Mueller appears to have edited voicemail transcript between John Dowd and Flynn lawyer

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And it is a big breaking news night. Thank you, Tucker. Great show as always.

We begin tonight. This is a Fox News alert: a district court judge tossed out a lawsuit from House Democrats who are seeking an injunction against the president's emergency border wall funding. This is a huge decision. A big step forward for border security, and a big win for President Trump who has vowed he will build miles and miles of wall in the next two years.  We'll have more on this breaking story in a moment.

Also tonight, the president continues as all important state visit to the United Kingdom, but back here at home, Robert Mueller's true colors have now been laid bare for everybody to see, damning new evidence tonight, now reveals that the special counsel literally scrubbed important exculpatory evidence from a very key section of his report.

Now, this all surrounds a transcript from the former Trump attorney, John Dowd, whose words were significantly altered, seemingly on purpose, in order to smear the president of the United States. Now, John Dowd will join us exclusively as well as Professor Alan Dershowitz, we'll get to that in a moment.

First, we start and turn our attention to a new bombshell discovery just released also from judicial watch. Just hours ago, they obtained 218 new pages of e-mails between Strzok and Page. Now, the biased, high-ranking FBI love birds left a paper trail of corruption a mile long. And tonight, we can now report that it leads back to Hillary Clinton and James Comey and oddly, even, I would argue, Loretta Lynch.

Newly released e-mails showed the FBI totally and completely failed to document significant interviews with at least four key witnesses as a result of the Clinton e-mail investigation. In other words, no 302s, nothing was recorded, no reports, nothing. It's as if the interviews never happened.

And that's not all. The e-mails also reveal how then FBI general counsel, James Baker, ordered the bureau to expedite requests from Hillary Clinton's attorneys writing, quote, in my view, we need to move as quickly as possible.

In other words, tonight we were right all along, yes, the investigation to Hillary Clinton was rigged, the fix was in. Comey and Loretta Lynch were always going to clear Hillary Clinton, their chosen candidate, of all of the charges as quickly as possible so she could claim her rightful throne.

As Sara Carter put it, the investigation was a total and complete joke and that's why Comey, Strzok and others authored Hillary Clinton's exoneration letter, that happened in May of 2016 before they ever interviewed Hillary or 17 other key witnesses. And also, they changed the language, very significant from the legal standard of gross negligence using the words "extreme carelessness" that has no weight in the legal world.

And while Comey's inner circle was working to clear Hillary Clinton as quickly as possible, well, they made a huge mistake. It appears they accidentally granted Clinton's attorneys access to top secret classified material found on her private server even though the legal team lacked the proper clearances.

As James Comey should know, mishandling information, yes, that is a serious crime, 18 USC 793. And Comey should think about beefing up his own legal team. And also today, the least self-aware person in the entire world, Hillary Clinton tweeted, quote, I don't know who needs to hear this, but the president is not above the law.

Neither are you, Hillary. I have news for you. No one is above the law, not even a twice-failed presidential candidate and former secretary of state.

In fact, as "The Hill's" John Solomon has just released in a new article tonight, pointing out there are still very pressing questions around so many aspects of Hillary Clinton's seedy actions like why did the Clinton Foundation rake in millions and millions and millions of dollars from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of state? Why did she sign off on giving 20 percent of America's uranium to Vladimir Putin after a foundation received a sizable donation from Uranium One executives, both before and after? And why did the Clinton campaign pay a former spy, a foreign spy, Christopher Steele, to put together a dossier with lies and disinformation about Donald Trump during the height of the election?

And why did she delete the 33,000 subpoenaed e-mails and destroy the evidence with hammers and Bleach Bit? Well, we know the answer. The intent was the underlying crime of the Espionage Act, and that would be called destroying the evidence. And most importantly, how she's not charged with any crime to date is unconscionable. It's time we all demand equal justice because Hillary -- remember, no one is above the law.

We're going to have more of my opening monologue in a moment, but first, joining us with reaction to the breaking news, we have Judicial Watch chairman Tom Fitton, also FOX News investigative reporter, Sara Carter.

Tom, we begin with you. I guess there are numerous big headlines out of this. Not the least of which, Tom, is that we have four specific witnesses in the Clinton e-mail case. The FBI failed to document anything, nothing.

And don't forget, the time they finally interviewed her, which was July 2nd, three days before James Comey had his 15-minute press conference, pretty much laying out the case how she violated the law, if you remember back to that date, she had two people allowed in the room with her, which is totally unprecedented.

TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH PRESIDENT: Including a witness, Cheryl Mills, who acted as her lawyer. So, that was unusual too.

So, you have the unusual circumstances of her interview, then you have Lisa Page figuring out there were at least four 302s of interviews. Now, that tells you one of a few things, they didn't want them to see the light of day. Meaning, they didn't want any documentary evidence about what took place, or they didn't really care enough about the investigation to bother writing stuff down, because they knew it was wired.

Either way, it highlights the sham nature of the investigation. And at the same time, as you noted, you have the top lawyer for the FBI in an extraordinary discussion with Hillary Clinton's personal lawyer, advising him --

HANNITY: David Kendall.

FITTON: David Kendall, advising him on how to get the 302 interview, the FBI report, on that shady interview they had, quickly. And sure enough, he files it the next day on behalf of the Hillary Clinton. And Clinton gets that 302 within two weeks.

I tell you, that's a miracle. We've been doing this for 20 years, Freedom of Information Act work. The idea that the general counsel of the FBI would help a FOIA applicant get this material, especially sensitive material, is extraordinary. And it shows you that the FBI at the same time was helping Hillary Clinton -- remember, it was breaking every rule in the book to target her opponent, President Trump, then candidate Trump.

HANNITY: Sara, let's go through all of the things that happened here.  Number one, the writing an exoneration before the investigation --


HANNITY: -- before interviewing Hillary and 17 other witnesses. Then they interview her July 2nd. They allow a witness and one other person in the room at the time.

Then four separate critical interviews, no recordings, no record, no 302s.  Then the lawyers for the Clinton, the lawyer in this case, David Kendall, makes it request of the FBI and they want to do all they can do to help her and they change the language from the legal standard of gross negligence to extreme carelessness.

Would any of this happen to any other American? Because I don't think that's normal procedure.

CARTER: This is absolutely not normal procedure, Sean. I mean, everything that's been uncovered time after time with regard to actual documented facts. This isn't just hyperbole. We're not just making this up. This is based on actual documentation from the FBI in their own words.

You could see how far they went for Clinton's attorneys as to expedite the 302s. Then not even have four of those 302s.

Let's talk about Cheryl Mills. She absolutely was a witness. And then was allowed to sit in on the interview, which, by the way, the FBI didn't even record at the time. So, there's no actual recording or transcription of the interview between Hillary Clinton and the FBI of --

HANNITY: Does that ever happen in all of your years of doing intel work and intel investigations, either one of you, has that ever happen? Can you cite a single case?

CARTER: Never.

FITTON: Well --

CARTER: Never, I --

FITTON: Go ahead.

CARTER: No, never. I was going to say, this is something that's highly unusual, especially culminating with all of the special circumstances surrounding Hillary Clinton, Sean. There is no way that any other American that did what she did, which was use a private server to send classified information would get this kind of treatment.

Anybody in the military, the Department of Defense, anybody working on the intelligence community, the NSA or the CIA, if they ever did anything like this, I guarantee you they would be prosecuted.

HANNITY: And let me go back to the FOIA request. One, Tom, if you can tell us when you first put the request in, and I think more significantly, if we look through all of this, remember Strzok and Page in prior exchanges, they put all of this on Loretta Lynch, almost mocking and laughing that Loretta Lynch was making all of the decisions. They were all Democrats in the Department of Justice, and there was no way Hillary would get anything but cleared in all of this.

So, it never really was an investigation. It was rigged investigation from the get go.

FITTON: Yes, you had the lawyer working on Hillary Clinton -- excuse me, Hillary Clinton's lawyer working with the FBI and getting documents to help her for the campaign. Also, we have another set of documents. And all of this is a result of lawsuits filed at least a year plus ago. So, it's been slow rolled out of the DOJ and FBI.

There's other sets of documents showing the lawyers for the Clinton campaign and the DNC were also talking to the FBI about Russia and Donald Trump. So, they were protecting Hillary on e-mails, working with Hillary on going after Trump. I tell you, you can't get a better example of the radically different approaches the FBI and DOJ took to two key issues, whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton and the targeting of President Trump.

HANNITY: They're all in on it, because remember, it was struck that said, Sara, we only have a few seconds. Hillary should win 100 million to zero, that Trump is loathsome and Trump voters are smelly Walmart people. That would be me. I love Walmart.

CARTER: Me too.

HANNITY: I think I smell fine, thank you very much.

CARTER: Me too. Thanks, Sean.

Yes, this is what is so extraordinary here is that Peter Strzok, you know, is going play such an important role here, because he was involved not only in the whole of the investigation, but more and more evidence comes out every day about his involvement. Let's just think about this, the defensive briefing. I think when people see Michael Horowitz' report and find out what happened there, there will be explosive information.

I mean, Sean, this is an avalanche of information that's going to come out and the viewers are going to be astonished.

HANNITY: Maybe this week. Could be any day now.

CARTER: That's right, that's right.

HANNITY: Sources are telling me, it may now have already been handed over to the attorney general. So, we will see in the days to come.

Great work to both of you as always, Sara, Tom.

And the shocking level of bias corruption at the highest levels of our bureaucracy clearly knows no bounds. And tonight, we have sadly even more evidence proving Mueller's witch hunt was nothing more than a political hit job according to newly uncovered documents. We now know that the special counsel's report literally, Mueller's report, altered a voice mail transcript from Trump attorney John Dowd.

Now, in the voice mail, Dowd was asking the Clinton legal team to give him a heads up should any national security issues arise out of his newly formed cooperation with the Mueller investigation.

Now, remember for a long time, Team Flynn, they had a joint defense agreement with all of the other lawyers involve in this particular matter.  And this is by the way typical, a typical privileged call between attorneys. But the report made it seem nefarious. Because Mueller conveniently omitted Dowd's words and statement that this request was, quote, not only for the president, but for the country and then he wasn't asking for any confidential information.

In other words, there was nothing untoward or illegal or nefarious about Dowd's request, nothing at all. Well, you wouldn't know that from the official Mueller report. Full exculpatory evidence was now purposefully withheld and it was meant to create a false perception among the American people.

So, make no mistake, this probably has Andrew Weissmann's fingerprints all over it, he's a pit bull of Mueller. You know, he made a career out of withholding exculpatory president, the same Andrew Weissmann at Hillary's victory party in November of 2016. Two of his most high profile cases were overturned because of his prosecutorial misconduct for innocent Merrill Lynch executives, they spent a year in prison because of Weissmann, and that was overturned. Thousands of Anderson accounting, Americans, losing their jobs because of Weissmann, losing 9-0 in the Supreme Court. So, it's pretty close -- crystal clear tonight the Hillary-loving bureaucrat played a pretty central role in the Mueller investigation.

Now, Congressman Devin Nunes, formerly the chair of the House Intel Committee, now the ranking member, is calling the report a total fraud.  And former FBI official Kevin Brock wrote that the government behaved like a bully.

And I guarantee, today's discovery is only the tip of the iceberg. Well, that's not stopping the outright delusion inside of the radical extreme new Democratic socialist party. They don't care about the truth because their political blood lust is that strong.

From Congressman Nadler to James Clyburn, top Democrats everywhere now openly advocating for impeachment, over what? None of them have been able to give a reason for why Trump should be impeached except collusion, except we have four exonerations at this point. Four separate investigations, the FBI investigation, House Intel investigation, bipartisan Senate investigation, and the Mueller report even as abusively biased as it was.

No obstruction, no conspiracy, no conclusion. Collusion, but none of that seems to matter to the Democrats or their best friends in the media mob.  Take a look.


SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We have a moral obligation now to investigate this president. Impeachment proceedings will give us more legal leverage to be able to get the information Congress needs to get to the bottom of what his administration has done while they're in office.

REP. JAMES CLYBURN, D-S.C.: Mueller has developed the grounds for impeachment. The House has to determine the timing for impeachment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It sounds like you think that the president will be impeached or at least proceedings will begin in the House at some point, just not right now?

CLYBURN: Yes, that's exactly what I feel.

BETO O'ROURKE, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Unfortunately, the House of Representatives today have stalled in their pursuit of these facts and the truth. Only impeachment gives them the leverage and the mechanism necessary for us to know exactly what has happened and who is responsible for that.

MAYOR PETE BUTTIGIEG, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I believe that the president deserves to be impeached.


HANNITY: For what? Based on what high crime? Felony, misdemeanor? What is it? Will they ever be able to answer the question?

The simple answer is no. But right now, there are two topics that unify all Democrats. Topic one, all they want Trump gone, no matter what.  Number two, they definitely do not want to hold our government bureaucracy, the upper echelon to abuse the power, turn the powerful tools of intelligence on the American people involve in a campaign to literally rig a presidential election and unseat a duly elected president. They don't want to hold those people accountable. They don't want you, we, the people of this country, to know that the Trump-Russia narrative was one big conspiracy theory and con job.

And that's why the congressman, the cowardly Schiff itself, is constantly trashing the attorney general just for doing his job as they continue to ask him to break the law and release grand jury material in his ongoing investigation into the origins of the Russia probe and the spying against the Trump campaign that actually occurred in a multitude of ways.

Take a look at the cowardly Schiff. There's no more dangerous place in America than you being between the cowardly Schiff and a microphone so he can lie more. Take a look.


REP. ADAM SCHIFF, D-CALIF.: Not only throw out terms like "spying" and pretend he doesn't know how pejorative that term is. He is a smart man and understands exactly how incendiary what his allegation is and it's designed to be. That's why he is I think falling into such legitimate criticism for acting as effectively a henchman of the president.


HANNITY: The problem is the attorney general is obeying the law, not going to be intimidated by the likes of the cowardly conspiracy-loving -- conspiracy theory-loving pip squeak, Adam Schiff.

Joining us now with more on our top story is the president's former attorney, John Dowd, also the author of "The Introduction to the Mueller Report", Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz.

Mr. Dowd, counselor, I'll ask you -- I wouldn't want my words twisted like that considering what you said was perfectly ethical, legal, and honestly, the right thing to do as you had a joint defense leading up to that point.

JOHN DOWD, PRESIDENT TRUMP'S FORMER ATTORNEY: Well, I had an obligation as counsel to the president to find out what was going on. And I'm so glad Judge Sullivan ordered the transcript because they now know the truth. And we also know that this entire report by Mueller is a fraud, and we're going to find more of these things.

Isn't it ironic that this man who kept indicting and prosecuting people for process crimes committed a false statement in his own report. By taking out half my words, they changed the tenor and the contents of that conversation with Robert Kelner. And it's an outrage. And there's probably more of it.

HANNITY: You know, add to this, Professor Dershowitz, that in and of itself is an outrage because you are literally changing the exact meeting of what the counselor said, number one. Number two, how embarrassing for Mueller last week to say, oh, I couldn't indict on obstruction because the Department of Justice rule that doesn't allow or questions the ability of him to make a determination as it relates to whether you can or cannot indict a sitting president.

And then you look at the team that he put around with Andrew Weissmann and company all chronicled in Sidney Powell's "Licensed to Lie".

And, Professor, you care about civil liberties, I care about civil liberties. This is -- every citizen needs to be concerned in this.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, HARVARD LAW PROFESSOR: This is a very, very serious issue. The distortion of the Dowd quote is very serious, especially since, remember that a report by a special counsel is always going to be one- sided. Therefore, you have to trust it, because the other side doesn't have a chance to look at it and show what's wrong with it the way it would in an adversarial situation.

If a lawyer made a representation like that to a court and said this is the quote. And left out the crucial context, which showed, as John said, that what he discussed was not only absolutely proper, but obligatory for a counsel when you have a joint defense agreement to find out exactly what's likely to be used against your -- your client, there's --

HANNITY: And he said, but nothing inappropriate.

DERSHOWITZ: Nothing inappropriate.

HANNITY: Yes, he said that.

DERSHOWITZ: Who wrote that paragraph? Who wrote that paragraph?

HANNITY: I have a guess.

DERSHOWITZ: That is crucial. How did it -- I know. How did it get past Mueller, why was it include in there?

Remember, right from the beginning, I said before this report is made public, it should be given to the defense and including the former defense attorney like John Dowd, to be able to go through it with a fine-tooth comb, find problems with it, file a report stating the defendant's position at the same time, so the American public can judge which is more credible.  This way it just turns out a one-sided report and it turns out it's totally distorted.


HANNITY: Let me ask you this. We now have the FBI professor giving special treatment to Hillary Clinton in her investigation.

One, the exoneration written before anybody is even interviewed. That never happens. Allowing other people, including a witness, inside the room while she is being questioned by the FBI. Thirdly, they don't record it, they don't have the 302s, they brag about it.

Strzok and Page brag about Loretta Lynch's role and there's no way they were not going to rig that investigation. I know you like the Clintons, but I think you like the Constitution, the rule of law, equal justice and application of our law as more?

DERSHOWITZ: Look, I like -- I like to make sure that we're not weaponizing our criminal justice system. I think we have to use the criminal justice system only in extreme cases. We had here an investigation, it may not have been the perfect investigation, but James Comey concluded and the Justice Department concluded --

HANNITY: But you acknowledge this doesn't happen to everybody else, does it?

DERSHOWITZ: She had done something wrong.

Well, if you're the secretary of state and previous secretaries of state used home -- personal -- personal e-mail, then you have to ask yourself, was there any precedent for this kind of prosecution? So, I'm satisfied that there was no prosecution of Hillary Clinton. I'm not satisfied with the way in which they've gone after Donald Trump. I think equal protection of the law requires less criminalization, not more criminalization.

HANNITY: John Dowd, last few words.

DOWD: Sean, Sean -- Sean?

HANNITY: Yes, sir. Go.

DOWD: They not only went after Donald Trump. They went after his lawyers.  I mean, that paragraph that they put out in that report is a smear of me and my reputation. And what I used to be a prosecutor, if anyone made an allegation about a lawyer, and what he was doing --

HANNITY: It's outrageous.

DOWD: -- if he was crossing the line.


DERSHOWITZ: You check it out.


DOWD: I met with -- I met with -- I met with Mueller and Quarles the whole time. They never said a word to me. Instead, they pull this ambush smear (ph) in their report.

HANNITY: It's unbelievable.

All right. I'm up on a hard break, guys. Thank you, both. Very important analysis. Appreciate it.

James Comey, lecturing the attorney general.  Lindsey Graham, next.


HANNITY: All right. The Mueller may be over. But the deep state is not done trying to undermine the Trump administration.

Over the weekend, disgraced former FBI Director James Comey ripped the attorney general, Bill Barr, saying the attorney general was echoing conspiracy theories. That's a joke coming from him.

But meanwhile, a "Boston Herald" columnist points out James Comey, himself, he's been a central figure in the biggest conspiracy theory in modern times, mainly the Russia hoax.

And joining us now with reaction, the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham.

You know, I actually read stuff. And I once read the Nunes report, took the time to read. I read the Grassley-Graham memo. You might be familiar with that one.

And it said that the bulk of information -- the bulk of the information in the FISA application in October of 2016 that led to the spying of the Trump campaign, them the Trump transition team, then the Trump presidency was the Hillary phony unverifiable Russian dossier. And James Comey signed it.  And in January of 2017, told then candidate Trump in Trump Tower, President-elect Trump, oh, that it's salacious but not verified. The opposite of what he said to the FISA court.

That would sound like the crime was perpetrated on the court by James Comey to me. But what do I know?

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC): Well, it's not a theory. We know that Comey told the president in a private meeting that I want you to know about the dossier. It's unverified. It's salacious, but I want you to know about it.

And that's the same document given to the court beginning in October where they said under oath it was credible and reliable to get a warrant against an American citizen. Those two things don't add up. That's not a conspiracy theory. Those are facts that need to be reconciled.

HANNITY: How do you make what they did to attorney John Dowd, who was just defending himself?

DOWD: Yes, I saw that.

HANNITY: What do you make of Mueller last week, 9-1/2 minutes? Everything he said contradicted what he had previously said of whether or not DOJ policies allows the consideration of an indictment of a sitting president and that that was a factor. But, he said just the opposite to five other people on seven other occasions.

GRAHAM: Well so, this is important. When we met with Barr personally months before -- weeks before the report was given out, he told Barr, I can't decide about obstruction, I'm going to let you do it.

But, I did not make my decision based on DOJ policy, you can't indict a sitting president. I just think the complication of the facts and the law, I'm going to turn that over to you.

He never mentioned that in the news conference and that's very important.  But here's what he did in his 400 and something page report, no collusion with the Russians. He decided not bring a case against the president based on obstruction.

To me, case closed, let's look at Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, all these other people and see how we got into this mess to begin with.

HANNITY: Senator, we now learned that all of this special treatment and consideration was given to Hillary Clinton. No recordings, no 302s, you allow other people to sit in on an FBI, supposedly, interrogation investigation unprecedented.

Then you have Strzok and Page implicating the Attorney General is having the fix in the whole time, the same one that met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac for 45 minutes to talk about grandkids only. And we know that she violated the espionage act, because James Comey told us so.

Then we have the under -- then we have the intention of destroying the evidence that was in subpoenaed e-mails. How do we -- how do we say we have equal justice in this country? And equal application of our laws if she gets away with that?

GRAHAM: Well, I think the decision not to prosecute her was probably most likely politically motivated, because obstruction of justice, taking a hammer to two phones being asked for as evidence, cleaning a server, bleaching it out so you can't get the e-mails is classic obstruction of justice. Compromising classified information and she clearly did that, the decision not to prosecute her was pretty simple, in my view. If you want her to win, you can't prosecute her.

HANNITY: Well, you have a big say in this, Senator, because you happen to be the Chairman of the powerful committee that will look into this. But we now are expecting the Horowitz report on FISA abuse. I'm not sure exactly what John Huber is doing, but I expect we'll hear something about the leaking aspect of all of this. Then we have Mr. Durham who wanted to interview Christopher Steele, which I think would be a good first step. Maybe our friends, the British, can expedite him, which would be nice.

And then we've got the Attorney General himself who answered your questions. Is Mueller dead? Yes. Are you concerned about the Hillary investigation? Yes. Are you concerned about FISA abuse? Yes. Are you concerned about intel abuse? Yes. What should happen in your view going from here?

GRAHAM: So Horowitz will issue his report about the FISA warrant process. I will take that report to see if we need to change our laws to make sure it never happens again. Durham is going to look at all of these cast or characters to see if they broke the law. And Barr is going to make sure that the DOJ is reformed so it's never abused in this way in the future.

My job is to have oversight to change the laws to protect the country from abuse in the future. Durham is looking at criminality and Barr is sitting on top of all of that. We're going to get to the bottom of it for the good of the country, because at the end of the day, you can't have people enforcing the law, take it in their own hands for political purposes.

HANNITY: And by the way, all your travel - and I know you're doing great things for the country on national security issues.

GRAHAM: Thank you.

HANNITY: But you're taking away from the audience hearing directly from you when you go away for a week. I'm just saying.

GRAHAM: I will be back--


HANNITY: Not that I'm very influenced.

GRAHAM: Can I say one thing about the border?

HANNITY: Yes, sir.

GRAHAM: President Trump is right to do whatever is necessary to stop the disaster at the border. It's not a crisis. It is a complete disaster. And Mexico can do better. They should do better. And I support the President in any way possible to get Mexico to do better, and I'm going to have a vote on my bill to close the asylum loophole and the--


GRAHAM: --unaccompanied minors in two weeks.

HANNITY: Count me in. Thank you, Senator. Good to see you.

GRAHAM: Thank you.

HANNITY: Coming up, the President calls out the London Mayor and fake news CNN, as he touches down in the U.K. Also, the biggest conspiracy theorist in all of television, who is it? They have a huge credibility crisis. And I'll explain and show you the tape, coming up. Also later, homelessness in L.A. has reached a crisis level. You will not believe the news out of there.


HANNITY: All right. Tonight, the President is in the United Kingdom just hours ago, took part in a state dinner with Queen Elizabeth, but not everyone is giving President Trump a royal welcome, as far-left London Mayor Sadiq Khan is now ramping up his attacks on our Commander-in-Chief, even comparing him in a new op-ed to the evil 20th century dictators. Really?

Now, the President fighting back, writing, "Sadiq Khan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London" - which is true - "has been foolishly nasty to the visiting President of the United States," adding that, "He is a stone-cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not on me," and compares his failures to Comrade de Blasio in New York, the New York City Mayor.

The President didn't stop there. He's also wondering why he is forced to watch CNN fake news overseas, writing, "Just arrived in the United Kingdom. The only problem is that fake news CNN is the primary source of news available in the U.S. - from the U.S. After watching it for a short while, I turned it off. All negative and so much fake news. Very bad for the U.S."

And now with the Russian hoax dead and buried, CNN is suffering an all-out ratings collapse and credibility crisis. And along with their fake news conspiracy theory counterparts at MSNBC and, more specifically, their chief number-one conspiracy theorist, Rachel Maddow. Now, this is interesting because they've been peddling conspiracy theories for years and selling themselves as news, but let's take a look at what they qualify as news because it's frankly laughable. Take a look.


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: We're about to find out if the new President of our country is going to do what Russia wants once he is Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military.

We haven't ever had to reckon with the possibility that someone has ascended to the Presidency of the United States to serve the interests of another country rather than our own. What's the corrective to that? How do you remedy that? These are no longer hypothetical questions. This is where we are.

He received the Order of Friendship from Vladimir Putin personally, the highest civilian award that Russia gives to non-Russian citizens. Somehow Rex Tillerson ended up as Secretary of State under Donald Trump who he never met. China and Russia can do this today, now, whenever they want to. In other words, we're relying on their good graces that they're not. And it is like negative 50 degrees in the Dakotas right now. What would happen if Russia killed the power in Fargo today?


HANNITY: Oh, nobody has been tougher on Russia in terms of President Donald Trump. By the way, we're energy independent. You want to bring Russia, the bad actors, the bad actor Putin to their knees? Keep producing oil and gas and don't sign up for the New Green Deal that eliminates oil and gas in 10 years, gets rid of the combustion engine, and even cows and airplanes, but everything else in life is free, guaranteed, whether you're willing or unwilling to work.

Now it's getting even more interesting as we watch this because the Russia thing happened under the - oh - Biden-Obama watch. And don't forget. Tell Vladimir I'll have more flexibility after the election. Now, what was the flexibility? Even The New York Times is now taking notice of conspiracy TV, warning their reporters against appearing on shows like Maddow's and others. Ouch.

Joining us now with reaction, American First Action Senior Advisor, Sean Spicer, along with the author of the brand new book, Swamp Wars, our good friend, dear friend, political columnist, Jeffrey Lord.

Jeff, you write a lot about this. You have chronicled a lot of this phony, lying, conspiracy theory media. We saw this last week. They still tried to cling to the conspiracy theory until, oops, Mueller contradicted in nine- and-a-half minutes everything he told a dozen other people.

JEFFREY LORD, SWAMP WARS AUTHOR & POLITICAL COLUMNIST: Sean, this is exactly what the old order is. They're a club of self-selected elites who believe that they are intellectually and morally superior to the rest of us. And that begins with President Trump, and most importantly, Trump supporters and conservatives. So this is how they deal with the situation.

And I might add, in terms of the Mayor of London, he is a - the swamp wars go on in other countries. They go on all over the world. And he is a classic example of an old order type. And that's why he picks these fights with the President before the President has even touched down in Britain and--


LORD: --goes on to say all of these things that - no, no, of course not. I mean, so he's - he is really far out there calling not just the President all of these terrible things, but he goes after Nigel Farage as a fascist and he goes after Boris Johnson. This is all part and parcel of the same thing. He is --

HANNITY: By the way, it's so like when you were on--

LORD: He's been scrimping the presses--

HANNITY: It's so like when you were on a panel on fake news CNN.

LORD: He's been scrimping--

HANNITY: Yes. Van Jones, David Axelrod - it was usually like 12 on one. Either you're the one or Kayleigh McInerney was the one.

Sean Spicer, your reaction.

SEAN SPICER, AMERICA FIRST ACTION SENIOR ADVISER: Well, I think this is interesting. I mean, even when - when it's gotten so bad when "The New York Times" is telling their folks that they have to stay off some of these shows, that's when you know that they've really crossed the line.

And it's interesting because so much of the ire of the mainstream media is focused on Fox. And yet you look at some of the things that you just played, Sean, that go on on Rachel Maddow Show, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

You've got Chris Matthews and all of these other people who say these outrageous and incendiary kind of comments. And yet there is no outrage. There is no concern about appearing on those shows. There is no discussion about how far left and how wrong they are and incendiary some of their comments are.

The one thing that was left out of this entire story about Mayor Khan's comments - or President Trump's comments about Mayor Khan is--

HANNITY: Oh, no.

SPICER: --Mayor Khan started it. He put--

HANNITY: But here is the question I have.

SPICER: --an editorial--


SPICER: --on Saturday before he came accusing of some very, very bad things. And then Trump hits back, and they go after the President.

HANNITY: Look at somebody like Maddow or when you were at fake news CNN, Jeff, they literally have lied consistently for two-plus years. For two- plus years, peddling a preposterous hoax and conspiracy theories every single day. Who would trust them?

LORD: Sean, the--

HANNITY: Who could ever trust them?

LORD: Yes. The contrast, Sean, in the last couple of years here, with all of the work that you've done - you've had a great show on Friday night - with all of those folks who have done all of this digging, the John Solomons and Sara Carters of the world, Gregg Jarrett, who've done all of this digging. CNN has some good people over there, good journalists.


LORD: You would think that they would send - well, I mean, some of their people abroad and my friend Anderson Cooper and all, but you've got to dig.

HANNITY: Anderson Cooper? Come on.

LORD: You've got to dig. And they don't want to do it.

(LAUGHTER)  HANNITY: All right. I've got to let you go. Congrats on the book.

LORD: He was always good to me.

HANNITY: Great book.,, bookstores everywhere. Sean Spicer, good to see you. When we come back, liberal cities in crisis, more than 50 were just shot this past weekend in the City of Chicago, rampant homelessness and worse out of Los Angeles spiraling out of control. Trace Gallagher has that report, next.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK)  HANNITY: All right. Liberal cities all across the country, they are in a growing huge crisis as a result of failed policies implemented by the Democratic leaders. Fox News Correspondent Trace Gallagher joins us tonight. He is live from our West Coast newsroom with the very latest. Significant trouble all over these liberal cities, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, Seattle. This time, L.A. in particular and Chicago.

TRACE GALLAGHER: Yes. And let's start with - yes. Let's start with Chicago, Sean, because Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says the uptick this weekend was "despicable levels of violence." In roughly 48 hours, the city had 52 shootings, 10 of them fatal, and some within a block of Chicago police officers. Johnson says that's how bold the gangs are. The city will now target areas where retaliation is likely.

In Los Angeles, when city workers recently complained about the rat infestation in and around city hall, only one City Council person agreed the problem was linked to the explosion of homeless camps. But now a pest control company brought in to assess the problem says it is absolutely the homeless people. And as long as there is human waste, leftover food, and hypodermic needles on the streets and beneath the grates, things will only get worse.

And because downtown is overrun with rodents, radio/TV host and physician, Dr. Drew Pinsky, told Laura Ingraham, bubonic plague is likely already present in Los Angeles. And Los Angeles police say typhoid is present because an LAPD officer contracted the disease that causes typhoid fever and five other officers are showing symptoms. Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Trace Gallagher in our West Coast newsroom, thank you.

Here with reaction, Fox News Contributor, Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee; Former Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi.

Pam, there's one commonality. This is not happening in Florida or Texas or states that have zero income tax. This is happening in big cities where they have massive amounts of taxation.

PAM BONDI, FORMER FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL: That's exactly right, Sean. And what you said, the Democrats abandoned our inner cities, our most vulnerable populations a long time ago when they started talking about a centralized government, their socialist solutions. And what do they want to do now? They want to take that nationwide in 2020 with this Presidential election.

And look what President Trump has been doing, embracing the First Step Act to prevent recidivism, creating opportunity zones, putting over $100 billion I think back into over 9,000 of our lowest income communities to try to help people. And that's - it's all these liberal cities.

HANNITY: It begs the question, Governor, what are they doing with all of the money that they're confiscating from the people in their states?

MIKE HUCKABEE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR, FORMER ARKANSAS GOVERNOR: Well, they're sure as heck not cleaning up their city. Sean, when you look at these pictures, this is Third World stuff. When you have that level of rat infestation, bubonic plague, for heaven's sakes, that stuff was wiped out decades ago.

The fact that we're even talking about it in major prosperous cities like Los Angeles is absolutely stunning. And I don't understand how people can continue to live there. I feel sorry for two groups of people, the people who want to leave and who just can't because they can't afford to leave.

And I feel sorry for the police officers and the public health individuals who have to deal with this stuff and they get zero assistance from the Mayor and the City Council who ought to be ashamed of themselves for even taking a paycheck for letting their cities--

HANNITY: Think about this, Governor.

HUCKABEE: --come into garbage dumps.

HANNITY: We went to San Francisco twice, a mile from Nancy Pelosi's gated community and a mile from her office. Right in the middle, feces all over the place, needles all over the place, no help. Why? She can't raise money from all of those rich San Francisco liberals that she lives next to and build a place with a shower, counseling, food, and help for these people?

HUCKABEE: Why does she care? She lives behind a gate. She lives behind a wall. She doesn't want one for America, but she has one for her own home. This is what's so wrong with what we're seeing. The hypocrisy of liberalism, the insanity of liberalism, this isn't a political discussion. This is a discussion about whether or not we're going to survive as a civilization if we keep going in this direction.

HANNITY: Pam, last word.

BONDI: Governor is right. It's about humanity and taking care of our own citizens and looking out for them. And our police officers, our great men and women in uniform, and especially thanks to all of those in Chicago who are having to deal with this without help.

HANNITY: All right. Great analysis by both of you. We can solve these problems. Follow Florida, follow Texas. More HANNITY after this.


HANNITY: By the way, unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. And - but we make some promises here. We're going to hold all of these people accountable. We're getting very close. Any day, when we get that Horowitz report on FISA abuse, it's going be pretty unbelievable. Also, we will never be the raged destroy-Trump media mob.
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