Obama's Hollywood helper?

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So you know that TV movie about killing bin Laden which airs two days before the election? It's now being re-edited to make the president's role more prominent. According to The New York Times, a paper, Obama-backer Harvey Weinstein who owns the rights to the film personally stepped in to help re-cut it to strengthen to Mr. Obama's role.


GUTFELD: Weinstein and director John Stockwell deny the changes are politically motivated.

I called myself for a response. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

So, with Obama in trouble, Weinstein reedits to give Obama more credit. Just a coincidence? Yes. So is getting wet in the rain.

Look, we already know Romney is running not just against Obama but against the Hollywood arm of his own publicity machine. That's as clear as the nighties in Kimberly's closet.

But it raises questions why can you politicize bin Laden and not Benghazi? Obama takes credit for one and avoids responsibility for the other. What happens if this films triggers mob violence? Will Weinstein be arrested? He's been silent on the subject of free expression, while the anti-Muslim filmmaker sweats in jail.

Perhaps Harvey could keep him company. Heck, they could watch the movie together, Kimberly.


GUTFELD: So, Dana, you still get zero credit for killing bin Laden or anything else for that matter.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I killed a bug once and a frog.

Never underestimate the Obama team and their surrogates in Hollywood. Their tendency to overdo it. This is just a little bit too much. America is like -- we get it, we know that you killed bin Laden. We have seen it 100 times.

If you can just imagine that President Obama would invite the cast and the crew to White House theater and roll it over and over and over again.

GUILFOYLE: They are throwing a big party. We were invited.

PERINO: We were? Oh, that's the party?

GUILFOYLE: That's --


PERINO: That's the e-mail I deleted. Sorry.

GUILFOYLE: She's like, delete. I know your tactics now. It's very interesting.

But, yes, they are having a big red carpet premier for this show.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: What of us?



PERINO: You didn't get invited?

BECKEL: No, I just want to know how many flimsy things you got in your closet?

GUILFOYLE: I want to say the one thing in your monologue, that was factually accurate.


GUTFELD: Bobby, you got to admit, that cannot be a coincidence. Obama is in trouble in election and all of a sudden, then put more of him in movie.

BECKEL: You think this is a coincidence? You know, you're a conspiracy-minded sort of guy.

GUTFELD: No, I said it's not a coincidence.

BECKEL: Listen, when the film came out on Clintons, in Citizens United that opened up the flood gate of money into political system, if you look at what that film was about the and the editing they did right down to the end of the thing -- it was just horrible. It was wrong. It was deceitful. It was full of lies.

Now, Weinstein, is he doing it to help Obama in the last couple days? I hope so.


GUILFOYLE: Finally, the truth. I love it.

BECKEL: Why not? If I had charge of a film released two days before the election and I could go in and get my man more prominence, I'd go in and get my man more prominence.

GUTFELD: At least he's being honest, Eric. That's what they're doing.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: You make the best point. What if there's violence? What if this incites violence? Is it on going to be on Harvey Weinstein --

BECKEL: From you?

BOLLING: No, no, by Muslim radicals who are ticked off that it's another victory lap for killing bin Laden.

GUTFELD: But, you know what, Bob is actually got a good point. It doesn't have to be violence for Muslims. It could be violence from anybody, because the idea that a film sparks violence could be anything.

PERINO: Exactly.

GUTFELD: So if you actually go out and you set fire to Weinstein's house, how is that different? How is that different? Don't do that, by the way.

GUILFOYLE: Don't give any idea.

BOLLING: By the way, when is the Kathryn Bigelow movie coming out?

PERINO: December.

BOLLING: I mean, that's the one that might actually caused some violence.

BECKEL: Kathryn Bigelow?

GUTFELD: She is a director.


BOLLING: She is the one that had access to some CIA stuff.

BECKEL: OK, good.

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