ObamaCare deadline delayed

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GUTFELD: In the "Impact Segment" tonight, after all the chaos confusion and broken promises, yet another adjustment in the Obamacare rollout. Due to technical difficulties, today's deadline to sign up for health plan, if you want it by the new year has been extended yet again until tomorrow.

And just to show what you a great thing it is, over the weekend, the President himself enrolled, a symbolic gesture at best since his medical care will be provided still by the military.

Meantime a new Gallup poll shows Americans are split on the healthcare act with 36 percent saying it is the President's biggest failure. While 22 percent see it as his greatest achievement. The other 42 percent apparently were drunk.

Joining us now from Washington: Fox News political analyst, Juan Williams; and here in New York, Fox News contributor, Deneen Borelli, author of the book "Blacklash."

So Juan I want to go to you first. My guess is that you're going to say it's going to get better. But that's what I tell my wife about my snoring and it's been eight years. Do you believe it's going to get better even when you say so?

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Yes, I guess I do. I mean I think ultimately it's up to what the insurance companies do with regard to their rates in the middle of next year. What kind of premiums the people who are not directly impacted. People who haven't been in the independent market, you know how do small businesses relate. We'll see how this plays out.

But that was -- that poll to me is fascinating. I mean, you know 50 percent of Republicans, Greg, say that's Obama's biggest failure is the Affordable Healthcare Act -- imagine that 50 percent. 40 percent of Republicans say they can't name anything that he has accomplished that's worthy of, you know, some acknowledge many. They don't think he has accomplished anything. That tells how divided this country is.

GUTFELD: Yes, so Deneen some -- in this poll they called it his biggest achievement. And others called it his biggest failure. Why can't it be both? Because essentially the success for one side is failure for another?

DENEEN BORELLI, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: The whole thing is a massive failure. Legislatively Obama won but in the real world and with hard working Americans, this is a losing game because millions of Americans are losing their health insurance and it's playing out in the polls -- Obama's credibility, his trustworthiness. Americans are tired of big government getting in their business. Government needs to get out of the way and these poll numbers indicate that people are tired of big government.

GUTFELD: Yes Juan, the President finally enrolled in the healthcare plan. He chose a bronze plan, which I thought was kind of nice. Better late than -- better late than never?

WILLIAMS: Well, yes, I mean, you know what? I don't understand it because as you pointed out his healthcare is taken care of. I mean the government takes care of the President. And, you know what? This is another example where I think we are engaged in so many kind of kabuki wars here.

He is enrolling to make a show that he is willing to participate in the plan and you know to make a show of this. In fact, people who have money like that, this is not what we're talking about. Most Americans aren't impacted by this unless the insurance companies jacked up the rates.

BORELLI: Juan, are you kidding me? Six million Americans have lost their healthcare coverage. It's estimated that 75 million will lose their employer-based insurance coverage next year. How can you say that? Those numbers are staggering.

WILLIAMS: Oh I tell you Deneen, no. Look 75 percent to 80 percent of Americans get their insurance through their private employer --

BORELLI: Those numbers were staggering Juan.

WILLIAMS: No I'm just telling, no, no.

BORELLI: Is this what the White House told you when you met with them last month? Are you kidding me?

WILLIAMS: Deneen you just said six million to seven million.


BORELLI: Have lost their insurance -- their private insurance. They were happy with their insurance, Juan. Why do they need the government telling them what to do? This is America.

WILLIAMS: Deneen, you are going -- you're going way off point.

BORELLI: No, I'm not off point.

WILLIAMS: You're just saying, hang on you just said most Americans clearly most Americans are not impacted by this.

BORELLI: I said -- I said six million.

WILLIAMS: That's true six million to six million.

BORELLI: 75 million is a big number. That's next year's estimate.

WILLIAMS: Yes that's fine but again, what we have here is most people who had their policies canceled.

BORELLI: It's a loser Juan how can you defend the undefendable? It's a loser.

WILLIAMS: Can I speak for a second?

BORELLI: One second.

WILLIAMS: I'm just telling you -- I'm telling you of the people who've had their policies canceled, six million to seven million you are talking about.

BORELLI: They were happy with their insurance. That's what you are not hearing me.

WILLIAMS: Ok. Can I finish a point for once?


WILLIAMS: I just wanted to say to you that those six million or seven million people most of them have now gotten new policies under the Obamacare plan.


BORELLI: And they cost more and some of them won't go to their same doctor.

WILLIAMS: No I doesn't cost more, it doesn't always cost more and here is the thing what I find really interesting is you know the Obama people realize how they screwed up. They are constantly trying to change the plan. They have extended the deadline now an extra day for when you can get --


BORELLI: They keep changing the rules on everyone. People are so confused no one has any idea. It's Christmas Eve tomorrow.

WILLIAMS: Ok. Can I finish a point for once.

BORELLI: You people really want to be trying to logging on to get health insurance when they already had it.

GUTFELD: All right. You kids. I'm going to have to break you two up.

WILLIAMS: Thank you. Thank you.

Juan, there is a good point though, it is -- when you keep looking at these delays and all the changes in the exemptions, it's more confusing than a French foreign film. Isn't that going to be a problem?

WILLIAMS: Yes I don't think it help with the overall impression of the program. And if you look right now, Americans are down on Obamacare because they realize the rollout has been such a failure. But what I'm saying to you is what you see in terms of all these changes that the Obama people keep making, they try to.

BORELLI: It's a failure Juan.

WILLIAMS: Can I finish?

They keep -- they keep trying to create more options for Americans. And you would think that people on the Republican side would say well, gee, that's what we want.


BORELLI: This isn't Republican-Democrat. This is common sense. Obamacare is not working. It's harming hard working Americans and government needs to get out of our life. That's what I think.

WILLIAMS: I think -- I think it's making you obsessive, Deneen.

BORELLI: You got the White House talking points down very well. Congratulations.

WILLIAMS: I don't have any talking points. I'm trying to say Americans know --


BORELLI: It's common sense, Juan. It's not working.

WILLIAMS: -- that the status quo -- the status quo is not desirable with high premiums.

BORELLI: It's a failure, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Let me tell you, 30 million or 40 million Americans with no insurance.

BORELLI: Merry Christmas Juan it's a failure.

WILLIAMS: People can't afford their prescription drugs. That's failure Deneen.

BORELLI: Good luck with that.

GUTFELD: This is just like Christmas at my house.

It's amazing; or an episode of "Moonlighting" I'm not sure -- very old reference.

WILLIAMS: Right don't -- Greg don't throw the cranberry sauce at the old lady. Don't do that.

GUTFELD: I won't -- I would never do that. Thank, you Juan and Deneen.

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