Obama's Thin Skin Showing?

So I'm watching the president on "The View" today and two things hit me — one, he likes friendly questions and two, he got a lot of friendly questions.

Nothing wrong with that. His hosts were gracious and he was grateful. But here's what bugged me as I'm watching President Obama smoothly swatting away their, "How are you enduring all this, Mr. President?" questions: He might be "no drama," but don't tell me he's no thin skin.

Once again, he mentioned the cable pundits, then insisted to — I think it was Joy Behar — how he doesn't listen to them. So I'm thinking to myself, "Then how would he know about what the cable pundits are saying?"

Actually, the president sells himself short. He is very much aware of the cable chatter and his cable critics. He was very much aware of the dilemma Joy addressed when she talked about the big guy getting his narrative out, and — insert news alert here — not that of Fox News.

So he blithely dismisses that narrative as obviously the wrong narrative and critics of his administration as obviously clueless about his administration.

He kept insisting he didn't pay the chatter the slightest attention, but he didn't seem to forget a single slight — like how he's made a mess of things and told "The View" ladies he inherited that mess of things; like how he's losing jobs and says he's actually creating jobs.

People should be grateful and those who questioned that, didn't understand this — he's above that and them. He’s cool, his critics drool.

He's smooth all right, but don't tell me he isn't cataloguing those he thinks do him wrong. They're part of the chatter he says he doesn't hear, but seems to know remarkably well.

I'd have brought that up. But I guess that's why the president's not sharing his views with me and with the ladies on "The View" instead. Better view, probably better crowd.

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