No Spin Appreciation

Appreciating the "No Spin Zone," that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

You are being deceived every day by the media and I have scores of examples to prove it. Just this week a Zogby poll reported more than 50 percent of American forces in Iraq want to pull out within the next six months. That poll got a ton of media play.

But what you were not told was that the Center for Peace and Global Studies, which worked on the survey, is a hot bed of anti-Iraq war sentiment. The associate director of the center, which is located at Le Moyne College, is a man named Kenneth Watanpugh, who actually traveled to Iraq with Bianca Jagger to assess the damage the USA is allegedly doing. Wantanpugh is a far- left guy. So shouldn't the Zogby poll people have mentioned that?

How about an example on the right? A new study says that wives working outside the home are less satisfied with their marriages than stay-at-home wives. That got some press play this week as well.

But the co-author of the study is Bradford Wilcox, the University of Virginia professor, who works at the conservative Institute for American Values. Once again, that was not widely mentioned.

One more: The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story saying homosexuals are experiencing psychological and social harm because gay marriage is banned. The Chronicle cited the study by the National Sexuality Resource Center. And who funds that center? How about the far, far, far, far left, pro-gay marriage, Ford Foundation? Somehow The San Francisco Chronicle failed to mention that as well.

The point is the American press has become a conduit for propaganda. Standards have collapsed. Very few media outlets "police" reports for accuracy and fairness.

Nearly every day, we see newspapers and TV news programs using ideological Web sites as primary sources. The result is a massive deception, a distortion of the truth, as Americans are being duped by dishonest purveyors of information.

So what can be done to get you the truth? The answer is: nothing. No one oversees the media in this country. We are unsupervised from the outside.

So that's why the "No Spin Zone" concept was invented. We do our own reporting here and our own research. There are no agenda driven fanatics trying to fool you at this operation.

That's why the Kool-Aid drinkers on both sides despise us. We debunk them. — They can't stand it. — Three cheers for us. Hope you agree.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you know, the movie "Brokeback Mountain" is the favorite to win best picture of the year on Sunday night. But the American Humane Association doesn't like the movie, saying it sends a "dangerous and wrong message."

Nothing to do with the people. The Humane Society say they've received complaints about excessively rough handling of the sheep and horses in the film. Also, an elk was apparently given some anesthesia.

I have no wise guy remarks about this, because there's no way I could win with any of that. So I'll leave it to you to fill in the blanks, including whether it's ridiculous or not. The elk...

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