Oprah, O'Reilly and Child Predators

On Wednesday, February 21, I will appear on the "Oprah" program, along with a bunch of other people discussing what to do about vicious child predators in America. This is a program well worth watching, because many Americans simply are clueless when it comes to protecting kids.

The worst offenders are cowardly politicians like those in Vermont, who simply will not punish crimes like child rape in an effective way.

Let me say this again. If an adult rapes a child, and I don't care whether it's in or out of the family, that adult deserves to go to prison for 25 years to life.

If your state will not pass Jessica's Law, your state's wrong. No excuses. Destroy a child, go to prison for decades.

Now you've heard all the excuses. The trial lawyers don't like Jessica's Law because they want to plea bargain. Some nutty judges want rehab for child rapists. And the ACLU believes the North American Man Boy Love Association, which advises perverts on how to rape children, deserves freedom of speech to do that.

All of the above are hurting America. And they should be condemned. The issue is far too important for theoretical nonsense.

Then there's the media. The left wing press doesn't like Jessica's Law. We've seen it over and over. It's just like the judges. They want rehab for violent child predators. So we dismiss them.

The issue of child rape is extremely complicated. Each situation's different. When the Shawn Hornbeck case broke, many pinheads in the media ran out screaming "Stockholm Syndrome." That is the captive identifies with the captor. That's just bull. And anyone who said that's irresponsible.

What happened to Shawn Hornbeck and thousands of other kids is called "child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome." That is, the child is literally tortured into accepting his circumstance. This is so evil, it's almost beyond comprehension. The guy who did this to Shawn Hornbeck, Michael Devlin, doesn't deserve to live another day in this world. -- That's how evil the man is.

"Talking Points" is not going to report specifics about the Devlin case. I'm going leave that to the authorities. But everybody should know this is beyond horrifying. And no rehab should ever be in play.

The bottom line is that every American must understand child molestation is evil, not a disease, not an aberration. It's evil and must be punished as harshly as possible. I hope you watch the "Oprah" program. And we'll discuss it on “The Factor" tonight.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

This is Oscar week out here in Los Angeles. And, so far, nobody seems to care very much.

The big buzz is Barack Obama showing up tonight for a giant fundraiser starring half of Hollywood.

Now, I tried to buy a ticket to the Obama fundraiser. I had my $2,300 (much of it in pennies), ready to go. But the Obama people would not sell me a ticket. I don't know why. And it could be ridiculous.

However, we are covering the event this evening. We'll have it for you tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.