Obamacare Side Effects?

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JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: I think it is for me, Judge. I think they're picking on me.

Welcome back to "The Five."

Obamacare has created controversy from the get go -- you know that -- and now, a report this week says the cost of the program has been underestimated by $50 billion.

I have to point out right now that one of the authors of this paper said he's getting a lot of heat for simply reporting what he considered the facts. He would get heat from if he was there because it's not the fact. But you know that's the way it goes because now, this is all speculation about how much Obamacare would cost if you factored in spouses, children -- on and on and on.

This is all part of an attack coming from the right that still doesn't like the idea that there would be affordable health care in America.


MONICA CROWLEY, CO-HOST: Sixty-five percent of the American people want a full repeal of Obamacare. So, it's not just a right, because we can't afford this, Juan.


WILLIAMS: You know why you get 65 percent, by the way? Let's be honest with each other, because so many people on the left thinks that President Obama should have been more aggressive --


CROWLEY: Oh, come on, Juan, talk to the hand, talk to you hand.


CROWLEY: This is something that the United States cannot afford. This is a multitrillion dollar new entitlement when we are facing an epic debt crisis. We can't afford the entitlements we already have.


WILLIAMS: Is that what you are hearing from seniors about Medicare and Medicaid? Gee, I don't hear that. Oh, I don't hear that.

CROWLEY: Well, let's see. Medicare and Medicaid are going broke in two years, Juan. So, we can't afford the entitlements we have.

WILLIAMS: Right. What seniors do you hear from who are saying to you, oh, Ms. Crowley, you know what? We really have to give back this Medicare money, it's just too much and it's bankrupting our government.

CROWLEY: Juan, what you're glossing over is that under the Paul Ryan reform, current seniors are grandfathered in.


WILLIAMS: Yes, yes.

CROWLEY: We're not talking about current seniors. Stop trying to scare them.

WILLIAMS: Even current seniors say they don't buy it, they don't like it, they don't think it should be denied to generations to come.

CROWLEY: They are not affected by it. They are not being affected by it.

WILLIAMS: They still don't like it.

CROWLEY: Be honest about the conversation.

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, CO-HOST: Is it not a fact that the statisticians that the Congress used when it created this 2,700-page report -- that we know none of them read before they voted on -- omitted certain things like spouses and children when they calculated the cost?

WILLIAMS: They were told to focus on single payers and not on families.


WILLIAMS: So, what you had then was this loophole.

NAPOLITANO: Because many of us live in families and have spouses and children.


WILLIAMS: Right. That's the way it's been done all along. That's the metric that we have applied to all of these systems. It wasn't done in some way to say let's deceive people. The CBO is not idiots. They are impartial judges. That was their responsibility. Now, this guy comes up -- because he and everybody else on the right is still upset about the fact that this president did something monumental, something that other presidents were unable to do. Even Richard Nixon wanted to do a health care bill for America.

CROWLEY: This is an epic disaster, Juan, and it's tracking down his job approval. Look, 65 percent of the American people want a full repeal of this and the reason is: number one, they don't want the government in their eyeball and their ear canal. Number two, they know that we cannot afford this.


CROWLEY: This is just a tip of the iceberg. And this -- by the way, this is $50 billion a year. Not $50 billion total, $50 billion a year that they haven't accounted for.

WILLIAMS: You know, let me offer you a counter version of reality. Americans are sick and tired of insurance companies that rip them off, that leave them sick, that leave them without any coverage.


WILLIAMS: What's the alternative, Judge, right now? Nobody has. So many Americans don't have any coverage.

NAPOLITANO: The alternative is to deregulate insurance so it can go across state lines and you can pick and tailor the policy that works for you, that gives you what you want and that you can afford. This is the debate we had two years ago.

WILLIAMS: Yes. And that's why so many people don't have any coverage.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: But wait a minute, we have example of that working. It's the airline industry. When the airline industry was deregulated by Carter, it worked. Why can't we do it with health care?

NAPOLITANO: And prices went down.

GUTFELD: Can I just make one point? I don't know if this health care reform bill is bad or good because I don't know anything about it? To me, it's like a lemon that your parents bought out at a used car lot that got out of the lot and as it's driving home, everything is falling off.


GUTFEFLD: Americans are watching this thing crumble. You're hearing something new about this bill every week. There's something you didn't know.

WILLIAMS: Well, this is a good point because guess what? Kansas is giving back money, saying they don't want the money for the health care coverage. And not only that, don't forget Joe Wilson.


WILLIAMS: Remember Joe Wilson's performance when the president had a session -- joint session, president speaking. Let's look at what Joe Wilson had to say.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: The reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.

REP. JOE WILSON, R-GA.: You lie!

OBAMA: That's not true.


WILLIAMS: Well, the president said it wasn't true. But it turns out now, some people who are here illegally are getting coverage. How are they getting coverage? Because community health care centers -- that get money under the health care plan, Mr. Gutfeld -- are not asking if they are here legally or illegally.

GUTFELD: So President Obama owes Joe Wilson an apology.

WILLIAMS: No, no, no.

NAPOLITANO: Wait a minute, Juan. This are federal funds being distribute at the local level and the condition of their distribution is that federal law be complied with. And the Obama administration is not complying with federal law because it doesn't care if this money goes to illegal immigrants or not.

WILLIAMS: That's not true. What's true is the community centers and doctors are trying to help and heal, and they're not taking time to say are you here legally or illegally? They're not playing the Arizona game.

NAPOLITANO: I don't blame the doctors who are not saying that. I attacked the Arizona law. But if you talk about the president's accuracy --

WILLIAMS: So you want FBI agents to frisk old ladies --


NAPOLITANO: Apparently the president himself hadn't read that statute when he made that statement.

WILLIAMS: I don't believe it.

CROWLEY: Or he did and glossed over the truth.

WILLIAMS: Leave the president alone for a second. The audience will stay with us.


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