing. We were subjected to all of these demands in 2016 and after to get rid of foreign interference in our elections, and here we have a foreign unit at NBC with the Orwellian name, the NBC News Verification Unit.

The irony there is enough to make you laugh, seeking with another leftwing foreign group to deplatform, an American media organization, one that's supposed to be defended, and made sacrosanct under the First Amendment and trying to get deplatformed by going to their leftwing friends at Google.

So, I think there are a lot of questions that need to be answered especially by those involved at CNN, who put forward a completely false and maliciously so article attacking us, slurring us and slamming us and defaming us with things that had no basis in reality whatsoever.

And if this were a just world, there would be accountability for that. There would be accountability for fake journalists who go around trying to destroy their competition for the crime of criticizing them.

CARLSON: And especially siding with the most powerful company on Earth. Google has a monopoly on search. The Justice Department is looking into that. Let's hope they break up Google.

But in the meantime, and Donald Trump, Jr. actually today tweeted about this, I thought he made a really good point. This is intentional interference in a presidential election. No? I mean, what else could it be? That's what it is.

DAVIS: That is absolutely what it is, and it is being done by people who claim to be journalists, who claimed to believe in free speech and freedom of expression. And it's not just that somebody came after us and tried to deplatform us.

The whiny cry bullies of the left do this all the time to their enemies. They can't win arguments, so they try and shut them down. But to see this come from actual journalists who claim to believe in the First Amendment, that was remarkable.

And the other thing is, you know, we're a pretty big organization. We're influential. We have a big audience and we have a lot of influence. We were able to stop this.

Now most people, 99.99 percent of people who get cancelled or deplatformed by these little Marxist cry bullies, they don't have any recourse and it's what's happening to them that's the real crime.

CARLSON: That's right.

DAVIS: It's not what's happening to us.

CARLSON: And no one is protecting them. All of these people you vote for in the hope that when it comes down to it, they'll protect you, all of them or AWOL. It's really revealing, I would say.

Sean Davis, great to see you tonight. Thank you.

DAVIS: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: It's not just conservative publications who are being targeted, it is individuals as well.

Yesterday a photo emerged of Oklahoma State football coach, Mike Gundy, wearing a shirt from the media outlet OAN on a fishing trip. Why? Who cares? People can watch whatever they want on television, correct? And they can wear whatever shirts they want. You thought that was true. You thought that was your right as an American, but in this revolution, Gundy's shirt selection was an ideological crime.

Current and former players denounced him. The school's President then denounced him and Gundy issued an apology. Nobody stood up to defend him.

Brit Hume is Fox's senior political analyst. He joins us tonight. So Brit, I'm wondering, this is always a question I ask you having watched the parade come through Washington for all these years. Have you ever seen anything like this? A moment like this?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS CHANNEL SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: No, I've never seen anything like this at all. And you know, the crime -- the thought crime that Coach Gundy stands accused of is and that is watching and then wearing a t-shirt belonging to a news outlet that has been critical of Black Lives Matter, which tells you once again, Tucker, the power of the Black Lives Matter is now exercising over vast swaths of our public dialogue, and it's disturbing.

And it is Tucker, unlike anything I've ever seen. And you look across the spectrum at "The New York Times," which committed I think, it was an egregious act of cowardice when there was a newsroom uprising about an editorial, which we've discussed on this program, you know, expressed a view about the use of military force to put down these uprisings that was held by 58 percent of the American public according to polling, and yet was deemed unsuitable by "The New York Times" which at first defended the publication of that op-ed.

And then a few days later, the publisher who had defended it, backed off, said it was unworthy of "The Times" standards and the editorial page editor got released -- remarkable.

CARLSON: Matt Taibbi had an amazing, I thought, and shocking piece. It's making the rounds, I think right now, in which he points out a bunch of different examples from news organizations where the editors and the publishers immediately caved to pressure and hurt people, at the request of the mob.

Aren't news organization supposed to be brave? Isn't that the whole point of being in the news business? We're going to tell you the truth, whether you like it or not, and they're doing the opposite.

HUME: Yes. Oh, absolutely. And you're supposed to be -- the old standard was pretty simple, Tucker, and I lived under it for many years, as did you, which was neutrality in news coverage on the news pages and robust debate reflecting many points of view on the editorial page.

It didn't mean that the editors had to agree with the viewpoints expressed on their pages. In fact, often they did not and would say so in editorials, but they would publish those views.

So, here was a clearly mainstream view, just like it was by many in the newsroom, and it resulted in a near mutiny to which "The Times" buckled. The same thing happened in Philadelphia over a headline in which the writer had said -- he was writing about, you know, various monuments and so forth in the City of Philadelphia that were being defaced.

And he said -- a headline on an article about that said, you know, buildings matter, too. Oh, no, you can't say that, because it sounded like you were disparaging Black Lives Matter, which clearly was not the case. But nonetheless, the guy lost his job.

This is really quite remarkable, Tucker.

CARLSON: In the middle of a recession. Nothing causes more human suffering than cowardice, and it's everywhere right now. Brit Hume, great to see you. Thank you so much for that.

HUME: Yes. Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, the world's 195 nations are fascinated by the newest addition to our global fraternity, CHOP, formerly known as CHAZ, but the mysterious country has secrets and has not yet divulged. We have exclusive new footage tonight showing what is happening in CHOP as we speak. Stay tuned for that.


CARLSON: The nation of CHOP is nearly a week old now and yet still surprisingly little is known about CHOP, formerly known as CHAZ. Is the nation peaceful or is it dangerous? Is it prosperous? Is it impoverished? Is it friendly? Is it hostile?

Like in North Korea on Puget Sound, we can only guess. Snippets of information leak out, supplemented by daring acts of investigation.

We have one such foray tonight. Our own Kyle Rothenberg ventured in to the nation formerly known as downtown Seattle. Here's what he found.


CARLSON: There it is documentary evidence of life inside CHOP. Chapastanese going about their business. Chapasteni Customs in action. We should warn you though, what you just saw is just a snapshot.

The nation of CHOP is dynamic. It's changing even as we watch. For one thing, it's getting smaller. It already was small, smaller than the Vatican, but today CHOP was partitioned by the City of Seattle. It ceded several blocks back to its former overlords.

In return, the country's makeshift barriers are being replaced with solid concrete blocks because nothing makes the country more quickly than a border. That's what we've learned from CHOP.

Radio host Jason Rantz is our man on the ground outside the nation of CHOP, on the DMZ. He joins us tonight. Jason, I see that they've beefed up their border security.

JASON RANTZ, SEATTLE RADIO SHOW HOST: They have, although the city has decided to beef up the border security, not necessarily those who are living within CHOP.

So earlier today, the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan made the announcement that essentially they came to some kind of compromise. This was a Tip O'Neill-Ronald Reagan type of situation where they decided to cede over some of the land so that emergency vehicles and people who actually live there and drive there can actually get through, because remember, CHOP happens to be in the middle of a space that a lot of people live and a lot of people work.

However, because we're dealing with an organization that isn't really an organization, there's just a lot of different people who are going into the area for their activism. There's not really one leader, so the compromise towards the last hour or so was started to break up a little bit.

There's some folks who are angry that they've given up a little bit too much. We are hearing rumors that there's going to be another march towards West Precinct, which is about a 10-minute walk from where they currently are, this would be another police station that presumably they'd like to either take over or at least use to get their activism out there.

So, consider this manifest destiny of some kind, they potentially will be on the move and maybe get up some more land.

CARLSON: Fascinating. If only Margaret Mead were here to study the Chapastanese and their culture. They're a famously carefree people. And so I want to ask you a sort of open-ended question and you're not administering blood tests, of course.

But your best estimate, what percentage of the Chapastani people are sober at any given time?

RANTZ: I don't even know how to begin. I mean, we're not just talking about alcohol, correct? We're talking about other --

CARLSON: No, no. Substance --

RANTZ: Narcotics

CARLSON: Yes, for sure.

RANTZ: You know, so there's definitely a population. I wouldn't -- and not everybody there is going to be high or drunk at the same time. I want to be fair to them. But there is definitely a high percentage of folks who are kind of just carefree and having a good time.

And actually, that's where some of the anger has come from some of the activists who are there because they're trying to change policy that they've got a lot of people who essentially have just shown up for a party, that they're treating this as a tourist destination.

So yes, they're showing up high. They're hanging out at Cal Anderson Park. They're eating sandwiches and granola and they're having a good old time when other people are saying, hey, and it's primarily white people who are doing this like, could you maybe get back to the whole activism thing that we're here for?

So, there's some inner 0-- there's some inner struggles.

CARLSON: You know, it's always rippling beneath the surface in paradise. One thing every Chapastani has in common, no job. Pretty great. Jason, good to see you tonight. Thank you.

RANTZ: Good to see you.

CARLSON: An entire nation unemployed. Remarkable. Well, the woke tidal wave that wants to defund your police department, destroy your family, abolish your history and suppress all dissent is not coming from nowhere. No, no, no. It is being bankrolled by this nation's most powerful corporations. Of course, it is. We will tell you who, next.


CARLSON: Just to be clear about something, the moment that we're living through right now isn't a revolution of the powerless against the powerful. If it were that, you could see maybe supporting it. It's the opposite of that. It's the people in charge clamping down on those below them and crushing them.

It's an offensive by the professional class against our history, our culture and our institutions. This offensive is being bankrolled by Corporate America, which tells you everything. Corporate America is either sympathetic to what's happening or too frightened to resist it, and decides, might as well play along.

The result: millions and millions of dollars have gone to groups like Black Lives Matter, but far more will be going to them or to other groups or to brand new groups that doubtless would dole out more money to favorite groups or connected activists. This will change the way the country works.

Here's a partial list of what's happened so far. Nike has committed $40 million over the next four years to support the black community. They don't say what that means. The company also set the tone for other companies.

While they don't care about human rights abuses in China, or other dictatorships, they benefit from those, Nike released a very somber ad attacking this country.


TEXT: For once, Don't Do It. Don't pretend there's not a problem in America. Don't turn your back on racism. Don't accept innocent lives being taken from us. Don't sit back and be silent.


CARLSON: Nike is not making ads like that celebrating the life and destroyed culture of say the Chinese Uyghurs. No, just America. Nike's rival, Adidas meanwhile pledged $20 million, less, but to make up for it, they vowed to create racial quotas for hiring which are both unconstitutional and racist, but still from now on, 30 percent of new hires will be black or Hispanic, the company said.

Walmart has pledged a staggering $100 million for an entire center for racial equity. Will they do anything about the countless communities they have destroyed with their ugly box stores filled with cheap plastic garbage from China? No.

Procter & Gamble has pledged $5 million to a new take on race fund that will support quote, "existing organizations in North America." We don't know exactly what that means.

Video game developer, EA pledged a million dollars to organizations fighting for racial justice. The eyeglass maker Warby Parker pledged a million dollars to groups quote, "combating systemic racism." By the way, we should just pause here and say, none of this sounds objectionable. No one is for racism. No one is for it.

But every one of these dollars will go to a group with a political agenda. And trust us, that agenda opposes you and your family and the people you vote for, and is devoted to changing this country in ways that are not good for you at all and has nothing to do with racism or fighting racism. It's purely a cover.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Meanwhile, a cosmetics company gave $100,000.00 a piece to five groups including Black Lives Matter. Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey took a moment from censoring other people's political beliefs to give $3 million to Colin Kaepernick's group. Colin Kaepernick, you'll remember defended violent riots just recently. That's cool. He gets three million bucks.

TikTok, which is owned by the communist government of China pledged $4 million to fight racial injustice. No, not in China, where it's ubiquitous, but here where it's rare, right?

Overall, more than $230 million have been pledged and more will be forthcoming by these companies goodwill. We hope not. Nike's $40 million pledge was met with sneers from many who criticized the company's Executive Board for not being quote, "diverse enough."

So what will all of that money wind up being spent on? Well, we don't know. And almost nobody is asking that question though maybe they should.

Black Lives Matter activist, Shaun King, who you'll remember recently threatened to lynch the men charged in the death of Ahmaud Arbery repeatedly raised money for different groups only to shut them down with little transparency and no real explanation of what he did with the money.

King's own associates call him a fraud if he continues to collect donations. Pretty good gig, if you can get it. The Minnesota Freedom Fund, meanwhile, which exists to provide free cash bail to people charged with crimes received $30 million, thanks to heavy promotion online from celebrities and donations from big corporations.

People donated to spring Minneapolis rioters from jail as quickly as possible. In a transparency document, the Minnesota Freedom Fund though, says which by the way, it says it discriminates based on skin color and who receives bail money, if you can even imagine. That's not legal, again, but it's happening because no one is pushing back.

But here's the real headline. So far, of all the money they've received $30 million, only $200,000.00 has been spent on bail. That leaves at least $29.8 million left over. Where's that money? We don't know.

Imagine if that money went instead to local businesses in Minneapolis that were destroyed by rioters. Local government officials in that city estimate the riots caused at least $55 million in damage. So just one quarter of the donations we listed above could fix that, and they wouldn't be racist in that they wouldn't be discriminating based on skin color.

But no one is giving to that fund. Instead, companies are empowering extremists who created this damage in the first place. Rioting is rewarded.

Chadwick Moore is in a New York journalist. We're always happy to have him on this program. Chadwick, you look at this, and what's your conclusion?

CHADWICK MOORE, NEW YORK JOURNALIST: Well, yes, I don't think there's a blanket answer to all of these, basically every corporation in this country sort of bowing to the left as they constantly have been in the age of outrage. I think it's telling. One thing that is telling that you touched on is that, you know, if China is on the side of Black Lives Matter that should tell you something.

And if these corporations are banking on the globalist economy and China as the next global leader, well, they they've abandoned America, they've abandoned the nation that has made them prosperous and given them the talent and resources in order for them to become what they are, and they have chosen the side of China.

They want the global economy. They don't want the nationalist America first economy. They don't really care about the American people anymore.

CARLSON: Wait, wait. Can I just ask? How stupid do you feel? I mean, you've spent your whole life working at jobs in paying your FICA tax? But people go out and burn down Wendy's and Nike writes them a check. Shouldn't you have been rioting all of these years?

MOORE: All it took was just a riot. I mean, my word. Is it good for business? Look at these people. You know, it's on its face, of course it's not because these corporations who are virtue signaling constantly realize they must be alienating at least half of their customers or potential customers.


MOORE: So what is really going on here? Is it a kind of payola scheme? Is it a shakedown to the left? If we just give this to you and virtue signal to you, will you leave us alone and not come for us?

Well, you know, we all know that never works, because as soon as you bend the knee to the mob, they only want more blood.

CARLSON: That's right.

MOORE: The far left mob who sort of is the face of this aren't -- well, they don't shop at Walmart, number one. They don't eat at Wendy's by and large. They're not giving them more customers or money. So, what's really behind all of this? It's either something deeply political, or it's just the fact that these companies live in like most of the country, live in constant fear of a very tiny vocal violence anti-Civil Rights minority in this group had led by groups like Antifa, like BLM, who exists only to shut down discussion, take away First Amendment rights of their political enemies. And they use it by bullying, intimidation, harassment, and that goes with our corporations, too.

They don't -- they're not going to give these corporations anymore business. They are not going to buy more Nike because of this, because it's not about that. It's about keeping every institution in our society underneath their thumb, and that is what appears to be going on.

CARLSON: That's exactly right. But we should not reward violence, and we are. We should reward people who try hard and do the right thing.

MOORE: And we are.

CARLSON: But we're not. Yes, I know.

MOORE: You know, we went from an era of the 60s, which was a Civil Rights era, and now we're in an era of the anti-Civil Rights era, and these groups are being rewarded for it.

CARLSON: That's exactly right. It is the anti -- I mean, they're calling for segregation, literally, as if you know, the irony is --

MOORE: They are calling for segregation. They are trying to take away your right to speak, your right to assemble, your right to -- all of your personal rights and yes.

CARLSON: You know, it would be nice to have someone protect us from this. Chadwick Moore, great to see you tonight. Thank you.


CARLSON: We told you last time about how the City of Fort Worth and their police department responded to rioting in the city. That city's police department accused us of inaccurate reporting, but it was not inaccurate.

There was a violent riot in Fort Worth. Police officers were hurt. The city made dozens of arrests, but then dropped all charges specifically for rioting against them.

The Chief of Police made that announcement personally, then released a statement implying that police were sinful and pledged reforms.

All of that is true. We have the statement and it was all confirmed by local news reports. Headlines like this, "Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus drops charges against rioters," but Ed Kraus is mad that we pointed that out in public and embarrassed him. Tough. You deserve it, Ed Kraus. Shameful.

Just a month ago, coronavirus lockdowns were critical and first responders were described as heroes. We grew that part anyway. Now, the lockdowns are totally irrelevant if you want to protest something that might help, I don't know, Joe Biden get elected and police are villains who should be destroyed. What to make of all of this? Adam Carolla is here to explain.


CARLSON: Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is threatening once again to shut down his state, the pretext -- coronavirus. The reality, just to attempt to humiliate the people, just to show them who is really in charge.

Too many bars and restaurants aren't following social distancing rules, Cuomo said. Too many people are assembling in small groups, as if that's their constitutional right. It must be stopped says Andrew Cuomo.

Too bad. Nobody is listening anymore and they shouldn't listen. They got the message. When Cuomo and virtually every other lackey in the press and or the Democratic Party, not that there's still a meaningful difference, endorsed Black Lives Matter protests and said they were exempt from coronavirus restrictions.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're looking at Los Angeles Hollywood Boulevard and just take a look at how many people, just a sea of humanity there out in full force fighting against injustices.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Take a look at this rally a Black Trans Lives Matter rally in Brooklyn just this past weekend. Look at that crowd. You know, it's pretty extraordinary when you see this is a large diverse crowd, as we understand it from all the people who are reporting there, but just look at the sounding support.


CARLSON: They're so excited. So, the law does not apply to Joe Biden's voters. It only applies to you. Are you okay with that? Have you noticed that? "The New York Post" noticed it, so did podcast host, Adam Carolla. He has got a new book out, "I'm Your Emotional Support Animal." We're always happy to have him on.

Adam, great to see you tonight. Have you noticed that -- I mean, there are certain laws that only apply to you? Are you okay with that?

ADAM CAROLLA, COMEDIAN: Well, I am as long as I'm under the thumb of our Mayor and our Governor here in California. I mean, I got lectured 10 minutes ago by MSNBC and CNN for walking on the beach. Or what if someone spreads a towel out on the beach? Remember that?

I made I heard hysterics on those networks saying, well, what if people don't wear a mask and they put a towel down on the beach? By the way, a towel down on the beach, is there any science at all that says the coronavirus is spread outdoors on the beach? And by the way, when was the last time some strange couple laid down closer than six feet to you in your wife's towel? By the way, if they did, they were swingers and it was game on.

CARLSON: Which is a whole separate conversation. But if lying on the beach is dangerous, if there's an important medical distinction between wet and dry sand as your Governor told us there was, then wouldn't these rallies, riots, even looting Walmart presents public health risks, wouldn't it?

CAROLLA: Well, everything is political expediency. And of course, they think the people that are rioting and marching are on their side and the people who want to go down and have a cocktail or go to a church or go to a beach that's on Trump's side. So, they're going to support one side and the other, which then makes them hypocrites.

But by the way, good news. We don't have to listen to a thing they ever say again. We don't have to listen to a thing Cuomo says or Newsom says or CNN says or MSNBC says, because evidently they all have an agenda.

They used to hide their agenda. Now, it's transparent. They just lifted their skirt and showed us all of their agenda.

CARLSON: I know I'm going to get audited for this, but it's a sincere question. You call the police they don't come. Your neighborhood is filthy. People live on the sidewalk and nobody cares. Why are you paying your taxes? For real?

CAROLLA: I don't know. Like I do say that all the time especially in LA. LA is just filled with potholes and a-holes and homeless people and barbed wire around the freeway signs like it's turned into a Hellscape out here, and we shouldn't.

You know, I have a business and if my business gets tagged by a gangbanger, I get a summons from the city commanding that I clean it off in two weeks, otherwise, I'm going to get fined.

Meanwhile, there's piles of garbage, refuse, homeless people and fecal matter everywhere and they're not obligated to do their job at all.

CARLSON: It's disgusting. We just put a picture of your new book on the screen. When is that coming out? When can people buy it?

CAROLLA: It is out as we speak. And I've got to tell you, Tucker, I tried to get this through the usual establishment people in New York, none of the mainstream press and none of the mainstream publishers would touch it.

We did it anyway, and we can stick a finger in the eye of these elites if we go out and put this book on the "New York Times" bestseller list.

CARLSON: I'm ordering it on the phone in the commercial break. Adam Carolla, great to see you tonight. Thank you for that.

CAROLLA: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, there could be a big breakthrough tonight in treatment for the coronavirus. And once again, it might come from a drug that already exists and has approval. Dr. Marc Siegel explains that, next.


CARLSON: There could be a new medical breakthrough tonight on the question of fighting coronavirus. It's a drug that's been around since 1957. For details, we turn as we always do to Fox medical contributor, Dr. Marc Siegel. Hey, Doctor.

DR. MARC SIEGEL, FOX NEWS CHANNEL MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR: Hi, Tucker. The drug is named dexamethasone. It's been around since 1957 as you said. I've used it my entire career. It decreases inflammation and get this it only costs $1.00 a pill per day. Incredibly cheap.

Now, it's decreases inflammation, and what I've told you previously is COVID-19 is characterized by its inflammation. It inflames your lungs. It inflames your blood vessels. It inflames your heart. This is what is causing death to the circulatory system and the lungs in most patients.

Well, a large study out of Oxford University in England, which looked at over 4,000 patients receiving this steroid, and again, steroids decrease inflammation, and over 2,000, who didn't receive it found out that if you're on a ventilator, that you have about a 30 percent less chance of dying, 33 percent less chance of dying if you're taking this drug. And if you're just on oxygen, you're one fifth less likely to die.

Well, Tucker, when people go into the hospital with COVID-19, they already have more than a 20 percent chance of dying and if they're on a ventilator, more than 50 percent, so here, it finally looks like we have something to offer them.

I'm very excited about this. I want to -- because of what we've talked about previously here, I want to wait until it is peer reviewed and published. But this is clearly a tool in my tool shed. This is something that I can use against COVID-19 along with remdesivir, the antiviral drug that we talked about previously.

This is a sign of hope. This is for people that get really ill, people that have underlying conditions, people that are elderly, people in nursing homes that we've talked about. Our hearts go out. We have now something to offer them.

My prescription for tonight for our patients out there with COVID-19, there's more hope if you get really sick than before -- Tucker.

CARLSON: Hope is the one thing in short supply right now, Dr. Siegel. So we really appreciate that update, thank you -- and your wisdom on this subject. Good to see you.

SIEGEL: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, that's it for us tonight. We are completely out of time having used up an entire one of your hours. Who knows how many we have, so we're grateful that you spent it with us.

We will be back tomorrow night and every week night.

In the meantime, we introduce you ladies and gentlemen to the Great Sean Hannity standing by in New York to take it away.

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