No Way to Sanitize Terror

I guess I fixate a bit too much on time. How quickly it goes by. How quickly it changes things. How equally quickly, I fear, it makes us forget things.

You know, one remarkable thing about we Americans is our resilience — our uncanny ability to bounce back. We proved that after 9/11. My only fear is that a lot of us have done our best to forget 9/11... right down to the images we see of 9/11.

Even they have been sanitized, leaving out those who jumped from those Towers, erasing all horrific images from inside those Towers, even removing the audio from real victims calling emergency personnel from those Towers.

We do it to protect victims' families. Yet many of those families on this very show have said, please stop.

Let us hear them. Where possible, let us see them. Let us remember them.

When they were like us, until they were brutally taken from us.

Because before they were victims, they were us. Then they were murdered — thousands murdered.

There's no nice way to say that. No sanitized way to show that. But that is that.

Some say we don't have the stomach to see it all again. My fear is that's precisely why we will see it all again: because we wanted to forget. And those who murdered those people hoped we would.

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