Out With the Old...

It's a familiar story: The old boss goes, the new boss cleans house.

The old boss's guys are worried. They don't know too much about the new boss.

They used to be the "in" guys. Now they're the "almost on the way out guys."

And they can't believe it, because the new boss doesn't much flip over them. Doesn't share the old boss's zeal for them and, quite frankly, looks like he'd like to be rid of them.

Expense accounts are getting scrutinized. All trips reviewed. All measures of corporate self-worth re-measured.

And, one by one, the new boss starts building his new team — not with the old boss's people, but his people. Some recruited from the new boss's old company. Others recruited, for good measure, from his present company. But not the people you'd suspect — the people the former in people never even acknowledged.

So, ironies of ironies, the "out" are "in," the "in" are "out."

And the new guys who no one paid attention to are the folks it seems like everyone is sucking up to.

I'm talking about one company, but I'm talking about all companies.

Handling change and, for those in the crossfire of it, not liking that change.

One tells me he's prepared for this day — he has some savings.

Others aren't so lucky.

"Why," I asked?

"Because I guess they didn't see it coming."

Until... it came.

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