Never Can Say Goodbye

I remember a CEO I used to cover in the 1980s. He was forever in the news and forever making news. He was the "it" guy. Until he decided it was time to move on. The problem was, he had a hard time moving on.

He kicked himself upstairs to chairman emeritus or something like that. But he never seemed to give the new guy a chance.

He was forever making calls, forever talking to the media and forever second-guessing his hand-picked successor's every move.

I talked to the successor about it, and I'll never forget his off the record comment. "The only way we're gonna get that guy out of this building," he said, "is feet first."

Lesson learned and a footnote to one Yasser Arafat.

If you want us to take you at your word that you want to shift power, then cut the shift.

You say you want an independent Palestinian prime minister? Then let him be independent.

You say you want a prime minister with power? Then give him control of security forces.

You say you want your prime minister to know that he's his own man? Then quit acting like "you're" the man.

You drove Mahmoud Abbas out, because you want to be in.

Well, Yasser, it's time to join a new club: The Get-a-Clue-Club.

Your own organization distrusts you. Israel has had it with you. The White House is exasperated by you. And now even the Europeans are saying, enough of you.

Think of the people you say you love, and say goodbye. Your time has come and gone. Wake up and smell the coffee. The shift has hit the fan.

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