Not Paid in Full for Buffett

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Give 'til It Hurts

Investor Warren Buffett recently called on his fellow billionaires to pay more in taxes, saying the rich had been coddled long enough.

But it turns out his company Berkshire Hathaway still owes the government for taxes going back nearly a decade.

The company says in its 2010 annual report that it plans to resolve all adjustments proposed by the IRS for 2002 though 2004 by the end of this year. It also has outstanding tax issues for 2005 through 2009.

Rain on Their Parade

The labor situation in Wisconsin is so contentious even a parade has become a political football.

The Marathon County labor council is not inviting Republican elected officials to its Labor Day parade in Wausau.

So the Wausau mayor says the city will not help the council with the cost of staging the parade.

Wisconsin was the site of a bitter political battle earlier this year over collective bargaining rights for public employees.

A for Effort

And finally, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made it a point to deliver Hurricane Irene updates in both English and Spanish.

That prompted a local Puerto Rican woman to start a parody Twitter account for the mayor's Spanish alter-ego, Miguel Bloombito, poking fun at his less-than-perfect accent.

She tells the Daily News -- quote -- "It's great that he tries. Kudos for that. I just felt an emergency like this, get someone who knows how to speak Spanish!"