New focus on jobs as Trump pulls out of Paris climate deal


New Focus on Jobs, Economy as President Trump Pulls Out of Paris Climate Accord

Gary B. Smith: As Trump would say -- it would be hugely positive. This is just the kind of liberal
boondoggle that we elected President Trump to get us out of. This was all, as they used to say in my day, sleeves out of the vest. Other countries gave up nothing. China said we will reduce our emissions in 2030 just when we would have estimated even without the Paris accord they would reduce emissions. Pakistan said they would reduce emissions to the fullest extent possible which means nothing. Those countries gave up nothing.

John Layfield: I don't think either side is right. It is not good for jobs and I don't think staying in it was going to be bad for jobs. I think both sides have overstated the importance of this climate accord in Paris. Since 2008 we tripled our capacity of renewable energy. Renewable energy jobs growing 12 times the rate of the normal economy and there’s two and half more jobs to one job in renewable energy than there are in fossil fuels right now. Companies are already doing this.

Lee Carter: First of all this is a Donald Trump move, he gave a populous speech in the Rose Garden, this is exactly what he promised the American people he would do. My concern about jobs is that this is going to be a distraction from the agenda. He’s losing any good faith he had left with the left, which was not much at all. A lot of fence sitters are going away from him, running away from him, he had Elon Musk resigned. A lot of people saying enough is enough. My fear is that they’re not going to now compromise on tax reform and health care.

Julie Alvin: That is frankly shortsighted. I understand those things are immediate concerns when it comes to the safety and prosperity of our country, but climate change is something that is crucial, something that impacts every single one of us and something like this, withdrawing from the Paris accord is ultimately going to be bad for American jobs because things are moving in the direction of renewable energy. So much of what happens when it comes to an accord like this is about peer pressure and all these countries are in it, and we’re all going to make our individual contributions and figure out ways to help climate change and that incentivizes American companies to find new ways to invest in renewable fuels.

Jonas Max Ferris: Apple's new building doesn't make any economic sense. They have cash to burn and it is a multi-billion-dollar company headquarters- and it is cool, but it is -- as most environmental things are, not economically feasible. Getting out of it won't hurt us because it was such a toothless agreement. If you have this many countries involved in something and they're all in agreement, it probably won't do anything.

Timeline for Health Care, Tax Reform in Focus as President Trump Pushes His Economic Agenda

John Layfield: That is spot on. You always had leaks, George Washington had a leak from one of his own generals, Benedict Arnold, he was still able to win a pretty big war that founded our country. The leaks are bad but they are not the problem. The problem is the GOP. They had 7 years to get repeal or replace Obamacare on the president's desk. What in the world have they been doing?

Jonas Max Ferris: The leaking is letting Trump become the fall guy for essentially his failure with Congress, which is they don't make any sense. They are trying to be vague about it and pretend that somehow you can solve all these problems of our long-term deficit with food stamp and Medicaid cuts and somehow have tax cuts and have it all work out, and not touch any benefit that their constituents get.

Lee Carter: It would be easy to blame them on the leaks if you wanted to. The real problem is lack of messaging. If this health care plan exists and they put it forward as they say they have, how is it that it is less popular today than when they started it? It’s because they haven't sold the thing, they haven't told us what is in it, they haven’t told us why it is better, how it will help the American people, how it is going to help the economy.

Julie Alvin: I have to agree with Lee on a couple of points. First of all there is a messaging problem in the GOP, there are a lot of distractions going on. He’s not necessarily on message. But the problem with getting Trump's agenda passed through, is Trump’s agenda. We should honestly give a round of applause to people in the GOP who are saying that bill, that budget bill, that health care bill, is not good for my constituents and I am not going to put it through. We are talking a health care bill that will take away health care from 23 million people.

Gary B. Smith: Here is my take. It is a little bit of intel but it’s mostly on the GOP. Here’s the intel side- remember those commercials when they said the US Army, an army of one? That’s what we have right now in congress. We have 535 armies of one. Everyone is waiting to see the rest of these intel leaks to see if Trump is damaged goods. If he is damaged goods the number one job of any senator or congressmen is to get re-elected. So they’re going to run from him and any policies he proposes.

Kathy Griffin Blaming Trump Family for Losing Gigs After Photo Controversy

Lee Carter: She went way too far. In a crisis response situation, watch this for what not to do .First thing she should have done is taken responsibility, she has no business blaming anybody but herself.

Gary B. Smith: She tried to be provocative, she tried to be out there, she tried to appeal to her liberal cronies out there. It didn't work. Now she's getting what she paid for. I say all is fair.

Julie Alvin: I support her First Amendment right to make statements like this. I personally agree that it was over the line. I also think it was cheap. There is a ton of material when it comes to Donald Trump. There is a lot to make fun of. A lot of artistic statements to make. This is not the right one.

John Layfield: It is unfathomable, you have freedom of speech in this country but don't have freedom of responsibility and when you're a shock comedian and you do something like this you have to
be able to take the back lash- to take the victim route is a horrible way out. America sees through that and she is suffering because of that economically, and she should.

Jonas Max Ferris: Can someone say the outrage machine is out of control. I understand this is absurd, she’s going to destroy her career, whatever. Can't you just not to go to her concerts? That’s free market too, this whole thing where the advertisers have to make stances. People have to come out- Chelsea Clinton has to weigh in to brand herself on a side of this. I think everyone has to cool it.


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