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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: There's news out of Florida tonight. Hours from now Casey Anthony will be taken in handcuffs to an Orlando courtroom. Earlier this week Casey's lawyer Jose Baez filed an objection to the judge's order that Casey must be in court tomorrow.

Baez lost that one, so Casey must attend her court hearing tomorrow in person, bright and early, at 8:30 a.m.

But you are going to Florida right now. Former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman is on the ground, investigating the case. One key piece of intimation is how close Caylee's grandparent's house is to the woods where the toddler's remains were found. Watch.


MARK FUHRMAN, FORMER LAPD HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: This is, of course, the Anthony home at 4937. We will drive from this location to where Caylee Anthony's body was ultimately found. And you will ultimately see just how incredibly close the two locations are.

We just left the Casey Anthony, the Anthony home. We will probably end up at the location where Caylee's body was found. We're coming to a stop sign right now. We have only traveled probably a quarter of a mile-- Suburban Road and Hope Spring Drive.

Turning right, and what we are looking there on the left side appears to be school property. There is a grade school down there in front of us about 500 feet.

And now we are pulling up to the location where they have left a memorial for Caylee Anthony. The reason the memorial is here is because right to our tight that is exactly where Caylee Anthony was found.

So this is the area that [meter reader] Roy Kronk came to. There has been a dispute. Roy Kronk comes here on the 11th, comes here on the 12th of August, he comes here on the 13th of August with a deputy.

The deputy is actually being investigated, because why didn't he find anything? The PI for the Anthony family, Dominic Casey, came over here. He didn't find anything. He was within 20 feet of the body by his own admission.

So exactly what happened? I want anybody to tell me that they're not going to be able to walk by something in this kind of dense foliage. It happens all the time.

It does not make any difference how many people came here. It does not make any difference. The absolutely coincidental call in by Roy Kronk. These kind of cases generate that. Sometimes people are lucky. Sometimes people guess. They're not psychics. It's just lucky. It's coincidence.

They were all lucky. They were in the right area. Is it not pretty obvious? This is the most undeveloped piece of property closest to the Anthony home.

Here we are at the Amscot(ph) check cashing facility. This is the facility that on June 27 Casey Anthony supposedly ran out of gas, either going this direction down Goldenrod or the other driveway on Colonial. This is the intersection of Colonial and Goldenrod.

Now, Casey Anthony claims that she ran out of gas, and two people assisted her and pushed the vehicle in here. You look at this building, Amscot check cashing. You look at the building.

If we get over here a little closer, you have one surveillance camera in the corner. You have another one by the door. You have another one at the corner, another one at the other corner, and two on the other perimeter of the building.

There are six cameras on the parking lot, but they didn't record Casey Anthony dropping her car off, verifying anybody pushed her into the parking lot, verifying who picked her up, verifying who is in the car with her, what she did, did she go into the trunk, didn't she go into the trunk.

Anyway, we do know through two sources that Anthony Lazzaro, her boyfriend, picked up here. Anthony Lazzaro picks her up. The cars ran out of gas.

I want you to pan down there--right there. That is a Chevron gas station, Chevron gas station. Next to that, close to us, is a Sam's club which several pumps right there. We are surrounded by businesses.

Now, doesn't it seem infinitely easier to have Anthony Lazzaro take Casey Anthony to the Chevron station, get some gas, come back and retrieve her car?

That would seem logical, but that is not what occurred. It stayed here until June 30, when it was impounded by Johnson's Tow. And, of course, the condition of the car remained the same at Johnson's Tow until George Anthony went over there on July 16 and discovered the overwhelming smell of a decomposing body.


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