New app monitors aging parents with smartphone

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Forget about someone to watch your mom or your dad. There is now a watch to watch them. A new program called Lively allows you to track your parents' movements from anywhere in the world.

Iggy Fanlo is Lively CEO and co-founder.

How is this different than those bracelets or necklaces, I have fallen and I can't get up? What's the difference here?

IGGY FANLO, CEO AND CO-FOUNDER, LIVELY: Exactly. Well, we are re- imagining -- Lively is re-imagining the medical alert business.

Those products are just -- they're a great stigma. No one wants to be Mrs. Fletcher. No one wants to think of themselves as Mrs. Fletcher.

And so we found out those two things. A, it's just -- it's been so effective as advertising, no one wants the product, but more important, what they love about Lively is the fashion, the watch capability, the step counting, the medication reminders. It's got so much more. It's not just a feature --


CAVUTO: But how are you monitoring them?


So the family monitors them for daily activities, but, more importantly, we have a 24/7 call center that is 911-certified. It's based in Colorado and Utah. And they do monitoring for over a quarter-of-a-million older adults.

CAVUTO: But can the older parent in question call, much as he or she can if she falls or press somebody on the pendant with your technology?

FANLO: Yes, exactly. You press the button on the Lively watch.


FANLO: And it goes to the same exact protocol. It goes through our hub.  You probably see it here. You have been great showing it, I'm sure.

And the signal goes out. And we call the older adult, their home phone, their cell phone, however they want, their neighbor. And we make sure that they are OK. And if we don't get a response, more importantly, we are alerting them on the watch. They are getting feedback right there for themselves, as well as getting...


CAVUTO: There are going to be a lot of privacy enthusiasts who will say you're snooping on them, you're snooping on mom and dad. Leave mom and dad alone.

FANLO: No. Well, it's a great question.

I think the beauty of it is, you can set the sensors anywhere you want.  You can turn some off if you don't like it, you can put some more on.  We're doing things about reminding people for medication, not just on the watch, but also with some services to call them.

CAVUTO: That's good. I can just see the mom or dad. "You never snoop on me anymore. You never..."


FANLO: That's really true. Lively has learned that, that...

CAVUTO: That's right.

FANLO: ... caring and snooping are kind of two sides to the same coin.

CAVUTO: Absolutely. "You don't call, you don't snoop, you don't call the police."

FANLO: Exactly. Exactly.

CAVUTO: All right, Iggy, thank you very, very much. Interesting technology.

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