Obamacare Close to Becoming Reality

The tipping point came when the president promised to sign an executive order saying that no federal funding will be used for abortion activity. That swayed some pro-life Democrats to his cause.

But there is no question that most Americans do not want Obamacare passed into law. All the polls say that. In fact, the average poll number from Real Clear Politics is 49 percent opposing, 40 percent supporting.

So while the president will get his cornerstone legislation, he is paying a high price in the process.

The problems with Obamacare are three-fold.

No 1: the cost. Few believe the numbers the Democrats are throwing out. Health care reform will likely lead to more debt.

No 2: the specter of socialism. About 60 percent of uninsured Americans will be getting government assistance for their health care, so the entitlement society grows.

No 3: the unintended consequences. Will there be enough doctors to care for everybody? Will health care be rationed? Will medical decisions be determined in Washington?

All of those things could very well happen.

On the plus side, there will be more protection for you as far as the health insurance companies are concerned. They will not be able to throw you off the rolls or deny coverage if you are ill.

Those are positive things, but they come at a cost.