New Caylee Anthony Clues in Air Freshener and Garbage Bags?

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Now to Florida, where former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman is on the ground investigating the murder of Caylee Anthony. Mark has been talking to investigators and has some inside information about the case. One clue involves air freshener, and another involves garbage bags.

Mark joins us live from Orlando. Mark, can we start with air freshener? What is that clue?

MARK FUHRMAN, FORMER LAPD HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: Well, you know, it is interesting, Greta. When you read the documents that were released, you see "air freshener sheet."

I kind of thought I knew what that was, but I got confirmation that it's actually the fabric softener sheets that you put in the dryer with clothes, and the most predominant brand is Bounce air freshener.

Now, the interesting part about this is they were not used. In other words, when they come out of the dryer, they look all crumpled like a hanky. They were actually folded and flat, like they look come out of a box. And they were specifically used to try to overcome the smell in the trunk.

VAN SUSTEREN: Garbage bags is also one of the clues that you're tracking, because-why did you pick garbage bags? Is it because of how the remains were found?

FUHRMAN: Not only the remains were found in a certain garbage bag, but you want to know what size they come in.

There was different colored handles or tie wraps that were used in several places in the descriptions, not only when they were out at some of the possible scenes, but what Caylee Anthony was actually in, the bag that she was in, the tie straps, what was taken from the home.

So we went out there, and we found out that there are black bags, all of which-they have yellow, blue -- they have red. They have different -- packages have different colored handles for how many in that certain bag, different brands. But, by in large, the red ones belong to a certain brand, the blue ones belong to another, and the yellow belong to another. So we wanted to go out there and figure this out a little bit so we would know what we were dealing with.

VAN SUSTEREN: What about the forensic examinations, the tests done the entomologists, the bug people, the soil people, the botanists? Has that come back yet? Has that given any indication as to the strength of the prosecution's case about when that body was placed, or the remains, actually, in that area?

FUHRMAN: Well, Greta, when you talk about the vegetation, the two leaves that were found, the soil samples from the shovel in the trunk - we have been told that hasn't come back yet. It was not in the documents that were released. Our information is that it has not come back from the FBI lab yet.

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I have a suspicion that that evidence collectively has not come back for a reason, and that reason, I believe, is that they are holding it back, and if they are hold it back, then they do not have to disclose it quite yet.

VAN SUSTEREN: Mark, one of the things -- we have seen an awful lot of documents coming out of Florida, which you do not see in many states, because they have this broad sunshine law where they have to surrender.

I know that the sheriff's department's thinks that it is getting criticized for releasing the documents, but I think the criticism, if there is some, should be directed at the state law if people don't like it, not the sheriff's department. Am I right?

FUHRMAN: Yes, you are right. And they are a little frustrated. They get hit by the media because these documents are released. What people really do not understand the Florida laws is that they think that they are really hurting the case and tainting the jury pool, and it would be hard to sit a jury and give a fair and impartial trial.

But Florida law is this. It goes from the investigator to the prosecutor. If the prosecutor files a charge, then the defense attorney is required to get discovery--in other words, the documents.

Once that discovery is complete, 24 hours later, those documents are released by the attorney general to anybody in the public that requests them.

Now, normally, the sheriff's department or the police department would ask certain media agencies to not do it for certain reasons ---


VAN SUSTEREN: Yes, the media would be all over it on this one. Mark, thank you.

FUHRMAN: Thanks, Greta.

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