New ObamaCare delay stirs confusion among small business owners

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ANDREA TANTAROS, 'ON THE RECORD' GUEST HOST: Big ObamaCare news on this night before Thanksgiving. HHS announcing a one-year delay in online enrollment for small businesses. So what does small business owners think of the latest delay?

David Glazier is the founder and president of Fleet Transportation. He joins us now.

David, thanks for joining us tonight.

All right, so you heard about this latest delay. Your first thought probably more uncertainty for you, who have had a hard time already trying to follow all the delays that have happened even before this one.

DAVID GLAZIER, FOUNDER & CEO, FLEET TRANSPORT: Right. Absolutely. Uncertainty is the word of the day. The difficulties here are that we can't get a valid idea of what we are looking at on the exchanges. And furthermore, what's going to happen here is that we have small business tax credits that are available to us that get on to the exchanges. But, yet, we are not able to go ahead and take advantage of those because we can't get on the exchange. I'm understanding we can go through a broker or individual health insurance company, which we have tried doing. I got off the phone today with my broker just before this news broke and we were very positive. We thought, all right, we're going to get out, we are going to go ahead and get a log-in set up, and when we get to December 1st we will be able to jump in and get going. But that obviously doesn't seem like that's going to be the case.

TANTAROS: David, if I understand this correctly, if you don't use the exchange, your employees can't even draw subsidies. So that line that health care was going to be more affordable, not exactly true.

GLAZIER: That's absolutely the case. They won't be able to draw subsidies. I can't give them options and say, OK, I'm going to offer you a certain, you know, 50 percent of the plan up to certain amount, or these are the plans that we can offer you, the bronze, platinum, the silver and the gold. It's not going to be the case and it's not going to be able to help that way.

TANTAROS: David, it's very obvious that nobody in the administration has ever run a business. I think they assume that you plan based on, I guess, just one year out. I'm guessing you are planning one, two, three years out. Do you think you are ever just going to throw in the towel and say, you know what, this is getting too costly? I know you seem like a nice guy.


You want it give your employers health care but it's going to get pretty hard it seems.

GLAZIER: Absolutely. It's not that I want to throw in the towel. It's almost as if the administration wants small business owners to go ahead and throw in the towel. I don't understand why they don't want to work with us, get this going and work at it.

And my comment to President Obama is, lead this country. Get this under control, and make some decisions that are going to help everybody in this country.

At this point, it's complete and utterly unacceptable how this administration is operating with this.

TANTAROS: How much time do you spend focusing on health care --


-- versus focusing on your business, because it sounds like business owners don't have any time to focus on their business. They are just worried about what the guy in the middle of the screen is going to do next.

GLAZIER: I think -- I have spent hours and hours and months of my time. Like I said, if I ran my business the way the president runs this country or runs this program, in particular, I wouldn't have a business. It's very difficult and challenging to work through a sea of red tape and spend time on this situation when I could be better off gaining new clients, working with current clients and retaining business. This is just -- just doesn't work for me.

TANTAROS: Yeah. If you ran it like the administration did, you would be bankrupt. But guess what? Our country is just like a company, probably going to end up bankrupt as well.

GLAZIER: It's real scary. It's real scary.

TANTAROS: David, thanks so much for joining us. Happy Thanksgiving.

GLAZIER: Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.