New Developments in Travolta Extortion Case

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: There is more news about the alleged extortion plot against the family of John Travolta. We've known that the plot has centered around the death of 16-year-old Jett Travolta. We have also know the suspect has allegedly planned to use a document to extort millions from the grieving parents of Jett Travolta.

Tonight we know what that document is. TMZ's executive producer Harvey Levin is here with the details. Harvey, what is this document that is at the center of this extortion plot?

HARVEY LEVIN, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, TMZ: Let me say up front, Greta, it doesn't seem like it is worth $25 million.

But it is a document that basically absolves the ambulance service of any liability if it transported Jett Travolta anywhere other than Rand Memorial hospital.

Here is what happened. We know that when this dire emergency occurred and the EMTs were with John, he decided it might be faster to take Jett to Florida by jet than to drive, I believe, around 45 minutes to the hospital by ambulance. He felt he could get better care, and the amount of time would be about the same. The ambulance apparently had an issue with this. They did not want to take that chance, and that is what this document is about. It had nothing to do with John saying I don't want to treat Jett. It just meant he felt it was better to fly him to Florida.

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Ultimately, he decided it probably was best to take him to the hospital, which is what happened.

VAN SUSTEREN: I assume that John Travolta had his jet there. He is always with his jet. And it is about a 20-minute flight from Bahamas to the United States?

LEVIN: Yes, it is a quick flight. And John thought it would take about the same amount if we rush to the airport, get this thing read, and just leave than it would with the hospital.

But time was so urgent, and I guess ultimately he calculated it was better to go to the hospital.

VAN SUSTEREN: I hate to be such an American, but I would rather be treated - although it did not make any difference whether it was 45 minutes ride to a Bahamian hospital, but I would rather have gone to American hospital if given the choice if there were even.

But that has nothing to do with anything. It would not have made any bit of difference, right?

LEVIN: That does not make you xenophobic, Greta. I think the same thing. And I am sure Travolta felt the same way, that American hospitals probably would give him better, more reliable care.

But you're right. There was an urgency here, and maybe even futile urgency. But John eventually decided that we have to get to a hospital now. And so they drove.

VAN SUSTEREN: And what a rotten thing to do to two grieving parents who are trying to struggle save their son's life, is to now yank out some document.

How was the extortion plot communicated to them, do you know?

LEVIN: Here is what the authorities tell us. They are saying that the EMT apparently had or still has this document. He talked to [Pleasant] Bridgewater, who is the now former member of parliament, who is also lawyer.

The connection there is that we're told the EMT was actually a client of Bridgewater's, and that is how they knew each other.

What we're told is that Bridgewater somehow got in touch with Travolta's friend Obie Wilchcombe. And Wilchcombe says I was just told to relay to them information about the plot.

We know that Bridgewater told the cops that Wilchcombe was in on it and would get a portion of the cut, of the extortion fee, and that is why he is under investigation, because of what she says.

He says he did nothing wrong, but that is how it all filtered to the Travoltas.

Now get this--not only did they make it $25 million demand. Then they started haggling, and they said maybe we would take less. And Travolta's lawyer smartly said we are going to tape record everything they are saying and we are going to nail these people. And he ended up taping it.

And that's how he got-Wilchcombe is not on tape, but he has the others on tape-at least they have Bridgewater on tape, and the police say it is incriminating.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are the calls made to the Travolta family's lawyer, or is it to the Travoltas themselves? In the midst of their grief, are they dealing with these phone calls.

LEVIN: I am told that these were all dealings with Travolta's lawyers. And I don't believe--John is listed as a witness, but I think he is a witness because he was involved in all of this. John knew what was going on, but my understanding is that it was pretty much the lawyers and the alleged conspirators.

VAN SUSTEREN: And to think there are so many first responders out there saving lives tonight. That's the other, more common extreme. And now you have this one, the other side of the spectrum of decency.

Thank you, Harvey.

LEVIN: Sure, Greta.

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